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Sapphire Radeon RX 6900 XT NITRO+ OC 16GB Graphics Card £1,249.98 at Ebuyer
I don't support what now seems a norm with retailers charging over the odds for scarce tech, but thought to post, as if someone here is on the market for this specific one, and it'… Read more

I’d say it’s not main stream for the masses, purely from the cost aspect. To get a 4k monitor over 100hz adds quite a bit also. Consoles are impressive for the cost. But even the 3080 is impressive 4k card. I’ve only hit 2 games what dipped below 60fps and gsync kept it smooth. One of those games the consoles can’t even play properly and the other the consoles lower resolution to run it. But I get what your saying cost ratio consoles are great, especially on a budget. Plug and play as well. They have a lot going for them.


Yeah sorry wasn’t clear. I was comparing more mid range/mainstream options (still £1200+ total compared to £400 console) the 3090 benchmarks are better but I’m personally not convinced 4k gaming is yet for the mainstream/average buyer.


The 900 series was a good price £600-700 for a 980ti. I agree the 10 and 20 were high but they have come down in price this time. What you think it should be is nice but will never happen. £250-350 I paid that for my keyboard and mouse. I think they should only be sold at rrp. But that’s the same with everything and scalpers..


Your making your own comparison there not me ? Same with the 2000 series stupid money for not much improvement and was half as bad with 1000 series nothings been priced correctly on team greed since 700 series. Team readies were not in that boat until now though not as bad as team greed. Should be Entry > Mid > High and that's it and have them at decent prices Entry £80-£130, Mid £150-£230 & High £250 -£350 They say its all R&D costs and that's pretty crap make the lowest quantity available to ramp demand and price. They gone the same way with phones flagship was top tier now there is flagship+ and both team "greed" & team "readies" have these "enthusiast" cards above the top tier as they know they will have people killing each other for them because of the desire. 3060Ti for £400 quid minimum when it should be top end of mid tier at £230 even that smells of rip off. Team Greed - hhmm how can we got the 40 billion back we paid for ARM, I know lets ramp up the cost of our gpu's.


How is a 650-700 rtx 3080 bad value compared to a 2080ti lol. Scalpers put price up even at £800 it’s £400 cheaper than a 2080ti at 30% performance boost.. they have cheaper cards for those who don’t care about graphics like the 3060ti.

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Powercolor AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Red Devil 16GB Graphics Card
Basically sold out everywhere! https://www.scan.co.uk/products/powercolor-radeon-rx-6900-xt-red-devil-16gb-gddr6-ray-tracing-graphics-card-rdna2-5120-streams-2015m



How much was it?