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Updated 30th Mar 2021Last updated 30th Mar 2021 by Mr_Superlegend
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T
Hoping someone can help with some previous experience seeing as Xiaomi phones are very popular on hukd. Got the 8t from mi.com 7 months ago and have had WiFi issues from the start.… Read more

Yeah I certainly won't be going back to them. Shame as I like the phone but I'm currently feeling robbed!


I will try removing the case, thank you. But I used the basic silicon one that came with it to begin with and there were issues then. I've tried a few WiFi analysis apps and can't identify any issues with the connection. Leads me to think it's a bug/hardware issue. Keep reading bad stuff about their customer service, not that they will care much but I won't be going near them again!


sounds like time to get a new phone, and not a xiaomi one.


Yeah I'm going round in circles with them at the moment, constantly being told it's been escalated and reported to the support team. I think they are hoping I'll just go away.


Two 8t phones in our house and chrome locks on both which is annoying. Just factory reset mine as crashing all the time. Had no WiFi problems but I know some cases can effect WiFi, Bluetooth ect so try taking out the case to test l. Also clearing the WiFi account and entering again can also fix both WiFi connections, however its definitely a bug ridden os imo. Also try a WiFi analysing app to see what's going on

8 replies
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Redmi note 8t FM radio issue
Can anyone help? I have a new Redmi note 8t and want to play the FM radio through Bluetooth to my Anker soundcore B or my Anker Bluetooth ear buds. But unlike my old Moto g5 plus w… Read more

Bugs reported: I can play the FM radio through the headset or phone speaker on my Redmi 4X, then if I Switch Bluetooth on the sound will come out from the Bluetooth speaker. Redmi S2 - I switch on Bluetooth but no sound comes from the Bluetooth speaker. Redmi Note 8T - I switch on Bluetooth but no sound comes from the Bluetooth speaker. Please fix bugs in Redmi S2 and Redmi Note 8T so they work like my Redmi 4X.


All the FM radio app on play store use data or wi-fi which I don't have at my work ( black spot, in the sticks). They are aslo loaded with adds. I do however get FM reception hence why I want to use internal radio Redmi doesn't have the ability to Bluetooth it. Now wish I had stuck with Moto g and gone for 8 plus instead of going for Redmi phone. Just because it was a simple task on Moto g I just assumed all phones would do it.


Try the app store, look for something like "play to Bluetooth", you might have to try a few though!


Thanks but I can get FM reception by inserting my 3.5 cable I just can't send it to my Bluetooth speaker or ear buds. So this want help.


You can either use "TuneIn" radio or Spotify OR maybe this... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fp%2F1946419318

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Updated 13th May 2020Last updated 13th May 2020 by EN1GMA
Xiaomi App Drawer has arrived (Redmi Note 8T)
Just had the update today on my phone (check yours), completely transforms it for me. Just letting people know.

I don't even know what my phone original ui looks like. I just slap on nova and boom.


That's the thing with Android. It's customisable. So Nova is all they might need. Or not. :D


Nova launcher is all you need.


yeah it's on oh yeah, I have that too, I guess we've all had the option a while then but just didn't notice


Just had a quick look back through the system app history - my phone says the app drawer was available on an update of the system launcher dated 14th Feb 2020 - looking at it, I assume that's the date I installed it rather than the app release date.

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Updated 1st Jan 2020Last updated 1st Jan 2020 by compca80
Redmi Note 8T vs Huawei P30 Lite
Any views on which one to get? Both look quite similar, which one has the best camera? Thanks

I've just swapped to the p30 lite from a Samsung s7. The camera is brilliant on the p30 lite. I'm not a big camera or phone buff but I'm pleased with it!


The processor is better in the 8t, as is the battery size, the good thing about the p30 lite is the base storage, but the Kirin 710 in that is getting a bit old now, I prefer bigger screens as well, and prefer miui to EMUI. Both have expandable memory They both have nice LCD displays with around 400ppi, the Xiaomi wins all day for me, for the processors alone, plus its cheaper in most places :)