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USN Cookie Bar Double Chocolate Protein Bars 12 x 60 g £8.90 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
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The best of both protein bars and protein cookies: this is the first protein snack to be baked like a cookie but packs the power of a protein bar Essential snack for post-workout … Read more

Protein bars as such will have a laxative effect in large amounts due to sugar alcohol-polyols. Plus it's more calories in the long run, too many calories=fat storage, doesn't really matter if it's carbs/fat/protein.


Cheers op, ordered (strong)


Thanks for that bit of knowledge.


Excess protein/ AA just get excreted. Your kidneys might get overworked maybe if you take a lot and frequently


l do wonder how an excess(daily?) of protein bars would effect your health(anyone with knowledge on this?)

Fulfil Chocolate Peanut & Caramel Protein Bar 55g - 15p at Boots in Birmingham City
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Popped into Boots in Birmingham City Centre and they had Fulfil Protein Bars for 15p. The store assistant said they were priced correctly, expiry 2022

lt's almost like giving them away, and a good date too!(fantastic really)


Bargain, might pop into local Boots and see if they have some. Cheers

MyProtein Layered Protein Bars (Brown Sugar Flavour only) - £6.86 with code @ Myprotein
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Brown Sugar Flavour only currently down to £12.49 for 12 bars. User code IMPACT for a further 45% off giving £6.86 (approx 57p per bar). Bought a few boxes and use by dates are A… Read more

Righto OP. Just a quick one. These arrived today - it's not brown sugar flavour, it's brown sugar bubble tea. As I'm not in a KPOP band I don't have much of a taste reference for this flavour but from my own experience it's like eating a tramp's powdered vomit.


Well pleased with them. Cheers OP


Not too bad tasting actually! Cheers OP :)


I agree with that mate, people do need to spend more time researching what is best for them


Its not a pop at you. You may well understand the variation between individuals. Unfortunately many do not and see the 2000cals for women and 2500 for men as the daily recommendation and take that as gospel whilst sitting at a desk all day wondering why they are putting on weight. That's my point.

Scimax protein bars 29p each in-store Home Bargins caernarfon
29/10/2021Expires on 29/10/2021LocalLocalMade hot 14th SepMade hot 14th Sep
Scimax protein bars 29p each in-store homebargin caernarfon wales might be in your local store as well date 29 October 2021 so good month on date

I went into my shop in Barnsley yesterday, someone had raided all the boxes. Boooooooooooo


Just picked up 70 bars, I'll eat 1.5 bars per protein hit (y)


Ended up with about 40 of these (annoyed) (lol)


Already posted:


14g protein 14g carbs 1g sugar They taste nice

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Sci Mx protein bar 40g 29p - Dark Chocolate orange or salted caramel @ Home Bargains Strathkelvin / Caernarfon
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BBE 30/11/21 . Chocolate orange or salted caramel. 14g protein at Home Bargains Strathkelvin

Cheers , just cleared out my local . Only had strawberry though


Cheers! (y)


Any protein bar with polyols will. Those are carbs the body cannot digest so it pulls in liquids in an attempt to break them down. That may cause your stomach to rumble, give you wind and stimulate that "need to go" feeling. People react in different ways. Some are unaffected, others have a brass band blaring out their backsides. Only one way to find out.


lt's 14g of protein, not overall bar weight!(which would be well tiny)


Do these type of bars really have that effect?

Kind protein bar Multi Pack (Dark Chocolate Nut & Crunchy Peanut Butter x3) 88p instore @ Tesco Top Valley Nottingham
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4 for £1 at Farmfoods. I just bought 12 for £3


these multipacks are a bit dishonest. the box is the size of 3 or 4 full size bars but the bars inside are much smaller and there's loads of empty space.


Love the peanut butter ones but I still have a full box from when Farmfoods were selling them for 10p for a bar...


Good find, these are nice!! (y)


Same in tesco(stoke/hanley)