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From slow beginnings, virtual reality has gone viral. Especially now that the Sony PlayStation VR, powered by the PS4 console, has put the fun and challenge of virtual reality gaming within the reach of all gamers. HotUKDeals takes the effort out of searching for the best PlayStation VR, giving players more time to enjoy their new worlds. Read more

You'd need vision in both eyes to be able to experience the VR unfortunately.


I wear glasses too but the effect is still incredible to me. It does make me feel hot and queasy after a while though sadly


lol well I've so far resisted as I wear glasses when using PC/playing console, not quite sure how well that would work with a VR headset


No probs. Probably should resist anyway as genuinely blind in one eye and still don’t know if it’ll work for me or not but at that price I’m willing to give it a go lol




I don't really understand your stance. You loved it with RE7 but can't stand it otherwise? I think you should try more games dude, I think you're missing out on some great experiences. Everyone I've heard of who has tried Astro Bot for example has raved about it (it's great for people who'd normally be susceptible to VR sickness too).


It would be best to get the V2 with the camera as that enables HDR passthough.


I have to say,this is the item that really made me take stock of my brain,bought this at a decent price and have used it twice,loved it on resident evil,but I can't stand it,never again will buy something like this,,I get it,some people love it,but for me,waste of 💰,,,I've been gaming since I was 12 and now nearly 50 ,,biggest let down to date for the money,,I will get round to flogging it,, totally mint,,I wouldn't have anything else....still in the box,,camera still in box,,lovely to look at....I watched Tron on it in 3D,,that was ok


A lot of folk will have owned a PS4 a long time, the cameras were given away with consoles over a prolonged period of time ie there will be people that have cameras kicking around in cupboards


Unless I am missing something, this doesn't include the camera which is required for this to work. Seems a lot to pay for a used PSVR with no camera and no games.

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone PSVR compatible for £8.99 Expires 18/01/2019 @ PSN Store
18/01/2019Expires on 18/01/2019Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan

Yeah, it’s not been free. I’ve had PS+ since it launched on PS3 and it’s not in my library


I don't think it's ever been in PS Plus: It's is a fun shooter (that I paid way too much for at launch) but it didn't hold my attention for very long and some folk complain of motion sickness in VR with it. It's the most accomplished space shooter available on PSVR and not much more expensive than it's rivals but it has been cheaper. I didn't know it was playable outside VR so thanks for the heads-up :) I reckon you'll be at a disadvantage without VR though - some of the weapons require you to be looking at the enemy to maintain a lock, which in VR, is independent of the motion of the ship.


Got it for free with psn plus so I have no complaints. Paying for it is another matter.


Not really, bit of a mess, mission structure is all over the place. Looks incredible though.


Not multiplayer only. And not very good.




Done, cheers.. :D


I think more would see it if you added the 'video games & consoles' tag @Brutes . I almost missed this myself.


No Problem. thanks for spotting this deal. :D I posted it yesterday around 1:30 am but because of the server being down at that time it disappeared and came online again today afternoon only. So, not many have seen this deal.


Thank you for spotting that! Looking forward to having a go at it on the VR!


How do you set up an account with only a debit card


With VR games it makes a lot more sense to buy digital so you can switch games easily. Otherwise you end up having to blindly feel your way around the room, which has been rotated for some reason, stepping on the cat, and strangling yourself with the HDMI cables. Hang on, I don't own a cat. Who's house have I wandered into? (horror)


True, I could have phrased that better; it was just a brief outline of issues people might take, I'm sure there are other issues with my lack of specificity. I don't think there's any question that buying a game at a lower price than it's legitimately offered is a financial gain, though. Not that anyone should care if people do these things, of course; Sony's a large corporation so it goes without saying they'll have it coming to them.


It's also a lot more convenient to switch between digital VR games than physical ones - no need to take off the headset. This is assuming the person hasn't been to Indonesia at some point and is 'financially gaining'. I have legit US, Canadian & IND accounts even though I don't live in any of those places at the moment. Since you can't swap regions on accounts, Sony actually advise you to make a new account if you move to another country. These accounts don't become invalid if you move again. If Sony ever want to stop the practice, they'd have to start at the top:


Do you know anyone who isn't a fan of music? I don't think I know a single person who isn't a music fan of one variety or another.

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I got a PSVR with this for Christmas from the wife. Its the equivalent of getting a Sega Mega Drive for Christmas all those years ago. VR done like this is a game changer


No for much more. I thought you meant it’s not available on Amazon uk (y)


Such a superb game. Best I played last year.


Not for €11 you didnt...


I got one from amazon uk delivered today


I found it unplayable because of the tracking. I don't have issues with my other VR games


Really didn't get on with this. Bad tracking and not massively funny. Some cool uses of vr but nowhere near what it's capable of.


Agree. Big fan of the show but struggling to get through it due to the tracking.


Is this VR shovelware? The horror!


Fun game, but a tad short, so you're right.


You’ll need to order a uk lead separately


Thanks, knew you'd appreciate it.


Supposing I grow another head in ten years, as long as I know I have experienced Astrobots Rescue Mission I don't care lol.


Well done


My Rift has over 300 hours use in a year and I'm currently playing a VR game (subnautica).


I ordered condition very good and received version 1. Did you buy one too?


Oh no


Looks like it may be an error with the cable...


Glad it worked out for you!


When I set it up, the VR headset shows USBx, any idea why?




In theory this should be incredible on VR. But the rolls and turns make you feel sick really quickly. still an ace game though


Absolutely fantastic game back in the day. If I have a PS4, would have been very tempted to see how it holds up by modern standards.


Not the best VR game. Too frenetic.


What's this like with PSVR?

Ps4 vr vr world's + playstation camera - £150 instore @ Jack's (Wavertree)
Refreshed 15 h, 59 m agoRefreshed 15 h, 59 m agoLocalLocal
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I was wondering this too. It's a little too far from me to just go and check.


Saw in curry's pcworld that they are stating that they will help out of stock for foresable future.


Immingham now has 12 of these in the metal bins


Anyone know if the Barnsley store (Wombwell Lane) has any?

Batman Arkham Vr - 7.99 @ Playstation Store
18/01/2019Expires on 18/01/2019Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
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Likewise. It’s not even a horror and it frightened me. Which is why I haven’t went anywhere near any VR horror games yet.


I jumped out of my skin the first time a played it!


A different game


Without doubt my fav fav VR experience so far. Played through this game four times.


People's biggest complaint is its only a 2 to 3 hour experience for 8 quid. Well you pay more than that for a trip to the cinema or buying a bluray for a similar timescale. This is one of the highest quality a d polished games on psvr, it may not last long but my word its a great time while it does.

Sony Playstation VR Mega Pack Bundle £188.99 with code @ Argos ebay
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018

What's the betting it's back in stock after 8pm?!


There is no stock anywhere for the vr headset! We tried everywhere possible in the northwest region yesterday, ended up getting the starter pack bundle with the Astro bot game for £183 delivered to the door today! (£179 + £4 next day delivery)Very happy household :)


this or the currys deal?????


One in Retford, Nottinghamshire I believe.


I voted hot without reading comments. I guess everyone purchased without informing hotuk members

SONY PlayStation VR Starter Pack for £161.99 Delivered w/c @ Currys Ebay
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018

They cancelled my cousins order due to no stock... yet it seems to still be listed at a higher price. Anyone elses get cancelled?


I've got a 10 yr old and 6 yr old, they've both played on it fine. i would only let them play for short periods.


Oh thanks for that. Probably a good idea to actually try it out in a store or something for the 10 year old. Are there any shops which will let you try it out?


Waiting for mine to be delivered. Is there much difference using this with a Pro, I have a slim myself and wondered if the extra for a Pro was a big leap in graphics


I got the full kit including move controllers for £180 before xmas, guess i did well 😳


Back up to £299.99. SHould be expired


Why on earth have Currys & Argos put the prices up so much today?


I can’t find stock of PlayStation Move controllers anywhere! Is this due to the demand for before Christmas?


Dug the old move controllers we had for the PS3 out and they work great. Would say that move controllers are an absolute must for the vr. It's a great bit of kit.


Just ordered mine for delivery !!!!!! ( 08:20 am )

Playstation VR worlds starter pack + move controller twin pack + Astrobot - £229.99 @ Smyths (Glasgow)
LocalLocalFound 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
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Game. Not sure it is still in stock tho sorry


Including the move controllers?


Got this same price but with re7 also witch you could sell if u arnt into tgat stuff. Cold sorry


Yeah they both work for PS VR. The new ones have a slightly bigger battery too.


Just been playing psvr, it’s amazing, can highly recommend it at this price if you can get hold. My son is loving Astrobot too.

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