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Updated 2nd Nov 2021Last updated 2nd Nov 2021 by Zameen
Can anyone help with the pizza sizes in inches for these places ? it seems in the UK they are keen to hide this info, plenty of US links. Is Papa Johns XL same as Pizza Hut L etc … Read more



@Zameen Hi - this was a good resource. Any chance of updating the OP with the info that's been added in the other posts?


Officially from Papa John's via their twitter Small – 6 slices, 9.5 inches Medium – 8 slices, 11.5 inches Large – 10 slices, 13.5 inches XXL – 12 slices, 15.5 inches


According to this example, here are the UK Pizza Hut sizes: Medium: 11" (Italian) or 10.5" (Pan) Large: 13" (Italian & Pan) or 14" (Stuffed Crust & Cheesy Bites) Medium and Large seems to differ depending on what kind of base is being used. Good thread, by the way. You should keep the OP updated as and when you get more information.


what about pizza huts sizes?

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Updated 9th Jun 2021Last updated 9th Jun 2021 by t3rm3y
Does anyone have a papa John’s code that can be used at Haven resorts?
All the ones I can find exclude haven resorts!

You would be better seeing if there is a local town papa John's that delivers or gets close and you collect. That's what I do in great yarmouth


Sure, why not (highfive)


Are you paying? :D


Your on your holidays, push the boat out


Don’t think they do discount codes for haven resorts. You can’t order from the website or app for haven resorts

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Updated 4th Nov 2020Last updated 4th Nov 2020 by adam1410
Any Large pizza 7.99 collection - usually 9.99 but sometimes reduces to 7.99, won't last forever !!!!

Blackpool 7.99 deal joke apparently only one ingriednt on pizza that is something new as on website it look so yummy whitegatedrive do the job don't bother with it or you get same as we did joke


£12.99 at my local. Code not recognised when clicking go to deal

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Updated 31st Oct 2020Last updated 31st Oct 2020 by Nicolidus
50% off @ Papa Johns if your team scores twice
Register, choose your football team and if they score twice during a match you get 50% off pizzas when you spend £15 or more.

Just worked for me again, so all good (y)


My local PJ is offering 50% off collections most of the time!


Try STHP50 That’s what they sent me last time the Mighty Reds scored twice, looks like a generic code (pizza only)


As much as I love pizza I can’t bring myself to do this. I guess being a a United fan will pay off once I’ve lost a couple of stone come May! (lol)


guess im temporarily becoming a liverpool fan tomorrow

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Updated 23rd May 2020Last updated 23rd May 2020 by MR1123
New papa johns limited time pizza
If anyone wants to type something new this weekend papa johns have a new limited time till Monday pizza the all day breakfast pizza

Lol I thought it was a breakfast buffet.


All day breakfast. Fits perfectly with this lockdown knowing some people wake up at 4pm

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Updated 18th Feb 2020Last updated 18th Feb 2020 by sammy125
Papa John's on Uber Eats and Just Eat
The Papa John's near me is on both, Uber Eats and Just Eat. They will deliver when ordering on Just Eat but on Uber Eats it's "too far away". This is definitely the same location, … Read more

Using Just Eat the order goes to the store, and they use their own delivery drivers. Uber Eats are a third party delivery service, so probably have their own limits for distance.