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Q Acoustics 2020i Bookshelf Speakers - £89.99 delivered direct from Q Acoustics UK
Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
Not a bad price for budget bookshelf speakers with five star review from What Hi-Fi. Direct from Q Acoustics UK with Free next day delivery. Smaller version of same speakers 2010i … Read more

Yep, Bluetooth


Thanks. Is that paired via bluetooth? I guess i could do the exact same with my Google Home, or plug a chromecast audio into the back.


I have an Alexa paired with these:. https://www.qacoustics.co.uk/bt3-active-bookshelf-speakers-with-bluetooth.html Gives excellent results.


Exactly, 88 is perfectly respectable. Maybe you might find some speakers at 90, but are they really 90? I think this is just a troll post tbh.


you lost me, what is cast/assistant support? my active bookshelf speakers are Edifier R1280DB, Bluetooth, optical, and 2 sets of RCA £120 most places, amazon have them at £112 I proper scored when they did 20% off on everything code ebay end of last year and doubled up on them being on sale at the time cha-ching £86 (y) sounds awesome for games and good clarity for Netflix on my PC, music is good too. I wold say good quality for only £120 and much better than most active bookshelf speakers, if you want better you will have pay a fair whack more for it

Denon AVR-X2400H AV Receiver with Q Acoustics 3000 Cinema Speaker System - £769.90 @ Peter Tyson
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Pretty cheap price for this bundle. £319.90 for the Denon AVR-X2400H amp ~£500 for the Q Acoustics 3000 speakers Total around £819.90 so this bundle comes to £50 less. But it al… Read more

looking at these speakers for my set up. How did you manage to mount them so discreetly on the wall? I was worried they would look weird wall mounted. But you can barely notice them on yr setup.


Hey Jayo... so I initially had a set of Z5500s and they were awesome for the price. But this is a whole different level. I have only ever posted 2 deals on HUKD and that is this one and this: clicky I was lucky enough to get the large floorstanders so cheap. I have never regretted my purchase. Don't forget it's not just about how loud they can go - it is a lot more about the quality of sound and how it just sounds so enriched. Have a trip to your local Richer Sounds and ask them to play something in their demo rooms... it will enlighten you.


Much better (y)


The best set of speakers I've ever had are the Logitech Z5500s...... How do these compare on an audio level? Thanks in advance.


Theyre not flush against the wall..... all mounted with rear spacers supplied with Dali wall mounts...

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Q Acoustics 2050i Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) £235
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
These are usually around £350. Also available for 1p less on Amazon.

You're never hit 80watts in most cases as the sub does the heavy work. Not sure about the efficiency of the two units but from what I've read the 3050 is a solid upgrade. 100watts power is only really needed to do the low end and if your room is too big for the speakers then multiple subs would be better. Also 100 watts is extremely loud, 150 will probably do damage.


You are right and I was tempted too. But I found that 3050's recommended power is 100, quite significantly lower than 150 of 2050i.


I know, I never mentioned rubber. Most speakers should be fine but you still should inspect older speakers for any problems like any electrical product. Most people don't check their amps for DC offset but it's still an issue for for older amps that distorts the sound.


Well my AE109 has foam, and still in good condition, just my experience, I know some friends where the foam gets cracked,but the rubber ones last.


99p from barnados. huh?.....you don't have to pay a lot to get a decent sound. of course, if it has to have matching collar and cuffs. then that may come with a payment premium

Q Acoustics MEDIA 4 Soundbar - £199 at Richer Sounds
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Great price for this very popular award winning soundbar.

I know the company Devialet (who make the sky sound box) very well, haven't heard it myself, but I'd be interested to see how well it does the surround sound they say it's capable of.


You can get the Sky box for £199 if your a diamond sky customer


Sky Soundbox is £249 for Sky Q customers with multiscreen. Defos not £199 though, unless you've managed to negotiate a discount with Sky. I have two, and whilst I'm no expert I think they're pretty good. I wouldn't have a Scooby-Doo how they compare to this device though.


I auditioned several including this one as i wanted to save space as my 7.2 system had taken over the room, most sounded better than the telly but none were very good until you start to spend a few quid. In the end i settled on the Samsung HW K-950 at a heavily discounted price (£300) as the local shop had gone boobs up. A bit of heat added for a decent price.


Parents have this. It’s nice but too bassy. Speech isn’t very clear.

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Q Acoustics 3020 Graphite £119 @ RicherSounds and Amazon
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Been watching these for a while..dropped again to 119: Also available on Amazon amazon.co.uk/Acoustics-Bookshelf-Speakers-American-Walnut/dp/B00TR7I1EY?th=1

If Richer Sounds it's probably Cambridge Symphony 100 that they give me with mine as I think that's the lowest they have. Decent enough but quite thin compared to 2.5mm cable, think it's only about 0.75mm but they don't give the specs. I replaced mine as I figured the minimal cost would ensure I was getting the best signal. Definite improvement and worth spending £20 or £30 on in my opinion but not massive. If I replaced again I'd probably just do the center and fronts and keep the RS stuff in surrounds. There's an improvement to a point, 2.5 OFC for most people though I went overboard with 4mm on the fronts, then beyond that is snake oil. At least that's what my research indicatded!


Thanks mate


It's normally stated on the cable. Or in descriptions. If it states pure OFC that's good


Sorry for my ignorance but how do you know whether it's cca speaker wire?


I wouldn't worry too much about speaker cable. Unless it's CCA or some bell wire.

Q Acoustics 3020 (Matte Graphite) Speakers £99 Per Pair including 6 year WARRANTY  @ Richersounds
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
Product information "Yet another top class budget standmount from Q Acoustics. It delivers a fabulous sound for the money." 'What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine'. 5-star revie… Read more

You're welcome. It is a bit of a minefield trying to suggest audio equipment. Especially for speakers and headphones. Quite a personal choice really as some like a neutral sound; whilst others like more bass/mids/highs/close sound stage/wider sound stage etc. The Yamaha NX50 speakers are active - so plug and play. There is a bluetooth version, the Yamaha NX-B55 but the extra cost isn't really worth it; as a bluetooth receiver could be bought for less and added to the NX50. Depends on the going price of them at the time. If you were wanting to spend more, then maybe look at active monitor speakers? They could potentially be larger in size. Either try and get to a place with a demo room or order online from somewhere with a decent returns policy if you are not quite happy with what you pick. A little tricky still as you'll know speakers and headphones can change and improve after several hours. I am no audio expert. I've bought audio equipment which I consider to be a good balance of price vs sound quality to my ears; or from various reviews. The extra small % in improvement in sound quality for a vast jump in price could well be lost on me...as well as my pocket! Although having got into hi res recently, I do find flac files better to listen to as 320 mp3 sound sort of a pressured sound and feeling which is probably the compression; whilst the flacs sound more open. The Pioneer SE-MS5T headphones (neutral sound) are rather good for the £25 I paid for a like new Amazon Warehouse deal. The Focal Listen Professionals (neutral sound) are better but the price difference is quite a bit; even though I got them cheap. Hifi Walker DAPs and earphones seem to be very good quality, in my opinion. They regularly seem to go on offer or turn up in a lightning deal on Amazon.


Thanks a lot for that recommendation. I also do some music production on my PC and use a Yamaha HS50M / HS10W subwoofer setup. I have used these with my Kronos a couple of times, but it's all hooked up to my PC mostly. In terms of budget, if £500 or £1000 was "worth it" for the extra quality, I wouldn't have a problem. I want whatever can achieve "above average - high end" levels of quality for the best price. (Realising that for audio equipment, the costs get exponential with the very best stuff)


Did you try out the mission lx3's? I thought they were very similar but just with some added bass! :)


Tbf if you were going for a super cheap option there are small budget amps you can get that still push 20wpc. I imagine it would beat almost anything for only about ~£120.


£91 after buying 1m of cable to qualify for the 10% VIP discount. Bargain. Thanks OP although I don't have space for them!

Q Acoustics 3050 £299 @ Richer sounds
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
In Graphite. Was 349 a few days ago and has taken a 50 quid tumble, as I've been watching them almost daily. Leather or piano black are still 449+ most places including RS, so for … Read more

personal preference really so have a listen to both. I think the 230's are a better deal as can be had for 199, i'm considering them myself actually.


Are these better than the diamond 230?


I got some wharfedale 220's to have as rears but I feel they're being wasted as I mostly listen to music and watch TV, can anyone advise if it's ok to wire them up to the same outputs as the fronts?




I paired mine with an xtz 12.17 sub and it sounds great.

Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar £229 ao.com
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Cracking deal for What Hi-Fi’s soundbar of the year award in 2016 Even two years on this soundbar outperforms many others in the market for sound quality and clarity. It doesn’t h… Read more

For anyone interested, John Lewis will price match the £199 of Richer Sounds giving a two year warranty as standard, if you report the lower price via their never knowingly undersold programme. Hmm this is even more tempting with 2 year warranty. Don't suppose there are any John Lewis discount codes doing the rounds? So close to buying this, just need that extra nudge...


That is seriously tempting, especially with the option of 6 year super care for £19.99. Had really good experiences with Richer Sounds warranties in the past, where they have refunded unused warranties even several months after expiration. Richer Sounds are a quality retailer IME...


£199 at Richer Sounds


The reason it is still selling and selling well is because whilst it doesn’t have fancy DSP’s or Latest connectivity etc it has what is infinitely more important , great build quality, HIFI quality components and built in sub and Bluetooth music streaming. I can honestly say hand on heart if you buy one you won’t regret it ... if you don’t like it , take it back and get a refund ....


This looks a very good sound bar and does get a LOT of good reviews online. However, it is also pretty old now, that shouldn't put you off one of course, but IMHO considering how long it has been on the market it should be a lot cheaper by now. I'd be happy to have one at the right price but £230 definitely isn't it. Also worth noting that due to the size it's likely to obscure the front of TVs with shorter stands/bases...

Q Acoustics 3020i + Onkyo A-9010 (Best speakers, best amp) £399.99 @ Exceptional Audio Visual
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Great speakers https://www.whathifi.com/q-acoustics/3020i/review Great Amp https://www.whathifi.com/onkyo/9010/review Buy them together and save about £50 Comes with speake… Read more

Lol the post the OP has put up is real audio. It's not in the same league as Sony and LG lol. I've heard a £2000 amp that had "just" 50watts and it was incredible. And extremely loud. Most of these other brands like LG and Samsung only make systems to complete their line up. Power rating is like 10% of what to Consider.


Cos louder is better?


1 week verdict: Very very good. I’m just transitioning from tv speakers but the difference is night and day. I added a chromecast audio with a Fiio d03k DAC and music is awesome. Movies sound 10 times better too


I think we need LOUGHBORO.GUY to recall to his most famous post of all UKHD history 😁


The Matsui comment I could accept as a joke (and I did) but you would perhaps be surprised at exactly how many people do indeed think that Hi-Fi begins and ends with the likes of Sony or Panasonic. I've read most of the Hi-Fi threads on here and can't recall Sony as a long-running joke (skeptical)

Q Acoustics 3020 - £119 @  Exceptional Audio Visual
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
‘ Like its smaller sibling, the medium sized 3020 bookshelf American Walnut model benefits from the advanced, low distortion, wide dispersion, new 3000 Series Concentric Ring Dome … Read more

Open box of 3020's for 100GBP sounds good, then its less of a hit when paying for the amp


Open box of 3020's for 100GBP VS new 3020i for~249 ????? Also should i take them with Marantaz CR-611 (Network/Spotify etc)? Thanks


Maybe you have, but it won’t have been for the same money or less.


Our onkyo can do this. Just press music button and choose direct. Or pure audio and it turns all the v part of the av system off.


When placing near a wall make sure the port bungs are fitted as bass may become slightly more overwhelming. Best to experiment. The comment "Decent speakers, Definitely had better" stands good however only on speakers costing considerably more.

Q Acoustics 3070s Subwoofer BGRADE Graded Stock -GRADE 2 - Black Gloss - £149 (+£9.95 P&P) @ eBay (store armour_outlet)
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
black gloss & white gloss £149 black graphite, letherette or walnut £99 plus £9.95 delievry. Fine sub from a great company.

Matte black one can be had for £99+ postage which isn't bad for B grade proving it's not been hammered. If going the new route with a moderate budget as others have stated the BK subs are exceptional.


Bk are very good value for money.. But I've gone for a refurb 3070s from the eBay store. Hopefully it doesn't rattle as few people have complained about the boxes rattling


Or just put an extra 80 quid to it and get a proper Subwoofer.


Any more variations of the same item to post ?


Brand new costs about £250.. as a refurb,£149 is reasonable,but not good price

Q Acoustics 3070s Subwoofer BGRADE Graded Stock -GRADE 2 - White Gloss - £149 (+ £9.95 P&P) @ eBay (store armour_outlet)
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
white £149 + £9.95 black graphite or leatherette or walnut £99 + £9.95 delivery

Boiling Hot!


Might be his listing hence only posting this speaker


so why have you posted the dame item 5 times ?? its the same speaker but in different colors... their all going sub zero posting one deal and stating that it can be brought in different colors/designs would of been much better for you and all of us !

Q Acoustics 3070s Subwoofer BGRADE Graded Stock-GRADE 2 Black Leatherette - £99 (+£9.95 P&P) @ eBay (store: armour_outlet)
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
a few left in leatherette finish some in walnut and a few in white for £50 more. You can't argue the price or quality. Add £9.95 for delivery.



so why have you posted the dame item 5 times ?? its the same speaker but in different colors... their all going sub zero posting one deal and stating that it can be brought in different colors/designs would of been much better for you and all of us !

Q Acoustics 3070s active subwoofer B-GRADE - GRADE 2 - American Walnut finish - £99 (+£9.95 P&P) @ eBay (store: armour_outlet)
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
7 left in walnut 8 in black. Excellent price for a fine sub from top make q acoustic.

Apart from the cone, mine was like new. Though the box was pretty battered. Shame about the scratch on yours. I think the grade B description said possible damage to sides or back, so you may have a case for a return. Mind you, you might struggle to find something else for that price.


I never got a tracking number so no idea when due but luckily turned up at lunch time whilst I was in I had no foam between grille and sub, mine has a light scratch on top of cabinet about a foot long like someone's pulled something across it whilst covered in dust, can only be seen in certain light, rest of casing looks pretty good as do the cones. Would have preferred marks on side of cabinet instead of on top but hey. It's a lot longer than expected as measurements in user manual are wrong as says 45cm not 55cm so only just fits in the space I had for it. Just waiting for wife to moan about ugly black box I've added to her pretty lounge. Polystyrene on both ends and bagged, box a little battered. Wired up and seems to play fine, haven't noticed any gaggeling/popping that a lot of ppl moaned about and goes into standby and wakes as expected, only bought for music for my lounge to give my stand mounts a little more low end so won't be pushed hard, volume at about a third, does the job. A normal square sub would probably have been a better choice and a sealed box but for £100 thought would give it a go. With the exception of the cone, what was the overall condition like?


Yes,I use the DPD app so received notifications in that. At around 9:30 I receive an update with a 1 hour slot in the afternoon. Item arrived on time. My return and full refund was approved the next day (today) and it's all boxed up and labelled ready to hump to the post office. Very disappointing but has all gone smoothly so far. The item arrived fairly well boxed with polystyrene end blocks covering the front and back of the sub and the sub front cover had a sheet of foam wrap inserted between the front cover and the body of the sub. Hard to imagine that a majorly caved-in dust cap would have gone unnoticed. It looks to me very much much as though they were trying their luck and hoping the buyer wouldn't notice! (annoyed) Did yours arrive and what sort of condition was it in?


That's not good, mines due today I think, did you get a tracking number or text on morn with delivery time


Well, it seemed hot. One of the dust caps had been pushed in. Have started the returns process... (annoyed)

Q Acoustics 3070s Subwoofer BGRADE Graded Stock-GRADE - £99 + £9.95 P&P @ eBay (store: armour_outlet)
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
8 of these left as I post this. I got one the last time they were on this price and you can't deny the quality is excellent. +Plus £9.95 postage.

Bought one too.. usually above £149


Might go into town as we have a few trolls see if they have a decent sub for a good price. Cheers toymotor. Will update when I get mine 😝




Hotter than a vindaloo! Scalding Hot!


to make a point and to point out to the admins that's its been posted 5 times.. ive also reported it 5 times... :) :p

q Acoustics Speakers 3020i £169 @ Richer Sounds
LocalLocalFound 11th MayFound 11th May
Brand new bookshelf speakers from Richer Sounds. Advertised at £249 but bought from store over the phone at £169 per pair. Delivered str8 from Q Acoustics and mine landed the NEXT … Read more
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i have the yamaha rx a2050 (Atmos, HDR, etc -) no DV and not likely to get it. I have had mine 2 years or so now and it is A1 in my book. You could get the Yamaha RX A2070? It all depends on budget. get a mid-high end AVR and go 7.1.2 or 5.1.4, Atmos is great. I have a centre speaker Q Acoustics Q3090c Matte Graphite. £119. Elac Debut s10 subwoofer. I can only talk about what I like and why. from the size of the room it is in to the media that will be paid. If you want any more basic advice I am happy to help, all though there are prob more expert people on here that would give better advice?


did you buy anything else with it? i need a 5.1 set up with amp


sorry missed your post. Yes can be wall mounted. I reckon they "should" be better primarily due to size, audiophiles may rip me for that tho. The people I spoke to are Simon (deputy manager) or Rehan/Steve - good guys the both of them.


so you got the 3020i will try and order the same from the store... you dont who you spoke too?


the chap in store said over the phone they are brand new and will ship from manufacturer as they dont have any yet. He knew they were the 3020i version.

Q Acoustics 3020 £119 at Richer Sounds
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
Been holding out for a deal on these for a while now and then today I noticed RicherSounds have them on offer for £119 which in my opinion is a great deal! Free P&P too!
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Yeah i would love the white ones but cant justify the price for a colour. And yes they're pretty deep but I've read of a few people wall mounting them. However, I think they need to be positioned away from the wall to get the best sound with the bass port being on the back.


is there much difference from 2020i or just updated new model


Hmm it's never the black gloss colour that goes this price. Was thinking about getting these as I have the centre and fronts that match but unsure if they are a bit to big to wall mount behind the sofa where my current smaller albeit less potent rear speakers reside.


I've always been a Tannoy man but the Q acoustics speakers always get universally great reviews and look great in an understated minimalist way


Have the very same amp myself. I've had it since the 90's and it's well paired with the mission LX2. I also used to have one of the pioneer stable platter cd players, but it gave up the ghost about 10 years ago RIP. ;(

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