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3 Piece Irwin Vise-Grip Plier Set - £19.99 @ Screwfix - free C&C
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
5 star reviews suggest a decent set..... Proven quality and reliability, combining induction hardened cutting edges for prolonged life, machined jaws for max gripping and streng… Read more
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Hope it might help some one they are available in Wickes for C&C £10.00 however only few stores had them in stock


Wow... again? Sad ignorant clown, finished with the assumptions yet?


The irony of your comments! What "rubbish"? How is £8.95 x 3 close to £12? Besides, that's £8.95 DELIVERED via an eBay seller (take £2-3 off postage = £5.95-£6.95). Take £2+ off for seller profit margin, plus manufacturers costs & they'd be made for around £1.50-2.50 at that retail price) which usually retail around £20+. Good luck with those being legit & any honoured warranty. Find reputable sellers for all three like-for-like tools too, instead of just any tool from any seller and only one type. What "pound shop tools"? Do you actually own and use the OP's listed tools? Have you ever used them? You've got "German manufacturing blindness" where only Germany can ever produce decent engineering. Ironic considering your username. The only "rubbish" being spouted is from someone who is obviously set in their ways & mind set talking about something they have no knowledge or experience of tools that they "rubbish" and trying to petty insult & knock down those that do! You live in the past pal. Feel free to stick to what you think you know & feel happy about but don't try & mouth off if other opinions differ. Grow up.


It's just a brand, yes locking pliers are referred to as vise or mole grips, but in exactly the same way as sellotape or a hoover.


A pair of REAL Irwin Vise Grip pliers, with the information stamped into the pliers.

IRWIN VICE-GRIP 12" GROOVE JOINT PLIERS with 1 Year Guarantee - £5.99 + Free C&C @ Srewfix
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
High quality Vise-Grip pliers with multi-groove ratcheting system for precise positioning and all-purpose jaw for extra bite. Metal Injection Moulding for Precision & Streng… Read more

Purchased and already got my moneys worth, used it to replace some bathroom locks that had been sealed with years of paint.


Surely that's what the missus is for?


Not the first police car to be seen carrying a bunch of spanners...... woop woop thats the sound of the police..... :o


I'm glad you've got a sense of humour, some of those police should be shot with a rusty spanner!!


They are pipe commonly known as pipe pliers, plumbers will use them for loosening the larger nuts on sinks. you can also use them for many things you'd normally use a spanner for.

Stanley Pliers - 3 Pack   Argos Clearance    £13.99 (add to trolley)
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
I am no expert on D.I.Y. but these look good value to me...….reasonable stock available ! The Stanley 150mm Control Grip, Diagonal and Long Nose Pliers have been designed for jobs… Read more
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Not sure why expired - still stock in Bury St Edmunds, for example. Pliers are a tool where quality really makes a difference, in my opinion. I find Stanley still pretty good, but I expect something from Lidl and Aldi would be fine too. I bought a pair from Poundland and they broke on first use - surprise!


Agreed, stanley are another brand that has been consumed by price over quality like so many others.


Seem expensive for a set of average quality DIY pliers. Lidl/Aldi do similar for half the price. In my opinion.


NOT VDE rated for electrical work so don't use on power cables (note VDE marked both on item and package). VDE is a standard to ensure screwdrivers and other hand tools are safe to use when working with electricity. VDE takes its acronym from the German company Verband der Elektrotechnik, who are responsible for testing and certifying tools and appliances. ... Not just any tool can bear the VDE certification mark.

Draper Expert VDE Side Cutter Pliers - 160mm - £2 + Free C&C Only @ Wickes
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Expert Quality, special steel hardened and tempered with cutting edges separately induction hardened. Ergonomic handle provides improved performance while each plier is individuall… Read more

Well apur32 - if you're such an expert why are you posting such a totally pointless 'deal'? Perhaps HUKD should introduce a voting system for the site users to vote hot or cold about the 'experts' as well as the deals? Sorry apur32 - cold XD



Yey. Another single item Wickes deal! Where someone will most likely post a picture that shows 1 available in Grimsby saying 'not out of stock' Even though the one in Grimsby doesn't even exist.


Draper £19.99..... (shock) (flirt)


I picked up 3 🙈

Stanley FatMax Assorted Pliers - Set Of 3- £10 + Free C&C Only @ Wickes
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Amazon price £30.99 - Good reviews Stanley's set of three of their best pliers, that come with their distinctive yellow and black colouration. Perfect for use at home or at work… Read more

Thanks for the offer... Too many here were complaining about stock availability and then getting calls for no stock...


Would've given you heat. One left in stock at my local branch and they actually had it! Picked up this morning. Thanks.


This is why it is expired :D


It's hit and miss, I ordered 2 X plant pots, stock said 10 available, got the phone call none in store, blaming errors. Good luck for those that get anything.


clearly not - i’ve just picked mine up.

Dewalt 190mm Long nose Pliers only 60p @ B&Q free C+C
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Jaw capacity - 19 mm Technical Specifications Length (mm) 190 mm Material Chrome vanadium steel Treatment Induction hardened Guarantee 99 year Model DWHT70277 Weight (g) 322 g Prod… Read more
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B&Q join the Argos OOS sales gimmick


Lol. I can't believe they still have this listed on the site. Its been out of stock since last year!


I've posted one of these non-existent deals from B&Q before - easily done.


Would have been great.


Unavailable and no stock in store for the North East. Great find if you can find locally

Halfords 5 Piece Mini Pliers Set with Pouch - £9 + Free C&C @ Halfords
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Halfords 5 Piece Mini Pliers Set with PouchThe Halfords 5 Piece Mini Pliers Set with Pouch comes with a handy pouch to keep all your pieces together. They are made from high qual… Read more

Thank you for the much needed heat @whathesmeg Happy new year in advance (y) Glad that the post helped


Thanks for posting OP - ordered & heat added. All the best for 2019.


Dang!... this was 20 quid, got one off ebay last week for 13.50, now 12 quid Grrrr.... Gearless ratchet


They are paid in bolts and innertubes.


Valid question... (highfive)

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C.K Wire stripping Pliers 160mm £9.99 at Screwfix
Found 6th Nov 2018Found 6th Nov 2018
C.K Wire stripping Pliers 160mm £9.99 at Screwfix
£9.99£28.5465%Screwfix Deals
Nice set of wire strippers for a pretty good price, Still instock for delivary!

Horses for courses, those kennedy jobs are a bit "meh", and also aimed at a different job that these CK's. yes they both strip cable,but.... The CK's will more easily strip varied cable sizes, insulation thickness and length. The kennedy's are better for medium volume doing 1-2.5mm cable size and strip length. Even then, they look a bit thin to be comfortable if used in a high volume setting. I used to do strip and crimp in the thousands per day, mostly 0.75mm - 1.5mm, but occasionally up to 250mm (not a typo).


No length stop and not self adjusting, ok for toolbox . Go for Kennedy super wire stripper from pn.KEN5267970K. Use these all day on all sorts of wire for exact length stripping.


Looks like a better pair clearly


Stay away from silverline. Truly awful quality


these dance better

Stanley FatMax Groove joint Pliers at B&Q for £3.48 (£14.99 on Amazon. £13.99 from Screwfix)
LocalLocalFound 28th Oct 2018Found 28th Oct 2018
Stanley FatMax Groove joint Pliers - Still selling for £14.99 on Amazon, £13.99 from Screwfix Limited stock for C&C at some local stores. Technical Specifications Length: 254m… Read more
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This is avowedly not how it works. Had I not installed the app, I'd be about 2 grand up over recent years, and contentedly none the wiser about all the 'bargains' I missed. ~A fellow member of the 'Ooh, look, pliers/ladders/barbecues/screwdrivers/presents/etc. I had no intention of buying club.


Yes. Sorry everyone. It seems cannot add to cart even though website says limited stock available at my local store. Don't understand B&Q website. Does it mean I can get one at this price only if I walk in my local B&Q store?


First I ordered a pair of Ladders from B&Q and now im looking at Pliers... I thought this site was supposed to save me money (ninja)


Also known in the trade as waterpump pliers!


My local Groove Joint only charges £3 entry and you get a free shot with that. ...

Craftright Assorted Mini Pliers only £1.50 @ Homebase (Free C&C)
Found 5th Oct 2018Found 5th Oct 2018
Craftright Assorted Mini Pliers only £1.50 @ Homebase (Free C&C)
Available instore. Very useful set of pliers This is a useful tool to have around the house and is an essential part of every toolbox. Ideal for DIY projects and construction … Read more
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They have added piece to webpage.


Agreed, all they need to do is put "Each" after the price then there wouldn't be this confusion.


Bloody homebase and their false advertising.


Unfortunately that deal is not a set of 3, its just one, same as this deal, though I agree they appear to be bigger and better quality.


Voting thus deal cold. Get these below instead. As this is one pliers, the below is better deal. You get 3 pliers and they're better quality. Homebase 3 vanadium pliers

Set Of 3 Assorted Chrome Vanadium Pliers £3 @ Homebase (Free C&C)
Found 5th Oct 2018Found 5th Oct 2018
Set Of 3 Assorted Chrome Vanadium Pliers £3 @ Homebase (Free C&C)
Combination, Long-nose & Diagonal Pliers 7" (180mm) Comfy grip handles Chrome Vanadium Steel
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I reserved and got call from homebase it was only 1 not 3 . the links misleading


I was passing Homebase and tried to get these pliers as a set. Told that it was 3£ per piece, the link to the website given above refers to the product as assorted pliers at 3£ each.


Creepy ;-)


Now if only there was one large enough to reach across the pond & tweak Twumpy's nose. Hot & hot for these.


Yes it's for all 3

8" Heavy Duty Long Nose Pliers £0.50 @ Wickes Clearance (Free C&C)
Found 28th Sep 2018Found 28th Sep 2018
8" Heavy Duty Long Nose Pliers £0.50 @ Wickes Clearance (Free C&C)
Fair amount of stock showing
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I never thought there would be one,But got a call from staff at Halifax to say manager has left a 3 pack plier set worth £7-99p at checkout so instead well pleased 50p bargain.


Step 1: Check stock at your nearest branch and find there's 1 in stock Step 2: Place order Step 3: About 1 business hour later receive a phone call from store that your order is not in stock and has been cancelled. Step 4: Await refund Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 next time you see something you already have on clearance.


their was when i ordered at my local, but not allmost 2 hours after


Oh OK fair enough did you get one? Others have struggled


Nothing better!

Guild 90 Piece Chrome Vanadium Socket Set W/ 2 Year Guarantee £20.99 @ Argos Clearance (Free C&C)
Found 26th Sep 2018Found 26th Sep 2018
Guild 90 Piece Chrome Vanadium Socket Set W/ 2 Year Guarantee £20.99 @ Argos Clearance (Free C&C)
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Junk, save your money.


No stock within 100 miles of London. Cold


You will not find reviews from pro mechanics as they use Snap-on etc... It has a 2 year guarantee Please don't use this for wheel nuts (lol)


Why would someone buy these ''tools'' is beyond me.. If you need socket set and want it cheap wait for the halfords sales and you can pick up more or less same kit for the same price. Or...Just pay a bit more and get one of the bahco kits. This is just waste of time/money/nerves and most of all- Absolute Waste of Earths Resources! AVOID! AVOID AVOID!

But was this because it looks pretty and they hadn't tried to remove a stiff wheelnut and snapped the ratchet yet, or rounded off a bolt head because the sockets didn't fit...?

Rolson 9 Piece Precision Tool Set £2 @ Robert Dyas Clearance (Free C&C)
Found 24th Sep 2018Found 24th Sep 2018
Rolson 9 Piece Precision Tool Set £2 @ Robert Dyas Clearance (Free C&C)
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WARNING! Do not use for anything else than male grooming. And make sure you've just got out of the bath if you want to do your toe - nails with those snips. P.S. - 'Male Grooming' joke not going to be funny, I repeat.....


Perfect shoplifting kit

Rolson Side Cutting Pliers, 150 mm £2.49 Amazon add on item
Found 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
Rolson Side Cutting Pliers, 150 mm £2.49 Amazon add on item
£2.49£4.8048%Amazon Deals
Rolson 150mm cutters, maybe not top brand but good price, everyone should have a pair in their toolbox :) Heavy duty design Fully Polished micro plating finish Drop forged; hig… Read more

It has good reviews at amazon. I have few rolson tools at home and good enough for small DIY/repairs. For top quality (e.g. knipex, gedore) price is x10.


These are worth 49p tops.


Always use the side cutters in home bargains i think same price but they are very good for that sort of money i think the make is equip

STANLEY FATMAX GROOVE JOINT PLIERS £5 (Click and Collect available)
Found 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
STANLEY FATMAX GROOVE JOINT PLIERS £5 (Click and Collect available)
£5£23.3979%B&Q Deals
Having a wee look on the B&Q website and found these fatmax groove pliers for a fiver, these are good quality and everyone should have a pair in their toolbox.

Try phoning the store, and get someone to check it out for you, they should reserve them that way if they are in stock.


they show in stock, but then when you go to reserve it shows them out of stock in the same stores.


this^^ knipex, irwin, bahco, if you take your tools seriously and use them daily for a living. as said the fatmax grips will be ok for a bit of DIY now and again.


There seems to be a mixed review of these, I would imagine that they're probably best suited to someone who does a bit of D.I.Y. whereas a tradesman plumber who is constantly trying undo piping would maybe be better of with Milwaukee or Knipex pliers, or even a decent set of professional stilsons.


A friend of mine is a plumber and I remember him launching a pair of these out of a window! I think he only had them a week before they broke.

Workzone 12 in 1 Pliers @ Aldi (instore) - £5.99
Found 28th Jul 2018Found 28th Jul 2018
Workzone 12 in 1 Pliers @ Aldi (instore) - £5.99
Not a Gerber or Leatherman, but for £5.99 does the Job. Don’t know if it is store specific, this was in Kingswinford store Looking for a tool that can pretty much do it all? Then … Read more
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Lidl also has one of these available instore only. The lidl one is black but they also have a folding scissor option instead of the pliers. Same price with a case. Heat from me OP :)


saw this in every aldi that I went in. didn`t knew was a deal\:)))


The link is the price online, as the description says it was in store, reduced to £5.99.


Says £8.99. What am I missing?


And the quality is quite good, and it comes with a pouch too

Stanley FatMax Groove Joint Pliers £5 @ B&Q (free C&C)
Found 8th Jul 2018Found 8th Jul 2018
Stanley FatMax Groove Joint Pliers £5 @ B&Q (free C&C)
£5£23.3979%B&Q Deals
Was selling at £23.39
Get dealGet deal

When you are in the groove with a joint.


This is one of those tools that I know I've got one but can't ever find it when I need it.


HOT for out of stock or price, people getting excited over out of stock deal.


Out of stock everywhere


No stock pliers

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