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Millions of pounds laying around on your Oyster Cards  - Claim your money back!
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Refreshed 24th Mar 2019Refreshed 24th Mar 2019
Millions of pounds laying around on your Oyster Cards - Claim your money back!FREE£0.01Transport for London Deals
I posted this quite a while back and really helped a lot of you so thought it was worth re-sharing as a couple of things have also changed in the way refunds are given. A lot of … Read more

Would this refund offer work on Student photo card too (although the cards has expired)? I have my sister's photocard laying around :)


Thanks, claimed back over £12.. not bad


None, to my knowledge. Stick with the same contactless card and you get the same daily and weekly fare caps like Oyster.


Technology and complexity never make life easier. Usually customer pays for the failures in tfl investment. Today barriers are often left open due to shortage of staff. With mechanical system they either had the machines fixed or guards at barriers. In the oyster or credit based system is a story of economy getting messed up by corrupt leaders, money disappears out of circulation, more computers replace people, more money disappears. Citizens left to absorb costs. You pay for forgetting, you pay for reclaiming in the time taken.


Thank you. Just applied for a bacs refund online.

Oyster Card Refund £3-£5 plus existing credit
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Posted 15th Nov 2018Posted 15th Nov 2018
Oyster Card Refund £3-£5 plus existing credit£3Transport for London Deals
I was reading an article on MSE about Oyster card refunds so thought I would check mine. I use contactless now so don’t need my Oyster card. Turns out I had £20 credit on there plu… Read more

Thanks for this £15 better off in my bank account than theirs will just use my revolut card from now on for my annual xmas shopping trip to the smoke.


In their defence logged on easily after mine being dead for nearly 4 years, had forgotten password and email but it was easy enough sorted and money paid back within a few days. Thanks OP worked for me!


t"top up online" good luck with that, you could be waiting till monday until you see your tenner topup....great for the weekend before that! But they dont tell you it will be delayed topup UNTIL you've paid. TFL is easily the worst system I have ever used anywhere, and sadly a lot of it is down to Oyster "its not our fault, call Oyster, we dont do our own transport system RUBBISH"


Clearly states it won't let create account unless travelled in the past 8 weeks & provided security question and answer... Catch 22 with creating account or topping up online! (mad)


Got an email from TFL that my refund has now been processed I wonder how many refund requests they had?

Heathrow connect is now TFL Rail. Save on your journey between Paddington to Heathrow
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Posted 20th May 2018Posted 20th May 2018
Heathrow connect is now TFL Rail. Save on your journey between Paddington to HeathrowTransport for London Deals
Use your Oyster card, London Zone1to6 Travel Card, Contactless payment cards and Save on your journey between Paddington and Heathrow in London!! The heathrow connect service betw… Read more

I doubt you are allowed to your Heathrow Express ticket on TFL Rail. Please check with TFL customer contact centre on 0343 222 1234


Yes.. You would anyway need to have a zone 1 to 9 TC to get to Amersham from Heathrow. Now your z1to9 TC will cover your journey on TFL rail (earlier Heathtow connect) between Heathrow T4 and paddington. As earlier you would need to purchase a separate ticket on Heathrow connect.


Will this make it any cheaper to get to Amersham?


I have a Heathrow Express ticket (Advance Purchase), and was wondering if I can use it on a TFL Rail train instead? Reason why I want to do this is because I want to travel from Ealing Broadway to Heathrow now, whereas I had originally planned to travel from Paddington to Heathrow.


Hmm I take it you read the daily fail. Actually the additional cost for tfl rail to Heathrow is due to Heathrow charging for use of their tunnels and privately owned infrastructure. But feel free to spout nonsense about overpaid drivers (y)

TFL Oyster app for Android and IOS
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Posted 3rd Nov 2017Posted 3rd Nov 2017
TFL Oyster app for Android and IOSTransport for London Deals
Features of the appOnce you've signed in to the app, you'll be able to: Top up your pay as you go credit Buy adult rate 7 Day, Monthly and Annual Travelcards Check your pay as… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

how will this work if you have android pay active in the same phone? how would system know not to take money from android pay? just wordering...


It is a free deal . It is very useful if you lived in London.


How much does this usually cost to make it a deal? Or is it just a conversation about an app?


So as I said, old card was £3


Deposit for the oyster card has been £5 for years. It was £3 a very long time ago after it stopped being free.

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Free London travel with Oyster card on 14/15 and 21/22 Oct [Account Specific / Check E-mails]
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Posted 11th Oct 2017Posted 11th Oct 2017
Free London travel with Oyster card on 14/15 and 21/22 Oct [Account Specific / Check E-mails]Transport for London Deals
[Account Specific / Check E-mails] Got an email from TFL today saying that they like me to consider travelling more on Saturdays and Sundays. Any pay as you go journeys over… Read more

Just spoke to Customer Care and they say its a new targeted trial and they are facing a bit of an issue with the automated refunds - but this will happen - for me to just be patient and not worry about making more journeys this weekend too - hmm - I hope she knew what she was talking about and I wouldn't end up having made journeys thinking they are going to be free when they never were !


anyone get the refund ? I got nothing and now having to fight it with customer care :(


...if you can find any still open :|


Didn’t work for me no refund back on my Oyster card


I got this email too

Fresh (Live and in Shell) Oysters £2.79 @ Lidl
Posted 23rd Dec 2014Posted 23rd Dec 2014
Fresh (Live and in Shell) Oysters £2.79 @ Lidl£2.79LIDL Deals
6 Equisite Pacific Oysters. Find in the chilled section. Limited Offer.

Not sure funny is the correct word


It's not difficult to open oysters. You need an oyster knife and a tough piece of cloth to open the oyster. Search for the 'hinge' of the shell and give it a yank. Having said that, even if the oyster is delicious, you are worried that there might be something dodgy with the meat, especially when you open the shells, you see some red worm wriggling around... Best fry oysters in batter and buy those pre-shelled chunky ones. My mum made lovely oysters in batter .Or you can even try tempura!



Why did I click on this?X)


oO X) Had to take a 2nd look at the pic. Large, puffy & swollen by the looks of it.. Lots of meat to tuck in. Btw, apparently these could have Herpes. Google it. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/frozen-turkeys-turkey-crowns-25-off-morrisons-2092931?p=23844470