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Kamado Egg BBQ, includes bbq tools, pizza stone and cover - £369.96 delivered at Appliances Direct - collection available
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Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
This hugely impressive 18” Kamado ceramic charcoal barbecue brings a whole new level to outdoor cooking and entertaining. Everything about it shouts “quality” – from its beautifull… Read more
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80kg my Aldi Kamado weighs!


Looks very similar to the Aldi one which sold out from a couple of months ago.


Delivered mine today and I can't believe how heavy it is. Two blokes had to wheel it up to my front on a trolley!!


Great price. Awful company


Can confirm that the pizza stone splits in two and fits perfectly between the coals and grill to use as a heat diffuser

KitchenCraft World of Flavours 13" Ceramic Pizza Stone and Pizza Cutter Wheel Set with Stand - £11.95 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
KitchenCraft World of Flavours 13" Ceramic Pizza Stone and Pizza Cutter Wheel Set with Stand - £11.95 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
£11.95£19.9940%Amazon Deals
Bargain for a pizza stone set,these are difficult to buy at the moment as everywhere seem out of stock used mine on the gas BBQ yesterday and results were good :) Diameter of… Read more

Got same one 9 years ago and still going strong. Always put in oven half hour prior to cooking pizza on highest heat......


Ground semolina works even better, especially to stop it sticking to the peel before you slide it onto the stone


did you use flour ? prevents it sticking


We got this over a year ago and it’s so good we bought a second - the square one. Use it a couple of times a month. If you’re prepared to take time and make the dough, it’s far better than shop bought and not far off takeaway.


I bought one before, each time pizza got stuck to the stone and never used again. Also take up a lot of room.Not worth the money.

Dexam Swift Pizza Stone Ravioli Pasta Noodles Roller Maker Kit £6.25 at thehomewarescompany eBay
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Dexam Swift Pizza Stone Ravioli Pasta Noodles Roller Maker Kit £6.25 at thehomewarescompany eBay
Prepare for the next stage of the apocalypse with this handy little kit. £6.25 delivered. Product Description Features 3 piece Pizza Stone Set, 33cm 3-Piece set for traditional… Read more
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If only you could buy some flour...


only the raviloi cutter is 6 quid the only other thing they have in stock is 17 this post is really misleading

Emile Henry Large Pizza Stone, Ceramic, Burgundy, 37x37x3 cm £23.51 @ Amazon
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Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Emile Henry Large Pizza Stone, Ceramic, Burgundy, 37x37x3 cm £23.51 @ Amazon
£23.51£37.5137%Amazon Deals
Grabbed one of these for my incoming Smokefire next month. Was looking for something a bit more larger (nearly 15 inches) for my pellet grill. Cheapest it has been on Amazon, but c… Read more

the whole thing is a misprice. overprice.


Must have been a misprice, over £50 now, expiring


Looks great, but feels a tad expensive still? Is it just for cooking pizzas in an oven?

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2 Piece Pizza Stone and Paddle Cooking set for £5 @ Argos
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Posted 16th Oct 2019Posted 16th Oct 2019
2 Piece Pizza Stone and Paddle Cooking set for £5 @ Argos
Good price for a pizza stone and paddle set Limited stock but available at certain branches across UK This 2 Piece Pizza Stone and Paddle Cooking set is ideal for outdoor gas o… Read more
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None on stock, Fife, Edinburgh or Dundee


None in Shropshire or Kidderminster


Available in Pembroke Dock and Haverfordwest stores..


It's available in Cardiff Queen Street Store


Mmmm.... Turd pizza (lol)

Uniflame 13 Inch Ceramic pizza stone £1.75 In store Asda
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Posted 5th Aug 2019Posted 5th Aug 2019LocalLocal
Uniflame 13 Inch Ceramic pizza stone £1.75 In store Asda
Asda Colchester bbq pizza stone for £1.75 also had bbq covers for £1.25 The Uniflame Ceramic Pizza Stone is the ideal size for many ready-made pizzas, and allows any large charcoa… Read more

Colchester and Ipswich had stock and it wasn’t a yellow sticker reduced item. the lady was changing the price from £7 to £1.75 on the white label on the shelf.


Assuming it is. Have you tried your local store?


The store should be added to the title and it's not much of a deal - we might as well go around posting the yellow label reductions! If it's available in other stores then it's worth people having a look.


I have no idea, so what if it is!


Is this in all stores? Refuse to pay over £5 for a pan!

13” Pizza Stone, Rack and Pizza Cutter - £4.99 @ Home Bargains
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Posted 24th Apr 2019Posted 24th Apr 2019
13” Pizza Stone, Rack and Pizza Cutter - £4.99 @ Home Bargains
13" Pizza Stone, rack and pizza cutter for £4.99 in-store at Home Bargains. Also available online but a delivery charge will apply.

Thanks for posting Op (y) Unexpired the deal Picked up from Leeds branch today


Sorry, just seen your reply! (shock) Thank you very much for the detailed response, i am going to give it a go as we have a hand me down bread maker that is sitting in the cupboard gathering dust, this will be handy for making the dough (y) takeaway pizza does seem a lot easier though (lol)


Very comprehensive sir and only one thumbs up for all that effort - Here have another! (y) I prefer stuffed crust myself - i dont use mozzie i prefer emmental for the stuffed crust and i roll it micro thin like Pizza Express. And for the dough if its authentic Italian you must add olive oil and store it in the fridge overnight! Amazing what they charge in restaurants now for a pizza thats why i learned to make my own and much better and healthier. And dont forget that drizzle of Pepperoncino - you can make it yourself just get some dried thai peppers from the local chinese supermarket £1.50 and put it into a bottle of oil for a month - £15.99 on Amazon - make it yourself for less than £3. Cant beat Pepperoncino on yer pizza it makes it 101% ;) (y) (highfive)


My recipe is: (makes 2x 12” pizzas) 350g strong white bread flour 1 tsp Allison instant yeast (green tin) 1 tsp salt 250ml water (70% hydration - aka 350g of flour x 70% = 245g) Sauce: 1 tin plum tomatoes Pinch of salt 1tsp oregano Pinch of garlic powder/granules if I’m feeling fancy And of course mozzarella to top (I tend to use the pizza-style block rather than the fresh one in liquid, you can use this but really squeeze as much of the liquid out as possible) I just throw all of the above into my stand mixer, dough hook on a med-high speed for 15/20 mins. I generally do this in the morning so I’ll go shower and get whilst it’s kneading etc. You want it to be really stretchy, look for it to “window pane” so when you pinch it and stretch, it becomes thin enough to be translucent. It will be quite sticky to handle so rub a bit of olive oil into your hands to just shape the dough into 2 dough balls and place in a tray/ large floured nonstick baking tin etc (these will expand a lot whilst proving) run a little olive oil/sprinkle some flour on the top and cover with clingfilm and leave to prove for the day (I leave them whilst I go to work) I wouldn’t worry about over-proving as it’s pizza, so will be relatively flat and not susceptible to collapsing like a loaf of bread. For the sauce simply drain the liquid from the tomatoes but keep the liquid to one side for now, add the salt, oregano and any other seasonings for your sauce. Then I use a hand held blender and give them a 5 second blend whilst they’re still in the tin, you can crush them by hand like the real pizziolos do it though. Add some of the water back in if the sauce is too thick at this point. To prep the pizza: Flour a work surface, and the top of the dough (again remembering the dough is pretty sticky) then just hand stretch it out in a circular motion turning the pizza constantly to keep it roughly circular (like the wash on/wash off technique on Karate Kid) Once you have your base ready I have 2 different cooking methods I like to use: The simple one is to top with sauce and cheese and put in a preheated oven on a pizza stone or heavy baking sheet at about 220°C for about 12 mins or until cooked, it’s a bit trial and error finding out where is best to put it in your oven to ensure the top and bottom of the pizza are cooked to your liking. The second method which I find produces a bit more flavour and leoparding (well done blackened spots like you’d get with a wood oven baked pizza) is to preheat your grill as hot as it will go, again stick the pizza stone in there to preheat top and place it right at the top, around 7-8cm away from your grill element works well. Whilst doing this you want the widest baking pan or flat iron pan you have (I use a tefal paella pan which is maybe 37cm) put this on a high heat to preheat a bit, then put your stretched pizza base (without toppings) straight into the pan to dry fry (no need for oil etc) the bottom of the pizza base only, you want to cook the base from the bottom like you would get a ‘stone baked’ effect, keep rotating it to ensure it cooks evenly and lift it up to check it’s not getting too cooked underneath, a few blackened spots are fine. You do want to cook the dough pretty much through at this point I.e. until it goes opaque. (See pic) Once it’s browned on the bottom, it’s time to put your sauce and cheese on, then put it under your grill (if your pan is ovenproof you can keep it in the pan, or you can lift it out and put straight into the stone) Cook it under that preheated hot hot grill until the cheese has melted and the crust has turned golden brown. This will only probably take about 3-5 minutes depending on your grill so keep a close eye on it. You can add the ‘leoparding’ by hand using a cooks blowtorch to blacken the crust if you’ve got one to hand. I hope this helps and enjoy making them! Lazy way of doing one big pizza: Hand stretch dough into baking pan, top with sauce and cheese and bake at 220°C until cheese is melted and crusts golden: Also the left over tomato sauce and tomato liquid makes a fine pasta sauce, topped with mozzarella if you’ve got any left :)


Terracotta plant pot Base 14inchs £3.50 b&q does the job nicely With the raised edges you can cook almost anything to ;) (lol) (embarrassed)

Berndes BBQ Pizza Stone With Rack was £10 now £5 C+C @ The Works
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Posted 15th Apr 2019Posted 15th Apr 2019
Berndes BBQ Pizza Stone With Rack was £10 now £5 C+C @ The Works
£5£9.5047%The Works Deals
Great price for this Berndes BBQ Pizza Stone With Rack - was £10 & now dropped to just £5 with Free C+C - spend £10+ & use code FREETEN for Free Delivery Just in time fo… Read more

Bought yesterday on amazon for £6.50 came this morning, 33cm base is very large im impressed will be using at the weekend


Weber’s is 34cm diameter, this is 33cm. Picture on amazon shows it in what looks like a Weber - I reckon it’ll fit. I’ve ordered.


Thinking this too - Weber’s is a ridiculous price


Would this work with the Weber GBS system? It looks about the right size


That’s a Top Tip. I may have just the thing, in my shed of everything. (y)

Argon Tableware Pizza Stone £4.99 + £2.99 delivery - 32cm with Pizza Cutter and Stand @ Rinkit
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Posted 30th Mar 2019Posted 30th Mar 2019
Argon Tableware Pizza Stone £4.99 + £2.99 delivery - 32cm with Pizza Cutter and Stand @ Rinkit
Free delivery over £35 This Ceramic Pizza Stone by Argon Tableware lets you cook and present your homemade pizzas in rustic Italian style and comes complete with a chrome stand an… Read more

Purchased. Never had one before. No idea why I need one now.


good post OP, thanks!!

13 inch pizza stone @ Homebargains
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Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
13 inch pizza stone @ Homebargains
Apologies to anyone rushing to buy these, it is home bargains not B & M as was posted originally. 13 inch pizza stone, don't know how good, but it is a stone and for pizzas! Al… Read more
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Thanks for the advice!


I've got one, this is exactly how to use it and works perfect. Don't run it under cold water when it's hot or it will crack. If you wash it leave it for a day to fully dry out.


It did say on the box that you should stick it in the oven 20 to 40 minutes beforehand and also put semolina flour on it, I had one a few years ago but didn't put it in the oven first (never read the instructions!) And thought that it was not any good, my fault! Can't wait to try it out now! Roll on Saturday!


The trick with these is to put them in the oven 15 minutes before you put the pizza on them otherwise the pizza sticks to them and the bottom wont cook. They actually get better with use - keep em in your oven even when you are not cooking on it and it will harden up and become "seasoned" a bit like a wok! Most people just bung the pizza on top , stick it in the oven and wonder why the pizza bottom is still soggy, sticks to the stone or not cooked properly.


I bought mine from Quality Save for the same price last year. Still going strong in a pizza loving household.

Jamie Oliver Ceramic Pizza Stone - Cream 33cm free c&c @ Robert Dyas - £11.99
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Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
Jamie Oliver Ceramic Pizza Stone - Cream 33cm free c&c @ Robert Dyas - £11.99
Jamie Oliver Ceramic Pizza Stone - Cream 33cm with free cash and carry or 3.95 delivery from Robert Dyas



To shop bought pizzas too?


Unbranded version has been £4 or £5 in Homebargains when I got it, with pizza cutter included


They do makes difference. Heat added.


But Jamie won't get his cut!

15" pizza stone & serving rack - FREE december delivery - £13.18 @ Nisbets
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Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
15" pizza stone & serving rack - FREE december delivery - £13.18 @ Nisbets
£13.18£2034%Nisbets Deals
15" Round Pizza Stone with Metal Serving Rack Bake your pizzas to perfection with this traditional round ceramic pizza stone. The high quality stone will ensure even heat distribu… Read more

I'll just use my Pizza stone then it's really good :)


They do, but how heavy are they? It's the thickness of the steel plate that holds the heat needed in a domestic oven to get a nice Char on the base. An unfinished steel plate straight from the merchant is 3 or 4 times the price, and weighs around 10-12kg if its 12mm thick. These are shaped, so unlikely to be more than a couple mm.


They sell iron ones for £6.99 on the same site as Pizza stone


I'd forgotten my mum used to do them in the oven and then put them in a hot frying pan for a minute or so and the bases were gorgeous. Think pizza hut deep pan base is done using a similar technique as it tastes and looks very similar.


You can use normal bread flour instead, but semolina flour is courser and gives it a nice texture. It also seems to work better imo. Well worth buying a pack as it lasts ages if just used for dusting the stone.

Giles & Posner Pizza Oven @ Robert Dyas £34.99 & free C&C
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Giles & Posner Pizza Oven @ Robert Dyas £34.99 & free C&C
£34.99£59.9942%Robert Dyas Deals
This is reduced further for Black Friday. Was originally £59.99 then £49.99. The black one is still £65.99. Please note this item is excluded from any discount by promotion co… Read more

Twitter is definitely the best option for dealing with some companies. They don’t like being publicly shamed and they can’t delete your tweets. (excited) I’d contacted Robert Dyas customer services by phone and they were useless. I then sent them numerous complaint emails and they ignored all of them. I then took to Twitter and it was resolved well. That’s terrible that Giles and Posner don’t have Twitter. However, if they did, they’d be out of business if this is how they treat people. Imagine all the tweets they’d be getting? (excited) Good luck with your replacement. Fingers crossed a store has got one and it’s decent. My first one was done via click and collect. They gave me the last one they had in that store and it was a complete shambles. See if they have any black ones available too. They were a higher price but the exact same model. It’s the least they can do. I’d better try mine and make sure it’s ok. Take it easy. (y)


Ta so much for sharing your experience. I have very little faith in the product and have been shocked by the customer service of both Giles & Posner and Robert Dyas. Yep there’s a guarantee with the machine but G&P aren’t at all interested and to date they’ve ignored my request to escalate the matter. After the umpteenth attempt I’m finally getting somewhere with Robert Dyas via twitter. Despite being told repeatedly they had no stock there is apparently stock in some of the stores (!!!!) So they’re going to attempt to replace that way. Why not before???? Honestly. I’m really concerned from your experiences what’s the replacement is going to be like when it arrives. I won’t ever be buying anything by Giles & Posner again - no surprise that they’ve no twitter account. I will think long and hard too re Robert Dyas . Ta again so much. Do hope your machine is a good one!


I’ve not used mine yet. I switched it on to see if it came on but I’ve not used it. I had terrible customer service from Robert Dyas though. The first 2 were faulty. One had broken accessories and the other had a chipped pizza stone. The delivery and customer service experience was awful. I got it resolved eventually through tweeting and tagging Robert Dyas. You could try tweeting to see if it helps. Make sure you tag them though. Doesn’t it come with a one year guarantee? I guess if Robert Dyas don’t have them, Giles & Posner should sort it. See if they are on social media and try for a response there. Good luck. (y)


Can I ask please if anyone actually received one of these that worked?? I’m appalled by both Giles & Posner and Robert Dyas customer service. I bought and then gifted at Xmas but it was faulty and wouldn’t work - kept blowing the electrics! Giles and Posner say it needs to be returned to the retailer for replacement or refund. I obviously don’t want a refund as I need to replace the gift but Robert Dyas say they have no more stock, will only refund, and cannot replace with a different pizza oven. It’s a nightmare! I’m under an obligation to replace the faulty pizza oven for its recipuent - but to do so is going to cost me a fortune. Really upsetting and disappointing. Any advice appreciated.


Mama Mia

Giles & Posner Pizza Oven £49.99 @ Robert Dyas + free C&C
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Posted 8th Nov 2018Posted 8th Nov 2018
Giles & Posner Pizza Oven £49.99 @ Robert Dyas + free C&C
£49.99£59.9917%Robert Dyas Deals
Free click and collect to Robert Dyas and Ryman stores. Or £3.95 standard delivery and £4.95 next day delivery. The listing on Robert Dyas website states it heats up to 300 degree… Read more

Let us know of the outcome, I’m really interested in this looks good


Thanks. XD Yeah, I like to know what I'm getting for my money. I hate typos and false descriptions. (flirt) 300 degrees would be no point. Not much hotter than a normal oven. Go on, treat yourself. (excited)


Wow fair play for investigating! Tempted now to buy!


Mine is ready in store for me to collect. I just rang the store and they checked the box and said it says 300 degrees on the box. (shock) They said the model number is EK2309, the same as Amazon etc. I called Giles & Posner and they said it definitely goes up to 390 degrees. They called their technicians and asked them. They said it must be a typo on the box. They said that all EK2309 models are the same and go to 390.


I plan to try naan bread in it when I get it. I saw an Amazon review that said they made naan in theirs and it came out well. <3

Papa johns voucher 40% off when you spend £40 OR 50% on Tuesdays
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Posted 17th Jul 2018Posted 17th Jul 2018
Papa johns voucher 40% off when you spend £40 OR 50% on Tuesdays
T78Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Spend £40 and get 40% off with voucher- UD2253T78 OR Just for today (Tuesday) -50% off - promo BOGOF (excl smalls)
Read More

You’re not wrong ha!!


@Endless_Wire you live in dreamland!


My local store does 50% off £40 everyday..


50% off for Tuesday is not bad at all!


They offer these promos that much these days, that it almost feels like I'm not actually getting a bargain anymore, come on papa, buck your ideas up

10 Piece steel Chiminea - Great for heat or cooking (Pizza stone, cooking grill, Popcorn lid, all included) with cover £64.98 Delivered @ Studio
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Posted 18th Jun 2018Posted 18th Jun 2018
10 Piece steel Chiminea - Great for heat or cooking (Pizza stone, cooking grill, Popcorn lid, all included) with cover £64.98 Delivered @ Studio
£64.98£199.9968%Studio Deals
Thought this was pretty ace! All in one chiminea, not just for late nights on the patio, but comes with a cooking grill, a Pizza stone (Dr Oetker eat your heart out son) and a popc… Read more

great price point, but is it a case of jack of all trades, master of none?


any good has someone used it recently ??


Any good reviews

10 Piece steel Chiminea - Great for heat or cooking (Pizza stone, cooking grill, Popcorn lid, all included) Also comes with cover to protect from rain £69.99 delivered @ Studio
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Posted 24th Apr 2018Posted 24th Apr 2018
10 Piece steel Chiminea - Great for heat or cooking (Pizza stone, cooking grill, Popcorn lid, all included) Also comes with cover to protect from rain £69.99 delivered @ Studio
£69.99£149.9953%Studio Deals
Lightweight, strong steel chiminea bundle. Accessories include: • Chiminea cover • Pair of heavy duty gloves • Poker • Steel frying pan • Toasting fork • Popcorn popper lid • … Read more
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Cold that's a usual price for that style


Steel chimeneas don't last long. Cast iron is much better.


Yeah title includes postage which is £10.


It adds on £10 delivery. It's £69.99 in total.


Couple of uses then collapses ... (poo) :(

Uuni 3 pizza oven £169.99 @ CuckooLand
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Posted 20th Apr 2018Posted 20th Apr 2018
Uuni 3 pizza oven £169.99 @ CuckooLand
15% off with code 'SPRING15' bringing it down to £169 Sizzler pans on offer for £9.50 instead of £14.50 also Sign up to the newsletter for £10 off £100 - handy if you plan on buy… Read more
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"We could not recognise the promo code you entered" Expired?


@dunwell_11 - thanks for posting. Been after one for a while. Tempted by the pro version, but gone for this one and the savings.


Thanks dunwell & Shaun, ordered!

Just with the normal 10 off it comes in at 244.90 so not sure what you have done. Once all added to basket, i clicked on name, address etc. Then added the discount code, which brought it to 220.41 with a discount of 34.49. Then checked out with PayPal, paying 220.41 On the checkout screen it breaks it down.... Peel tool 12.71 Pellets 13.60 Cover 24.95 Oven 169.15


Nop just pizzas and calzones

Jamie Oliver Pizza Stone 70% off  £9 - Debenhams instore & online
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Posted 24th Jan 2018Posted 24th Jan 2018
Jamie Oliver Pizza Stone 70% off £9 - Debenhams instore & online
Sick of soggy-bottoms I was in the market for a pizza stone - saw these in the Debenhams in Oxford for £9, RRP £30. There were plenty in store and it seems the deal is available on… Read more

Thank you. I will try that (highfive)


Debenhams haven't got the £9 one in stock but they have the identical one in at £15!!!


Pizza stones are fantastic. I tend to put my stone in the oven to heat up and then move to the grill nearer cooking to get it really hot (smoking). I put the base in the oven, on the really hot stone, for 3 to 5 minutes. The base will pretty much crispy at this point. I then dress the pizza with sauce, cheese and any other toppings. I've recently starting putting back under the grill, watching it carefully until cooked (it's quick). When rolling my base I use semolina / polenta rather than flour (mentioned above).


The Home Bargains Pizza Stone at £4.99 is great. Had mine for years and it does make a difference especially for home made Pizza’s on the BBQ. Remember, just spread a bit of flour on it before placing on your uncooked pizza and don’t wash it afterwards just let it cool and scrape off any bits.


I'm embarrassed to admit I did try this method. Didn't turn out well

VonHaus 3 in 1 BBQ Grill Pizza Oven Smoker with Temp Gauge Pizza Stone Portable. Ebay / Amazon / (seller domu-uk) - £49.99
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Posted 25th Aug 2017Posted 25th Aug 2017
VonHaus 3 in 1 BBQ Grill Pizza Oven Smoker with Temp Gauge Pizza Stone Portable. Ebay / Amazon / (seller domu-uk) - £49.99
£49.99eBay Deals
For £49.99 delivered, I figured after 5 uses it will have paid for itself, having just invested in a pizza stone and happy with the results from the gas oven, I now want something … Read more
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Get a Uuni or even better a brick built oven. These are woeful, no temperature control at all.


the thin sides of these ovens means you need a lot of fuel to get it to reach and stay at the desired temperature, the stone or clay ones contain the heat a lot better. Not sure if it has been tried but maybe this oven could be better insulated by using it as a mould for a clay cover.


Yes, yes I do. Asides from being fugly, it's a very bad thing but I'm not sure this thread should concentrate on upvc.



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