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Nintendo Switch Mario Question Block Game Case £7.99 @ Argos
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Good price for this Mario themed case. Holds 12 carts, has a firm but soft protective inlay. Made by PowerA.

Dam I was so close to inventing that, I coulda gone on dragons den, and pitched the idea to them? And who knows, this time next year I might have been a millionaire! (excited)


That’s mega cool 8)


plus its Bright Yellow!! Good thing or bad thing who knows


Seems like this one is made for you :) -


As a tip for an alternate use of this, I seen someone post a picture of these and they seem to also fit PS Vita games quite nicely too. (If any of the other 17 remaining PS Vita players are reading this. :p )

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Paper Mario Color Splash (Wii U) £23.39 with code @ 365Games
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Use Code ' 2018 ' at the checkout In Paper Mario Colour Splash a colourful mystery is afoot on Prism Island A mystery is afoot on Prism Island – and only Paper Mario can solve it… Read more
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It It'll go up, look at thousand year door, didn't sell well, now at £55, this game sold even worse.


Found it for £9.99 at GAME :)


Great game. Just getting towards the end now. Combat can be a bit marmite but I quite liked it. Didn't realise it was worth £28 at cex so I'll have to get it finished whilst it's got a high value! :D


the stuff of legend


love this game but good current price

Mario Party The Top 100 (3DS) Pre-order £28.99 @365Games +£5.80 back in points!!!
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Nice little stocking filler this? Release date 22 Dec 2017. Super price to get it for Xmas and on date of release with the bonus 20% back in points offer 365games have on this wee… Read more

this game will probably go down in price very quickly since the 3ds is dead and its coming out after everyone has bought stuff for Christmas, also the game isnt exactly good, so i would say wait


Either way, I love Mario, always heat :D


Yeah it was my initial thoughts. The 100 games are apparently not even close to the best 100 games. MK8D was a lazy cash-in too. All they did was fix the dissapointing Wii U MK8, and cheat the gamers out of a MK9 game on Switch.


Supposedly another cash in, from what I have read.


I of course have no clue what your talking about, and there is no relevance to the post. We get your a emulator/hack type of gamer and your trying to be cool, that's fine not judging you for that, rock on and all. But can you answer the original Q. ? Since you say you have been playing the game for 2 weeks now, can you tell us something about it?

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Paper Mario: Colour Splash £12.50 (Tesco Extra Salford) instore
LocalLocalFound 16th May 2017Found 16th May 2017
This deal was live several months ago and I've always been checking stock since. My Tesco now has 4 copies (3 now) so i advise you to check your stores either tonight or tomorrow f… Read more
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They've gone from the Salford store.


do you have a barcode for this?


I don't think my Tesco even sells Wii U games.


Wild goose chase, but, should you find said game at said price...HOT.


Great game. Great price.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star 3DS (Selects Edition) £10 @ Smyths (Instore Only)
Found 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
Only available in stores now.. Paper Mario is back and finds himself in another sticky situation! Take Mario on an exciting paper adventure and help him repair the mess Bowser has… Read more
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Always been unsure about getting this as people say it is the worst Mario game? :|


mega heat


Not nintendo...


Any else in stock for £10? (that's decent...)


lol just teasing ;)


If you like easy 2D platformers, or it's for a kid, Chibi Roo is great and always cheap


There's a strong library so you're kinda spoiled for choice. What are your gaming tastes like? Super Mario 3D Land, Fire Emblem Awakening / Fates, Pokemon Sun / Moon, Virtue's Last Reward, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Steamworld Heist all come to mind


Any "must buys" for a newish 3ds xl owner?


Do these work on switch?


OMG 6% off Pokemon Ruby, where's my wallet? Heat for the rest! X)

Paper Mario: Color Splash - WiiU @ - £24.85
Found 31st Mar 2017Found 31st Mar 2017
Best price at the moment I believe.

damnit. my son would have loved this


​nice, Nintendo games keep their price too, im after Monster Hunter and Xenoblade, was always skint when they was on decent offer, and now hard get hold of for decent price


The exclusives all the good third party ones also :D


​Nintendo exclusives or you own every wii u game??


Damn it oos! This is the only game that is missing from my wii u collection...went to my nearest tesco branch that stocks console games and they had the £12.50 shelf edge label still on but after asking about stock levels, none :( also zelda breath of the wild will be a switch purchase for me :3

Paper Mario Sticker Star £13.29 / Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros £13.29 / Mario Tennis Open £12 (3DS) Delivered @ Tesco / Amazon
Found 31st Mar 2017Found 31st Mar 2017
Paper Mario Sticker £13.29 @ Tesco | Amazon Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros £13.29 @ Tesco | Amazon Mario Tennis Open £12 @ Tesco | Amazon | GAME (Credit to Gamer… Read more

It's already been posted a couple of weeks back so not sure if it's worth a mention, but The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is £11.39 at Tesco and also Amazom


Cheers dude, added to the OP. :)


Good price for these. Also thought I'd mention GAME have Marino tennis open for the same price so it might be worthwhile mentioning that as well since you can use GAME credit there as well.

[Wii U VC] Paper Mario - £7.12 - CDKeys (5% Discount)
Found 2nd Feb 2017Found 2nd Feb 2017
About £2 cheaper than the eShop, and a great game for the nations favourite home console (_;) This game requires Wii U GamePad Mario may be two-dimensional but this ad… Read more
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I can't see Nintendo passing up the opportunity to charge people for re-buying their VC titles on Switch, especially given how bare the launch lineup is.


Sold out again unfortunately


Why can I not get the code to work!!!


Buzz, this is showing back in stock, just in case you wanted to reignite the post or post again? Not one to steal the thunder ;)


this has show sold out for about 12 hours now, shouldnt this have expired or am i missing something

Paper Mario Color Splash - Wii U - £12.50 instore Tesco
Found 27th Jan 2017Found 27th Jan 2017
As description says, spotted in store at Tesco today.
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Was in the large Barnsley store today and this was stickers on the shelf but sold out.


It was in Bournemouth Tesco Extra. Just been to Plymouth Tesco Extra and there's two on the shelf there too.


Fair enough mate, I've just never heard anybody refer to any soft mods or hard mods done to a console as jailbreaking it with the exception of the ps3 but I assumed that was because that was the term geohot was throwing around at the time and he was involved with the iPhone before that


I have never seen wii u games at tesco, not just local to myself either. I actively look anywhere I go, same as hmv, never seen wii u games there either!


The term jailbreaking has never been exclusive to the iphone, considering it is not custom firmware then by definition I have used the correct term. [/img]

Mario and luigi paper jam bros £19.99 @ argos
Found 8th Jan 2017Found 8th Jan 2017
1/3 off mario and luigi paper jam bros at argos. Now £19.99.

​sorry getting mixed up with dream team bros


wasn't this 9.99 at shopto not so long ago??


I have literally been looking for a good deal for this game for months and months- yayyyy, thanks so much op <3


Think this is what i paid near launch. Its a decent game for a mash up and well worth £20


They also have dragonball fusions 3ds pre order for £24.99

[Nintendo 3DS] Paper Mario Sticker Star - £9.99 - TheGameCollection
Found 6th Jan 2017Found 6th Jan 2017
Back down to £9.99 Mario is back, and once again he is delving into the world of arts and crafts. No he hasn’t got a new hobby, but is taking up his Paper Mario Roots once again, … Read more
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It is a good game, but I'd say it is incredibly difficult. Even good problem solvers will get highly frustrated. However my kid who was in tears at one point stuck with it, and never put it down for weeks when he started using YouTube guides to help him progress. If you stick with it, and perhaps with a little external help then it can be a great game.


​I think it's one of the best looking and styled games on the 3DS - on a New 3DS (with the better 3D) it's stunning, real Nintendo quality. Unfortunately, the stupid play mechanics make it tortuous to play, ive got up to 8 hours on my game and haven't played it properly since launch week.


True collectors collect both.


Yeah, there's collectors of Originals and Selects.


Ironically, I'm a collector of the Selects range! Especially the Wii titles which are harder to come by than their original counterparts.

[Original Print] Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS) - £14.95 @ Sold by The Game Collection at GAME
Found 28th Dec 2016Found 28th Dec 2016
The budget Selects' version is cheaper (£9.99) but for those that prefer to have the original cover this is a good price, I'd reckon (brand new sealed), unless there's a retailer s… Read more

Do not buy from Gameseek. Any old stock is bought from them at risk as they will only take your money then start looking for a third party to supply your order from and most times they won't be able to do it and that will causes a massive delay until you give up and ask for refund. I saw this on eBay for £15 (second hand) the other day.


TGC has confirmed it's the Selects and they cancelled the order. Hate buying from GameSeek cause they're slow but got points to use so will buy from them at some point. Cheapest price, I think.


Just got about sending them a message with screenshot attached so fingers crossed they'll see it before dispatching. Some will argue it's the same game, yeah, it is, but I just don't like Selects' covers.


Yeah that is what I hope so but considering the fees they are going to pay to GAME per sale, it is likely this is the Select print rather than the Original form, unless they have forgotten something. Nevertheless, they are a reliable retailer, so even if a mistake, they should be honouring it.


TGC has the original print on their website for £19 and the Selects for £9.99. Hopefully they won't screw it up.

Paper Mario Colour Splash wii u from amazon for £29.99
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Seems to be the best price delivered at the moment and next day delivery if you have prime.

The price has gone back up :(


My tesco has this in for 12.50 but out of stock. Doubt they'll ever get it in again.


Prefer physical.


they're currently on sale on the eShop I believe?


That game will definitely end up as being a hard to find in the future for a decent price (well, its RRP - £39.99). GameSeek still has it in stock for its RRP but not sure I'd recommend them to anyone anymore. I've ordered Fast Racing NEO and SteamWorld Collection (to have UK versions of these two WiiU physical games) about 4-5 days ago and it's still not dispatched. Lazy bums. If they won't dispatch it today I'm going to ask for a full refund of these two games and buy them at the Nintendo Store.

Paper Mario Sticker Star (3DS) £9.99 delivered @ The Game Collection
Found 14th Dec 2016Found 14th Dec 2016
Haven't seen it hit the £10 mark before. Mario is back, and once again he is delving into the world of arts and crafts. No he hasn’t got a new hobby, but is taking up his Paper Ma… Read more

back up to full price.


yep parts are puzzling, it is a cutsey mario game but its not really aimed at wee kids. Having played every rpg and paper mario game across the centuries It falls short, but its still ok at this price.


Wouldn't give this game to young kids, it can be quite difficult and they get very frustrated. Gave it to my kid to early when was 6. A good year and more on and he was more ready for it and actually could not put it down, but even then that did require the help of You Tube guide videos. It is a good game.


I grabbed a copy. Good price, and even though I hear this isn't a great place to start with the series, I'm curious and looking forward to it. Have some heat.


Yeah, because hearing from different people who have actually used something in regards to quality is pointless. I personally always blindly buy stuff even if it turns out that had I asked I would have found out something which wouldnt have made me buy something and save money.

Nintendo Selects Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros 3DS or Nintendo Selects New Style Boutique 3DS or Nintendo Selects Paper Mario Sticker Star 3DS £11.95 Each Delivered @ The Game Collection
Found 2nd Dec 2016Found 2nd Dec 2016
seemed cheap for each of these games at the moment link takes you to Nintendo Selects Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Nintendo Selects Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros. http://… Read more
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sticker star is ok, it is a sub paper mario game (if there is such a thing) it gets a little wayward occasionally. The direction is off and it doesnt flow that well but...its definitely worth playing and it is worth picking up. Dream Team bros is a great game and should be bought. perhaps overly long but not Okamiden so. (_;)


It's terrible and nothing like Dream Team or the first two games in the Paper Mario series. Buy Paper Mario for the N64 on the Wii/U instead!


My daughter was the second style boutique and I missed the earlier amazon deals. Anyone knows how this one compares and will my daughter love me less giving her the first game lol?


well i liked paper mario sticker star as its a bit different to the normal kind of mario games


Sticker Star any good? I have Dream Team- although it was slow and frustrating at the start, I ended up loving the game and completed it- would definitely recommend!

Paper Mario Colour Splash Wii U £12.50 Tesco
LocalLocalFound 28th Nov 2016Found 28th Nov 2016
Just purchased this game in store Martlesham Tesco £12.50

Has anyone else had probs with this game? Just opened for first time today, and game keeps crashing just after the title screen, comes up with lines across the screen. Disc seems noisy too. All other game discs work fine. Wondering if there was a faulty batch of discs?


No stock near me


No sorry, one to keep sealed and one to play.


Selling the spare one?


Still this price national. Just picked up a couple from borehamwood

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