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A computer is a necessity in the modern world, but PCs can't function properly without an efficient and reliable Power Supply Unit (PSU). Finding the right PSU is vital for anyone building their own PC or who wants to have room to expand their current system's capabilities. All of the most reputable global PSU brands and their current deals can be found at the dedicated HotUKDeals pages. Read more
Coolermaster tower case and 650W silent PSU: Scan - £55.67 Delivered
Found 28th Jul 2008Found 28th Jul 2008
This may be a misprice but... To get this bundle and price click the buy link on the Today Only page in the Super Savers section Coolermaster Centurion RC-532 Black+Silver Trim Ca… Read more

gotta agree the EZCool is a piece o junk only use for a very low power system i got a 550w one with a case (luckily i liked the case and the deal was only £29) the FSP i also got on offer from scan glad to say its great!!!:-D ps bloomin hell its £70 on scan atm


I wouldn't put a NorthQ in my system :) - See ]HERE


Even though FSP make quality PSUs, don't think they're quite worth £70 tbh. ~£50 would be fairer. Generic PSUs can be OK for low-end components, & probably not very good for the environment! I'd imagine many readymade PSUs on eBay will probably have cheapo generic-type ones. Have you noticed all of them say this & that is awesome, but many don't specify the PSU make+model in the description?


From the reviews I've read, NorthQs seem to be OK (good for the 'high-end' ones), but a little overpriced imho. Would only consider them if there was a very good offer for one of their better ones though.


Definitely worth waiting for! That would be a great saving :thumbsup: The last power supply I bought, was one of those generic Gold coloured 500W ones with 2 fans off Ebuyer for about £12 a while back. Been going fine now for over 3 years.Must have been lucky to get a good 'un. :)

700W FSP700-80GLN SATA/PCI-E 83%+ Eff Green ATX12v 2.01 EPS12v OEM £35.19 Power Supply
Found 23rd Jul 2008Found 23rd Jul 2008
Today only deal(till 1pm tomorrow). From £70.44 to £35.19 Located in the Super Save section. Free delivery for those with Hexus acount. High efficiency 83%+ Green Low ripple &am… Read more

Lowest this has been is £28.19 only a few weeks ago - so worth waiting if not in a hurry.


Resettable power shutdow? Does it switch off the computer first or it's just like switching off the power socket with the computer on. Not a good idea IMO.


Great for the price!

Antec NSK2480 Black/Silver Desktop Case 380W PSU £29.79 Delivered !
Found 18th Jul 2008Found 18th Jul 2008
Nice media centre case with 80% eff psu for less than 30 notes delivered !!! (£21.62 + overclockers silly shipping!) # Quiet and highly efficient 80 PLUS® Certified EarthWatts 380… Read more

Great find DJ:thumbsup: I would've bought one if I'd checked earlier


Aww ! Was worth a shot.


Order Cancelled - ordered @ 13:38 :-(:cry:


Sorry guys, £69.99 + shipping now :() looks like you missed thje boat. They only had 8 on at the silly price... Anyone here order 1?


wow - this was awesome!

2.5A Max. Variable Voltage Plug Top Switched Mode Power Supply £8.99 delivered until 08 July @ Maplin
Found 28th Jun 2008Found 28th Jun 2008
Just think of all the kit you have around the home relying on small power bricks, I think that even if you dont have a use for this right this minute its a bit of a good buy with £… Read more

Thanks for that posting MikeT. Just what I needed and the free P&P clinched it. Postie brought it this morning so their logistics work very well even if their website account/order is really rather poorly designed and unfriendly, and the status confusing, and despatch email sent 4 hours after it had been picked/marked as sent etc etc - ie process not very friendly, but results quite satisfactory enough though, especially for free P&P! The PSU has a nice positive click when rotating the voltage selector. Checking the 4.5V with my Lidl voltmeter showed 4.65V ie within 3% which I think is pretty good (at zero load anyway).


Unexpired thansk flipd. I bought one of these from Maplin, its arrived and does the job. I think the extra cost over the Argos one is justified in that this is switch mode so the output voltage is constant at set voltage.


offer close date extended from June to 08 July. maybe admin can unexpire the current expired status? compare to similar deal from ]Argos.


Useful Dell and other page links here Why this link??????? What IS the link between these two???


Direct link helps:

Coolmaster RC-330 V2 Case and 400W EZCool PSU bundle -  £38.80
Found 23rd Jun 2008Found 23rd Jun 2008
Good for those thinking of building a new cheap and cheerful PC Coolermaster RC-330 V2 Elite Black Midi Tower Case w/o PSU (New Improved Version) 400W EZCool pPFC Power Supply A… Read more

Should have left this expired, lol


its reported to be an easy case to use, but only one fan included this case is sexier, has two fans (1x 120mm front, 1x250mm side) but is £5 more expensive than the coolermaster on its own.


LOL didn't see yours :thumbsup: This is another version of it - might get it when i see some pics:-


Deja Vu? I agree wouldn't touch £10 400w PSU either but may be of use to those building a cheap PC for office and general internet use DEFINITELY NOT FOR GAMING WOULD NOT CONSIDER THIS PSU GOOD ENOUGH TO BUILD A GAMING PC AS EMASU SAYS LOOK AT THE OTHER ONE POSTED IN FIRST REPLY FOR THAT :thumbsup:

emasu Not sure i would even touch a £10 400W PSU but it's you own choice ;-) Would rather go for this for £20 more -

Mobile Power Supply Unit  £49.99 @Aldi
Found 3rd Jun 2008Found 3rd Jun 2008
From sunday 8th June Mobile Power Supply Unit each £49.99 Whether youre in a tent or caravan, you can run all manner of electrical appliances, from TVs to hairdryers to kettles wi… Read more

I think Aldi may have got the discription of this item wrong. I think its an Electric Hook Up Lead for use in tents, and it connects to a campsites 240 Volt supply. These EHU leads are always around this price in camping shops. It is NOT an inverter, otherwise it would show the maximun wattage that the device is capable of. You definitely could not run high power electrical items such as kettles, hair driers etc off your car battery, it would flatten the battery in minutes.


You run this unit direct from mains hook up on camping sites. Not from your car.discription of item must be wrong.


Hmmm, not sure exactly what this is from the details given, but I'd not want to run anything like a kettle (typically 2 - 3 kw) or a hairdryer (again typically 2 - 3 kw) through a connection to my car's 12v socket, both because of the current loads (a 13amp home appliance becomes a 260amp appliance running from 12V!) and because I'd like my car's battery to be able to start the car afterwards. If this is essentially an invertor with an extension lead and and RCD then I would expect it to be useful only for low power accessories like phone chargers, maybe a low power TV. Even then you really need a leisure battery or to leave the car engine running if you don't want a flat battery. If I've got the wrong end of the stick about what the product actually is then sorry, but cold from me.


Corsair VX 450W PSU, 80 PLUS Certified, Very Quiet, £39.94 delivered at Scan
Found 16th May 2008Found 16th May 2008
A good price for a quality power supply which is efficient and quiet. It has a 33A 12V rail.

offers expired now


You should have been dealing with the retailer not the manufacturer as was within the first 12 months. I have not had to return anyhting to them but I would always so via the retailer


Sadly this was my experience, it took 3 weeks because of the time delay, they did offer for me to send it to the Netherlands but the cost to return was only £5 or so less than the cost to return it to the states... I cant remember the exact cost but they wanted it sent with tracking and I think the cost was around £45 (non-refundable)... was not impressed... I really think Corsair stuff is good just would never buy something bulky or heavy because of their returns location/policy.


If that's their normal service then that's poor.


I had a 620 which failed after 11 months contacted Corsair who are only based in the US, they wanted me to pay postage to return the item to the US, this was very expensive and they would not budge it took 3 weeks for them to finally supply me with their account number to UPS... be warned great unit when working but support is not very hot... Their RAM on the other hand is top notch and wont cost a bomb to return should it go wrong...

EV 4-in-1 Black/Silver Combo PC Case/PSU/Keyboard/Mouse Pack £23.97
Found 16th May 2008Found 16th May 2008
Excellent Value Bundle Pack from Ebuyer!!! Includes: Black Mid Tower Case 350W PSU - 20+4pin Power Wired Multimedia Keyboard Wired Optical Mouse

Received mine, its good quality, not worth £30 like, but its alright, I used my ledger balance so didnt feel like I spent any money on it!


That depends, if the PC manufacturer wants to build a low quality, low price system then he will spend as little as possible. That doesn't mean its good idea to do the same.


not as good as it looks really, delivered it would cost £29.46 But I do need one so Im going to buy one anyway as I have some money in my ledger that I need to use up. So thanks.


How much do you think the keyboard, mouse,case and psu used by pc manufacturers costs then?


Postage £5.49, the speakers in the picture aren't included and I suspect that the PSU is as stable as a rowing boat in a storm.

460W Gigabyte Power supply - £25.84
Found 28th Apr 2008Found 28th Apr 2008
Top quality whisper quiet Gigabyte branded 460w ATX PSU Ideal for low to mid end build's Active PFC Low Noise High efficiency 12cm Silent fan Full ventilated rear plate … Read more

Yes Crossbow it was indeed you :-D


Yeah, thanks for reminding me :) I may have been the one who mentioned it in the past :roll:


Scan have this FSP one on the Today Only deals at £35.19 Been said on here that it drops to £28, so I'm waiting to nab it at that price.


If anyone went for this, could they be kind enough to let me know if it has floppy-drive type connectors & how many? Thanks. P.S. PM me if with the answer if you're ashamed to say that you actually bought one :p Edit: OK, don't worry I found it ]here.


The second one of those you posted: Seasonic S12 II 430W PSU - 12cm Fan 80Plus Efficiency is just under £45. It's plenty powerful enough to run pretty much any system, plus it's very quiet in operation. So, imho it's well worth the £20 extra on top of the psu originally posted here. You'll get your £20 back in running costs over a couple of years, and in the meantime you'll enjoy a quieter, more stable PC. Besides that, at the end of 2 years this PSU will still have bags of life left in it. I am not sure about the one originally posted, but it's less likely.

FSP 700-80GLN 700W PSU £34.06 Scan
Found 25th Apr 2008Found 25th Apr 2008
Scan currently have the FSP700-80GLN PSU as its No Brainer for £34.06, which you might be able to get with free delivery if you've registered for it. High efficiency 83%+ Green … Read more

I've updated this offer to the latest price.


Looks like that's expired now - good job it's back on offer :)


Use] this link , lowest of them all. £34.06 Only


£35.19 if you use this link (previous Scan/Todayonly link that adds it directly into your basket) Free delivery ]here.


Whta's the best price it's at now though?

Corsair TX 650W PSU  @ Ebuyer £53 Including Delivery
Found 24th Apr 2008Found 24th Apr 2008
Corsair TX650W Specifications: Model CMPSU-650TX DC OUTPUT - 3.3V 5V 12V -12V 5Vsb MAX LOAD - 24A 30A 52A 0.8A … Read more

Shame it's not modular, I would stick with the HX range for just a little more cash..


the 750W one is also a cracking deal


good price, very nice unit direct link here


:O I brought one of these a couple of weeks ago! Cheapest I could find around was £65! @ scan with free delivery via AVforums. Brilliant PSU, well built, modular, extremely quiet, very easy to fit in. Has got some amazing reviews on this product. Brilliant value for money, great find :thumbsup: Heat added. EDIT: Sorry I thought this was the HX520 not the TX 650, but still a good PSU, got confused with the yellow sticker label :oops:

Hi-Power Black 1000W Modular PSU - £69.99 @ ebuyer
Found 24th Apr 2008Found 24th Apr 2008
The UK's best value 1000W PSU!!! Hi-Power 1000W Modular PSU with massive 13.5cm Fan, High quality shiny black Paint Finish and 4x PCI-Express Cable Connectors * 20+4pin Mothe… Read more

This power supply doesn't seem to have the "80plus" mark on it (meaning thats its at least 80% efficient). This would use more electricity to run the same spec as an "80plus" marked one. Also it cheaper because they have used lower quality components, meaning that it will be slightly noiser and may not be as stable. basically, if you need a 1Kw power supply, then you have an expensive computer, and you will buy a quality power supply. If you dont then something like this will be perfect for you and it will be cheaper (and it will give out the power it states almost allday)


Why don't you just put your tumble dryer on half heat for an hour lol seriously though does having a higher max wattage PSU use the same amount of energy as a 500 watt PSU using the same spec computer, is it more energy efficient or less energy efficient?


I've added a price and retailer name to the thread title. Thanks.

600W DC 12 V to AC 240 V Power Invertor - 50% off
Found 22nd Apr 2008Found 22nd Apr 2008
This device can provide an extra AC power source through 12V DC car battery power, so you could conenct laptop, video game, DVD player, monitor while on the move. WAS £69.99 SAVE £… Read more

This is another recurring offer - and sometimes has been 30 quid. The 300W version is sometimes 20 quid on the same offer.


lol askin for trouble there but yeah they are always dropping the price on these every 2 months


Exactly, use split charge.


If you couple this with a car battery charger you can charge your car battery from your car battery.


These were £29.99 in maplin the month before last ;-) Last month they increased the price to £69.99 It appears maplin could be playing the Woolworths trick of artificially inflating prices so that they can claim a huge reduction at a later date By the way, as the 600W inverter does not come with a cigar plug (like the 300w and 150w versions do) I'm not sure how exactly you use this "on the move". It needs to be connected directly to the battery via crocodile clips. Not many cars have access to the battery from inside the vehicle - the only one that springs to my mind is an old mini traveller where the battery is located under the rear seat.

Corsair HX520W - power supply - 520 Watt ( £64.01 inclusive
Found 14th Apr 2008Found 14th Apr 2008
Best deal I could find. Free 7 day delivery option and PSU comes with a 5 year warranty From the manufacturer of the "World's Most Awarded Memory" comes the Corsair HX Series Powe… Read more

This is a fairly frequent visitor to the Scan "deal of the day" list & is cheaper then. Not in todays but if you are not in too much of a hurry...... Chris


Cheaper at Ebuyer - £63.23 inc. VAT and free delivery if you choose super saver 5 day delivery option. ]

700 FSP PC power supply@£37.59+deliv
Found 11th Apr 2008Found 11th Apr 2008
Have used a few FSP power supplies and seem to be very good quality, these are on the "todayonly" (all weekend) page at nearly half price, will work out at about £43.00 delivered … Read more

This deal has been coming & going on TodayOnly for a few months now. I agree it's very good for the price.


Unexpired now... please be careful when expiring deals....


This offer goes on all weekend, untill monday about midday, so its NOT EXPIRED yet... Very good price, it appears to be an OEM PSU and opposed to the retail version i.e. probably comes in a brown cardboard box, with no extra bits or fancy packaging. here is a review the review is dated quite a while ago, so this could be stock that is being repalced that they are just getting rid of. hope that helps people :)


PSU comes up at full price unless you click on the Today only offer at the top of the page (as Maddog says!!). Comes up as half price but then full price If you ask for information on it. PUt it in your basket and it comes down to half price. ~Tsk, some people just aren't persistant enough. Ya gotta work for someof these bargains :-D


expired ? its still there

Plexus MV 500VA Uninteruptable Power Supply With AVR - £14.99 FREE DELIVERY @ Ebuyer
Found 8th Apr 2008Found 8th Apr 2008
For Free Delivery select 5 day Supersaver UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supplies are essential to most offices and home offices or any enviroment where important Files and Data ar… Read more

Free delivery as long as this is all you have in your basket. At least it is for me, with firefox.


i have one of these they were posted here a while back, good little unit! JonFo is correct you need the kettle cables to be able to use this


I got one of these for my brother, and it looks ok, but remember to buy the connecting mains cables, they don`t seem to come with it ( I think you call them male to female / plug and sockect ) It comes with a power cable for the unit, and thats all. Heres one for only 99p each (25 in stock)


free delivery didnt work for me either, might be mozilla firefox. I tried again with internet explorer and it worked jav


Doesn't come up as free delivery for me. What am I doing wrong (yes I selected 5 day super saver).

Hiper 580W Type-M Black PSU - SLI Certified with APFC £49.99 Delivered @ Ebuyer
Found 24th Mar 2008Found 24th Mar 2008
HPU-4M580 sets a class of its own from HIPER?standard series. It?really wallet friendly. It a non-modular solution but still offers the same power output specification of the award… Read more

I have one and it's noisy as hell - Still working though unlike my m8s which went bang


I got this 580 no problems with mine either, looks like a good price. Modular design keeps cables to a minimum too. (Have had mine 8 months now and only turned my pc off twice).


I had use to have the Hiper Type-R version when I was new to PSU and it gave out bad odor smell. Not a good brand when your paying for this kind of price. The ones manufactured by FSP Group are alot better, OCZ use them re-branded as OCZ of course on their high end models.


i have this power supply as well just ordered my bf one as his original type r died after 3.5 yrs use he had a type r 530watt


I have this power supply, nothing wrong with it

Targus APD10EU Notebook Travel DC Power Supply @ Tesco only £19.97 saving £10
Found 19th Mar 2008Found 19th Mar 2008
A nice piece of kit! Can be ordered and collected from a Tesco store! Use attached voucher to get the price down even further! Brand Targus Feature 2 Use with notebook brands r… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Can it be used from the mains as the user guide implies it's only for low voltage DC input?


I have one of these. I bought it for work. It cost my boss £89 from Targus. you can get them on Ebay for about £40 - £50. Well worth buying it. With the one I got you can detach the cigarette lighter attachment and it will plug into the power sockets on planes! SWEET. also I got EU, Swiss and UK power plugs and a nifty carry pouch with it!. As i travel alot this is the ultimate accessory for long flights to the USA and Asia. Nice find REP ADDED


Here's a closer look at it:

OCZ 500w @ Ebuyer for £32.66 or £37.45 if under £50 spend OCZ StealthXtream 500W PSU - 1x PCI-E 6/8pin, 2x SATA 12cm Fan
Found 15th Mar 2008Found 15th Mar 2008
This is a great price for a quality budget PSU. Features: OCZ PowerWhisper Technology Internal 120mm fan 3 year warranty backed by OCZs exclusive PowerSwap r… Read more

OP does have a point, if you need something more powerfull than 600W you are going to be spending £1000 - £2000+ for a PC, which for most people is way too much. So chances are you've got so much money you are going to wipe your a55 with it! Plus if you spend that much money on a PC how much do you have to use it to get your moneys worth? You probably have to play the latest high end games 24/7! I have a AMD 4600+, 3GB RAM (800Mhz), 2x Sata drives, 256mb AGP (nothing special), but I have a 380W - v. good quality PSU and my PC has been running fine for about a year. Note that the original poster said BUDGET! A CPU takes about 100W (max!), so theres plenty left for other components. This is for more powerful PC's fo those not on a buget.


Sorry, but I think the Colours IT is as 'bad' (if not worse) than the iCute! I may consider using it for a budget system with a low-mid range single-core CPU, but no way on a quad-core (admittedly not knowing anything about the power requirements of a Phenom, but they're not cheap to take a risk on!). For a matter of £20-30, it's simply not worth it. If you change your mind about the mATX case consider this Coolermaster case for £43 (excl del) which comes with a capable PSU - ]Coolermaster Elite 330 with CM eXtreme Power 460W PSU (its mATX ]brother here - cannot find the PSU to buy on its own, but you may fare better). P.S. Connectors for the FSP 700 are: 1x 24pin 1x 4pin 12v 2x PCI-E 4x SATA 4x Molex 2x Floppy


Thanks guys. It's just that a lot of maplins cases come with i-Cute PSUs and I've never had a problem with them. I will be running an AMD Phenom on a Gigabyte 780G M-Atx board, and am not sure whether to stick to my Matx case or not. What are your opinions on the Matx PSU:


true, getting modular while trading quality and possibly performance isn't worth it.


my-planet, personally I wouldn't touch that brand or PSU, when another much better quality brand & PSU can be had for around the same money (not modular admittedly) - a ]700W FSP, which features regularly at ]Scan/todayonly for ~£40 delivered (to get free delivery ] It's not on offer at the moment but check the Todayonly link above tomorrow afternoon. Found a ]review of the same/similar(?) FSP PSU, which mentions the connectors, but to be sure I've queried Scan about them (& asked someone on another forum too).

Coolermaster ATC 210C-DX1 (No PSU) - £70.49 @ Overclockers
Found 15th Feb 2008Found 15th Feb 2008
The Coolermaster ATC 210C-DX1 is a limited edition and has a silver aluminum front with Black acrylic door. - Aluminum alloy and acrylic construction - 4 x 5.25" Drive Bays (exter… Read more

This is very old stock and not really limited edition just discontinued cases found i a warehouse some time ago. These cases are limited on cooling due to not having any front air intake, and limited to 80mm fans one on the top one at the rear. The case is extremely well built and you wont find anything to match the quality in todays cases. A great piece of history to grab, but not so good for todays high spec systems. Retail price when they were first released was nearer £200


personally i think the stacker from ebuyer looks better and is ony £10 more


SALE OFFER was £109.99 ex vat Now £59.99 (£70.49 inc VAT) This deserves a bit of heat! Coolermaster cases are at the high end of the range. These are usually bought by enthusiasts who will spend thousands on their machine so it is a good deal. Much better quality than a standard case.


that is one ugly looking case! :?


Is £70 cheap? I'd never pay that for a case without a psu personally

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