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Hi, Im about to leave EE and look for a new contract, I like new OnePlus Nord 2 phone and I found this deal… Read more

It depends if you want to be tied down to a 2 year contract. You can buy the phone outright for £340 click. Then find your own sim only deal that will be cheaper than £648. Unless you want to pay monthly because it suits your needs then contract is the way to go.


It is decent.. But still prefer buying s20fe with sim only.. Since your price of contract will go up rpi+3.9% it will impact on the entire price.. Buying s20fe for £400 + £10pm 100gb sim only will cost less than that..

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Oneplus Nord or Pixel 4a?
thanks for reading, I am trying to decide if the Nord is worth the extra £80 over the pixel 4a. General everyday use like YouTube etc, and some photographs. not really gaming apa… Read more

Thank you. Very useful info. Cheers.


I've had both but the 4a is my current phone. The camera is much better on the Pixel, the screen might only be 60hz but there's no green/ purple tint at low brightness like the Nord, stereo speakers, better haptics, better software, better software updates, headphone port, more comfortable size. Don't notice much if any difference in performance from the Nord. The only thing I liked better about the Nord was the build quality (4a feels like cheap creaky plastic without a case) and the 90hz display.


One bad experience shouldn't put you off Xiaomi or any other brand. There are alternatives from Samsung, Realme, Motorola and Oppo that you can look at if you don't want to go with Xiaomi.


Price really. Had a bad experience with Xiaomi so made me less adventurous I suppose. Cheers.


Why these two phones? Looked at alternatives?

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OnePlus Nord N10 5G 6GB 128GB - £329 @ Oneplus
Another one coming soon, Snapdragon 690 Smartphone GSM

Nord N100 piqued my interest, anyone know if it's a reasonable hope that it will be possible to install LineageOS on this one without invalidating the warranty? I believe it's possible for the more expensive OnePlus phones, but maybe they won't have such support for the lower price products?


Yeah, there ain't anything simple in terms of naming strategy with 90% of manufacturers out there, including apple in that now btw. The Nord, nord n10 and nord n100 jeez


Fair point, it could just be a matter of assuming (or perhaps hoping) it has one until any further evidence comes along. Not that I'd be getting it anyway, as I went for the original Nord a few months ago. It does beg the question of why they chose such similar naming however, as I'd imagine it could easily cause confusion resulting in people choosing a different version than they had been recommended. Although I guess the same could be said of their normal range and also for many manufacturers (smartphone and otherwise).


I don't always trust every aspect of GSM, just the basics XD


Interesting that according to that, it includes a MicroSDXC slot when the original Nord doesn't.

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Oneplus Nord N100 5000mAh Smartphone Snapdragon 460 - £179 @ Oneplus
Available to buy in 22 days + 5,000 mAh Battery + 4/64 GB Storage + 6.52" Screen + Dual Speakers + Triple Camera The power to stop worrying about power. Running around trying … Read more

Not terrible, pretty much on par with the 665


Snapdragon 460 is a terrible processor. Just not worth it!


Sammy probably better


This is kind of the perfect phone you can gift your parents! Big battery, big screen, good cameras, performance is not a concern.....and cheap


This or a Samsung a51? I know the price points are different, but the a51 is often reduced rip circa £200

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OnePlus Nord vs Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro vs Google Pixel 4a...
Which phone would you go for, and why? They're all looking really tempting for different reasons.

Don't think so man, 765G is 7nm process whilst 730G is 8nm so the 765G is more energy efficient. The 765G also has Adreno 620 GPU vs 618. About 20% more energy efficient and the same in graphics performance. Other differences too with the hardware each suppports.


Thanks for all the replies, guys. This will be an unpopular opinion, but I've decided to go with the Nord. I couldn't find anything that provided a more complete package for my needs. The battery life seems to be beating some of the bigger storage phones, and Oxygen OS looks much nicer than MIUI. Pretty much the only complaints are lack of wireless charging (decided I can live without), lack of headphone port (a bit annoying but not the end of the world), and a disappointing camera (which I barely ever use anyway.) I appreciate all the pointers, thank you.


It has come back in stock at £1299. The £400 price was a misprice.


There was a p40 pro+ other day for under £400 from John lewis, see if it comes back in stock again, should be £600+


Isn't the 765G the 5G version of the 730 though? In which case, it will probably be in the 4A 5G model.

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Updated 6th Aug 2020Last updated 6th Aug 2020 by CaptBrickBeard
OnePlus NORD Amazon order delayed
Hello, Has anyone experienced a delay with the OnePlus Nord? Initial delivery was for today via Amazon, now I've received a message with an estimated delivery for 22nd of August..… Read more

Same here, not happy as was bought for a birthday present


I got the same email. I complained to amazon and got £5 for will gesture, which is better than nothing.


My son collected his From John Lewis last Friday. He's very happy with it.


I pre-ordered for delivery on the 5th (today) but got an email just now: Hello, We're writing to let you know that the following items have been unexpectedly delayed: "OnePlus NORD (5G) 8GB RAM 128GB UK SIM-Free Smartphone with Quad Camera, Dual SIM and 2 Years Warranty - Onyx Grey" Estimated arrival date: August 17 2020 So cancelled it and will have a DBrand skin for sale on ebay soon.. Probably for the best as all the reviews after I pre-ordered say the cameras are poor and then Jerry snapped it like a cracker.