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A computer is a necessity in the modern world, but PCs can't function properly without an efficient and reliable Power Supply Unit (PSU). Finding the right PSU is vital for anyone building their own PC or who wants to have room to expand their current system's capabilities. All of the most reputable global PSU brands and their current deals can be found at the dedicated HotUKDeals pages. Read more
Coolermaster MasterCase H500P Mesh White E-ATX Midi Case with Free 550w MasterWatt PSU and free delivery @ Novatech for £139.98
Made hot 12th DecMade hot 12th Dec
Seems a pretty good deal for the case, which typically sells for £134.99-139.99 on it's own. The power supply seems to be selling on ebay brand new for approx £60 so allowing for f… Read more

Yeah, no one seems to sell the gun metal grey version. The only place that lists it is Cooler Master's own website and even there it's always out of stock!


Thanks for that mate! Im just pleased I finally have a deal to share that nobody has already posted or that HUKD moderators don’t disapprove and cancel😜


If it was a different base colour I'd definitely get it, good find OP


I wish the H500m would get reduced! I prefer having the external bays.

EVGA SuperNOVA G3 1000W Modular 80+ Gold PSU - £104.99 @ CCL Online
Made hot 12th DecMade hot 12th Dec
EVGA SuperNOVA power supplies are well-known for their extreme efficiency, performance and reliability. In fact, over the last 3 years EVGA SuperNOVA power supplies have won over 7… Read more

Anyone tried the BeQueit brand also listed at CCL? I see they are decent prices, never looked at CCL before. Thanks for the hook up op!


Such good power supplies. ive got the 650W full modular its build quality is second to none. Cables are made brilliantly.


my meter tells me a different story, the web is full of charlatans


Nope on gold there is 1-2% difference between 50%-100% on 80+ so spending far more on a PSU double the power you require is a big waste of money.


What would be nice is to compare the efficiency curve @ 500w against the P2 750W. Because that is also around a similar price (recent deal, not so long ago). So does a 1000w Gold @ 50% load beat a 750w Titanium @ 67% load? In terms of the efficiency. [edit] It seems they both are similar down to about 150w (G3=90%) / 120w (P2=90%). So the P2 becomes slightly more efficient at lower loads. However the G3 is a physically smaller unit. More compact size than the P2. Not sure about the active / passive fan mode switch though. Does the G3 also have such a physical switch to disable passive mode?

EVGA 750W P2 Platinum 12years Modular ATX PSU £97.98 @ Novatech
Made hot 11th DecMade hot 11th Dec
Cheapest 'Tier1' platinum with eco mode and long warranty I could find, with ample power for all but extreme builds. 3% TCB

Hence the past tense all the way through, I'm not suggesting you'd keep a perfectly good PSU with years of warranty remaining hooked up to an outdated system. I'm saying that 12 years is a ridiculously long lifespan compared to any other PC component and that the ramifications amaze me. This PSU will likely be alive in 12 years time when we're sporting hardware that makes our current top end look as outdated as the Q6600 does today. 32 core threadripper workstation? In 12 years time we'll have 1024 cores 8)


Generally it doesn't work like that. You move the PSU between systems, PSU standards hardly change and even then they are small e.g. there hasn't been a change to the ATX PSU standards for over 5 years.


Wow, a 12 year warranty is extreme. For comparison's sake if you had bought and used this in a system long enough ago for the warranty to be coming to an end your system would have been using a Q6600 along with 4GB of DDR2 and an 8800GTX.


Ordered thanks OP!


Normally 10, but extra 2 years if before 31st Dec, see

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Seasonic SSR-850FX FOCUS Plus Gold 850W (80+Gold, ATX 12V) PSU/Power Supply, £99.95 at amazon
Made hot 27th NovMade hot 27th Nov
Sam will not approve, it has fan (skeptical) Total continuous power: 850 Watt Feature: Cable management, active PFC, 80 PLUS Gold Standard: ATX 2.03, ATX 12V 2.0, ATX 12V 2.4, … Read more

Has anyone bought this speicifc deal? The reviews are a mix of saying some people recieved a version with a European power cord. Would like to buy this but only if it has a UK power cord.


😜Thjs id the one I'm holding out for but don't want to pull the trigger till I've decided in the rest of the spec Still heated OP


The cheaper Riotoro Enigma G2 Gold Plus and Antec HCG Gold are rebranded Seasonic focus plus. I brought the ritoro from ebuyer on ebay using the 15% off code a few months back.


I've had this model for almost a year now I think. It's alright, but the hybrid fan mode is just not as well implemented as on other PSUs I have (e.g. EVGA G2, or Superflower Leadex). I find if you leave it in 'normal mode' the fan is very quiet, but a little ticky at low speeds. In hybrid mode rather than smoothly coming on and staying on when under load it does the super annoying pulsing on and off to stay cool. If I was buying again I'd go EVGA, G2 or G3, not slating the deal, just adding some feedback.


I have been hit by this got the vega 64 in the overclockers sale. Now having to send PSU back to Seasonic. RMA request was fast just need to get around to sending it.

CORSAIR RMx Series RM650x (2018) 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply £74.99 Novatech
Made hot 27th NovMade hot 27th Nov
This is a top tier 650W power supply unit and it's the 2018 version. Pretty good price so I grabbed one and decided to post my first deal. Thanks...

Yep that is why the EVGA White labels are tier 6. Which is worrying as lots on here just blindly recommend EVGA PSU's, but like every brand they have good and bad PSU's.


Eek.. is this taken into account when looking at the Linus Tiers?


They might feel the same but there is a reason that the EVGA white label is half the price of the same wattage EVGA G2/G3. I believe the white label has high ripple on the 12v rail so will slowly kill the rest of your components.


I have both in 2 different build, and i say in real life, both are stable. You feel no difference.


Dell sometimes use proprietary PSUs, but if you already have a EVGA PSU then yes it should fit as both ATX. This PSU is a much better than a EVGA white label.

EVGA SuperNOVA G3 1000W Modular 80+ Gold PSU £104.99 @ CCL
Made hot 23rd NovMade hot 23rd Nov
Wow, nice price on this 1000W PSU. Down from £150 to just £104.99 now. - 4x Molex Connectors - 12x SATA Connectors - 8x PCIe Connectors (6+2-Pin) - 4 + 4-Pin CPU Power Connector -… Read more

Good price. I've got the 850 and that cost me £100.


Thanks for finding this.


Good deal! Heat added! (y)


Hot! Could do with an upgrade, still rocking a Tagan 800 watt thats 10 years old, although it has been rock solid.

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EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2 ATX Power Supply - £106.99 Novatech
Made hot 23rd NovMade hot 23rd Nov
Flagship "Super Flower" EVGA Power supply. A hidden gem for those building a PC. One of the genuine offers.
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Gutted, I waited on buying whilst i searched for the rest of the build..went to pick it up anyway today and its OOS :/ story of my life ...DOH!!


Is the fan noisy if you turn ECO mode off?


Tier 1 as well


This is the cheapest I've seen it. On Amazon the lowest it has ever been was £109.99 back in December 2015. 3.03% cashback at Top CashBack.


This is a good deal but keep in mind that 850W is overkill unless you're running a high-end CPU and two graphics cards. A good deal on a 650W today would be a better buy for everyone else.

Corsair RM750x 80 PLUS Gold, 750 W Fully Modular ATX Power Supply Unit @ £84.95 @ Amazon
Made hot 22nd NovMade hot 22nd Nov
Usually sell for £100+ atleast. lowest ever price on amazon. Identical to the RMI model except it doesnt have the corsair link which is pretty much useless

wow, never would have thought a big branded company like corsair would sell something like this. although, I'm still running a corsair HX 650w from 8 years ago... times have changed huh.....


Corsair psus have terrible quality control issues, I have one of these and it has developed a banging noise when turning it on so it is on its way out, when it has barely been loaded. Before that I had another of their platinum models which was a 170+ pounds psu and it had unbearable coil noise even when in standby, I've never seen that on a psu before even 5 pound ones, absolutely dreadful quality, I would only buy a corsair as a last resort.


concerning number of 1 star reviews....e.g. capacitors popping...or catching fire... though I've read that Corsair RM series are top Tier 1 I don't understand... :/


Been this price a few day i think good deal


This is the strong and quiet type💪

Thermaltake V200 RGB Tempered Glass Case + 550W 80 PLUS PSU + 3 TT RGB Fans £69.99 / £74.77 delivered @ Scan
Made hot 20th NovMade hot 20th Nov
This is nice price Product OverviewSCAN EXCLUSIVE Thermaltake V200 Tempered Glass RGB Edition Mid Tower with 550W TT 80PLUS PSU Fitted with 3 RGB Fans and 1 Rear Fan ✅ Te… Read more
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panasonic this is the one i believe.




well from the photo, it ain't this: XD


any idea which PSU is there?



GIGABYTE GP-PB500-UK 500 W 80+ Certified Bronze PSU , £38.50 at amazon
Made hot 17th NovMade hot 17th Nov
Black Friday offer. 80 PLUS Bronze certified/ 120mm Silent Fan Single +12V rail/ OPP/UVP/OVP/SCP/OCP/OTP Fully protection 3 years warranty

Did you not read my earlier post all those calculators are from PSU manufacturers who are trying to up-sell you!!! About the closest thing to accurate for a PSU calculator is pcpartpicker but still that is over the top as that allows for every part of the PC to be running at 100% (something that will never really happen).


Yes AMD give a massive figure because they don't know what else you are running it with, for all they know you are using it with a threadripper. A ryzen 2600 and a 580 will not use more than 300w. Have you ever put a watt meter on any of the PC's you have built since 1987? Also not sure why you mentioned never having a PSU failing on you, if you try to draw more power than the PSU can handle then the PC will just crash and restart, should never fail unless you bought a cheap ebay no-name PSU. 100w extra is fine, but you recommended an extra 300w which for a decent PSU is £60-70 and the above poster is obviously on a budget, the 450w I recommend above is more than enough.


What like you do? i was just trying to help and AMD themselves say a min of 500w and I was linking the seller it was the PSU calculator.. never underestimate your power needs, you should always go over by 100W, I've been building PC's since 1987 never had a PSU fail on me yet. There was no head room for future expansion nor was there any for OC if they wnated too it would be prudent and sensible to account for that in advance. also the link is for the calculator which is the same for every brand of PSU supplier out there its a basic calculation tool. all the same tool just different front end, but you would that if being such and expert...


???? Where did you get 600w from, evan that awful PSU seller you linked only has 387w (still massively over but then again they are only there to sell you a PSU).


Can anyone tell me a Good RX Vega Psu?

EVGA 500W 80 PLUS ATX Power Supply, 5 years warranty £35.47 delivered Scan
Made hot 16th NovMade hot 16th Nov
When building on a budget, the EVGA 500W 80 Plus is a great choice at a low cost. Supporting 40A on a single +12V rail provides more options without having to reduce your component… Read more

Yeah it’ll be fine


& 5yr warranty?


Even for a normal user...? Yknow one who doesn't game, just has a 2400g, 16gb ram, no video card. C. 100w power usage by the pc?


Not the worst in the world, 8/10 from well respected reviewer JohnnyGuru much better than anything youll find at this price point, but it you can stretch for the modular Corsair posted earlier for £60 it’ll be worth it


Why and how is it a bad PSU as EVGA are a fairly good.

Corsair CX750W (Non-modular PSU) - £58.39 @ Amazon
Made hot 16th NovMade hot 16th Nov
Part of Amazon's Black Friday promotion. Cheapest I can find and still £65+ elsewhere.

Really? As far as I can see, the CPU's rated at 95W, the GPU's rated at 215W. That's 310W for a baseline system. If you doubled the power consumption of both through overclocking, which is unlikely as while a 200W CPU could be cooled a 400W GPU couldn't be without watercooling, you're still well within the capabilities of the PSU.


I suppose it does pay to overcompensate than to not. On the other hand I don't intend to overclock so hopefully my power requirements will be best to stock, rough estimate is I should be drawing in the region of 500 to 550 so hopefully it will be enough. Cheers for the advice :)


Yeah usually people get more power than they need.


So you'll be happy to know I've swapped this for the TX-M 650w. I'm seeing builds with this and from what everyone is saying, 650W is more than enough - Nvidia were simply compensating for users who may skimp on the PSU. Same price as this one too :)


My feeling is you'll be alright with that 750w, but I might go higher if i wanted to overclock a lot. Make sure whatever you get, it's a really good quality one.

Corsair RM1000x 1000 W 80 Plus Gold Certified Modular 135 mm Thermally Controlled Fan Power Supply Unit - Black  £119.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 16th NovMade hot 16th Nov
80 Plus Gold certified: High efficiency operation 100% all Japanese 105C capacitors: Premium internal components ensure solid power delivery Zero RPM fan mode: Virtually silent o… Read more
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What you need to understand is that wattage is merely a general baseline. What matters is current/amperage. This is where the quality of a PSU comes in and why that is of paramount importance, not wattage. A wall meter will show the absolute maximum, but what it fails to take in to account is PSU quality as it doesn’t discriminate. Any PSU will not be 100% efficient so energy will be wasted as heat. I promise you that your components will not be drawing 550W. The online calculators always add a good 20% to allow for people using cheapo rubbish PSUs. I guarantee that a 750W Platinum rated PSU would be way more than enough for your system, probably even 650W.


It is fairly high but not for what is in there 6 fans, 16gb ram and an overclocked cpu and GPU. I checked beforehand on cooler masters PSU calc and it comes to just over 600w and from my wall meter comes in at 550w even if it's wrong by 100w it's decent. I've been building computers for years


Why would you be surprised you’re ‘only’ pulling 550W? There’s no reason you should be pulling more than that, and that even sounds on the high side.


Tier 1 doesn’t mean anything. They’ve just made that up. Look at Platinum or Titanium rated. Also keep in mind power consumption is massively overestimated, even the online calculators don’t get it right.


Amazon have EVGA G3 650W for £85.47 (G3 is Superflower OEM)

Corsair TX-M Series 650 Watt 80 Plus Gold Certified PSU (UK) Hybrid Modular , £59.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 16th NovMade hot 16th Nov
50 Degree C Operating Temperature: Can output full power even at very high ambient temperatures 80 Plus Gold: Runs cooler and uses less power than less efficient power supplies S… Read more



Loos like a good motherboard :)


I'm looking to do my first built as well but was thinking about getting 2700x with Asus ROG Strix B450 F. Any thoughts?


Thanks for posting this! Just ordered. :D


If I were to go 2700x, the B450 MSI gaming pro carbon caught my eye for a solid motherboard

Thermaltake Smart RGB 600 Watt 80+ PSU/Power Supply, £41.47 delivered at Scan
Made hot 8th NovMade hot 8th Nov
Price includes delivery. Thermaltake, as the pioneer who incorporates RGB lights into PSU, has launched the Thermaltake Smart RGB Series, coming with a pre-installed, 256 colors RG… Read more

Will my current psu 'wear out ' if it is still plugged in and On, but the desktop is not turned On?I Ps meaning capacitors ^^^^


Silly comment as the only 600w fanless PSU is over £200


I rather buy fanless. Hate noisy fans


Just being upfront and straight about it :D


Corsair VS450 450 W Active PFC 80 PLUS Certified Power Supply Unit - Black, £34.99 at Amazon
Made hot 3rd NovMade hot 3rd Nov
80 PLUS efficiency: Runs cooler and uses less power than non-certified power supplies 3-year warranty: Backed by CORSAIR's legendary technical support and customer service Black … Read more

corsair VS series with heat. okay. hope you don't mind when the PSU makes your PC reset randomly.


For the price I'll take a punt on this one..... Thanks op


Has this enough power to cope with a GTX 1060 6 GB Super Jetstream?


Saying that, and being a hypocrite myself. Firend on a tight budget i got him some 5 years ago what looked like a tin PSU off ebay. Still powering his amd-3 and rx 280? To this day. Was used but only £20 delivered. Ive bought and sold about 4 rigs in that time. And been eaten out of house and home. Thats just the missus.


Yes, for all those who though that Corsair couldn't go any lower in quality than their CX range*, the Corsair beancounters came up with the even cheaper VS range. *excluding the original CX400 which was made by Seasonic and very well made, but that was almost 10 years ago when Corsair wanted to break into the PSU market.

Corsair HX1000i 1000W 80 Plus Platinum 140mm Fan PSU [Sold directly by Amazon UK] - £149.99
Made hot 20th OctMade hot 20th Oct
Been shopping around and found a great deal on this, sold directly by Amazon and is usually around £182 on average. Comes with 10 year warranty and given the high wattage should be… Read more

Dammit.. I thought I could get away with my existing 750w PSU for my threadripper build.. But this is just too good a price and a 10 year warrenty .. Bought..


I was thinking more of the i9 9900K, I game and use PS/LR.


Great find for your first post, good job OP!


Tier1 as well!


That makes complete sense and numbers do not lie, I have ordered this Corsair to put performance to the test, thanks for the information and thanks OP for sharing the deal.

Corsair CX450W PSU £39.99 @ Currys/Amazon
Made hot 16th OctMade hot 16th Oct
Picked this up around a month ago for £47.99 from amazon, great power supply that's bronze rated. Seems to be free delivery or collection too! Edit: Can be found at Amazon her… Read more
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That cx450m the model I thought this was originally. It's still £47.99 on Amazon, and I'd opt for that personally. If you don't need the second PCI-e connector or for it to be semi modular this would probably be the better option


Yeah not ideal for a 450w PSU to only have one PCI-e connector, but in reality it shouldn't affect that many, unless you have some 1070's or above which require two power connectors. The CX450m does have two PCI-e power connectors which isn't normally too much more than this.


Is that unusual for a 450w PSU? That would allow it to provide 225w of power to a graphics card leaving 225w for the rest of the system.


Tier 3: Not bad for £40


Whoops, I thought it was the semi-modular version. Thanks letting me know.

EVGA 850 Watt GQ Gold Hybrid Modular ATX PSU/Power Supply w/ 5 Year Warranty £90.46 Delivered @ Scan
Made hot 8th OctMade hot 8th Oct
Cheapest that I could find for this particular PSU. Perfect option for those that need a good amount of power, but still want to keep their build tidy with a modular cable system. … Read more

750w GQ noise Link above for the 750w which has the same thermal design as 850w.


Could you evidence this please? I have 4 EVGA PSUs, all quiet, and this is not mentioned on newegg, pcpartpicker, jonnyguru or amazon. Just a few reports of units with coil whine and ticking fans


Really? Never heard a peep from my 650W.


looks like someone needs a more powerful psu.


I just think anyone running high-end stuff like closed-loop cooling will probably be speccing something better like an EVGA Platinum or Corsair HX, so something like this is for mid-high end gaming machines on a slightly tighter budget. But it's a bit of a moot point here, personally I just choose quality over noise, but peoples' needs differ. I bought a VS a few times before I knew about all of this and the VS PCIe leads melted/browned with an undervolted R9 Nano... so I just don't think it's up to it. The RM is rated to 50C but I've had a temp gun on it and it's been up to 58C exhaust, it'd probably be covered under warranty if it failed but I'd just rather the fan ran quicker and got the heat out of it. Tried to claim the VS on Corsair warranty, what a hassle that was...

Aerocool ACP-I700BR 12 cm 700 W Integrator Active PFC RGB Power Supply Unit  @ amazon £41.97 pre-order - Prime Exclusive
Made hot 5th OctMade hot 5th Oct
RGB fan on PSU can be controlled through P7-Hub (P7-H1) and motherboard including "Asus Aura", "Gigabyte RGB Fusion", and "MSI Mystic Light Sync". Elegant Black PSU casing with Fu… Read more

has any one had any experience of aerocool PSU`s? they seem to be everywhere on amazon . the big question is can you turn the RBG off?


Uses cheap Chinese caps, avoid!


Afraid not XD


Is there anything that doesnt have RGB these days, cables?

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