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Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Pods coffee machine £24.75 @ Tesco in store
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Posted 25th Nov 2015Posted 25th Nov 2015
Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Pods coffee machine £24.75 @ Tesco in store
Check your local tesco for a bargain, they go for about £70-90 elsewhere.

Direct coffee pods are quite good to :)


We use our a few times a day brilliant machine, get my pods at at half the cost of the UK, sometimes even cheaper , last lot i paid £13 for 180 pods


Coffee duck allows you to use whatever ground coffee you want instead of the pods.


Bought one of these for my folks a couple of years back and no regrets (already have several Senseo machines in family/friends). Thought initially that could only take smaller/squarer "quadrante" style/mugs cups but no such problem in reality. Seems Philips have given up on Senseo machines now, and just ordered a new/fresh water tank for my folks machine - at £15 delivered ie 60% of an entire new machine & JUST for a tank! Would have got them a new machine if I'd have known - and had a local Tesco with one :) Our local Tesco still sells the yellow Americano pads (20 mugs worth) for £4 with occasional 3 for £10 and local Waitrose the red All Day (20 mugs) for £4 too otherwise get the pods/pads in bulk from Holland - eg (though Lidl have long since moved on to clones of other machine types)


Great machine. Have had one myself for about a year. Dark roast Senseo pads make a lovely espresso, and when not on 2x18 packs for £5 in Tesco, are pretty cheap on when you buy 180+ pads at a time.

Philips Senseo Quadrante HD7863/80 £39 @ Tesco Trinity Square, Gateshead
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Posted 10th Aug 2015Posted 10th Aug 2015
Philips Senseo Quadrante HD7863/80 £39 @ Tesco Trinity Square, Gateshead
As per title, had 3 in at lunch today. Brilliant tip from sjfgraham: “ Purchase the coffee duck ( and … Read more

​????? I didn't put a link in as it's instore only


the link takes you to amazon where it is £96


I was worried initially getting one of this Quadrante model for my folks that the cup holder tray would only allow small/specific cups to fit, but fortunately it's not an issue. Remember you get a 2 year warranty from Philips themselves. Tip: Can source Senseo & compatible pads from the Netherlands (Philips' home territory) - eg get on the mailing list of this outfit and they send out periodic discount codes, including free delivery code every few months (otherwise have to spend £70!)


get pods from amazon France no problem if you are struggling


Agree, i had mine just over a week before it went bang and black smoke. i have the tassimo and its a much better machine with loads of choice. get a tassimo not a second rate poor copy

Philips Senseo Quadrante HD7863/80 RTC £39 @ Tesco Carrickfergus
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Posted 15th Jan 2015Posted 15th Jan 2015LocalLocal
Philips Senseo Quadrante HD7863/80 RTC £39 @ Tesco Carrickfergus
Found these in Tesco Carrickfergus, stock left over from last Christmas Bargain !

Comment Stores discretion on price, but this was the lowest I had seen until yours. And it was £24.87 at Stockton


just picked one up in tesco Stockton for £24

PHILIPS SENSEO HD7825/60 £49.99 @ Spares 2 go (Ebay)
Posted 26th Dec 2014Posted 26th Dec 2014
PHILIPS SENSEO HD7825/60 £49.99 @ Spares 2 go (Ebay)
£49.99eBay Deals
Can make 8 cups from a single fill. 2 Cups in under a minute.
Philips Senseo Hd7814/60 Coffee Pod Machine £25 delivered on Tesco eBay
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Posted 17th Nov 2014Posted 17th Nov 2014
Philips Senseo Hd7814/60 Coffee Pod Machine £25 delivered on Tesco eBay
This has been on before - its back again.... £60 on Amazon so I think they will sell quick. £25 includes delivery too.

They stopped selling the pads in my Lidi :(


Amazon sell Rene coffee pads which are compatible with the Senseo machine. Loads of varieties, quite cheap and available on Subscribe and Save too. Not sure how they compare price wise to Lidl's but cheaper compared to Senseos own pads.


Oos :-(


Sold out now!


I loved this machine until lidl stopped doing them. I bought one of those things off eBay but somehow it's not as good.

Staples deal of the day Philips Senseo Coffee Machine £79.99
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Posted 25th Oct 2014Posted 25th Oct 2014
Staples deal of the day Philips Senseo Coffee Machine £79.99
Coffee machine reduced by over £150
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Just spotted , Amazon.DE have this colour delivered to UK for appx £72. They also have a lightening deal at 12:00 German time tomorrow which might give you a colour choice if its the lime you specifically want.Otherwise Amazon Uk will still probably be the cheapest via 3rd party as previously mentioned.


It's the HD7870/10 model. Personally I'd aim for a cheap 'Cafe' model HD7825 (as have had for 2+ years) : no strength button, but takes up smaller surface area and most importantly has a larger water tank and it's re-filling the tank that's the biggest "hassle" Quadrante also has 1.2 Litre tank, but personally find it more fiddley (folks have it).


Shame on Staples for misleading prices. These can be bought from Philips at the rrp of £150.


Different colour can be found on Amazon for £48 sold by Hughes Direct and Tribal both trusted companies.


Bought one from Argos about 3 years ago for a bit less. It was a good machine but only lasted 10 months, the onn/off button stopped working properly. Tried to get a replacement from Argos but they stopped selling them instore so got a full refund. Bought a Dolce Gusto Melody 3 play from Amazon for about £60 instead and found it to be much better.

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Philips Senseo Hd7814/60 BRAND NEW £25 Free Delivery @ Tesco Outlet eBay
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Posted 22nd Aug 2014Posted 22nd Aug 2014
Philips Senseo Hd7814/60 BRAND NEW £25 Free Delivery @ Tesco Outlet eBay
Brand new with 12 month warranty and free delivery. Bargain coffee almost as good as Gale's.
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I love my Senseo, I do find I need to grind beans on the finest setting and then stuff the eco pad ( for example) to almost overflowing. It takes some experimenting, but I always make a 2 cup coffee with a pad, so if you follow the instructions and make 1 cup instead, then you get a stronger coffee, but obviously less coffee. I reckon a 1kg bag of coffee makes something like 100-150 cups of coffee (I've never measured it, but a bag lasts me around a month and makes 4+ cups a day). The pods are a bit of a pain to clean, so I collect them together, empty the contents into a compost bin, and rinse in a small container of water, before putting into the dish water for a thorough clean - I think they're dishwasher safe but I clean by hand. If unsure whether it's worth it, I'd definitely recommend Ebay, I paid around £10 including shipping for mine, and it showed hardly any signs of use. mike


Thanks for your very useful comments Mike. I currently have a tassimo but the costs of the pods are preventing me from using it as it's just not worth it. This seems to be a decent price so it may be a good time to change.


I bought mine secondhand off Ebay (wasn't sure it was going to get used so didn't want to buy new), more than 5 years ago, then I bought some reusable coffee pads and a coffee duck, so far to date that means it's made well over 10000 cups of coffee without a problem. The coffee duck failed after several years use, but the refillable pads are still going strong. I reckon the cost of coffee is lower when ground from beans, than instant, and mine makes a perfect cup at the 'correct' temperature every time. Should I not choose to use my own coffee, I can buy pads for a vastly lower price from pretty much all of the pound or budget stores, and failing that, they're at my local Tesco express and Coop. If I had one of the higher price machines I had a considerably harder task. Of course there are a vast number of suppliers online for anyone savvy with the world of Google or Bing (_;) Personally I don't subscribe to the coffee pretensions, I like to try different beans and regularly change my coffee - the human taste senses get used to a new flavour after 10-11 attempts, so saying one coffee is better than another is simply pretentious nonsense. The senseo is a relatively cheap entry into the one cup instant 'real' coffee world, and better than instant, assuming you bother to investigate sources of pods and/or reusable solutions. mike


Bought mine about 3 weeks ago at this price. Also bought a coffeeduck off eBay for about £8 quid to use ordinary filter coffee from the poundshop and it makes a very pleasant cup of coffee, the 2 cup mode gives about 2/3 of a mug. The pods from Lidl are definitely superior in flavour but, of course, more expensive. I use coffeemate and find the temperature of the coffee OK but when I tried it using milk from the fridge I had to microwave the drink to bring it to an acceptable level of heat. All in all, very good value for money and am exceedingly happy with it.


mine went bang after about 3 weeks, and almost a week for tesco to give me a refund. this is a poor machine and it only makes warm drinks not hot drinks and the pods are very limited to were you can buy them. spend a bit more and get a better machine

Philips Senseo Coffee Machine £19.99 + free collection from store/instore @
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Posted 17th Aug 2014Posted 17th Aug 2014
Philips Senseo Coffee Machine £19.99 + free collection from store/instore @
amazon £36.98 tesco £39.99 last few in stores: 2 IN STOCK Liverpool - Central, Parker Street, Liverpool, L1 1QR 1 IN STOCK Blackburn, Lower Audley Street, Blackburn, BB1 1BB 3 … Read more

now showing no stock


I've had one for about 6 months and use is as occasionally as I expected when I bought it. I buy pods from Lidl and it's really no hassle at all. Fill up with water every3 mugs. press button. ta da


Nespresso is the only one to have, I've had the others. Save up for Nespresso and don't waste money on the others.


I bought a senseo for work 3-4 years ago stopped using it after 6 months as it was more hassle than it was worth. Bought a Tassimo and never looked back. The quality of coffee is similar but the Tassimo is much less hassle to make and clean up afterwards.


Thanks op finally managed to pay for this collect in store will not be surprised if they have no stock always slow website at the best of times.

Philips Senseo Hd7814/60 Original Coffee Pod System £25 @ Tesco Outlet / Ebay
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Posted 2nd Jul 2014Posted 2nd Jul 2014
Philips Senseo Hd7814/60 Original Coffee Pod System £25 @ Tesco Outlet / Ebay
Great price, brand new (not refurb) The Philips Senseo HD7814/60 coffee machine brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'the perfect cup of coffee'. The stylish and innovative co… Read more

The machine was delivered early this morning. I've made three cups for far a test, one for me and another for the misses. She likes the machine far more than me. I'm happy with it as it's easier to clean and all that. I use paper coffee filters. If only the double coffee cover was able to hold just a bit more coffee then I'd be happy as pie. I think this thing runs at 6 or 7 bar and is under extracting the coffee, maybe a little more pressure on the tamper might help. I am using a fairly fine grind but not using espresso beans. For the price this is a fairly decent machine, plus the 2 year warranty is good. If you don't have a machine then in this price range you'd be hard pressed to find better. PS. The creama surprised me, it not only does it produce a decent amount but also has a lot of cascading. I think next thing will be either a coffee duck or a similar reusable pod system.


Seems like a nice machine, I've seen some yt clips where people use the two cup pod + coffee filter paper and ground coffee. The creama this thing produces is amazing. 15 bar is a lot more than my stove top 3/4? At the most I think. I wouldn't use pods as I have my perfect blend of beans. Better taste than illy. Anyway sorry for the ramble heat added.


I had one of these some years ago and intended to car boot it, the coffee bags you can buy in the shops really don't taste good and you only get a small amount of water pumped through. If you are undecided, I would say go for something else.


I use both the coffee duck and melitta filter. I use any Espresso grind coffee that I fancy. You basically fill your duck or filter with ground coffee, pop the lid on, pop it in the machine and use the machine as per normal directions. Currently I am working my way though various Coffee direct coffees I got off Amazon when they were doing 2lb bags for £4 a pop. It is a very cheap way to have expensive tasting coffee. I have tried the pads - but found them a bit ....meh.


I could, but it would be quicker and more self explanatory to just google search "coffeeduck senseo youtube" where you can clearly see for yourself.

PHILIPS SENSEO QUADRANTE HD7863/80 (RED) - £29 + FREE DEL @ eBay Tesco Outlet
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Posted 31st May 2014Posted 31st May 2014
PHILIPS SENSEO QUADRANTE HD7863/80 (RED) - £29 + FREE DEL @ eBay Tesco Outlet
Brand New Item.

No. You aren't a coffee snob. Just a tad deluded. A coffee snob wouldnt go near the nasty supermarket brands as they're all stale, let alone pre-packaged pod stuff. And that's without mentioning the fact that this is as basic as machines go. It can only make Americano for a start, and not really a good one at that. Drinkable, but pales in comparison to any basic espresso machine with freshly roasted beans.


Baffles me why anyone would by one of these and then restrict themselves to those awful pad things. Get a coffee duck, buy some fresh coffee, and have drinkable stuff instead of the douwe egberts rubbish.


One of these plus a Coffeeduck = Superb coffee!


Being a coffee snob is NOT the same as being a snob.


Got one of these a couple of months ago to replace our first generation Senseo. A combination of Tesco special offer and a fistfull of Clubcard vouchers meant we actually paid £6.49 in real money! Build quality is better than the old machine and it produces much hotter coffee (no need to heat the milk anymore). Coffee Duck is the obvious choice for these which lets you use any ground coffee you like, but be aware you need the specific 'Duck for this model as the original version for the 'round' Senseo's doesn't fit.

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Posted 1st May 2014Posted 1st May 2014
The Philips Senseo HD7814/60 coffee machine brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'the perfect cup of coffee'. The stylish and innovative coffee maker comes in a smart black fin… Read more

Good price, ok machine.... get yourself a coffeeduck for it! Mine has been retired in favour of the Tassimo but i may take it out of retirement as sick of paying a fortune for the T-Discs. Coffeeduck is here:


I found it after I posted.but don't know how to take it down.


tesco outlet on ebay, this exact listing, dont think they do the refund thing


If it was from Tesco direct? Call them they will refund the difference within 28 days.


Bought this from them yesterday for £30. :(

Philips Senseo HD7814 Black Coffee Machine - £29.99 @ Amazon (deal of the day)
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Posted 23rd Apr 2014Posted 23rd Apr 2014
Philips Senseo HD7814 Black Coffee Machine - £29.99 @ Amazon (deal of the day)
Removable tank Programmable Innovative and stylish coffee machine Makes delicious coffee with a full, smooth taste and perfect crema layer One cup, two cups or one … Read more

Totally baffled by the people on this site, a few months back these were averaging 300-600 degree and now into minus figures Why? Now back to £44.99 on Amazon, so looks like most people missed this deal completely again.


Ah! The old time machine trick. Do let us know when your flux capacitor needs replaced



why cold


I've had one for years and use the refillable varieties, probably have made well over 10000 cups since owning the machine (I challenge anyone to find a more reliable device, since mine was secondhand off Ebay for around £10), costs less per cup of freshly ground bean coffee, than a reasonably good instant. It's marginally more effort than using a ready made pod, but well worth it. But for those who want to use the pods there are vastly more choices available if you look harder and generally a whole lot cheaper because you're not paying for the licensing to allow the parent company to fund America cup yachts. mike

Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Coffee machine in Red.  £29 @ Tesco
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Posted 15th Apr 2014Posted 15th Apr 2014
Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Coffee machine in Red. £29 @ Tesco
Comes up now and again on Tesco site. Quick and easy to use to make 1 or 2 cups of coffee in less than a minute the Senseo® HD7863/80 has an adjustable drip tray to accommodate yo… Read more



Instead of buying a stupid, 5-minute-wonder pod machine and turning it into a filter machine with extra add-ons, why not just buy a filter coffee machine? You can get a K-Mix for around £60 and they last forever and look smart too...


Top link of your post.


I believe it would be the first link the "coffeeduck pad"



Philips Senseo HD7825/80 Coffee Machine £28.99 via Amazon/hughes direct
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Posted 25th Mar 2014Posted 25th Mar 2014
Philips Senseo HD7825/80 Coffee Machine £28.99 via Amazon/hughes direct
Good deal on a Senso coffee machine if you like the colour red. Combine this with a coffee duck and you can use any ground coffee or get loads more varieties on-line than you do in… Read more

Thanks for this. I've ordered some to give them a try. Much appreciated.


If you'd like to link to a reusable Tassimo pod I'd like to see it, so would thousands of other people. I looked hard, it does not exist.


Note this 7825 model has a LARGER capacity Senseo water container - ie 1.2 litres per Philips specs though from experience filling from 1 litre jug during descaling it's about 0.9x - which is definitely larger than the older/original 7814 etc models with only 0.7 litres per spec. (ie practically it's 3 mugs worth versus 2 mugs). Plus the 7825 has the 'calc' indicator/programme to help remind you to de-calc it with citric acid often enough to keep machine working at its best. Two year Philips warranty with all Senseo machines. Not sure how idea Senseo heats up excess water needlessly at such great cost to make it more expensive than others where the coffee capsules are more expensive. The 7825 rated power per Philips is 1450W. So at say 13p/kWh, an hour would be 19p - so the element would need to be 100% on for over 3 minutes to use up another 1p.


The Senseo is a fantastic machine if you have your own preferred coffee, I use Eco Pads in mine, had a coffee duck which was a little more convenient to use, but after 100s of cups of coffee it eventually packed in, the Eco Pads are a little simpler in design as they use the existing 2 cup holder, and are certainly more robust. I got my Senseo of Ebay many years ago, it makes on average 6 mugs a day, 365 days a year and has done so reliably for at least 5 years and probably considerably longer than that. I grind my own Costco beans (decaf. and ordinary) and it makes a lovely cuppa, but I'm not obsessive about coffee, there's too much pretension over flavour, since who is to say one coffee is the best, when it's simply a taste preference. The water capacity of the standard Senseo is enough for 4 espresso cups, or in my case, 2 mugs, refilling once or twice a day is not that much effort, certainly compared to the distance to go the lav, when the cups come back out :D I doubt the Tassimo actually saves you a significant amount of electricity, and this is more than offset by the stupid prices for the coffee pods. If the coffee coming from the machine is hotter, then it will need more electricity to heat that water, plus there's a jet of steam at the end to clean the device according to Bosch, so presumably energy will be used to do that. You can get reusable pods for the Tassimo if you look hard enough. Oh and there are lots of companies making Senseo pads, just you're not likely to see them in your local supermarket because the markup is so much lower than the rip off Tassimo and Nespresso prices. mike


I used to get mine from here plus they often do specials. or

Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Coffee machine Price drop again £22.99@Tesco Direct
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Posted 30th Jan 2014Posted 30th Jan 2014
Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Coffee machine Price drop again £22.99@Tesco Direct
I believe this is the best value coffee machine which I've ever seen. Bought for myself after the Christmas at higher price and I have to say, coffee now taste delicious, also with… Read more

Highly recommended the Milka range of hot choc that goes with this - so tasty! Yet to try the white choc version though.


We also have the first generation Senseo. Actually build quality is no better or worse on this one, but the overall design is certainly better and so too is it's ability to produce *hot* coffee - no longer any need to heat the milk first. With the combination of this offer and clubcard vouchers actually paid only £6.49 for ours, definitely a worthwhile upgrade! No problem finding a compatible CoffeeDuck either, look for 'Noble Coffeeduck 8717472190413 for Latte / Quadrante' on Amazon.


Bought one in November, died last night, just flashes red, still pours eater when pressing the cup buttons, but does not heat, still, good price! Glad to see them back in stock as maybe i can get it replaced now!


OOS Time to expire


Different type of machine. One is pods and the other ground coffee.

Philips Senseo Coffee Machine - Red - £33.99 - Free Delivery @ Amazon (Sold by Hughes Direct)
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Posted 10th Jan 2014Posted 10th Jan 2014
Philips Senseo Coffee Machine - Red - £33.99 - Free Delivery @ Amazon (Sold by Hughes Direct)
Seems like a good deal for this great coffee machine to me! Plus you can use a coffee duck attachment to use your own freshly ground coffee.

41 pounds now

Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Coffee machine  - £22.99 now @  Tesco Direct
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Posted 10th Jan 2014Posted 10th Jan 2014
Philips Senseo HD7863/80 Coffee machine - £22.99 now @ Tesco Direct
This is the cheapest i have seen for this model, personally i like the design. Free C+C to store. BACK IN STOCK - PLEASE UN - EXPIRE
Get deal*Get deal*

Missus loves this machine, bought when it was £29 something. Also bought the Melitta padfilter & missus is using both pods & her own coffee preferences. She says with the pods, that she finds the mug sized pods still make a decent cup used a second time around, although a fraction weaker. As that's normally only an hour or so after first use, she just leaves it in the pod holder with the lid left down.


No problem, glad it helped. :) I think the coffee duck is slightly larger at the base where the filter goes. So I'm guessing the other filters would fit the coffee duck better than the 2 cup holder that came with the machine.


I received mine today, after reading the reviews i ordered with Electrosmart and it arrived the next day :) I have made a couple of coffee`s now with the coffeeduck and although it does not produce the creamy froth like with the pads, it does make a very nice mug of coffee and fits the machine perfectly. The first mug was not quite as strong as i would normally like although perectly acceptable, that was only because i was a bit cautious and not wanting to overfill, the second mug was just about perfect. Thanks for the heads up fleetfoxy :)


I had the same problem (post 84) I was sent the padfilter for the models HD7800-7814 & HD7840 (ALU). So it would appear that it is random as to which item you receive and pot luck if you get the correct one for your machine, just a pity there is no mention of which models are available so you can choose the correct one.


Hey, sorry to bother you again. I bought the filters you linked and said works with this machine but I'm having trouble using them. How did you get them to fit into the machine? I put it in the 2-cup holder but the lid doesn't close. I've forced it as much as I reckon I can without breaking it but it's just not snapping shut. Any tips?

Philips Senseo Coffee Machine HD 7825 from "BHS" £35.99!!!! SAVE £64.01!!!
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Posted 7th Jan 2014Posted 7th Jan 2014
Philips Senseo Coffee Machine HD 7825 from "BHS" £35.99!!!! SAVE £64.01!!!

The ones on eBay don't seem to mention compatibility with the 7825, just the 7824. Anyone know if these can fit the 7825?..


Cheers guys. Will give them a try :3


@welshgirl...Try buying beans from a roaster so you know they're fresh (supermarket are months old) then grind with a good quality burr (hario?) There difference will be night and day


Too!!! Many!!! Exclamation!!! Marks!!!


+1 steevo212

Philips Senseo HD7825/80 Coffee Machine - Red  Down from £50 / £100 to £24.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 26th Dec 2013Posted 26th Dec 2013
Philips Senseo HD7825/80 Coffee Machine - Red Down from £50 / £100 to £24.99 @ Amazon
Seems one of the best coffee machine in affordable price, It's being sold by Maplin so you can buy from their shop or from Amazon if no shop nearby. There are really good reviews … Read more
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strange.. there were 14 available when I copy deal here !


Price:£33.99 FREE SHIPPING


8 in stock


OOS on Amazon


No longer available :(

Philips Senseo HD7825/60 Coffee Machine - £29.99 ARGOS (Reduced from £99.99)
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Posted 24th Dec 2013Posted 24th Dec 2013
Philips Senseo HD7825/60 Coffee Machine - £29.99 ARGOS (Reduced from £99.99)
This machine is the model up from the ubiquitous model thats been around recently. I paid £45 a week or so ago but its dropped further in price now. Makes a reasonable cup of c… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Not a problem at all. Merry Christmas, hope you have a good one!


Sorry Freezing Wolf, got the wrong end of the stick. Apologies. Merry Christmas!


I know it was, it was a sarcastic jibe at how silly the site is at times. I appreciate you acknowleding the deal.


My comment was aimed at the poster who said they got one for £19 in a Black Friday sale. I voted this deal HOT. Thanks.


Thats preposterous... Its just easier to brand the site "1 off scorching deal that got last summer cos i know a lad who got me discount and i had some vouchers UK deals"

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