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Tesco - Redex petrol system cleaner £2 instore
LocalLocalFound 11 h, 20 m agoFound 11 h, 20 m ago
Tesco Durham Redex petrol system cleaner 250ml - £2 Redex diesel system cleaner 250ml - £2 Redex DPF cleaner 250ml - £4

Nationwide I believe. Just ordered through the grocery delivery site. In the half price offers section if the search doesn't bring it up.


They should call it pounds land as they hardly have anything good for a pound any more


Same in Poundland

Redex Petrol system cleaner 3 pack only £1 @ b&m
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
B&m’s further reduced this 3 pack to only £1 . Someone might still get it at their local store .

My local b&m never has Redex Petrol, only diesel. 3 Pack in Asda is £2-3.


None in Hayes as expected


Same for me, last week MOT failed on emissions. My mechanic must be slightly more honest as he said that he would just use the stuff you put in the tank, and retest it and it passed without advisory


Definitely helps! Keep it at 3rd gear and drive at 50 for around 10 minutes. Just make sure the engines warm.


Only to your wallet.

REDEX ADBLUE 5L £4.78 @ COSTCO mon 2nd April
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Heads up from monday 2nd April at costco i store the have 5L of redex adblye for just £4.78 inc vat chepest other is at tesco which is 1.5l for £11.59 this is a HUGE 5L Adblue® i… Read more
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Adblue... Is adblue. Irrelevant of brand. If you are willing to pay £11.59 for 1.5l of adblue, then you are not doing enough miles to warrant driving a diesel! Most diesel cars will have an adblue tank of 15litres. So that's why I say if you are buying 1.5l to top up, you aren't doing enough miles. On my euro6 VW, I get through around 10litres every 8kmiles. So, 1.5l for me would only last 1000miles! Adblue is widely available for under £10 for 10l. If you are lucky enough to have a Scania truck service/parts nearby, then it's around £8 incl vat for 10l.

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Redex Diesel System Cleaner X3 - £2 @ B&M
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
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There are markers on the side of the bottle. I fill a notch/marker of Redex in before filing my tank.


My local B&M doesn't sell this 😣


Doesn't matter according to the bottle. I didn't notice much of a difference tbh.


Is this to be used on a full tank? So pour this in then fill up? Or fill up tank then pour some of this in?


Read your handbook. The manufacturers will tell you NOT to put additives in your fuel. That's good enough for me!

3 bottles of Redex (Petrol or Derv) for £4 @ B&M
LocalLocalFound 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Available in-store, we worth adding to every tank fill, especially supermarket fuels at this price. Having had a fully serviced derv suffer from dirty injectors (and had a good cha… Read more

What about a dose of castor oil.....always cleared my old dad out................


yep but sticking it in your old motor 10 days before the MOT (ie emissions) is worth the investment best 50p you can spend


Buy some Miller's Ecomax and stop wasting your time


If you look at the Redex datasheet you can see this is not Generic Naphtha, but has a specific EC and CAS numbers, which if you look up shows its hydrocarbons have carbon numbers predominantly of C6 to C13. This is a bit lighter than pump petrol (which is predominantly C4 to C12), is a common carbon deposit cleaner, though if you want something more effective at cleaning you should be looking at something containing Polyether Amine (PEA), which would be good for occasional treats, but Redex is great a regular fuel treat.


exactly, mostly Naphtha a generic term for petroleum distillate. Ie distilled from Crude oil . AKA petrol.

Redex Stop Oil Leak £2 @ Wilko - Burnley
LocalLocalFound 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Bang it in the oil tank. Worked for my blown head gasket. Seen at Wilkos Burnley
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By the time the research on vapeimg is through and clear, this would probably be better for you. Lol


Ha ha (lol) (lol)


Can you Vape on it?


Nice spot @oodyanickabolokoff . Thanks for posting and welcome to HUKD.

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Redex Petrol System Cleaner 4pk - £4.50 at Wilko
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Best price i could find The Redex Petrol Injector Cleaner removes harmful deposits that build up in the fuel system, leading to fuel savings and reduced emissions.
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B&M are doing 3 2-shot bottles for £4 -


Waste of time


Obviously - not applicable to just petrol cars.


My main vehicle is diesel. would you make similar claims there?


Obvious this is an anecdote not data but my 12 year old Audi came up with emissions light on the dashboard. It didn’t go away for two weeks and my MOT was coming due. Figuring it was worth a punt, I emptied a bottle of this into my next full tank (ordinary stuff from Tesco) and 100 Miles later, the light was off and it passed its MOT. As I say, just an anecdote but it worked for me.

REDEX Petrol Octane Booster 500ml @ Asda instore - 50p
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Found in Asda Southampton Central. Redex Octane Booster 0-60 Petrol 500ml Adding Redex Octane Booster 0-60 Petrol 500ml to your tank ensures that you know your car… Read more
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Cheers for that, will look into Millers.


"better than" is just the detergents and cleaning agents. I used Millers diesel additive when i had a diesel. Consistent additives, and works out at about 2p per litre, so an awful lot cheaper than buying "premium" diesel. Nothing wrong with supermarket diesel. It all comes from the same refinery, just different brands put different addititves in


Some years ago when it was introduced, they released some pamphlets which had stated it. Whether that's the case currently is something I cannot say. Today I filled up with the shell premium diesel which isn't as good as the BP premium, but better than the regular diesel I got from costco, which is better than most supermarket diesels.


Premium diesel does not having a higher Cetane rating. Its predominantly cleaning agents in it.


We used to use it on our Nissan 370ZGT. It is optimised to run on 98RON fuel. The highest RON rating available here in NI is 97RON, so we added it to up the rating. Adding it to your average 1.0 fiesta will make no difference at all.

Online & in-store - Redex diesel half-price £2 @ Tesco (from today 01/02/2018)
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Redex Diesel Half Price Was £4.00 Now £2.00 Offer valid for delivery from 01/02/2018 until 28/02/2018 Add it to your Groceries order? The car will thank you. No idea … Read more
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Mine is a performance car- GT4. So I use a 99Ron fuel as that's what it was designed to run on. I always run the Mrs car on V~Power derv as she gets more mpg out of the tank. I used Archoil 6400 in the fuel and I couldn't believe the amount of grey carbon gunk that came out of the exhaust. Another product that I've used that works is BG244 for diesels and BG44K for petrol! So you can see that I really have used them all! Even low ash mineral 2 stroke lawnmower oil in the diesel. That works well to... Enter discount code- FEB15. FEB 20 on Powerenhancers website if anyone wants to try there stuf


All the proof you need! :) 1. Redex 2. Oil & filter change 3. Spark plugs/ spark plugs leads change They restored old banger to nearly new Brake Horsepower rating Redex was the biggest single improvement - and the cheapest For £1 a shot, you'd be crazy not to give it a go & see what results it gives you, no need to be more scientific than answer the before & after question: 'does it drive better/ smoother/ more powerfully? Yes/ no'


cheers - might give some of those a whiz :)


Mine is a performance car- GT4. So I use a 99Ron fuel as that's what it was designed to run on. I always run the Mrs car on V~Power derv as she gets more mpg out of the tank. I used Archoil 6400 in the fuel and I couldn't believe the amount of grey carbon gunk that came out of the exhaust. Another product that I've used that works is BG244 for diesels and BG44K for petrol! So you can see that I really have used them all! Even low ash mineral 2 stroke lawnmower oil in the diesel. That works well to... I think for me it's more about keeping the internal parts of the engine it the best condition you can! Rather than getting more mpg. That's why my car gets Millers 10-50 triple ester nanotechnology oil with MANN filters. Oil and fuels are the life bloods of your vehicle! You wouldn't expect to keep healthy if you had a diet of chips and burgers everyday now would you?


Totally agree!

Redex Petrol Injector Fuel System Cleaner 250ml £2 In Store @ Wilko
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
Suitable for all petrol, injector, turbocharger and intercooled engines including those fitted with a catalytic converter. Treats two full tanks of fuel. Suitable for all petrol in… Read more
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bump! :) Still going strong, £2 in Wilko this morning - both for petrol & for diesel


All kidding aside... I do use it in my car. It's coming up 22 years old and still has a carb! I'm happy to waste a few quid on it once or twice a year. I drive very rarely and like an old fart... If anyone saw me putting premium petrol in my old car they would keel over laughing! (I did try premium once or difference) I own a skoda Felicia! The one just before they went fuel injection! Old skool! (Never goes wrong though!) Much love all!


Redex helps restore power by cleaning carbon deposits etc. It won't increase power at all, most of that is a placebo. You may restore mpg not increase it. It's important to understand that. The cars ECU is programmed in such a way as to run optimally in certain conditions, ie it detects 02 levels and increases or reduces injection rates, some cars are very smart and have variable timing and technical stuff like that. Makes me laugh when people stick big bore exhausts on expecting 20% increase in power. Well the only way you'll get an increase in power is if you have your car remapped to take advantage of the better flow rates etc. Same with air filters, they increase air flow yes but unless your car is mapped to take advantage of that there is little benefit. Your car may detect higher O2 levels and you may benefit slightly but its within the cars default map you would just run at a more optimal level gaining perhaps 1% increase in mpg power etc. Snake oil not really, it does what it says, but it isn't a miracle cure, it won't make much difference to an already clean injection system. It's like descalling a kettle basically. It could actually cause injection problems, if it loosened some carbon deposit and it got stuck in the nozzle it could actually cause problems. Best way to keep injection system clean is by using quality fuel, or use a bottle of redex or similar product every so often.


I know it's not... it's a cleaner, stops the jets gumming up whilst stood ;)


If you drove my car you would not say that ( Mondeo Diesel ). There is no doubt the tickover is quieter and smoother with redex in the fuel when the engine is cold. To be fair , the slightly better throttle response at low revs is not so noticeable (though i notice it ) and it does not increase MPG by any noticeable amount. But it definitely makes a difference and a £1 per fill up its worth it.

Redex petrol and diesel system cleaners £2 at Wilko instore
LocalLocalFound 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
Usually £4 but now £2 at Wilkinson Nottingham. centre. ..might be national. ..sorry this is my first post...sure I made errors but trying to show I ain't a troll lol

Yup, not much use for electric cars :{


Save another £2 - don't buy it. Snake oil!


Might as well just throw £2 in the bin


Is this any good for reducing emissions? Is it worth using?


I use Gasoline for my petrol car. Is there a better fuel available in UK or do i need to order it from middle east?

Redex diesel or petrol 250ml £2.00 C+C reduced from £4.00 at Wilko
Found 12th Oct 2017Found 12th Oct 2017
Redex diesel or petrol 250ml £2 C+C at Wilko Product Info Diesel - Suitable for all diesel, injector, common rail, turbo charged, intercooled engines and cars fitted with catalyt… Read more
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No idea about cars 🚗 whatever was wrong Is clear now! B4 the product it was poorly.


Costco, 4 x 500ml ,= 2 Litres Redex for about £12,50 Plus VAT


Started using that and now have "antipollution faulty" error in my Peugeot 308:(


Your car manufacturer will tell you not to use this stuff. I think I'd trust them more than the manufacturers of this snake oil.


How would your injectors know you are in 1st/2nd gear? Could it all be in your head??????? :/

Redex Petrol/Diesel Injector - £2 @ Tesco Petrol Station
Found 17th Sep 2017Found 17th Sep 2017
Offer is national so check your local Tesco / Tesco Petrol Station. Just went to a Tesco Petrol Station to fill up and found that Redex was £2 (fuel injector) Normally they're £4… Read more
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Some swear by it, others don't believe the hype. Unless you have a lab in your backyard shed where you can test this stuff yourself it's a personal thing I guess.


More and more brands are starting to do this, Topaz now too (Irish fuel retailer).


You beat me, only saw it today.


Again - you negate the increased fuel economy you get from using it in the first place. V-Power already has Redex additives in it and more...


The premium is mostly absorbed by the extra fuel economy you gain from using it in the first place! Add Drivers Club discount then it's fully negated!

Redex 3 pack 250ml diesel or petrol system cleaner £3.50 Asda instore
Found 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
Was in Asda in Hamilton and they had these upstairs on an end. Thought it was pretty decent value as it's in £4.99 in Halfords for one 250ml bottle! Cant find it online, so assumi… Read more
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That was interesting - quite scientific and showed a clear improvement of about 2-3% in an older car. In that case I'm convinced it would be worth using Redex occasionally (perhaps once per year) - as the presenter said, once it is clean, it is clean. Thank you for that.


I think it does have some benefits according to this video


I suppose so, but I suspect the amount of detergent is not that critical, one just adds a small bottle per tankful (be it 90cc or 250cc does not seem to matter much). When this was advertised last week there was much debate about whether it did any good or not, and the general consensus was that it was a waste - the expert opinion being that it was far more sensible to change the motor oil regularly and frequently. I recall trying this out once with a 20 year old Saab 900 (the previous owner had left a couple of bottles in the boot). It made no discernible difference; over the next 10,000 miles I changed the motor oil three times (whenever Asda was having a sale at £12/gallon) and the oil that came out was noticeably less contaminated each time. From that (not very scientific) experiment I concluded that the best thing for petrol engines (especially older ones) is frequent oil changes, and that additives probably had no effect at all.


Is this nation wide?


No, the other one was 4 x 100ml (400 ml) while this one is 3 x 250ml (750ml). Definitely a better price!

Redex Triple Pack Petrol System Cleaner or Diesel System Cleaner £7 in-store at Asda
LocalLocalFound 26th Aug 2017Found 26th Aug 2017
Redex Triple Pack Petrol System Cleaner or Diesel System Cleaner £7 in-store as Asda

250ml x 3?


Does this even work!????


Waste of 7£



they are a four pack in wilkinsons, much better deal.petrol and diesel.

RedEX Petrol and Diesel system cleaner-Half price - £2 - Tesco Extra Blackpool
Found 5th Jul 2017Found 5th Jul 2017
Found this in special offer section Tesco Blackpool.
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Redex doesnt do that, ZDDP additives supposedly can be poisonous to CAT's and DPF's (according to forum talk that is, and maybe some obscure info somewhere. Yes I get the irony that this is forum talk, but you have to take forum talk with a big pinch of salt. I imagine it would have to be in large concentrations for it to do serious harm, some extra ZDDP being in your engine oil shouldn't even be reaching the Cat/DPF, well only in tiny amounts due to the tiny amount of oil being burnt. I think the real reason for less ZDDP in today's modern engine oils is to do with cost, environmental impact and if your like me, maybe it's a bit too good for today's planned obsolescence agenda. Personally I wouldn't worry, the benefits out weigh the supposed risk. My family have used Extra lube ZX1 in 15+ vehicles, never had an issue with CATS. Used in Saab petrols, Mercedes Petrols, Subaru Petrols, Nissan Petrols, Renault Diesel, Citroen Diesel, VW Diesel, Kia Diesel etc etc. And if you have an older diesel that didn't come with a DPF or an old petrol that is worth peanuts then you truly do not need to worry, in my opinion.


What's better than snake oil? CHEAP SNAKE OIL!


Same price in Wilko too I think.


So it cleans fuel system but knackers your 500 cat? Really worth the risk.?


Apparently Forte advanced formula is the stuff to go for. Hard to find in stores though as its meant for trade only. Sold on ebay though. The second best product would be millers. Never used any myself though.

Redex diesel or petrol 250ml £2.00 at Tesco
Found 28th Jun 2017Found 28th Jun 2017
Redex diesel or petrol 250ml only £2 In-store and on-line Youtube video about the product

as said above same price in wilko


Definitely makes my Mondeo Diesel engine smoother and quieter from a cold start. It seems to increase power at low revs a little too ( enough for me to notice ). At £2 its worth a try , if you don't notice a difference then don't buy it again.


Note the 4pk are one shot bottle's. The normal ones are 2 shot bottle's. So 25p a shot more expensive. But less faffing about.


Does it actually do anything?


shouldn't vote it cold because it's not on stock on one branch. offer valid till 19.07.16

Redex diesel or petrol 250ml £2 at wilko
Found 19th Jun 2017Found 19th Jun 2017
Redex diesel or petrol 250ml only 2 pounds in wilko in-store.

This stuff does work, 5th gear took an old GTI and it showed for the price it brought back the engine for about 20 BHP. This doesnt just apply to older cars, I put 2 shots of this in a TDI Leon which had 15k miles, The engine now is quite compared to before and I top this up every 2000 miles (monthly due to the distance). 7 year old petrol astra without a turbo, this now wheel spins when you pull away. Defo worth this. Dont be fooled by the idea that the stuff that is in this is the same as what is in Vpower or prem fuel, Yes it will have less of this but the oct levels of the fuel are higher giving you the better fuel MPG.


Tends to up my mpg by about .6 any time I use it. Drops back down after a few weeks. Can't say it improves performance on my current car but used to drive an old Megane coupe and it would struggle to start sometimes. Possibly a placebo effect but seemed to sort it temporarily when I'd use it.


Neither of them.


save your money get something that works instead. bgk44


Has anyone looked at the deal on Wilko's site? Both the Redex diesel and petrol Cleaner state "Email me when in stock". Therefore it is an irrelevant deal as far as I am concerned, because you are unable to purchase either of the items in the title. All this disagreement over nothing, it must be the heat!!

RedEx Petrol & Diesel Tesco in-store Northampton - £2
LocalLocalFound 4th May 2017Found 4th May 2017
Get your car up to speed with RedEx Petrol or Diesel Usually cost between £4-£6. Now £2 in Tesco. Could be Nationwide!

petrol and diesel redex on offer at my local tesco in skegness (east midlands)


Lolll! Yes it includes diesel.


That's because if you own a diesel vehicle you are now seen as the spawn of the devil which means you can be hung drawn and quartered just for mentioning it in polite Society well in london anyway!:{


Is it definitely diesel included? I had gone earlier this week and was charged £6 a bottle despite it saying £2. Was then told by CS that petrol was £2 only.

Redex Vehicle System Cleaner - Diesel and Petrol £2 in Wilko
Found 2nd May 2017Found 2nd May 2017
Redex System Cleaner - 2 Shot Bottle reduced to £2 in Wilkinson's. Meaning £1 a time, for that money worth using it in each tank. RRP - £4 Online and Instore

In the case of petrol cars.. doesn't this stuff essentially increase the octane rating of fuel to give the potential benefits? And therefore wouldn't using super/premium unleaded do the same job? Which you could get from Sainsbury's or Tesco for 5p/l additional cost making it roughly the same (normal full) price as this? Based upon a 45 litre tank it would be an extra £2.25 a tank. I'm curious is anyone can tell me the difference between using this type of product now and then vs using premium fuel all the time and using both together. I've read that most premium fuels require usage of at least 4000-6000 miles on a petrol car before any real 'cleaning' occurs and before any potential mpg improvements would be made.


my BMW got another 2 yrs MOT out of it


This stuff always makes me laugh with such melancholy. Me and my mate had just got into motorbikes and sucked down all the nonsense about stuff that makes them go faster and Redex came up and we got some and I was pouring it into my petrol tank and shooting it into the carburetor with a syringe while wailing on the throttle with it on the stand in my garden and my neighbour (who was probably in his 50s but we thought over 100 at the time because we were teeners) came screeching out of his house at pensioner pace swinging a spatula (that's fish slice to you weirdos) saying I was making his house like a 'gas chamber'. I'm genuinely crying with laughter over it now but actually feel bad because we were kids and thought everyone else was wrong about everything. Suzuki A-100 if you need to know, and it was amazing. Bought it for £27 because it wasn't working and had sat in a shed for years and basically had a gunked up carb. A quick poke with a bit of wire through all the inlets and a jiggle of the venturi and the guy who sold it to me looked sick as a pig. Rahhhh!!


it's not something we measure, they are both old cars owned from new and basically kept as cheap motoring at our place abroad they presumably became a bit better at burning petrol and possibly more efficient, possibly not they handled as if they were 10 yrs younger, better acceleration, cleaner action in responsiveness, they didn't smell of horrible fumes as much


Yes but did their performance improve?

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