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Refurbished Pioneer PLX500 (Black) DJ Turntable £239 at Richer Sounds
521° Expired
Made hot 3rd OctMade hot 3rd Oct
Quality brand direct drive turntable for a bargain price, this turntable was recently featured in a John Darko audiophile recomendation on YT for £1000 hi fi systems, 12 months war… Read more
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That maybe so but you still get no sound from the deck, I had an SL1100 and I never heard a peep from it, only my SME and Shure gave me music.


Oh dear. The motor and platter turn the record: that has to be at a constant speed with no fluctuations otherwise you will hear that. The arm has to be acoustically neutral, apply a precise force and track smoothly in all three dimensions. Put simply the quality of the turntable makes a huge difference to the sound.


Time to wheel out the 70's Bush gag yet?


problem is good used ones are more than twice the price opf this and the new ones are £800-1300 depending on model or you could get this for £239, which an audiophile expert thinks are perfectly acceptable for home hi fi use :)


You don´t get any sound from a deck, only a cartridge and stylus gives sound.

Pioneer RM-05 Professional Active Studio Monitor (Single) - £259 @ Gear4Music
219° Expired
Made hot 1st SepMade hot 1st Sep
Pioneer RM-05 Professional Active Studio Monitor (Single). Free standard delivery included. Extended 6-year warranty available at checkout for additional £12.95.

I wish.... Heat though. This is banging!


This is not a hi-fi consumer speaker! This is semi-pro audio monitoring at a very fair price.

Thank you, any suggestions for atmos, and my yamaha wants a sub with its own power. I have speakers and sub from my old onkyo but the sub is without its own psu, if i put wires from the sub to the system will it give even a bit of sub sound? Im not after strong sub to get the neighbours complainin


The main difference in your case is that you want passive speakers. These are active.

Thank you, i had no idea there were different types of speakers. Just got my av system and im searching for some home theater speakers and sub. Guess this is not it

Pioneer VSX-LX303 Black Dolby Atmos AV Receiver (9.2 channels) - 170w /per channel £399 @ Richer Sounds Instore
316° Expired
Made hot 26th AugMade hot 26th Aug
Was £549 from 21/06/19 to 21/08/19. In store only offer (you can call a store and ask them to reserve one for you, but you can't order online or via telesales). Also comes with F… Read more
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I can get an ex display Denon 2400h for £250 which is my max budget is that still a good deal?


I've got a basic Pioneer VSX 329 and the dialogue on films is very low, I'm forever adjusting the volume. Do you think this upgrade will solve this?


it just arrived today, gone to a neighbours - will try and take a look later


Couldn’t agree with you more - I bet the step up in sound quality is amazing! However aside from connoisseurs like yourself, and others, in this thread, I just don’t think many people can be bothered running wires etc around their rooms etc any more as customers get used to ‘everything being wireless’. Until someone makes an av box with interchangeable wireless speakers I think av boxes will continue to lose ground to generally lower quality solutions like cheap sound bars which sound ‘good enough’ to most or very pricey and fashionable alternatives like Sonos etc. To use another analogy, in my opinion it’s a bit like when iPod docks first came out. Everyone knew they sounded worse than hifis - but everyone loved the convenience of them...which is a bit like how I guess most customers feel about av boxes vs sound bars bought with TVs that have Netflix etc built in. Just my opinion tho! :)


Great! Can you confirm what they say in the reviews about a single crossover setting for all speakers is true?

Pioneer MVH-190UB FM/AM USB AUX Car Stereo now £28.99 free click and collect at Argos
385° Expired
Made hot 24th AugMade hot 24th Aug
Specifically designed for digital music, the MVH-190UB connects to your Android smartphone and other devices via the front USB or AUX-In. This way you can listen to your favourite … Read more

Not In stock near me... North East


Sorry if my question sounds abit silly, would this this play music from an iPhone either via USB or Bluetooth??


No stock in Fort William ;(


I bought one of these from the Halfords Ebay shop for £32 a few months ago and it was easy to fit and works really well. Plus you can control it with an app on your phone unlike that Sony stereo that I posted last month.


HEAT OP. :D Got a similar one a couple of years ago from Halfords, fitted for a few extra quid. Great sound. The kids have all their film & cartoon soundtracks on flash sticks. Holiday drives are a nightmare!!! Lol (y)

Pioneer VSX-832 5.1 Channel AV Receiver - £269.59 @ Amazon
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Made hot 15th AugMade hot 15th Aug
Pioneer VSX-832(B) 5.1 Channel AV Receiver (Hifi Amplifier 130 Watt/Channel, Multiroom, Wifi, Bluetooth, Hi-Res Audio, Dolby TrueHD-DTS:X, Music Apps, Spotify, Deezer and more)Inte… Read more
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Arrived and all set up! Lovely bit of kit! Only downside is the Chromecast built in - Appears it's for audio only. Had to plug my original chromecast back in.


Current crop 7.2 channel receivers have 5 or 6 HDMI inputs at the rear, all current Pioneer (5 rear/1 front) and Yamaha (5 only rear) Onkyo (6 Rear/1 Front), Sony (6 Rear), Denon (7 Rear/1 Front) If it is inputs you are after then take a look at the Denon X2500H.


I have an Onkyo 607 which is near deaths door (OSD no longer works at all so can only use menus that are available on the main display screen on the AVR itself, and sometimes have to power off and on again if starts with display flickering). Anyone know if there are many out there with more than the standard 4 HDMI inputs in the back? My 607 has from memory 4 in the back and one in front, of which I could do with more, though I've just bought an HDMI splitter to install for those less frequently used ones


If you’re on a tight budget look for a secondhand of the SFX sub you already have - should be £50 or less I would guess. Otherwise Elac Debut from Richersounds seems to be a good deal for a 10” sub under £150. For centre speaker maybe the Tannoy 7C to keep the same brand all across (just for cosmetic reasons) or the Elac C5 for £79 from AudioVisual Online is pretty good too and will give you crisp clear dialogue from movies, better than any other centre in this price point.


Yes and no, regardless of this DAC's differ across receivers hence the difference in sound. Certainly room acoustics/speaker choice can have an effect on any pairing but putting one receiver in place of another in exactly the same room/speaker setup there will be difference as I have already found buying the usual box shifters. But most certainly if I had the disposable income I certainly would test out a more expensive receiver.

Pioneer TS-G400 4" (10cm) Coaxial Car Speakers £16.00 @ Halfords (C&C)
222° Expired
Made hot 12th AugMade hot 12th Aug
These will be a cheap but effective way to upgrade your stock car speakers, for sure.
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Not stealth but still remaining todayAlpine or Infinity can't quite remember.


mdf what a godsend!


From the pictures the magnets look a bit puny, will probably still sound better than the garbage you get with a base stereo, but could be worth paying for something better like the £28 Alpines.


Cough stealth shelf cough :-)


Can also hook these up to cheap 12v amps from eBay to make a homebrew ghetto blaster

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Pioneer AVH-G110DVD Media Player £99 at Halfords
271° Expired
Made hot 9th AugMade hot 9th Aug
Pioneer AVH-G110DVD Media Player 6.2" Clear Type Resistive Touchscreen - Pioneer Clear Type Resistive display panels are designed for beautiful crisp and detailed reproduction with… Read more

£100 and no bluetooth? Ice ice cold baby.


It will fit any car that takes a double din size stereo or a car with a non standard din built in radio that a double din facia panel specific to your car is available for.....I'd suggest Googling /youtube your car model and look for pics /videos of your car with of an aftermarket stereo fitted.


How do you know it will fit you car aesthetically? Clicking on the link, there isn't a compatibility sheet.


They have improved massively! I had an Android unit that ran Lollipop and 1gb ram, 16gb storage, can't remember SoC, in my W211 E class Mercedes. I was told at the time go for the older Kikat version (that had 512mb ram!). Wish I did as mine was soooo slow and garbage but I persevered. Anyway now I have one that has 4gb ram and 32gb internal storage and octa core processor and this is more like it. Fast, fluid and also running Oreo (possibly may get Pie).


For £99 it's a good enough deal especially as it has a disc drive, most don't these days....happy enough with my new Sony I bought a few weeks ago but I might have had a go at this instead.

Pioneer MVH-A210BT Car Stereo £143.10 with code @ Halfords
237° Expired
Made hot 7th JulMade hot 7th Jul
Pioneer MVH-A210BT Car StereoTake your music collection with you on the road. Whether it is stored on a USB device or on the latest iPhone, the MVH-A210BT plays audio from almost… Read more

It says "play music through 3.5mm auxiliary"... But it looks like there's 2 jacks on the back.


The 3.5 mm jack on the back is probably the remote for steering wheel controls,if not that a mic for phone use....pretty sure it's the remote on a Pioneer though.


I'd prefer a front usb as i would use a stick or ideally both front and rear ....I'd be a bit worried about the usb lead you would need to use at the rear working loose or moving about,depending on the car fitment it could be a pain to get at to fix.


Yes is it.. it means adding a usb extension and having it dangle all over the shop or cutting holes to mount a fixed platform, or not using the USB.... I usually use a mini USB stick with 5-10k songs on it, which can easily be added to /changed or my phone... There isn't even a 3.5mm jack on the front, thats on the back as well... It would have cost Pioneer about 5p to put USB and 3.5mm on the front as well...


Not really

Pioneer AS-DB1000 - Add dab and dab+ to your AV receiver - £9.99 @ Richer Sounds
202° Expired
Made hot 3rd JulMade hot 3rd Jul
Pioneer AS-DB1000 - Add dab and dab+ to your AV receiver - £9.99 @ Richer Sounds
£9.99£39.9975%Richer Sounds Deals
Turn your receiver into DAB+ player. For certain Pioneer receivers but I saw a review somewhere where a person used it successfully for their Yamaha receiver Connect the supplie… Read more
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Hi Nick66 I sent you a PM a few days ago. Just wondered if you saw it? It was about the VSX 932.


This came really quick - great service from Richer again.


Plugged it in to my VSX-529 and unfortunately not working. Oh well .......


Can't get it to work with my Pioneer SXN30. Seems its the SXN30AE model. Bit of a pain


Ty asking: to find out first if you don't want to risk it.

2000w Pioneer TS-D12D4 D-Series Component Subwoofer, 30cm/12-Inch £99.61 @ Amazon
261° Expired
Made hot 18th JunMade hot 18th Jun
2000w Pioneer TS-D12D4 D-Series Component Subwoofer, 30cm/12-Inch £99.61 @ Amazon
£99.61£15937%Amazon Deals
Just got a couple of these to go either side of my Rayleigh Chopper handlebars, thought 4000w should do the trick! £150+ anywhere else and even more! Pioneer TS-D12D4 D-Series Comp… Read more

Haha better for the eyes. Can watch it all day without eye strain.


Nah, you are never too old to feel the NOIZE!!! (party)


It was brilliant when i had it when i was 18. 12 years later , id feel a tit with it haha.


This is a sub £100 deal.


deaf now,i recommend smaller speakers and amps and larger hearing aids

Pioneer VSX-LX303 Atmos AV Receiver  (Black) £549 (£524 with code) @ Richer Sounds
176° Expired
Made hot 12th JunMade hot 12th Jun
Pioneer VSX-LX303 Atmos AV Receiver (Black) £549 (£524 with code) @ Richer Sounds
£549£64915%Richer Sounds Deals
Decent price for a 9.2 Atmos receiver. Code AV25 reduces further to £524. Pioneer VSX-LX303 (Black) Atmos AV Receiver … Read more

Can't get the code to work with the Denon 6500 amp.Any idea why?


Wait for HDMI 2.1 if you want to somewhat future proof.


I want to future proof by getting an AV amp, but only use 2 speakers for the moment. Anyone know how good these amps are at delivering stereo?


Use code AV25 to take £25 off


You don't need it Latterman, you have a perfectly good amp. (:I Heated! As a side note: * Get a FREE Pioneer AS-DB100 USB DAB dongle, worth £9.99, when you buy this product. Offer available in-store or via Telesales, while stocks last. Offer excludes Clearance, Refurbished and Open Box products.

Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB Mechless Double Din Stereo System - £312 @ Amazon
168° Expired
Made hot 14th MayMade hot 14th May
Product DescriptionThe 2-Din SPH-DA230DAB lets you connect to a compatible iPhone or Android phone using a single USB cable, which will allow you to control Apple CarPlay, Android … Read more
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Couple of things to note though. This needs a USB connection to phone as Sadly it didn't support Wireless Android Auto. Also it only supports standard charging of a connected phone not fast charging


Thanks man. Really want android auton in car


Depends on the model. Mine is fitted in a W211 E-class Merc using a fascia adaptor and wiring harness adaptor. Connects2 make adaptors for many vehicles. Their technical support is top notch as well. I had several issues with install that they helped me with due to my car being end of production run meaning it had 'unusual' cabling lol I also used a fakra to Dab splitter cable from my OE roof mounted aerial so didn't need to fit a DAB aerial. You may\may not need to fit a DAB aerial depending on how good your standard car aerial is.


Which car? Will it fit in a bmw


Same price at Halfords

192° Expired
Made hot 4th AprMade hot 4th Apr
£10.99£19.9945%eBay Deals
Seem like a nice usable pair of headphones, saw them on ebay and thought they were a good price. Maybe someone will comment to say if they are any good? Fully Enclosed Dynamic H… Read more

Have a look at envirofone listing for example, they constantly use the word genuine


It just seems a bit of an odd thing for them to mention in the listing title. The seller is DSG Outlet (ie Currys, Dixons, Carphone Warehouse) but you wouldn't normally expect a seller like that to emphasise that something they sell is genuine" because you wouldn't think otherwise.


Not sure about the ‘strong bass’ ref, As this usually comes at the expense of the top end. Personally I don’t like heavy bass, but I am sure that most kids would disagree. Guess it depends on what kind of music you listen to. Still, you can’t complain for the price.


I'm not, that's what it says in the listing mate (embarrassed)


Why are you emphasising that it is "genuine" Pioneer?

Pioneer VSX-531 (Black) DTS-HD, True Dolby 5.1 AV Receiver £179 VIP Exclusive Price @ Richer Sounds
299° Expired
Made hot 21st MarMade hot 21st MarLocalLocal
Pioneer VSX-531 (Black) DTS-HD, True Dolby 5.1 AV Receiver £179 VIP Exclusive Price @ Richer Sounds
£179£19910%Richer Sounds Deals
In-store or via telesales only quoting the VIP members price. Might be also able to wangle an extra VIP £10 off. Worth a try as they seem to give them off anything over £100. Feat… Read more
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My Onkyo just died.. very disappointed.


True, it's just not quote posh enough for my silly fat cable XD


Ah, fair enough then: you'll definitely struggle to get that in any spring clip terminal. But for anyone else this receiver can still accommodate some pretty decent cable even though it has spring clips, so that shouldn't put you off.


I'm not sure but it pretty much fills a banana plug 8)


If it was expensive/good cable then I can understand that reluctance. How thick is your cable?

Raleigh Pioneer Electric Cross Bar e bike half price.  £650 at jejamescycles
300° Expired
Made hot 13th MarMade hot 13th Mar
Raleigh Pioneer Electric Cross Bar e bike half price. £650 at jejamescycles
£650£1,10541%jejamescycles Deals
Details The Raleigh Pioneer is both good looking and practical. Its styling is inspired by classic Raleigh bikes, delivering these elements in a modern way. The Pioneer has always… Read more

not listed on web site for under £1000


Is this deal still on. Cant seem to access it


Thank you.


I’m 6ft 85kg and got one in size L in december for the same price and it’s the perfect size for me. I use it with panniers on the back rack. It works great on hills (steady 15 mph)


Oh that’s great ... I’m 6ft 1 was genuinely looking at getting this

Jamo S 803 HCS 5.0 Channels White Speaker Set - £348.59 @ Amazon
247° Expired
Made hot 20th FebMade hot 20th Feb
Jamo S 803 HCS 5.0 Channels White Speaker Set - £348.59 @ Amazon
£348.59£49930%Amazon Deals
5 speaker Jamo set. Jamo are a Klipsch brand. A pair of S803 … Read more

Priced dropped almost £10. Made the changes in the OP instead of posting it again!


This guy seems to love them. The S 803's that is. They don't have anything built in for mounting them on a wall but if you buy a platform to put them on that'll be fine.


Cant find many reviews, anyone know how these compare to other speakers? I was pretty sure I was settled on some Cambridge Audio Radius 90s, 45s and a 200 but this seems to be a good deal and similiar original price to the Radius'. Also, any idea if the 801's can be wall mounted?


Sounds like Bose Acoustimass


Don't all jump on me now as it seems to stir up hate 😜 But its a very old Bose system I was given. The speakers are like small cubes. The subwoofer looks like a PC tower with a gaping hole at the top. I'm not at home now so I can't check.

Pioneer Double DIN car stereo with bluetooth MVH-A200VBT Amazon £127 delivered
270° Expired
Made hot 9th FebMade hot 9th Feb
Pioneer Double DIN car stereo with bluetooth MVH-A200VBT Amazon £127 delivered
This seems like a cheap option for anyone who doesn't need built in navigation who wants to play media and make calls through bluetooth.
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Seems a fair price,but these days its got to have DAB at least.


Speaking as someone with an Xtrons... If you don't need the screen, go ahead. My screen died after only a couple of months and have since had to use it by guess work - leaving it in Bluetooth mode and using my phone (hands free) to pick music /radio etc. I'd pay the extra myself and get a device from a reputable name.


Agreed, I asked the guy who installed my pioneer if he had fitted many of the Chinese head units, his reply was “ I replaced lots of them “

Will it work on my meriva???


Easy to fit in the MK5. Takes maybe 20 minutes at most, plenty of YouTube tutorials

Refurbished Wifi Pioneer SC-LX701 Dolby Atmos Receiver (5.2.4...4 height channels!). Built in Google Cast @ Richer Sounds
256° Expired
Made hot 8th FebMade hot 8th Feb
Refurbished Wifi Pioneer SC-LX701 Dolby Atmos Receiver (5.2.4...4 height channels!). Built in Google Cast @ Richer Sounds
£674£1,19944%Richer Sounds Deals
Seems to get very good review. Use code AV25 to get it at this price. Includes WiFi, Google cast, and a whole host of features.… Read more

That's it.. But doesn't seem to be recognising signal from hdmi.. Only when I turn it on and off it seems to kick in again. It's under warranty but was just wondering had anyone had same issue. Thanks.


There is a setting which in standby allows signal to go through without receiver being used... It seems to have stopped allowing this, I turn receiver on and off and it seems to allow it again but maybe a problem with standby chip or whatever controls it?!


Aren't they both the same thing? Video passthrough means the audio and video goes straight through to the TV untouched when the AV is off.


Sorry I don't know the answer... but does pass through just mean video goes via the recieve? Or straight through without any processing?


On a se note. I have a pioneer 1131 and pass through has stopped working, I have to turn AV on then off to get pass through to work, I've changed hdmi cables and it's the same on all 6 inputs, any idea what problem maybe? Thanks in advance.

Silver cross Hood & apron colour pack wayfarer/pioneer - BLACK £38 delivered @ silver cross outlet
258° Expired
Made hot 1st FebMade hot 1st Feb
A good buy for someone looking to change their silver cross pioneer or wayfarer buggy colour maybe for a new baby using an old buggy or even to change the colour of one you’ve got.… Read more

I can't find this. Has it gone?


Always deals available, as per my previous post , use code SX5 for an extra 5% off (y)

Pioneer AVH-Z3100DAB 6.2-Inch 2-Din Car Clear Type Touchscreen Multimedia Receiver (Amazon Lightning Deal) - £213.58
386° Expired
Made hot 20th JanMade hot 20th Jan
Pioneer AVH-Z3100DAB 6.2-Inch 2-Din Car Clear Type Touchscreen Multimedia Receiver (Amazon Lightning Deal) - £213.58
£213.58£312.9932%Amazon Deals
Next best price seems to be £312.99. Note, this is the Pioneer Z3100 model, not the cheaper A3100.

Not a problem for me, but I did check full specification before purchase, hence my post about no Android Auto. Looks like there will be quite a few returns to Amazon from folks who did not check before buying. I always take any sellers item description with a pinch of salt, best to always check manufacturers website before proceeding. Not trying to be a smart arse, just a cynic after years of crappy buying experiences.


The manual says it doesn't


Strange that Amazon advertise it as having Android Auto.


No android auto, only the Z5100 has it. Only Apple car play. Check the full specification on Pioneer website.


Yes. I the column by apple car play

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