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Updated 22nd Apr 2020Last updated 22nd Apr 2020 by Deleted_
Parrot drone: Exchange now approved but pointing me to hotukdeals?
Hello, I hope someone can help me, my new Anafi parrot drone has developped a fault (software error) it crashed and damaged the left leg, parrot have agreed to repair it under the … Read more

Hotukdeals are not and never will be a retailer!! They may have got paid via parrot a commission or parott have know by cookies, but any product bought off this site/forum by clicking “get deal” its absolutely nothing to do with hotukdeals, they get paid for us clicking the link. The product purchase is with the retailer.


You can under eu law, 2 years isn't reasonable amount of time to work. But you need to find evidence the software error was there or common.


Yeah too late to claim


21 days too late


Maybe when the buyer registered the drone they put HUKD as the retailer...stupid name should have called it Hot Deals UK :D

27 replies
Updated 27th Nov 2019Last updated 27th Nov 2019 by JimboParrot
Is a penut M&M ok for my african red tailed parrot
Every night before bed i give my parrot a penut M&M as a treat. But i wanna know if this is ok. I only give him 1 no more no less and this has happened for years but lately ive… Read more

So quite easy to stop feeding them then.


well he only has one a day and he likes them so :p


That's not really a good thing to be feeding him.


yeah he loves the sour cream and onion ones


It’s only a lifetime of imprisonment if you don’t let them out, like any responsible owner would.

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Updated 6th Mar 2019Last updated 6th Mar 2019 by BBhunter
Parrot bebop2 fpv
I was wondering if anyone that owns one of these could help , my son has just bought one and has charged up the drone but he then went to charge the sky controller and the connecti… Read more

Thank you for your comments, there is only one plug but two cables with different connections. I will call them in the morning .


It should have come with two plugs, each one with different connections. There should also be two cables, one for the battery and one for the controller and each cable will fit one of the plugs.


Don't own, but see if this helps

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Updated 16th Dec 2018Last updated 16th Dec 2018 by splender
Foul Mouthed Parrot Runs Up Shopping Bill
The African Grey parrot, named Rocco, lives with National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary worker Marion Wischnewski, at her home in Blewbury, Oxfordshire. He was rehomed from the sa… Read more

Alexa, find me free meals for the homeless on Christmas Day to post on HUKD.


"Alexa, buy me some f****ng seeds"


Looooool brilliant




Ha ha ha what a great story

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Updated 29th Apr 2018Last updated 29th Apr 2018 by Adam_James
Halfords Parrot Bluetooth Fitting Service
I'm considering getting a Parrot Bluetooth system fitted to a new car (Toyota Auris) by Halfords. Anyone had one fitted by them, I'm a bit concerned they make a mess of a new car d… Read more

Hi I would like to fit a Bluetooth phone unit, does anyone have a suggestion please ?


Halfords audio techs are hit or miss - prices for fitting is standard but the parts they sell you are VERY expensive 2-10 times the price! My tech made a list of what I would need and whilst he was wrong in the way for the install I could see the prices Halfords charge compared to buying off various onlines sites.


Toyota say it would only affect the warranty if the accessory caused damage something, which is unlikely. However Toyota can fit the same bluetooth kit for a little bit more, so may well go with them.



TBF I had a new car stereo fitted to a Merc and considering it was a spotty little oik, he was very professional and didn't damage anything.

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HUKDgaming News Round-up 13/06/17 – Ubisoft’s emotional showing, Sony focuses on VR & 2018, and Nintendo take to the stage
[image missing] Welcome to the HUKDgaming News Round-up Thread – a place to get caught up on the on-goings of the industry. Every weekday at 5pm we’ll update the OP with the lat… Read more
Avatar deleted386835

Is he on the payroll?


This won't have helped: [ ] "Malkaurai Offline... Last active: 1 month, 7 hours ago"


Yeah, no one asked for this. It hasn't been a roaring success has it?


Ni No Kuni 2 delayed 2 months... till Jan 2018.


Just been reading that Techland are going to be releasing 10 pieces of free DLC over the next year. A very good game if anyone is inclined to pick it up, apparently there are still loads of people playing it.