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Tower mini panini & grill press (opening up to flat position)
In the instruction manual it says that it opens up 180 degrees so that you can use both sides of the grill. There were no instructions saying how to open it up like this, so I've j… Read more

That's a result and the least you would have expected (y)


I've just had a reply back - 'Following on from earlier telephone conversation, our QA Department has confirmed this is a misprint within the user manual. The product is designed to open, to a maximum of 90 degrees - I understand you have purchased these as gifts, please advise the end-users regarding the opening of the Press.' They are going to send me out a replacement.


Ok, just hope they replace it seeing that it is broken - but I think that I might have to go back to Robert Dyas about that as that is where I bought it from, and not from the Tower website.


Sounds like it!! Let me know how you get on.


I've called customer services and they are now looking into it - the instruction book only mentions the model that I have bought. They've asked for photos as evidence and my receipt, so will wait for them to get back. I bought 3 others as Christmas presents for my children, but will tell them to ignore the bit in the book where it says 180 degrees, as my hinges snapped when I opened up mine fully. I actually think that it was printed in the book by mistake.

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Win Breville Sandwich Press @ Dairy Diary
PRODUCT: Breville Sandwich Press PERIOD: Once Save Time and Enjoy Café-style Sandwiches and Panini With the Breville VST025 sandwich toaster, delicious toasted sandwiches can … Read more



x <3


Thank You