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2 x Osram Smart+ LED-Lamp, E27, 8 W, Warm White [Energy Class A+] @ Amazon - £20.38 Prime / £24.37 non-Prime
Found 29th AprFound 29th Apr
Buy 2 Osram Smart+ LED-Lamps for £20.38. Seems like a good price to me for a hub-less light compatible with Alexa.
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These are rebranded Lightify bulbs. I can't think that these would have changed much from the Lightify ones, so I would urge caution. I have the candle bulbs and they buzz on certain shades and when dimmed, I have the coloured bulb and that jumps between colours (not smooth like the Philips Hue) and colours are washed out not vibrant, and a coloured GU10 coloured bulb stopped working on any colour except blue and white. I wont bother with any more of these Osram bulbs at any cost


These need a hub or via the Alexa built in hub, or will connect to the Phillips Hue hub. No direct controll from phone


Check Aldi. Their Bluetooth speaker lights are reduced to £3 if available. In some stores they are £2. (6W 40 watt equivalent) Full price I think was £6 but like me Aldi customes likely thought ' what is the point?'


it's hub-less, but it looks like you need their Smart Switch to control it.. Does anybody know if you can control it with just phone?

Osram Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited D3S - £45.39 @ Amazon
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Osram Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited D3S HID xenon discharge bulb lamp. This is cheaper than anywhere else. I had a quote from Audi and they wanted £181 each There are some othe… Read more
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Headlight removal time saver:




Very brief price drop on these; https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00EPLD318/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE, ... NO HESITATION, £47.40 now, although 1 left Used / Good, from Amazon @ £31.71.


How did you get them for £37.97?


Couple Night Breakers for me @ £37.97 each, ... sure it'll be a hell of an improvement over my factory fitted 5 plus year old ones, thanks poster.

Homebase in store - UNDER HALF PRICE Osram LED Star MR16 GU 5.3 35W equivalent warm white reflector light £3 - MANY OTHER LIGHTS UNDER HALF PRICE
LocalLocalFound 29th JanFound 29th Jan
Got my size for £3 - 15 year life. Osram quality - this is well under half price. THERE WERE MANY OTHER LAMPS/ LIGHT BULBS STARTING FROM 50p! Big Homebase sell-off, pallets stack… Read more
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Bunnings at Hemel had a similar deal on old Homebase stock when in there yesterday - they had a 2 pack of their own brand of this size and fitting, for 50p. Not Osram, but maybe worth a visit as they had pallet loads of other bulbs there.


Decided to add two more under cabinet lights but only enough room to fit this size lamp bought two transformers to bring mains lighting to 12 volts to fit this type... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008DFSU7O/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I'm not saying they won't last - I'm saying they'll flicker depending on the light fitting. obviously the pound shop ones aren't Osram.


That's Osram, right? :) 15 year life, right? lol


careful with LED lamps of these kind on strip lights with three or more sockets. LEDs will flicker like a strobe lamp. Halogen lamps of these fittings are three for a pound in Poundworld.

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Osram Lightify RGBW B22 Zigbee full colour smart bulb £13.99 prime / £16.98 non prime
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Normally £29.99. Works with SmartThings and I believe it can pair directly with Hue aswell. Looks like a good price for a colour Zigbee bayonet bulb. This is a full colour RGB bul… Read more
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Can you block me too please, because you are really unpleasant.


I'm not quite sure what your issue is, but my views are my own. Yes, i didn't realise it was full colour, and i thought it was therefore not a great deal. Within minutes i had said "ahh a good deal". Yes i think its a shame its bayonet. That's my view. Deal with it. I also note how you have commented on other deals pointing out that adaptors aren't ideal. Hypocrite? Someone said its the standard in the UK, in reply to me, not you. I replied saying not for lamps. I want this for a lamp, so it does matter. Its not me being difficult, this is not me trying to correct someone. This is me stating that while this person feels it may be the solution for most people, its not for me. Again my view in reply to a comment to ME. Not you. I don't care what you think. On the adaptor, my comment on it "needs to be the other way around" was a genuine one. This was not me correcting the poster. This was me thinking that this bulb was not the solution for me. The ikea adaptors are not the correct solution, i didn't realise there were alternatives. So the correctness here matters. In the end another poster sent me a link to the ones i needed, and i thanked them and ordered 3 bulbs! I did not thank the poster who tried to look smugly correct, when they were in fact not correct. Try to make me look stupid when you are wrong, and ill make a point to correct you, which i feel is fair enough. Again, not about you. I don't care what you think. I think this sums you up perfectly, so a straight copy and paste will do... By arguing for that amount of time on a bit of colloquial phraseology, without focusing on what's important which is communicating to other members what's important, i.e. that they have correct information with which to make better purchasing decisions, you seem to be missing the whole point of this board. People post here mostly to help others find bargains, while many of your posts in this thread seem to focus on ensuring you're right and everyone else is irrelevant. Now, so that i don't waste any more time reading your views, which i frankly do not care about and are not helpful in helping me or other understand the potential solutions out there...consider yourself blocked.


You've asked so I'll reply. In your original response you made a mistake, although you changed your statement a little later you didn't acknowledge the original error.... trickytree1984 27th Jan I'm a fan of Smartthings but this is expensive compared to the tradfri (IKEA) bulbs. trickytree1984 27th Jan Ahh. Full colour. Good then. Shame it's bayonet. even in your change of position you can't seem to help taking a shot at the end...."Shame it's bayonet" Now while everyone is entitled to their views it read to me as if you couldn't resist but to find fault with what the OP had posted. You then went on to comment on someones reply regarding the fact it was a bayonet bulb and that which is in many instances the norm in this country. trickytree1984 27th Jan Andyjb2345 m agoWhat, like most of the country? For ceiling maybe. Not for lamps. What blinking difference does it make? I know loads of houses that have ES27 screw in only fixture sockets and lamps and loads that have B22 bayonet only fixture sockets and lamps. Why on earth would you feel the need to respond in a way that assumes that because this deal is of less import to you it therefore shouldn't be to other people and then you appear to try to diminish their views as a result? Then when someone is talking about a socket adapter you say... trickytree1984 27th Jan TwistedNerve1 h, 20 m agoyou can get a bayonet to screw adapter for 99p or less It needs to be the other way around Again the need to unnecessarily correct a poster, anyone reading the post understood the point TwistedNerve was colloquially making, the specifics of which someone would check appropriately before they made a purchase I'm sure. If you'd instead of phrased it something like this "You'll have to be careful when ordering the adapter to make sure you get the correct one, if you order a bayonet to screw adapter you could get one with a male screw in part and a female bayonet socket as even suppliers often get the phraseology of the order of the connectors wrong. If buying on the high street pay close attention to which connector is on which end before purchase, if buying online look closely at the photos for the same reason, don't rely just on the wording as far too often it's incorrect.". It would have read as trying to be helpful (perhaps even overly helpful to some people...but you can't make everyone happy even some of the time) rather then critical of TwistedNerves attempt to help. Then the pièce de résistance..... trickytree1984 28th Jan TwistedNerve2 h, 36 m agodunno why I'm replying, but here goes..listing is for a bayonet bulb, folk … Read the rest of the comments. This has been discussed. Since you've taken the time to try and make me look incorrect.... You said "Bayonet to screw". If my lights are screw (which they clearly are as I said it's a shame these are bayonet), then I would need to to convert screw to bayonet hence my comment "needs to be the other way around". You quote the socket that needs converting not the bulb. Example.... Does that clear it up for you? #facepalm By arguing for that amount of time on a bit of colloquial phraseology, without focusing on what's important which is communicating to other members what's important, i.e. that they have correct information with which to make better purchasing decisions, you seem to be missing the whole point of this board. People post here mostly to help others find bargains, while many of your posts in this thread seem to focus on ensuring you're right and everyone else is irrelevant. So the absolute arrogance of your phrase "Does that clear it up for you?" made you look like a person who perhaps would be better investing their time with a bit of introspection about how you see others and their value, rather then spending your time on taking sad and unnecessary potshots at people who at least are trying to help. I'll be surprised if you accept this in the spirit with which it's written, which is an honest attempt to get you to perhaps look again at what you wrote in the thread from someone else's perspective. Instead I'm pretty sure you'll see it as an attack on you and therein lies the issue. It's up to you what you want to take away from it at the end of the day.....but continued negativity is just not helpful or healthy. I won't respond anymore in this thread, it's served it's purpose.


Aaaanyway, bringing the discussion back on topic.... 🙄 Ordered this, hue hub found it on 3rd attempt - secret seems to be to simultaneously turn bulb on and hit search in hub app. Control is perfect via hue app, also via Alexa although only seems to be able to set colour to blue via Alexa, and sometimes doesn’t turn off via Alexa, but that might just be my config - I’ve noticed Alexa seems to take a while to “settle down” when you add new stuff? Think some reviews mentioned an issue with the green colour, mine seems fine ?? Overall this works almost faultlessly, although my other hue bulbs are not colour so I have no comparison. Happy with it for the price.


Indeed I did. 6 minutes, literally 2 comments down after I originally commented. Not sure why you are trolling up for a fight 3 days later on something that wasn't even discussed with you?

Osram 20W LED Appliance Lamp T26 Bulb £1.49 @ Argos
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Usually around £6. Enjoy instant, cool, white light with the Osram 20W LED Appliance Lamp T26 Bulb. A useful replacement bulb for a whole host of household appliances, it has a 15… Read more
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How Can you read this then nero lol You forgot yer smiley dude! I wouldnt stick filament bulbs up yer arse bobo53 - its called "DOING A BRYCE CURDY"!


I am blind it cannot do any damage at all to my retina


you right, they can cause damage to the body. Once, I tried a small filament bulb right there it was fine and I loved it, then I tried a LED and that did blow up on impact. What a disappointment


Over 10 years you will save approximately £1.77 based on the average fridge door being open 3 mins per day every day for 20 years! (cheeky) lol Apart from the fact that i recently found out that scientists have proven that LED light use damages the retinas of your eyes so if you change every bulb you have to LED you may well be damaging your eyes - worth thinking about. Dont say i never bring you edification!


Roflmao best comment of 2018 so far Fishmaster you are my hero! As for Gaz i suggest you look at this:- https://hackaday.com/2015/09/14/why-100-watt-ebay-leds-are-not-your-friends/

5m SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osram - LED Flex Light Strip RGBW indoor/outdoor use IP65  ZigBee smart lighting
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osram - LED Flex Light Strip RGBW Adjustable - Warm White to Daylight + Color, works with Alexa (requires hub), Indoor/Outdoor Version 16ft 16 feet of leng… Read more
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Yeah. Cancelled :(


Check cancelled


Strange. No sign of this under "my orders"


I haven't


Got an email saying they won't be sending it as it's not coming back in stock

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Twin Pack of Osram Night Breakers Unlimited H7 £14.20@ Amazon Prime (£17.19 non Prime)
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Seems like a good price, one went the other day these should be much better than the standard VW provided.
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I use it in Auto setting, which means they tend to be lit more than I'd choose to do so manually.


Do you use your lights! :)


3 years 6 months in my Golf, still going strong.


Good bright bulbs but one blew after 6 months light use, wont be buying again.


Not really, they don't hide the fact they don't last as long as normal bulbs, and bulbs are classed as a consumable anyway, so you can't ever guarantee how they will last... Obviously, if it failed after 2 hours, you'd have a case, but otherwise....

OSRAM LED Retrofit CLASSIC A / LED lamp, classic bulb shape: clear, Warm White, 2700 K, (6x1pack) - was £58.13 now £12.69 (Prime) / £17.44 non-Prime @ Amazon
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
Energy consumption 12 kWh/1000h at 1420 lm Long lifespan - up to 10000 hours and up to 100000 switching cycles Warm white light for comfort and relaxation, ideal for decorative u… Read more

They've arrived today. Unfortunately, against the product description, they aren't dimmable. Now, do I keep them or let them go?


Must've just had orsam on the mind at the time


What was you thinking it's just Osram to me ?


Missed it, £12.99 each now....


Anyone read the brand name wrong, or is it only me with a horrid mind...

23W (£24.99) or 40W (£34.99) OSRAM NOXLITE LED Floodlight, White or Grey @ Amazon (DOTD)
Found 19th Nov 2017Found 19th Nov 2017
Deal links to 40W in Grey. RRP £99.99, Deal of the Day £34.99 & FREE Delivery in the UK. Bright, efficient LED flood light - 3000 lumen Pivoted light panel - outdoor LED li… Read more

From personal and professional experience there is a massive difference in ingress protection (IP) and cost between IP44 and IP67. While IP44 might not be sufficient for all IP67 is overkill. IP68 is submersible protection so unless you are spongebob or ratty IP54/55/56 will suffice. No need to go to the expense of IP67.


It still amazes me how few manufacturers are making outside LED lights that are vaguely nice and also affordable. I know Phillips make a few. This seems quite nice.


It depends on were you place it, if that wall its fitted on gets the prevailing winds then that rating maybe liable to fail. The front of our house is North facing and rarily gets rain on the windows and have an up down light thats ip22 no problems in 2 years.


​Shame great idea ruined, the traditional ones let you rotate the sensor but not the light which I've always thought seems stupid now these have gone the other way.... Wish you could rotate both I want one that picks up car but so the light doesn't blind my neighbour when it's triggered.


thanks OP - ordered the 23 watt @ £24.99 Replacing exact same thing bought from Amazon Warehouse but seems faulty as either 10 secs or 5 mins on time - nothing inbetween, so that can be returned faulty. Sensor works fine, although it is not directional... light output perfect for our garden.

Osram Lightify RGBW E27 smart LED bulb £9.99 prime / £13.98 non prime @ Amazon
Found 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
Normal price £29.99. Lightify stuff is apparently not the best but Hue compatible so long as you update the firmware (you will need the gateway). I don't have any myself so cannot… Read more

Bought three and they all work great with Smartthings. Actually better than some Aeotec bulbs I got in regards to lag. Obviously colour reproduction isn't as good but whites are perfect. Thanks OP...wish I bought more...


They're far inferior to Hue. If you're Whites are too cool then the bulbs start to have a slight buzz until you turn down the brightness to about 80. The colours are also much weaker and transitions between colours are jarring compared to Hue. They're also a lot flakier sometimes claiming to be Unreachable and sometimes performing actions never asked for. All that said though, I would buy at this price or even the 3 bulbs and bridge for £39.99 as it's still much cheaper than a Hue bulb which is normally £25 when on a decent offer.


Yes, Yee Light colour change RGB versions are usually around £14 but less than a tenner if you pick your time and website. The White only versions are usually less than a tenner. Fun thing with the colour change version is to use the app and phone camera to 'sample' your wall colour so the bulb matches.


Get a yeelight as jayR says. Excellent bulb and simple to control. Wait for a price drop at Gear best tho.


Was tempted but price now over £30.

Osram Lightify RGBW gateway and 3x E27 kit £39.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
3 E27 RGBW colour bulbs and gateway starter kit. Normal price £170. Out of stock byt still available to order. The best price for the equivalent Hue kit is £120. The lightify stu… Read more

Got mine yesterday, took a while to update them all, decent brightness, noisy as hell on full power cold white but I was in a quiet room and tbh don't do cool white anyway. Bit flaky on them all doing the same thing when asked! Candle kits now under £50 so I may go for that as I could do with a couple of e14's


To be fair it is still a good price at £67 compared to other options


Got notification they will be shipped tomorrow, also showing on Amazon again but the price has gone up.


I suspect it is to do with osram rebranding lightify as smart+ but I find the whole thing totally confusing. Possibly they will send that instead but seems unlikely. Normally Amazon is pretty good for supply chain information flow so maybe they are fulfilling those orders just find and just not accepting any more. I hope I get my GU10s as the rest isn't much good to me without them.


And that day came and went with the product no longer on Amazon so I expect it will be cancelled now.

Osram Lightify tunable white GU10 pack of 3 £19.99 (Prime) / £23.98 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
Reduced from £75 to £20. Out of stock but available to order. This is a must cheaper way of buying large numbers of smart white spectrum GU10s than Hue (£30 each) or even Ikea (£1… Read more

Indeed, it looks like they may be clearing stock and may not get them back in. Likely because Osram/Sylvania/whatever they are called are rebranding the line as Smart+ - I *think*!


OOS but I dont think you can order..anymore? Only "email me when available" button


Yep for now most of my IKEA bulbs are still on the IKEA bridge but it isn't ideal. I am hoping when everything converges on zigbee 3.0 they will all work together. By the way the equivalent IKEA GU10 is £12 not £7 - these are tunable white / white spectrum, the cheaper IKEA GU10s are warm white. It's academic now but this deal was substantially cheaper if you are doing something like a kitchen (in my house I have about 40 GU10s, those in modern houses may well have more).


I see what your saying...but I personally think it's better value to pay £1 extra and get 3 IKEA bulbs. Reading reviews from a few different retailers and it looks like these osram bulbs don't usually last very long and most people cannot connect these to their Phillips hue hub at all. I didn't actually know that the ikea remotes don't work with the hue hub, something I'll look out for! I guess if you want the perfect experience with hue hub / app (right now) then your probably going to have to get hue bulbs.


I have IKEA ones myself, but they are more expensive and this is a "deal" Also the IKEA ones have big limitations with hue themselves with regard to firmware versions, the app is a but rubbish and you can't use the remotes or dimmers with hue (annoyingly as the IKEA remotes are excellent and cheap)

OSRAM LIGHTIFY Smart Home LED Light bulb E27 - 10W / 60W Dimmable / Warm White to Daylight - RGBW Colour Changing / [Energy Class A+] £9.99 (Prime) / £13.98 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 19th Oct 2017Found 19th Oct 2017
Beware, they don't get the best reviews, concerns over build quality etc but if you want to grab some smart Zigbee bayonet bulbs that change colour, then now's yer chance.

Very good value and afaik, they can be connected directly to a Hue bridge, just initiate the search from Hue before powering on the bulbs for the first time. They can also be directly connected to a smartthings hub if you have one of those instead. HOWEVER, I bought a whole bunch of these a few years ago when they were a similar price, 4 out of 6 broke in just over a year so I agree with darkh0rse on the poor build quality. Also, last time I checked, you can only update the bulb's firmware using Osram's own lightify hub so beware of that.


Anyone got these working with their Hue bridge?


Great price! Also other Lightify products heavily discounted! Hot.


Broken link

Osram guardian road flare - £4.50 (free C&C) @ Maplin
Found 24th Sep 2017Found 24th Sep 2017
Osram guardian road flare was £8.99 now £4.50 Free click and collect @Maplin Also, osram led guardian saver Was £9.99 now £5 https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/osram-ledguardian-sa… Read more

Interestingly my eset warns me of a trojan when visiting the Maplin website....


Now it's £17.99 on Amazon! (devil)


not now


And the reel classic (unicorn)


Love Techno

Osram Lightify E14 smart bulbs £12.74 (Prime) / £16.73 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 18th Sep 2017Found 18th Sep 2017
Good option for those with E14 lamps etc. These work well. Hub required!
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Great deal, I've already got eight of these and at this price it would be silly not to add to the collection. Most of the problems with flickering and random switching on can be rectified with a firmware update. Also if you take the time to pair them correctly they work just fine.


I posted these when they were £16, bought 6 of them then and they have been fine. Occasionally they show in the Hue app as not connected even when they are, or Alexa says they aren't responding even after shes turned them on, but for the price compared to the Hue ones i don't really care about these small issues. I have them in my hall and landing which is where the hub is so i cant comment on the issues about the repeaters


Is there an app that will allow use of all smart bulbs if you have a combination of hue, these and yeelight for example?


Great price. I have a mixture of Innr and Hue bulbs at the moment. At this price I'll give these a try. Worth noting that the GU10's are down to £13.49 as well.


Yes they are, at more that twice the price. These work fine for me. As usual I wonder why I bother with this site.

Osram Eco Pro Classic 64548 A 240V 116W E27 Only 99p @ BP Connect
LocalLocalFound 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
Only 99p @ BP Connect (M&S and Standalone) Cheapest seen online is £1.24

Same price in homebargains all the time I think.. they failquickly aswell, I've gone through so many of these I've given up with them

OSRAM Noxlite outdoor LED wall light with motion sensor and twilight sensor £35.99 @ Amazon
Found 20th Aug 2017Found 20th Aug 2017
Bought the Osram floodlight 2 weeks ago was so impressed with the quality decided on buying this light for the front of the house. Motion and dusk activation (might you dont know … Read more
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I used the sticker included with the light to put over the top part of the sensor, so that the light only comes on when someone is within 2-3 metres of it (i.e. approaching my door). Without the sticker, it was going off every time cars drove by.


5 to 6 weeks delivery.


£36 for a wall light seems very expensive. Same sort of things from screwfix for £10-20


IP ratings are against solid ingress and water ingress. The first digit is solids Like rocks, sand and dust. IP4 keeps out anything larger than 1mm across. IP5 keeps out most dust. IP6 is the highest rating possible and is "dust tight". The second digit is water. IPx3 would be protected from any naturally falling rain. IPx4 would be additionally protected against splashing water from any angle. IPx5 is protected from low pressure water jets from any angle. IPx6 is high pressure jets.IPx7 is submersion up to 1m and IPx8 is submersion over 1m.


Where does it state that as I can't find that on the Amazon page and its not included in this list; https://www.osram.com/corporate/home/services/guarantees/guarantee-for-osram-branded-professional-led-lunminaires/index.jsp I assume its not part of their professional series then and therefore no 5 year guarantee?

OSRAM Noxlite Floodlight LED flood light with motion sensor @ Amazon.co.uk £43.99
Found 14th Aug 2017Found 14th Aug 2017
The Daddy of all flood lights - i bought at £54.99 and installed over the weekend (cant believe it dropped again in price!!) and am delighted with it - a real quality product and i… Read more
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seems to be expired!


Anyone know if it would be pretty straightforward to replace with one of these? Thanks


Thanks again OP. Took delivery of it today and fitting was pretty straightforward. Same fitting dimensions as my old one (are these standard?) which meant no drilling required which is nice. Looks pretty good (much nicer than the old crappy junk) and a few settings to play around with which is nice. Brighter than I thought, on par with the old halogen. But plasticcy. Also a little worried about water proofing as the plastic casing for the wiring isn't sealed but hopefully not an issue. I'd say 4 our of 5 stars.


How good is the 23w version? is it easy to fit?


Price has also reduced to £29.99 for the 23w version

OSRAM LED BASE CLASSIC A / LED lamp, classic bulb shape, 9.50 W, 220…240 V, 60 W replacement, frosted, 2700 K, 3pack [Energy Class A+], bayonet base (B22d) or screw base (E27) £5.99 prime / £9.98 non prime @ Amazon
Found 7th Aug 2017Found 7th Aug 2017
Good price for pack of 3 LED bulbs. Bayonet: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01FR0TX7S/ Screw: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B019QAU9PA/ Free delivery with Prime … Read more

Bought these a year ago, so far two have ended up failing. Both failed the same way producing high frequency flashing. Avoid Osram.


What really annoys me is that the old 150W bulbs (useful for large spaces) don't seem to have been replaced by any low-energy equivalents - at least not at sensible prices. There must be others out there who want brighter than 100W equivalent?


ordered some of these earlier in the year and one has stop working already after only light use XD


These are only really good for small spaces like cupboards. My favourite is the Philips ones that provide 1521 lumens that for me seem to be closest to their halogen counterparts

OSRAM LIGHTIFY Smart Home Connected LED Light bulb E14 - £16.99 (Prime) £20.98 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 1st Aug 2017Found 1st Aug 2017
I know this deal wont be for everyone, but these are now nearly half the price of t he Philips equivalent. 1-2 months delivery listed. but from my experience that's never the case … Read more

I have a couple of the Innr bulbs too and I know they have to be added to the hub in a very specific way, is there a certain way the Osram one have to be added maybe? With the Innr you have to start the search in the app then turn the build on, from some reading I've done the Osram seem to be the same.


I had nothing but trouble with Osram Lightify, I got 6 GU10 and still can't get them fully connected to my existing Hue setup - although they are detected (I can dim them), I cannot switch them off completely (they stay in a low dimmed state) I then got the Lightify hub to see if I can update the bulbs firmware, but the Lightify hub would not even find the bulbs! Unfortunately too long has passed and I cannot return any of the equipment. Can anyone help? Cheers


https://www.smarthomegeeks.co.uk/news/philips-hue-ikeass-tradfri-working-together/ From what i have seen the IKEA bulbs are not compatible with the Hue setup, which was what i needed. Philips have already backtracked over locking out third parties from the Hue ecosystem so i cant imagine them doing it again, but you never know.


A good price but a shame the temperature doesn't go as low as the Philips white ambiance.


Check out the Ikea TRÅDFRI range of smart bulbs before purchasing....

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