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Redex petrol and diesel system cleaners 250ml half price at Wilko, £2.00.
LocalLocalFound 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Treats two tankfuls. Thought I'd give it a go at this price.
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Good luck! Feel sorry for you...


Spoken like a true 'expert' who really knows nothing. Miller's and Forte are NOT the same stuff and are nothing like each other and are definitely nothing like Redex which is a snake oil. Stick some Miller's in your diesel car and do about 100 miles for it to really kick in then come back here to comment.


Although Millers does improve the cetane numbers so you get much improved combustion, a cleaner burn and thus less emissions, better fuel consumption. Modern diesels do need driving at high revs for a few miles occasionally to clean out the exhaust by getting it red hot and thus burning any deposits.This also helps to clean the exhaust gas recirculation or EGR which causes a lot of problems in modern diesels.


Millers or Forte are the same stuff , just different all you waisting money .... If problems with emissions- just do Italian TuneUp without any additives and you be good.


Millers is an excellent choice to keep the diesel fuel system clean especially if you do a lot of chugging around town ( I was doing 30,000 miles a year city/town driving) It not only improves the power but if you're using it in a car the difference in engine noise is very noticeable after a week or two of first using it the engine is so much smoother and quieter.

Redex Adblue [10L] £10 (3 for 2) @ Tesco
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
3 for 2. Free C&C. If your Adblue tank is empty, your car won't start, so you need a backup plan. Keep Redex Adblue in your car or garage so that you can top up as soon as y… Read more

It is a synthetic product. It forms part of the selective catalytic reduction process of diesel exhausts, won’t be going anywhere for a long time. For most people it is a serviceable item, I needed to fill up my vans tank (around 25l) of Ad Blue every 12k miles and that is quite Ad Blue hungry.


Doent have use by date but is known to be sunlight should be kept out of direct sun light when storing.


I use it in my Peugeot 5008 diesel. I only do 5000/7000 miles a year and is included in my yearly service. So never had to fill up yet. Peugeot will fill your tank with upto 10 litres of adblue for £9.99.®? Small price to pay when my old vectra 1.9 cdti was £270.00 a year tax. The Peugeot is only £30.00


old technology , it was used many many years ago in power generating stations


Apparently adblue is some sort of solution of urea. Where that urea comes from or how it's made I haven't a clue. Just googled it as I don't know anything about adblue. Didn't even know this was a thing. Edit: apparently not from animals or humans but is man-made in a lab or factory of some sort.

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Redex petrol and diesel injector - £2 @ Tesco (online and instore)
LocalLocalFound 14th JulFound 14th Jul
250ml half price in Tesco Tottenham

Only diesel online :(


Seems to be national - seen it in Feltham Dukes Green


This stuff lets my car transform and fly into space, beat that Elon Musk!


Mine is faster than a f1 car now I use this ,at least one driven by Mr Hamilton.


Can't fault this stuff. I get 10 MPG more than I used to, 0-60 times have halved and £100 off my car insurance.

Redex Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 250Ml at Tesco for £4
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
Dpf cleaner
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People, this is for DPF not the normal diesel/petrol fuel injector/spark plugs cleaner. PS. The normal Redex is also on sale, so I'll grad some of that too. Cheers OP


Was £2 in my local Tesco. Bishop Auckland had plenty on shelf


I brought one. Wasted it trying to get it into the tank. Anyone know any tricks on a ford? Only the fuel pump Opens it.


Just paid £5.29 from Amazon a few weeks ago, so this is a good price. Heat added


Why is this getting so many colds!?

Redex Diesel and Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 250ml reduced to £2 @ Asda
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Both have been reduced to £2 at Asda
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Sounds a bit of an odd thing for a garage to say. It goes in your fuel not your oil or air intake, why would it destroy a turbo??? It doesnt go through the turbo in any way so I'd say they talk (poo)


New cars - most of my personal experience is with VAG cars but it’s similar for most others - alter fuelling depending on fuel quality. Spark timing, ignition angle, injector spray duration, requested load vs actual load etc etc. are all altered among others. As I said, Audi in particular even state in the manual for many of their performance cars that power output will be lower for regular fuel and optimal for “super”. An instantly higher mpg suggests a leaner burn and can be (but not only) because of the ecu telling the engine to develop less power for the requested amount the driver and car are asking for. The ecu is monitoring this constantly, and compensates via the short term (instantaneous changes) and long term (habits of the driver and demand) fuel trims. Nothing should run rich any more as they are closed loop systems. The ecu knows the temperature of everything and the amount of everything (air/fuel/boost/request) and tweaks on the fly. Less quality fuel (e.g. contaminated by redex or whatever) will cause the ecu to back everything off and you will get an instantly better mpg. Not always admittedly but generally.


Poorer fuel will cause the ecu to burn rich, thus decreasing fuel economy. This can work to help some cars, but new and we'll maintained cars it will likely make little to no difference.


Such a long sentence


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Redex Diesel System Cleaner 4pk £4.50 & Petrol available at same price @ Wilko Temporarily oos online but available in-store
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Redex Diesel System Cleaner cleans your injectors to help you save fuel and extend the life of your engine, and this convenient 4 pack makes it easy to use every time you fill up.
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Bigger bottle has mark on the bottle showing the half way point. You still have to guesstimate though (annoyed)


Depends really what you want. If you want this ans just throw in every tank. Or stand there measuring out the bigger bottle (flirt)


These are available instore and can confirm they are only 90ml per bottle which is one shot. The other versions are 250ml(2shots) which are better value considering they are currently available for £2 in places such as Asda etc...


Try in-store :) They always have. Once post on here they will be soon oos keep checking and click for email update



Redex at Wilko for £2
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
Half price one bottle for 2 tanks
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I have done another trial with Redex on trip to Germany and back: one way without Redex, back to UK - with Redex. Same mileage, same driving conditions. So in 1197 miles one way without Redex and same miles back with it - no difference in consumption, same 52.8mpg. This proofs me again: Redex just another money spinner.


Its hard to tell to be honest. I reset the mpg and it jumped up to 49 but then with all this hot weather the aircon is working overtime also my driving habits change in the school holidays. I haven't noticed any difference in performance. sitting at 47 at the moment but I'm probably only driving 5 miles every couple of days as opposed to 40 a day.


One month has what are the results?


I would be very glad to hear from you after trial. Would be beneficial to others too.


That's not really a balanced argument if you haven't tried it. You have nothing to compare the cheap fuel to. I'm going to get a bottle and try it. Let you know after a month whether I'm still getting the same MPG (45.8 ATM)

Redex Fuel System Cleaner - £2 @ Wilko
LocalLocalFound 12th MayFound 12th May
Redex Diesel Fuel system Cleaner Came across on wilko Online price £2

It's available instore bought them yday from Wilko


No stock. Same price at Tesco.

Redex Diesel System Cleaner  £2 at Sutton Tesco Extra
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
Selling for £2 at Sutton Tesco Extra store. May be store-specific not sure. Usually around £5+ on eBay etc. Seems to be selling for £2 at other stores too
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shell vpower seems to improve smoothness with my 2.4 turbo diesel. I'm also convinced performance improves with my car too. not sure about redex, i though it helped with my old 1990 g reg rover, but that was a long, long time ago!


V power diesel actually has lower power potential as oil is replaced with additives It may clean but by no means should make more power


Check your handbook - chances are the manufacturer will advise against snake oil!


It would be good find out if this stuff really works. I use Forte Diesel Turbo Cleaner and it does the job just it costs way more than Redex.


I use Miller's there is...

Redex Diesel and Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 250ml reduced to £2 @ Asda
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
Both have been reduced to £2 at Asda
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5th gear and it does work watch -


It all crap it doesn't make any difference at all!!top gear tested all the fuel additives that's supposed to work and everyone of them failed!


Tankful of premium fuel would do the job


Look at fueltone instead. much much better. Redex is like water.


Herd it's better for engine adding the premium unleaded

Tesco - Redex petrol system cleaner £2 instore
LocalLocalFound 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Tesco Durham Redex petrol system cleaner 250ml - £2 Redex diesel system cleaner 250ml - £2 Redex DPF cleaner 250ml - £4

Rubbish stuff better off with Fueltone


Nationwide I believe. Just ordered through the grocery delivery site. In the half price offers section if the search doesn't bring it up.


They should call it pounds land as they hardly have anything good for a pound any more


Same in Poundland

Redex Petrol system cleaner 3 pack only £1 @ b&m
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
B&m’s further reduced this 3 pack to only £1 . Someone might still get it at their local store .

My local b&m never has Redex Petrol, only diesel. 3 Pack in Asda is £2-3.


None in Hayes as expected


Same for me, last week MOT failed on emissions. My mechanic must be slightly more honest as he said that he would just use the stuff you put in the tank, and retest it and it passed without advisory


Definitely helps! Keep it at 3rd gear and drive at 50 for around 10 minutes. Just make sure the engines warm.


Only to your wallet.

REDEX ADBLUE 5L £4.78 @ COSTCO mon 2nd April
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Heads up from monday 2nd April at costco i store the have 5L of redex adblye for just £4.78 inc vat chepest other is at tesco which is 1.5l for £11.59 this is a HUGE 5L Adblue® i… Read more
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Adblue... Is adblue. Irrelevant of brand. If you are willing to pay £11.59 for 1.5l of adblue, then you are not doing enough miles to warrant driving a diesel! Most diesel cars will have an adblue tank of 15litres. So that's why I say if you are buying 1.5l to top up, you aren't doing enough miles. On my euro6 VW, I get through around 10litres every 8kmiles. So, 1.5l for me would only last 1000miles! Adblue is widely available for under £10 for 10l. If you are lucky enough to have a Scania truck service/parts nearby, then it's around £8 incl vat for 10l.

Redex Diesel System Cleaner X3 - £2 @ B&M
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
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There are markers on the side of the bottle. I fill a notch/marker of Redex in before filing my tank.


My local B&M doesn't sell this 😣


Doesn't matter according to the bottle. I didn't notice much of a difference tbh.


Is this to be used on a full tank? So pour this in then fill up? Or fill up tank then pour some of this in?


Read your handbook. The manufacturers will tell you NOT to put additives in your fuel. That's good enough for me!

3 bottles of Redex (Petrol or Derv) for £4 @ B&M
LocalLocalFound 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Available in-store, we worth adding to every tank fill, especially supermarket fuels at this price. Having had a fully serviced derv suffer from dirty injectors (and had a good cha… Read more

What about a dose of castor oil.....always cleared my old dad out................


yep but sticking it in your old motor 10 days before the MOT (ie emissions) is worth the investment best 50p you can spend


Buy some Miller's Ecomax and stop wasting your time


If you look at the Redex datasheet you can see this is not Generic Naphtha, but has a specific EC and CAS numbers, which if you look up shows its hydrocarbons have carbon numbers predominantly of C6 to C13. This is a bit lighter than pump petrol (which is predominantly C4 to C12), is a common carbon deposit cleaner, though if you want something more effective at cleaning you should be looking at something containing Polyether Amine (PEA), which would be good for occasional treats, but Redex is great a regular fuel treat.


exactly, mostly Naphtha a generic term for petroleum distillate. Ie distilled from Crude oil . AKA petrol.

Redex Stop Oil Leak £2 @ Wilko - Burnley
LocalLocalFound 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Bang it in the oil tank. Worked for my blown head gasket. Seen at Wilkos Burnley
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By the time the research on vapeimg is through and clear, this would probably be better for you. Lol


Ha ha (lol) (lol)


Can you Vape on it?


Nice spot @oodyanickabolokoff . Thanks for posting and welcome to HUKD.

Redex Petrol System Cleaner 4pk - £4.50 at Wilko
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Best price i could find The Redex Petrol Injector Cleaner removes harmful deposits that build up in the fuel system, leading to fuel savings and reduced emissions.
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B&M are doing 3 2-shot bottles for £4 -


Waste of time


Obviously - not applicable to just petrol cars.


My main vehicle is diesel. would you make similar claims there?


Obvious this is an anecdote not data but my 12 year old Audi came up with emissions light on the dashboard. It didn’t go away for two weeks and my MOT was coming due. Figuring it was worth a punt, I emptied a bottle of this into my next full tank (ordinary stuff from Tesco) and 100 Miles later, the light was off and it passed its MOT. As I say, just an anecdote but it worked for me.

Redex Diesel 3 Pack £2.20 instore @ Asda (Liverpool - Bootle / Walton)
LocalLocalFound 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Asda bootle and Walton £2.20
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Worth considering this additive. Found it works better than Redex


Are these 125 or 250ml?


Why do people keep voting hot for snake oil?


Loopy cheap! There will be a lot more of this sold when the new mot rules come into play shortly! (y)

REDEX Petrol Octane Booster 500ml @ Asda instore - 50p
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Found in Asda Southampton Central. Redex Octane Booster 0-60 Petrol 500ml Adding Redex Octane Booster 0-60 Petrol 500ml to your tank ensures that you know your car… Read more
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Cheers for that, will look into Millers.


"better than" is just the detergents and cleaning agents. I used Millers diesel additive when i had a diesel. Consistent additives, and works out at about 2p per litre, so an awful lot cheaper than buying "premium" diesel. Nothing wrong with supermarket diesel. It all comes from the same refinery, just different brands put different addititves in


Some years ago when it was introduced, they released some pamphlets which had stated it. Whether that's the case currently is something I cannot say. Today I filled up with the shell premium diesel which isn't as good as the BP premium, but better than the regular diesel I got from costco, which is better than most supermarket diesels.


Premium diesel does not having a higher Cetane rating. Its predominantly cleaning agents in it.


We used to use it on our Nissan 370ZGT. It is optimised to run on 98RON fuel. The highest RON rating available here in NI is 97RON, so we added it to up the rating. Adding it to your average 1.0 fiesta will make no difference at all.

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