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How does this compare to the mi A2 lite? Obviously smaller screen but that also has 4gb ram. I ordered one for my dad from amazon for £159


This is or the Mi 8, later is more powerful and arguably better camera but costs £120 more


@Mrswitchwe just need a phone thats equiv to oneplus 5 or 6 for £300 or less. Ideally from the uk, any thoughts, all these Shaolin deals are confusing


Confucius say: Man who fart in church, must sit in own pew. (:I


Or banggood £150 for 64gb


Thanks, original order cancelled and gone for this. Better phone for less ££ (y)


You're going to be hard pressed to beat the Lenovo P2, that was and still is a beast! The Redmi Note 6 Pro though might be your bet for an upgrade if you want a better camera with similar battery life and a better 636 processor. @Mrswitch put a post up just recently here


Oooh. That's the closest I've seen come to a Lenovo P2 replacement. If it weren't for the still somewhat budget camera I'd leap at it.


Me too, and I still am on the mi uk website, hopefully they'll have some cracking deals at the end of the week.


Glad the prices are now starting to be a little bit more reasonable When they first released I was very disappointed since the prices were twice the price


what about this or A2 at £162 same retailer?


Note 5 is better, better CPU than A2 lite


This or the mi A2 lite 64gb/4gb variant ??? Bother similar price. Which is the better phone?


I get ya, etiquette is appreciated.


I'd rather be polite about, I'm not one of these who comments "cold" "freezing" etc. Without an explanation.

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Nah, still there... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Xiaomi-5-99-Inch-Android-SIM-Free-Smartphone-Black/dp/BB07DPWSSYW Also have the choice of Blue there too, of which there are only 7 Left. Wonder whether Amazon or Argos are going to further reduce on Black Friday, surely not (?)


Can anyone confirm the maximum size SD card this takes?


Looks like it is, whether it will work on your network or not I don't know though. My phone is capable of it but they only cater for iPhone, Samsung and Huawei phones.


I don't think it is still price matched by Amazon.


Is this phone volte capable for better indoor reception. It's just that no sellers website seems to give the same product information, it's very confusing.


Oh lovely, what a great launch they r having lol


None in JL Oxford St or Westfield, and the Mi store in Westfield that was due to open yesterday is still under construction.


How does it compare to A2 lite?


OK mate, cheers, seems strange being able to pop to a shop to look at a xiaomi phone, my how far they've come.


There's one literally round the corner from my work in Swindon so if I get chance I will pop in on Thursday , I will keep you posted on that buddy


Oh I agree. I would always take a UK seller over an importer. Too much can go wrong.


Yes they have taken a hit this year their Partners are not getting the bonuses they once enjoyed! However I still think there's more chance of getting some redress from JL UK than Gearbest, Aliexpress, Tomtop or any Chinese shipper.


John Lewis are struggling at the minute. Just be aware that their 2 year warranty isn't quite as reliable as it once was. There's several newspaper articles on them not honouring repairs/replacements in recent years. Their Trust Pilot score is only 1.9/10. Some of those reviews are alarming!


Does this phone do anything better than the Xiaomi A2 Lite?


Not with a 720p screen. The Redmi 6 Pro is noticeably better.

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Xiaomi Redmi 6 Global Version - 3GB / 32GB - £82.56 with code - Gold or Black @ Banggood for £82.56
Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong KongFound 17th NovFound 17th Nov

Thanks dreadzone101. Got Moto G6 play for £83 for amazon warehouse deal with 20% off currently. I think for the price its decent.


It would be slightly better than the Redmi 6 in terms of specs but for £140 it isn't good value. At that price point the Mi A2 Lite< or Redmi Note 5< would be better value.


what about Moto G6 play? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07CGJTL8J/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Huawei P Smart is better. That deal seems to be OOS though but if you can it at that price, it's a better deal than this. However, if it's at full price from Amazon or Carphone Warehouse, then the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite might be better value alternative.


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/huawei-p-smart-mobile-phone-unlocked-99-goodybag-for-non-members-giffgaff-3104560 Any better than Huawei P smart?


It's 150 at argos. So it's a good deal.


To be honest.. this is quite comparable and favourably to say the Galaxy s5, Nexus 5.. not bad at that price range.. processor is slightly faster and front facing camera better.. double the onboard storage etc. Personally I'm waiting to trade all my old stuff for a Pixel.. hopefully 2XL but I'll take first edition. Need a price drop on that lol


Will this work on o2/giffgaff?


Nope it won't.


it`s not a bad phone per sa, but i`ve had a phone with a MTK CPU before and wasn't impressed, got a sd 625 in my phone now and it flies.


Ah ok. (y)


No sheep here! Been waiting for a new phone and was holding out for the note 5 to see if it dropped but seeing all the amazing comments how good it was 24mp camera, 128gb memory, 4gb of ram, 2yr guarantee, no customs, free delivery and how cheap it was I bought it ;) I just wondered if the price difference was comparable that's all


So u follow like sheep and get a different phone because everyone else is getting it. (lol) (lol) (lol)


Oh dear (embarrassed)


This is the "Redmi 5 Plus", not the "Redmi Note 5". It is called "Redmi Note 5" in India only, but is known as "Redmi 5 Plus" everywhere else in the world. Eglobal don't even call it "Redmi Note 5" so it's the title/image of this deal that's incorrect. Check Hukd for previous "Redmi Note 5" deals. None of them will have single camera with SD625 because the "Redmi Note 5" is only dual camera with SD636 for China/Global Version.


Ordered BTW. Thanks for posting. My S6 is almost dead and I need something to tide me over for the last 8 months of my sim only deal.


He said one... no need to go over the top!


Link please!


;) This one beats the iPhone XS - go for it :D Also has support for SDCard - that is the main requirement which defines a good smartphone.


Mi Mix 3, Mi 8, Mi Mix 2S, Mi Note 3


Sorry. Not sure to be honest!


Does that mean that any warranty offered is in the UK? Or would the phone have to go back to China, at your cost, if it developed a fault?


Yes business address is in China but was shipped from a UK address. Ordered it on Tuesday and received it just now!


Totally agree with you. I'm fully aware if I buy from china, I have little or comeback if things go tits up


No, I got it from the excellent email deal they had. Not so excellent if the phone doesn't work properly though. However, I still maintain, despite this setback, that 40% is more than I would be wiling to pay for a warranty but those are the chances you take when dealing with China


Did I say it was impossible to get it below £350 or that you were suggesting all other EU countries? In my initial comment "Still cheaper than UK, in those countries but not under £350". That was going by official prices from Xiaomi in those countries. All of the Amazon links you have provided are from the same 3rd party seller who has a registered address in Hong Kong. Here is Amazon Spain's official 6/64GB Mi Mix 2S listing< which is £445, and here is Amazon UK's official 6/64GB Mi Mix 2S listing< for the same price. There's also this 6/64GB Mi Mix 2S listing< on Amazon UK from a Spanish seller for £375 but it isn't indicative of the official Xiaomi UK £519 price. My point is that whilst UK's price does carry a premium, it isn't as steep as you implied.


Are you seriously trying to make some counterpoint? I did not say it is in *all* other EU countries, and sure if I search I can find higher prices too, but we are looking for low prices, and even you admitted the UK price is still higher than the ones you found. I mean, OK, Greece is not a common place to buy stuff (I go twice a year, so that's the alternative to the UK market for me personally), but just a visit at amazon.de gave me German prices similar to Greece: https://www.amazon.de/Xiaomi-M1803D5XAW-Mix-Smartphone-Weiß/dp/B07D4NBDM9 (£335 for the 64GB). I tried more Amazon, it can be found even cheaper in Italy: https://www.amazon.it/Xiaomi-5-99-Dual-3400mAh-White/dp/B07D4NBDM9/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542659637&sr=8-3&keywords=mi+mix+2s (£317!!! but no Prime) How about Spain? £338 with prime: https://www.amazon.es/Xiaomi-5-99-Doble-3400mAh-Blanco/dp/B07D4NBDM9. I think the UK markup is significant and hope it is only due to the recent introduction. Well, OK, maybe after Brexit there will be another reason as well, but currently there should not be such a difference.


You said it's "under £350" "in other EU countries". I was just showing 3 other EU countries where that isn't the case.


https://www.skroutz.gr/s/14439124/Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-2S-64GB.html Starting at £330 in Greece (inc. 23% VAT) . It is actually £355 for the *128GB* version in the Greek Mi store: https://www.mistore-greece.gr/Smartphones/Mi-Mix-2s.aspx


Oh ok not great is it. Thanks for the heads up though (y)

Global Version Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro 4GB/64GB/ 4G Phablet- BLACK for £155.43 @ Gearbest
Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong KongFound 12th NovFound 12th Nov

£145 on Ali, and £135 for the non B20.


Didn't know that, I'll check it out.


I like miui, and use a lot of the extra features You can use Poco launcher by Xiaomi which gives you a app drawer so is more like vanilla android


Can always use Nova launcher with Miui, almost the same then.


From what I've been reading it seems most prefer the android stock version


Same price at Argos now (they have just reduced it from £229)... https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xiaomi-redmi-note-5-uk-version-64gb4gb636-processor-sim-free-now-reduced-at-argos-to-170-3108272


Yeah, you're quite right. It's supposed to have AI camera but not sure how it's implemented here apart from the bokeh effect which recognises human shapes


Thanks,I looked up more specific info on the AI version (vs pro).They really push the confusion on these.


That isn't AI scene detection. Those are just selectable presets which alter settings to suit the subject of the photo. For example "Night" would probably raise the ISO. "Sports" would prioritise fast shutter speed, etc. Those presets are common in lots of digital cameras and have nothing to do with AI detecting the scene. AI scene detection for Redmi Note 6 Pro:


The scene detection here on redmi note 5, same as 6 pro I think


tell them you're willing to accept the 636 for a discount :)


I spent a while on chat with them but they were sure it was the 625... How wrong they were :D


Thanks. I've been trying to work out (before finding this thread) whether this was the 625 or 636, and trying to compare them all, its confusing as anything there being different models with the same name in different countries!!, not helped by Amazon having wrong info up too


It's not part of Android One as far as I know. They have the A1/2 for that so I doubt it. This has LineageOS support which is pretty much stock Android.


will this be getting an update to officialy take Android One, or would that only be done in custom firmware? torn between this and A2 lite


Photos on mine are excellent!


The camera comes out well in all the reviews I've read (and have read many, as might buy this). Also, positive user feedback on here. Perhaps yours is faulty?


I'm more than happy to pay only £10 more for this Xiaomi Phone for the Global B20 version of this Phone, over that of not ... Do you have have a link to the better version of this Xiaomi? (that's only £10 more?), thanx.




Couldn't agree more, no issues here either.


Go for the redmi 5 plus. A all round better phone, also has Snapdragon chip.


Pay the extra and get the global version.


Carefull It's global ROM not global version which means a chinese unlocked the phone with his account and loaded another ROM.


That is amazing for a phone of that calibre! Well Done!


Its an MTK cpu and not UK compliant. Id personally rather pay more for original Global and a decent cpu


Nope, Its this.... Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22 As per the specs on the product page on the eglobal website


Is this Snapdragon 636? If so I got 4gb for the note 5 at £150, this is nice price for 3


And good luck getting them to honor the "warranty".


Also Quidco tracked Eglobal within hours with £3.20 cashback on a £159.99 phone. It was my first purchase from Eglobal but I will use them again :D


Well that's good to hear. It would be nice if we knew there was definitely zero chance of additional charges. I'd probably buy from them every time, if so.

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