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Corelle Dinnersets
Argos no longer seem to stock them, do you recommend just getting them online, seems a bit heavy to order through the mail (confused)

Thank you! What website is this please?!


I've had Corelle Memphis for a few years, dishwasher, oven and grill proof, very robust and worth paying the exorbitant cost to buy wherever you can find them (plus a few spares, I got two sets of four, plus American size 40oz breakfast bowls ). I bought mine from a caravan / mobile home website because they were cheapest then .... Popular with those sort of people as they like them not breaking while bouncing around on the roads! Would buy again. Happy Googling

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Volkswagen Scirroco - 16 Plate Alarm going off every morning.
We have recently moved to a new estate and all was relatively well with neighbours until last month a couple have moved in across the way with a VW Scirroco. Every weekday morni… Read more

Sorry just checking :) yeah that’s ridiculous. Definitely take this further. Crazy that he hasn’t sorted this out


A full on alarm, I know the difference between an alarm and unlocking beep of cars lol. It's affecting the neighbourhood...even a neighbour about 200 yards away around the corner hears it every sodding morning!


Is it two beeps or a full on non stop alarm?


Yes, every morning including today at 5:45 am as he leaves for work....not a single alarm beep, alarm is triggered on door unlock for a few seconds whilst he starts the ignition. Can see a complaint to the local environmental health department coming.


Can happen when the battery completely dies and you don't use the second key to reset the first one: Switch on the ignition, and leave the key (one you wish to reset) in the ignition lock. Unlock the driver's door manually by inserting the master key with remote control in the driver's door lock (that's the second fob). Press the unlock key in the remote control once. Remove the key in the ignition lock. Close the door and check if the remote is reset. note: When resetting the remote control key, the vehicle's electronic system check at startup will reestablish the remote key signal.

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Is it possible to generate a new car number plate?
I'm in the market to buy a new car and saw a nice seat leon for a decent price. The number plate starts off with BJ though (shock) . Might not be as bad to some ppl, but i feel it… Read more

I think this is what’s called a first world problem. Must be nice if this all you have to worry about


Our last car had a plate of BJ.. OBB. Don't see the issue.


Agreed just checked photo I took was K11 UBR apologies


that isn't a legal number


Just suck it up