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A computer is a necessity in the modern world, but PCs can't function properly without an efficient and reliable Power Supply Unit (PSU). Finding the right PSU is vital for anyone building their own PC or who wants to have room to expand their current system's capabilities. All of the most reputable global PSU brands and their current deals can be found at the dedicated HotUKDeals pages. Read more
Various branded PSUs at Scan (eg Hiper 425W £20.69, FSP 700W £34.44)
Found 6th Feb 2009Found 6th Feb 2009
Some great deals on some branded PSUs in Scan's "Today only " deals. The 700W FSP was available cheaper a while ago but it's still a great deal if you need a good quality high powe… Read more

Still a bargin :)


These deals are back on again. The 700W FSP is only £32 this time.


I can recommend the FSP 700W PSU. Was lucky enough to grab it at £27 on a former Today Only deal. Not whisper quiet but it does the job well, and it's lowered my CPU temp by 8C :)


Forgot to mention they all come with a free port tester.


very good spot the obvious downside is that isnt modular. but for that price it is definitely hot.

580W XPower Light ATX PSU   £32.98 delivered @ Maplin
Found 30th Jan 2009Found 30th Jan 2009
Just went instore and found this top spec PSU reduced from £49.99 to £29.99. Will support high end PCI graphic cards and Quad core Systems. Quidco available too! Spec: * High… Read more

Nice, I was looking for an inexpensive replacement PSU for my parent's older computer which exploded this morning. £30 will do nicely and is even a slight upgrade from the 500W they were using. For anyone operating a computer built in the last couple of years I wouldn't recommend this PSU. I'd go for a 700W+ because newer machines (with all the things we run on them) tend to be more power hungry. It's safer to buy more wattage than you think you need too.


I bought one. Does the job and is nice a quiet as my original PSU's fan was begining to make some suspect noises. Would recommend.


spec seems good but i would fear with maplins mark-ups this is a scooby rather than a aston, so no ote from me either soz


I'd say that this is about the correct money for the PSU rather than being a hot-deal. (not voted)


To me this sounds like a mid range PSU - it only outputs a maximum of 30A across its "three" 12v rails (maximum watts across the 12v is 360 according to the specs on the link above - so 360w/12v = 30A), and with todays PCs the 12v Amperage is generally more important than the watts. As a comparison the corsair 400cx also produces 30A on its 12v rail. The other difference you will most likely find is the corsair can output a constant 400W and probably peaks at 450-500W, whereas this is likely to have a peak of 580W (you generally find higher end PSUmanufacturers rate their PSUs at their constant and lower end PSU manufacturers rate their PSUs at their peak. This is always a good little vid to show people about PSUs

Xbox 360 power supply, unboxed in Zavvi
Found 21st Jan 2009Found 21st Jan 2009
Was in the store today and noticed they had these power supplies going cheap as they were unboxed and on their own, had 3 or 4 in Bluewater, Kent store but not sure if this is nati… Read more

They are free if you log a call with microsoft with a serial number and the fault confirming you have tried a friends PSU and that was ok... Yes FREE... Don't understand why people buy them..


Looks good to me. I paid £20 for a second hand one off fleabay and that was cheap!


why so cold then if this is a good price??


Cheers Lazygamer :)


they don't sell power supplies in retail, so the Zavvi in question obviously found a few spare parts in the back room. List price on CeX is £40, so good price at Zavvi as both would be 'used', shame it's likely to be that one store.

MSI HD 2350, PCI-E (x16), 32Bit 450MHz GDDR2, GPU 400MHz, DVI-I/S-Video, OEM+ Tagan Power Forge PCI-E (Single PSU to VGA Surge Protection) - £5.74 @ Scan
Found 19th Jan 2009Found 19th Jan 2009
Get This GPU for only £5.74 - BARGIN (Usual price is £10+ you also get a freebie) MSI HD 2350, PCI-E (x16), 32Bit 450MHz GDDR2, GPU 400MHz, DVI-I/S-Video, OEM+ Tagan Power Forge P… Read more
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expired now




Then again lots of offers are better then only a few :)


I was going to say the same thing, but I figured he must be at work and they force him to use IE. I mean why else would someone use that junk.


Yes - "graphics card" would be rather useful! I thought it was a motherboard at first.

Xigmatek NRP-MC651 650W Modular PC Power Supply PLUS Xclio PSU and Port Tester £49.44 + del @ Scan
Found 18th Jan 2009Found 18th Jan 2009
Free delivery for Hexus/AV Forum members, otherwise add £6.99 for delivery. reviews:… Read more

Acoustically it should be near silent up to about 350W according to which isn't likely to be exceeded except by systems with dual graphics cards under load (


Goes back to £57.04 + del Monday noonish. Hot if you want a modular and silence isn't of the essence.

Nextlink INVISIO G5 Bluetooth Headset (charges from carrying case with no power supply! suitable for glasses wearers) - RRP £69.99 now just £17.99 delivered @
Found 13th Jan 2009Found 13th Jan 2009 have this Nextlink INVISIO G5 Bluetooth Headset at just £17.99 with free delivery. The best price elsewhere is around £50 for this headset, so it's a good price. The INVI… Read more
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bump, i lost my charging case, and this bluetooth headset is perfect for me, need another one, for roughly the same price, anyone know where i can buy one?


They're not selling any more.. Does anyone know if it's going to come back into stock?!


Thanks duckmagicuk2. Heat & "rep" added. Just ordered one item (in stock according to the product page). BFN, fp.


So long as your PC is BT enabled, then yes.


Guys, can someone tell me what this thing could be used for? I work as a transcriber where I have to listen to audio and type up the speech. So can this be connected to the PC, like normal headphones, except wireless? Or? :D

650W NorthQ Black Magic Flex Modular PSU 80%+ Eff £25.28 Delivered @ Scan
Found 22nd Dec 2008Found 22nd Dec 2008
Great price for what you get. Was £57.44 + Shipping ! (in supersaver section) £17.24 + Shipping. Uber bargin for those with fdree shipping, who were planning on buying something e… Read more

Yep, some of us do, are you included? ;-) As you can see from djfluff it was coming up at £11,500 from the today only screen but it was still in stock in the normal part of the scan site at £50+. If it's a valid today only item at scan they don't limit the quantities, they sell it until the next offer or until their supply is exhausted. This was obviously an error by scan and was withdrawn form their today only offer when they realised the pricing error.


Some of us actually bother to check... ;) - it seems they only had a few left


Really wanted one of these - as the price for a modular PSU normally is no where near this, it was a HOT deal, and the fan may be noisy, but it does the job really well (not sure about the 500w comments though!) Oh well


Still had one in my basket :) 650W NorthQ Black Magic Flex Modular PSU 80%+ Eff' 135mm Silent Fan OEM LN23079 650W NorthQ Black Magic Flex Modular PSU 80%+ Eff' 135mm Silent Fan OEM £9,999.99 £11,499.99 Recalculate Basket Net Total Carriage VAT £9,999.99 £6.99 £1,501.05 Total£11,508.03


No, that's why I said they still have them in stock at £50+

OCZ ModXStream Pro / 500W / ATX Power Supply Unit PSU With EZ Mod Cable Management - £51.99 @ Play
Found 16th Dec 2008Found 16th Dec 2008
The ModXStream Pro Series is the superlative solution for driving today's gaming systems, and can power both NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire modes. Professional-grade yet designed wit… Read more

Nice PSU. V Eff.. Voted hot.


Voted cold, not enough marketing buzzwords in the title to justify a hot. If it had two or three more X's and its name was written in full caps, it'd maybe be worth it. Or if it was an XT, or maybe an XTX model, then yeah. But as it is, just no.


I need a new power supply - is this no good then as its getting colder?

Antec Micro Fusion Remote VERIS Media Center Case - With 350W PSU £77.99 delivered Micro HTPC case bargain! £77.99 @ ebuyer
Found 15th Dec 2008Found 15th Dec 2008
For those in the market for a small media center pc case etc etc this is ideal and the price is at least £30 cheaper than most places, averaging £50 cheaper. anyway, first post, s… Read more
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This has now expired # £181.73inc vat


my xbox is fantastic, but slow now, so just built it up with the dual core atom, soldered in an xbox 1 remote, using the xbmc linux live install and its fantastic. its my xbox with xbmc, but 20x faster, with usb ports :D deffo great buy!!


great case, with IR included! Bargain! Good review here...


atom in an xbox... now theres any idea :thumbsup:


Great Buy hot

Silverline Saw bench WITH Power supply & lamp just £81.62 WAS £163 - Amazon
Found 13th Dec 2008Found 13th Dec 2008
PAY £200 FOR A DEWALT ONE WITH LESS FEATURES OR THIS ONE!! Product Features Suitable for various site machines Supports extend up to 3 metres Includes a work vice and light Built-… Read more

thank you :thumbsup: :santa: :santa:


I would hate to have a saw bench, would one put Germoline on it?


Mind the gap................. That would go well with that deal-of-a-saw posted earlier:



Intel KHD2 HSRP 350 Server Case with 300W PSU @ Scan - £34.83 delivered
Found 11th Dec 2008Found 11th Dec 2008
Will be £22.99 for those with free delivery option. Quality server case with 300W PSU. Not for everyone but at this price is is a bargain for those looking to build a server. Ha… Read more

I modded one of these when they had them on offer last year to make a nice server for "specialised" video :) Voted hot :)


I bought one of these very cheaply last year, and I never got the front panel connected up. It's a very nicely made bit of scrap, really. I also got the twin PSUs, loads of fans etc.


I got this last year when it was about £12 or something. Absolute bargain if you know what you're buying! I got the whole lots, dual PSU's, fans, 100's of screws, 5 bay hot swap SCSI...really, you definatley couldn't make it for £12! £35 is a bit steep though considering it's age...nothing new will fit and as mentioned, power, reset etc buttons won't work on modern boards.


If you have a look at the Hexus forums you will see that the delivered spec varied quite a bit. Some got dual redundant PSUs and all fans populated, some got just what was listed. People had mixed success with this but some got everything working OK. Personally I agree, its too big for home and out of date for datacenters but it is CHEAP and is probably worth nearly the asking price as scrap metal alone . :whistling:


My god, Scan still have stock of this c**p? Save your hard-earned and avoid. They were only asking £11.74 though last year. For anyone with money to burn this may help: [URL=""][/URL]

700W FSP700-80GLN 83%+ Eff Green Power Supply Unit £29.32 (WAS £70.44) @ Scan
Found 19th Nov 2008Found 19th Nov 2008
A very good power supply for £29.32 (excluding delivery) under the Today Only section, was £70.44. For those of you who have free delivery with Scan, it is even a better deal. Else… Read more
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I bought this unit and it has now died on me - 3 months short of 2 years old - with only average use. I wont be buying this one again.


Site seems to have a few problems - but I rang up sales before and they said it should be sorted later.


Available again.....


It's no louder than my old Hiper 580w Type-M...


heres a review about this psu does mention its a very loud psu which infact is true i guess

700w psu (FSP)  from scan 42.18 delivered. (or 35.19 if you qualify for free delivery)
Found 1st Nov 2008Found 1st Nov 2008
Good price for high power, quality power supply. follow link and scroll down to psu 600-750w High efficiency 83%+ Green Low ripple & noise Output over voltage protection … Read more

Excellent bargain - voted hot!


Very good quality PSU - running it atm :D


Good quality? Huh?


Doesn't state the amperage on the 5 volt or 12 volt rails. So nobody can really say how much power each rail can provide.


HUKD members generally compare with a price that has been lower in the past (as Mecoconuts mentioned), & vote accordingly - why wouldn't they? Moreover, PC components generally fall in price, & not the other way around, which has happened here.

Xigmatek NRP-MC651 650W Modular PC Power Supply £52.82 + del @ Scan
Found 31st Oct 2008Found 31st Oct 2008
Free delivery for Hexus/AV Forum members, otherwise add £6.99 for delivery.… Read more

If anyone isn't capable of using cntrl-f to find it on Today Only - use this link.... It's the 7th psu in the PSU - 600w - 750w section :)

Coolermaster Elite 330 Case With CM eXtreme Power 460W PSU [£49.99 @ Ebuyer]
Found 16th Oct 2008Found 16th Oct 2008
PSU retails on Ebuyer @ £39.99! Case retails at £24.74 £15 saving

anyone out there got this, and have the psu spare to sell?


Really nice case and the PSU is beefy enough for the vast majority of single GPU setups. The case has great airflow, especially if you fit two 120mm fans in the front like I did (it has space for one but I sacrificed 3 of my 5.25" drive bays for the other by simply drilling wholes in the mesh), can't be beaten for the price. Hot. I'd recommend picking up a couple of Yate Loon fans, as thy're much quieter and efficient that the 1 standard 120mm fan provided.


EBuyer were doing this for £42.99 in around February this year (it was on HotUkDeals). I know because I bought two of them. Nice case and fairly quiet. Never had a problem with them. Note the PSU comes pre-fitted in the case. Still a farily good deal at this price.


£55.28 inc postage No Free postage anymore at Ebuyer


hot good deal - was this price a while ago buthas came back down again ...

OCZ ProXStream 1000W PSU - 6x SATA 4x PCI-E - 3 Year Warranty £83.86 @ ebuyer
Found 16th Oct 2008Found 16th Oct 2008
Ebuyer deals of the day - Was: £152.98 for only £83.86 including delivery Unbelievable £73 saving on this monster 1000W OCZ PSU - THAT'S ALMOST HALF PRICE!!!! Previously sold at… Read more

yeah no problem !


Suleyman, can i nick your avatar?


This is a discontinued power supply according to OCZ's website.


If you go to checkout the cheapest delivery they do is £8 so you pay £96.11 with overclockers :thumbsup:


It's only £88.11 at Overclockers price is probably correct and Ebuyer have just overdone the RRP again !

XION Solaris Black (Blue LED) Mid Tower Case - No PSU £19.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 17th Sep 2008Found 17th Sep 2008
£25.13 delivered. The specs seem quite decent, the case itself looks quite good. Description New from Xions exclusive line up of top selling computer cases the fabulous Solaris. … Read more

I'll second that


Looks quite tacky IMO


thought it was my case for a sec, same side panel, just front a bit different, if it's any help mine did come with a power supply, even though it needed changing a few months later :) just edited to say that none of the case led lights work anymore either !


Nice :thumbsup:


The following images are for illustration purposes only. This thread is for the BLUE LED case, whilst these pictures show the GREEN LED on the same tower case. The green led option is available for a tenner more.

TodayOnly: 700W FSP PSU £35.24 @ Scan
Found 12th Sep 2008Found 12th Sep 2008
High efficiency 83%+ Green Low ripple & noise Output over voltage protection Short circuit protection on all outputs Resettable power shut down Internal 12 cm fan 100% bu… Read more

and don't forget you have to sign up to get free carriage... i notice there seems to be a more flexible postcount for avforum now :)


This deal is back on again this weekend. Only £32.19 this time.


Guess they can't please everyone :)


yeah but some are better than others....Scan is not one of them


I havn't yet find a good computer parts retailer who does cheap delivery to Northern Ireland. :(

CoolerMaster Centurion 5 Silver Case Black Body (Silver Trimmings) w/o PSU £28.19+Deliv
Found 29th Aug 2008Found 29th Aug 2008
Haven't inc deliv due to free options via hexus and av forums deals Was just preaching the benefits of this case t'other day, what a co-incidence If you are planning on building a … Read more

To be honest for all the amount I use the firewire I'll just stick to a cable coming round from the back. No point electrosploding the PC when theres no real reason. Thanks for your help.


can't get a look at mine, pulled the side panel off but i have too much in there lol, ain't diving into that jungle without damm good reason. Saying that i have in my hand a front panel off a cheapie case and it only has four wires?, they are marked tpA+, tpB+ and 2 x grounds (gnd),. Google 1394 pinouts maybe not all wires are needed, or maybe you will have to use j1 as well as j3, maybe neither, dunno could be mainboards are wired to take return or negative lines as well



Here we go then


The one just behind just has 4 connectors & I think the Case FW needs 8 (or does it). Ill take a better pic of the card & post.

Extra Value 550W ATX Silent Neon PSU - £21.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 28th Aug 2008Found 28th Aug 2008
Very good price for a SILENT 550w power supply in my opinion... * Braided cable for tidier case/Better Airflow * Comes with SATA Connector and 20 - 24 Pin Converter * … Read more

I've had this PSU for 10 months and athough it worked fine with a single core processor, it spat its dummy out when I swapped to a quad core and wouldn't run my new gfx card. Taking into consideration my pc set up, I would say the claimed ratings are very very dubious (particulary the 30A on the 12v rail :?). Would like to get my hands on a multimeter just to see how wrong they are. For that reason voted cold, spend another £20 and get a branded PSU like Hiper or Corsair.


Don't forget that an energy-efficient psu is worth getting at today's electricity prices. Typically, this can save £5-10 of electricity a year (obviously depends on usage), so the extra cost is easily paid for in the lifetime of the PSU. Meanwhile, you have a better PSU, and you're saving the planet! ;-)


Saw this today and thought of this thread..... it should be pointed out that it's very much true that as this PDF says that PSU's can cause your PC to be very unstable and cause crashes which Windows is invariably blamed for :)


I have a Supermicro twin xeon based server running four threads and sitting quite happily on the (Supermicro) 430W PSU it came with. However, I am about to swap a RAID array into this one - but think its time to upgrade the PSU. In the past buying cheap PSUs and shoving in Papst fans has worked well - as invariably failure follows fan failure.


Quite true. The thing is just like my father in law's PC when a PSU goes it can take all of your internal components with it so saving 20 pounds or whatever can cost you a few hundred pounds if your PSU goes. The other thing is that the better the PSU the more efficient it will be which will save you money on your power bills.

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