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Wasabi peas 2kg £15.79 (Prime) / £20.54 (non Prime)  Sold by Xihaha Chinese Children Bookshop Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Not necessarily for everyone but I personally love these - reasonable punchy heat, not sure on the subscribe and save logic but may be good for someone?
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Thank you wasabi conniseuir.


I like them too. The taste is not the issue I just want people of this parish to understand what they are eating or not eating.


And yet after reading all of that, these still taste nice.


For those who maybe interested, wasabi paste in Japan is just normal horseradish and mustard even in most sushi restaurants. Real wasabi is grated there and then as the taste is only good for 15 minutes. Interestingly wasabi peas are not that common in Japan.


Even the Chinese don't like to buy food produced in China. Especially after the milk powder thing a few years back.

Chick Peas 29p at Home Bargains instore
Found 12th MayFound 12th May
400g tins of chick peas in brine at Home bargains - a couple of cases on the shelves. Also kidney beans and butter beans. All 29p not showing on website. Did not find the ktc deal… Read more

Good job someone put '29p' between 'Peas' and 'at' in the title ;).


4 for a pound at Asda. KTC brand. In case you haven't got a home bargains close by.

Bonners Finest Marrowfat Peas \ Black Eye Beans 300g 19p @ Poundstretchers
Found 28th AprFound 28th Apr
Bonners finest marrowfat peas 300g @ 19p a can. Also black eye beans same price 19p
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When I was younger I refused to eat marrowfat peas as I beloved that they had marrow in them!! ;( ;( ;(


Smaller cans than normal but the price more than matches that. Good find OP.

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KTC Chick Peas, Red Kidney Beans and Chopped Tomatoes 400g  4 cans for £1 , mix n match @ asda (instore & online)
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
best offer at the moment, time to stock up if anyone prefers plum tomatoes, tesco have these 4 for £1

All this just for some chick please eta really get this going why don’t you buy a 2 kg pack of dried chick peas and soak them in water over night and for. £3.99 pack you can fill about 30 tins (lol) If you want them More cheaper buy a 100kg sack you can get them even cheaper if you buy a ton bulk bag of chick pease




Ok, if you're willing to get fleeced for tins instead of conforming outside the 'norm' then carry on. All I did was make a suggestion where it's possible to get tins cheaper but no you just had to turn it into a comment battle just like I saw you regularly turning the misc section into a 'Brexit vs HEAWD war' almost daily which then led to action from the moderators trying to stop such conversation comment wars. Want to know why Asian Supermarkets tend to be cheaper for 'Asian foods'? I'll enlighten you to the facts - far less overheads, lower bills (some by way of electricity and gas meter manipulation), closer ties with certain community food suppliers getting prices down, and paying employees (in some cases, *well, I can't mention the two words otherwise this comment would be taken down for political reasons (clue - the two words appear a lot especially on the Daily Mail website)*) in most cases far less than the minimum wage (cash in hand, so no obvious way of checking via documentation, and no easy way to get the owners caught and charged with the crime/s). I don't need to post 'proof' because there are many different 'Asian Supermarkets' with different names out there and if I did post a picture or 'proof' it would obviously be from a shop nowhere near where you could easily access (which if you had a brain cell to think and realise that was the case, you would not have made a fool of yourself here with such an outlandish claim). *Drops mic* Boom!


Do these cans have ring pull lids? I hate using tin opener.


Asian markets nowadays are not selling these even for 12 for £3. Best price locally for me is £4 for 12 pack. It's possible that prices may reduce nearer to ramadhan but im bot expecting a drop to anything lower that £3 for 12 tins. Some lesser known brands may dip below £3

Aldi Super 6 Deals 12th-25th April - Chestnut Mushrooms 250g 72p, Carrots 1kg 42p, Baking Potatoes 4 Pack 42p, Cauliflower 72p, Sweetheart Cabbage 42p, Sugar Snap Peas 150g 72p, Beef Grillsteaks 320g £1.99, Louisiana BBQ Pork Ribs 400g £1.99
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Aldi Super 6 Deals Thursday 12th April - Wednesday 25th April Super 6 Fruit And Veg Chestnut Mushrooms 250g 72p Carrots 1kg 42p Baking Potatoes 4 Pack 42p Cauliflower 72p Each … Read more
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Very good price for chestnut mushrooms. Got some today. Coconuts for 39p next week!


Sorry only just saw your post but its been answered anyway. Aldi/lidl no longer better for veg/fruit prices in general and less shelf life as well imo.


Just curious really, I grow most of my own stuff from seed. Thanks for the info though might help others.


Well I know Morrison's Wonky Carrots 1kg are only 35p, their Cauli 72p and the Cabbage 42p if that helps, they also have Parsnips 500g at 28p , Onions 1.5kg at 42p and 2.5kg wonky potatoes at 87p , most of which I bought today.


I would like to know which other supermarkets are selling any of this veg at this price a link would be helpful. :)

KTC Chick peas can *Pack of 12* £0.38 @ Amazon Prime now London
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Chick peas showing as 38p for pack of 12. Bargain price if delivered like it says. Prime now order, so need to spend £40 for free delivery (mad) showing available in London pos… Read more

Yap, full order refunded (y)


I just got a refund for full order too!


Interestingly it states 4.8kg as weight, which is about right for 12 cans. Definitely ask for the missing quantities if they deliver only single cans. Most likely they’ll refund full amount inc postage.


Ordered this morning just got delivered and they sent 10 tins instead of 10 times 12 😡


Just had my delivery and no case but cans! Called amazon whom told me they are currently investigating as I am not the only one who’s on the same boat as they had lot of complaints, they agree there was an error on website and have taken the item off the website. They cannot do anything yet until they have investigated what has happened and will call me back! Told them to take back the shopping as I don’t want it, he said to hold on to it until he gets back to me with answers.. (devil)

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Aldi Four Seasons Frozen Garden Peas 900g 85p (94.4p/kg) @ Aldi
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
For comparison: Lidl Freshona Frozen Garden Peas 1kg £1.05 (105p/kg)
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Go look up the dictionary definition of what a deal is then come back to me. Also look up value judgement and numpty.


It's a deals site "mate", not for a standard price. And I was asking a question, I think I would know the difference. Maybe you shouldn't make assumptions and should get a thorough understanding of this site and maybe play with the traffic.


You weren't simply asking a question and you clearly don't have a true understanding of this site.


Simply asking a question, as this is a deals site. If this is isn't a deal then why post it? Cold for the non deal and colder for your attitude.

Birds Eye Garden Peas 800g at Waitrose only 93p on Pick Your Own and 3 for 2 (cheapest product is free) - £2.80 at  Waitrose
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Waitrose have an offer on several Birds Eye frozen products, as per the link. However, one of the best ones surely is the one for the 800g bag of garden peas. If you have it on Pic… Read more

Waitrose ipswich took only PYO £1.20 off. Queried it but assistant said sometimes it does not accept 2 offers at same bought 1 for £1.60 Not cheap:(


Trying to get my head around this.... £1.60 each with pyo discount. = £4.80 for three 3 for 2 = £3.20 for three Where have I gone wrong? Can't get it to £2.80 Edit. OK, got it. This is cheapest product free, not 3 for 2. So £4 for 3, less pyo discount on all three = -£1.20, So £2.80 total. Got there in the end! Thanks, op. Hot..or will be as soon as I cook them!!! :D

Ella's Kitchen Stage 1 From 4 Months Organic Broccoli, Pear and Peas 120 g (Pack of 7) Amazon add on £1.49
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
add on item or cheaper on subscribe and save and get free delivery.



All gone I think? Shows at £9.47 for me


Homemade is best, it's true, but the rest of this is total and utter nonsense. Organic Pears 79%, Organic Peas 14%, Organic Broccoli 7%, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate "Has links to long term problems such as excema [sic].... All the preservatives are dangerous in the long term" What, lemon juice?!! What's your source for this pseudo-science garbage?


yeah I guess working for baby food producer for a number of years is ignorance (lol) (lol) (lol)


it tends to display first ingredient in the name that it tastes of if that makes sense. most are apple or pear based so no added sugar is needed too.

Steak, chips, mushrooms, tomatoes and peas at Flaming Grill pubs from £5.00
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
All day Mondays and Tuesdays, Flaming Grill are discounting their steak dishes with prices from a fiver. 8OZ* RUMP STEAK £5 served with mushrooms, tomato, chips and peas (usuall… Read more

Worth mentioning this also comes up regularly on santander my offers and halifax cashback rewards, typically 10%. There's one 5 minutes from me never tried it.


Love flaming Grill restaurants. Actually serve what i'd call PROPER food (not tarty/poncy food or microwaved weatherspoons type meals) - not suitable for toffee nosed snob types though


Will beat the cack I've had at my local 241 😷

Free tin of Batchelors Mushy Peas
Found 3rd Jun 2016Found 3rd Jun 2016
Put in e-mail address and get sent the voucher. Use at Supermarkets. I got the link from a Rugby League e-mail. They are offering Super League fans this freebie as an official par… Read more

Must be trying to get shut, because they're squashed!oO


Don't know if I want to try them now. I was hoping for something that more resembled semi dried snot.


mushy peas great with fish n chips ta op!


So, fire is hot Peas taste like vomit Yeah, I'm struggling to see how those are both obviously similar. Someone, at some point in history touched fire to know it was hot.


SORRY! All 4,000 free cans have already been claimed.

2 Bangers and Mash on Wednesdays £2.50 @ The Windmill Inn, Rustington
LocalLocalFound 7th Jan 2015Found 7th Jan 2015
2 Bangers and Mash with gravy for £2.50 plus £1 per extra. Only on Wednesdays 6pm until 9pm The sausages are good sized butchers sausages normally pork but sometimes have an opti… Read more

Lol, thanks, apparently they advise you order veggie sausages in advance because they cook them to order, so they take longer to serve up. No problem if you're not in a rush though. I wouldn't think it unreasonable to wait for them to fry a sausage


Lol, thanks, apparently they advise you order veggie sausages in advance because they cook them to order, so they take longer to serve up. No problem if you're not in a rush though. Strange, it works for me


Link goes no where?


HUKD = Hot UK Dinners? Why do you have to order veggie sausages in advance? Voted hot - on the basis that we all need comfort food. Thanks, OP!

Heinz 400g Tin of Sweetcorn 35p Green Peas and Red Kidney Beans 40p @ Tesco Instore
Found 20th Nov 2014Found 20th Nov 2014
Found in the Leigh store. The peas n kidney beans are unavailable online so seems to be product redesigning or whatever of a few Heinz things, so could very well be scanning same … Read more

weve never had the heinz ones before normally get own brand or green giant. but the tesco everyday value stuff is the same price as this was so no brainer. even if its just used for fishing or something


Sweetcorn tastes similar to green giant (quite sweet) for anyone wondering

BirdsEye Field Fresh Petit Pois (545g) was £2.00 now £1.00 @ Morrisons
Found 3rd Nov 2014Found 3rd Nov 2014
Birds Eye Field Fresh Petit Pois (545g) was £2.00 now £1.00 (Mysupermarket has a 50% Total Cashback offer if you buy 2 packs so that makes them 75p a packet Total spend £1.50) (2… Read more
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No probs, I noticed that too.


Ok i was confused cos the op said 75p per pack.


perfect. thanks


Should be Petits Pois, with an 's' on Petit. Just saying, because I'm a boring old git who gets annoyed when I see it spelled wrongly (it usually is). Also 'Moules mariniere', when it should be 'marinieres'. OK, I know - get a life . . . Excellent deal, though, so Heat given. Thanks OP.


These are great!

KTC Chick Peas tins 12x400g only £1.50 per case.  Works out at 12.5p per tin @ Morrisons
Found 16th May 2014Found 16th May 2014
Very good offer on tinned chick peas. A case of 12 400g tins of KTC chick peas in salted water are only £1.50 at the moment in the new deepdale store. These are normally around… Read more

Not nation wide selected stores only


Seems like the offer is still on at the moment. I've never seen these less than £2.50 a case ever, so was surprised at the price. Wonder if they are doing these at any other larger stores. They woud be on the world food aisle/section.


I been to the store last Friday and got couple of them. First I didn't believe that its €1.50. Great offer


This is the best deal I have ever come across for tinned chick peas. Hot!


Finger lickin' good

Birds Eye Petits Pois 545g 95p (Half Price) @ Sainsburys
Found 8th Apr 2014Found 8th Apr 2014
Birds Eye Petits Pois 545g are currently half price at Sainsburys @ 95p Previous Post @ Sainsburys:… Read more

You noticed X)


You have been busy! heat added


X) if you fail once, keep trying till you succeed :{ See my motivational statement ^^ lol


My critique of soup isn't great - I once complained that my Gazpacho soup was cold and sent it back! (_;) :D


HUKD official soup critic :{ Thought of going into analysing for a living, you might become famous and get a slot on This Morning :p

Heinz Classic Soup 400G (All Varieties) 50p @ Tesco
Found 5th Mar 2014Found 5th Mar 2014
Tesco have Heinz tinned soup 400G on offer @ 50p on all varieties this is available instore and online Heinz Chicken & Mushroom Soup 400G Heinz Oxtail Soup 400G Heinz Vegetabl… Read more

Thnks :)


I have a baxters chicken broth soup in the cupboard!!!!!!


still got a soup mountain from last time these were 50p,and the baxters ones,oh well must stock up even more ;)


Hot from me :D


Great prices, thanks for sharing DLad :)

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