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Hello everyone and mrswitch for your post. Can someone tell me if I need to worry if I buy a redmi 5 global edition or must it be a global version... I ask because at the moment gear best only have the redmi 4g in a global edition.


not fast enough!


I'm a quick runner


pfft nvm! ;( nah actually was looking at the wrong colour sorry never noticed gold as sure you or someone else said looked crap so didn't think would be posted the code says doesn't work but it actually did as well so... all good carry on (still not much of a saving though!) *runs away quickly*


I literally have no idea what that full comment meant ;)

Xiaomi Redmi 6A 4G £86 @ Gearbest
Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
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The "A" after the model doesn't mean anything in regards to the market that it's for. It suggests that the phone is more of a budget, low spec model compared to the phone without the "A". So this phone has lower spec than Redmi 6. Redmi Note 5A is a lower spec than Redmi Note 5 etc. China & Global market have same naming for the majority of phones, but India sometimes uses different naming for the same phone. Here's the Redmi 6A for Global market< and here's the Redmi 6A for China market<. The one for Global market is identifiable from "Global Version" sticker at side, English box text and EU plug compared to the Chinese box text and US plug in the China market version.


This has been released today in India selling for 5999 Rupees (Roughly about £63-65). Not sure about it being unlocked worldwide. Recently a colleague of mine bought a OnePlus 6 from India and he has no issues using it here.


I thought the "A"'s after the model number means its for the domestic market - China, so surprised when it says unlocked for worldwide use. Can anyone clear that up??


Don't parents download? :/

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Yep, the Bertie boys done good this time!! Next he will be asking his new teachers, if he can "invoice" PepperHQ for his artwork! (shock)


I’m an Apple user my self but voted this hot purely because of your artistic skills. So well done. As they say, any publicity is a good publicity. (lol) (lol) (lol)


Your Redmi note 4 has a better processor (not massively though). The snapdragon 625 has a better GPU for games and such and has better media processors for cameras/photos. So the Helio P22 (redmi note 6) is slightly worse off. Both are still cracker phones for the price, but the note 4 is going to win in the benchmarks.


Thanks, I had planned to do exactly that but then I saw this deal and wondered if it was worth the hassle..


Anything honor is great. Not as cheap as this but the spec in many areas rival the latest fancy ones at half the price...and with more style imho (angel)


I remember reading about the different screens but never considered it could impact battery. Found an old thread<. It seems mine is the Tianma one. Apparently the other screen was provided by AUO<. I tested a few custom ROMs which claimed to have better battery performance but they seemed to all be around the same so I figured it was down to processor efficiency. In terms of Xiaomi phones, the Mi Max 2 and RN4 with SD625 are the top in endurance having 126h and 119h, whereas Redmi 3S is a little further down the list< with 104h.


To be honest you seem to know more about it than me. It was a long time ago, I remember thinking it was due to the screen the Battery drain. I think it was manufactured by jdi, and the review units which had better energy performance was a sharp one I think. I bought the phone used and used a custom ROM on it(angel and demon) so it was probably that. The battery drain was fast, but the charge was rapid. I've noticed that the mediatek based phones are very fussy about what charging u use to get fast charging. The L2 seem to have great endurance tbh. But the best I've seen is the redmi 3s Snap dragon, I buy far to many phones haha.


Unlocking B20 wasn't possible for RN2. There was however a China TDD-LTE version and an FDD-LTE version which were sold as having different bands. Sellers just claimed to unlock FDD-LTE version bands (B1, 3, 7) on TDD-LTE model. See post #4 on this thread<. It later became known that both had the same bands, since it's hardware based. See thread here<. The battery drain would be due Mediatek Helio X10 in the RN2 being inefficient. The original RN3 has the same Helio X10 processor and then they changed to the Snapdragon 650 RN3 giving better performance and efficiency. Battery life endurance at the bottom of GSMArena comparison< jumps from 72h to 93h. RN2 has 49h rating although it has 1000mah smaller battery. Not sure about current Mediatek as I've only ever had the RN2. However in general they seem to be less efficient than a Snapdragon of equivalent performance. Sony Xperia L2 vs Redmi Note 5A< for example. Xperia L2, Mediatek, 3300mah. Note 5A, Snapdragon, 3080mah. Both 5.5" 720p screens. Xperia L2 has 65h endurance rating whereas Note 5A has 74h.


A2 lite.


Only DFS guarantees to deliver your chosen furniture before Christmas. However ...


Have ordered from eGlobal but my order has been showing as Processing for the last six days no reply from them (skeptical) worried


I prefer it so you can't see the actual size of the front screen. On coloured phones the screen is black with the coloured bezel around it, using a case doesn't hide this (nerd)


Does it matter once it's in a case?


Its not really to my advantage as I actually prefer black


Xiaomi have opened quite a few official Mi stores in various European countries. France (Paris) Mi Store<, Italy (Milan)<, Spain (Madrid)<. They appear to have 5 stores in Spain. 4 in Madrid< and 1 in Barcelona<.

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Anyone know if the redmi note 5 ai is available in a global version, and where from ? It's meant to have a better camera than the standard note 5 Edit Actually, I now realise that this IS the ai version with improved camera. Must have been rebranded for global market to confuse me further. See the distinction here, only obvious difference is camera. This review suggests that 4g can be used in both sims which is the other difference between the models https://m.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=9120&idPhone2=8893


I got mine from Toby and was concerned about the insurance bit but I didn't pay it and went down the route in my head I'm paying with PayPal if it doesn't come they will refund it.


Anyone got any experience of ordering from eglobal and Toby? Both have the black 3Gb version. Toby is a few pounds cheaper but reads like I should add on the insurance for £10. Both crappy on Trustpilot. Have ordered direct from China before but I'm not spending my own money so don't want to play the customs roulette.


I tried that, as I had several other issues also. I frequently got Chrome has stopped messages, incredibly slow WiFi and unable to open Facebook threads. Battery life hasn't improved (but it's still better than most phones I've had), neither has the slow WiFi, but at least the Google has stopped messages have stopped.


I have just factory reset the phone anyway, mainly out of curiosity to see if anything changes. It's a shame as I started buying xaiomi phones for the battery life. Let's hope they don't go down the crappy battery route like iPhones. To be fair to this phone it always lasts the whole day, just sometimes it drains faster than I would like and only just lasts.


Economy only took a week


which postage option shall I choose? Economy or insured?


Thank you :)


Like you, I find all links go to eglobal's home page. Try these codes in their search box, CMOBXIM00197, Note 5, 3/32GB, black, £126.99 (£131.99 in other colours) CMOBXIM00181, Note 5, 4/64GB, black, £159.99 (£155.99 in other colours) MKITXIM10001, Note 5, 4/64GB, black, with 0.3mm Glass Screen Protector & Folding Case, £159.99 Hopefully also discount (£5 off code CHKOUT5) and cashback




How is the camera and sound quality on this in poor light, ie gigs? The one side that let's my note 3 pro down


Better processor and greater efficiency, reducing the capacity of the battery would make the handset smaller and less heavy hence better user experience. Despite being the smaller of the two, A2 lite is actually heavier and thicker than its big brother A2 (lol)


Yeah I went from the A2 lite to A2 without looking at the battery spec which was stupid. Better camera and that but in a way it seems stupid that they put the lower powered battery in there unless you get power savings from the better processor?


Not sure about what the battery life is like on the pixel, but a2 should be able to offer 8hrs+ of screen on time comfortably for general tasks like browsing, social media etc. A2 lite with a bigger battery would deliver 10hrs+. Both aren't flagship CPUs obviously


5 weeks, was in the uk in 7 days, but customs held onto it for an age, no dount because they are ridiculoulsy ineffecient.


Cracked my £20 blackview the other day, still fine but not long before I drop again and it's gone. Looking for a cheap upgrade, don't want my phone to be too large though


Just 2 things for me to add. Like others have said its likely you will get hit by customs charges....mine was £12. Secondly i HATED the MIUI operating system and had to get rid as soon as i was able to. Installed Mokee and i love it. The phone itself on either ROM is super fast.


If it helps anyone who is wondering and feels a bit intimidated as I did once, I bought the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus from AliExpress a few weeks ago for ~£105 and have been extremely impressed with it. It was the first thing I'd bought direct from China and I am a total non-expert on phones and don't understand more than half the technical stuff people talk about on these threads but the phone was great. I did install a different launcher, which is about as technical as I can get, this helped with the interface, but the standard MIUI one is actually fine, it's very similar to the Apple IOS interface, I just preferred the traditional Android look/feel. Unfortunately I got the phone wet in my coat pocket in a rainstorm and it's dead now, but I will definitely replace it with another, or maybe treat myself to the Redmi Note 5. It came within two weeks, I did get charged customs, but it wasn't a lot of money. Something like £15, paid at the post office on collection, which still makes these incredible value phones compared to premium brands and the build quality and performance of them is stunning. I've never had a top end phone before, but I certainly felt like I owned one with this thing.


thought xiaomi was a decent manufacturer but now not so sure. if you get an Ok one then you're fine. my note 4 touch sensor has gone intermittently faulty after 2 months of hardly any use and will not detect s, z and menu key. you've got no warranty with these Chinese phones and even if you did the cost to send back is prohibitive so I'd say think carefully before you buy.


Always check what the seller says in the description, whether the title says global version or not, the description will more often than not tell you if its the Chinese flashed global rom, or if it is indeed the global version.


Has anyone had any experience with having to return a faulty phone to eglobal under warranty? Would like to save £50 over the amazon price but worried about returns.


Thank you everyone for your help and advice with this phone. It arrived a week ago and so far it's brilliant. I love it! Cheers!


Takes a few days. Just got one delivered, ordered on Saturday, arrived Thursday. The courier tracking seemed to leap from we'll have your order soon to out for delivery but I only checked once a day.


How long does it normally take for them to dispatch your order?


got home opened package and saw no global version outside the box, was worried then i read this thread. Calmed me down as mine says certified for hong kong for use on the back too. Although my uk plug charger doesn't say that.


Hey OP, Great find, have some heat. Cheers :)


Guys do you recommend this phone to replace a one plus 3t? Would it be faster/better spec? thanks


If it follows the previous trend, they'll release a RN6 which will come with Oreo and later get Pie update whereas RN5 will stay on Oreo.


Will this get an Android Pie upgrade or is Oreo as far as the RN5 can hope for? Jury appears to be out as Xiaomi don't usually do 2 upgrades per model and the RN5 originally came out with Nougat with the recent Oreo upgrade, though to be honest if you use MIUI then you won't notice any difference with any version of Android.


I got the Nillkin tempered glass screen protector and the Nillkin case from GearBest, brilliant.


Thanks, I've just updated - for others benefit I simply downloaded the zip and installed via the updater app in settings - about phone - system update - choose update package


Hi, yes I downloaded the ROM and transferred it over to internal storage of the phone to manually update it. It might be easier (and safer!) to just wait for the OTA update to appear.. because I knew the risk that I could brick the phone but I was willing to give it a go :) and was impatient.. plus there was nothing on TV at the time! First I followed the steps on xda forums: https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-5-pro/how-to/one-xiaomi-redmi-note-5-whyred-unlock-t3778049 because you need to enable developer settings and oem unlock and register a MI account. The download for the ROM itself I got from the link on this page: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred) (Android 8.1) https://www.xda-developers.com/xiaomi-redmi-note-5-pro-mi-5-mi-6-mi-mix-mix-2-mi-note-2-miui-10-global-stable/ Hope that helps (y)


Hi could you possibley link the source OTA file and did you just download it then use the updater within settings > about phone? Did you use the OTA file for the Redmi Note 5 Pro in India or another one specifically for the Global Version which I think is called the Redmi Note 5 AI Dual Camera? Would like to update to MIUI10 on my RN5GlobalVersion, thanks in advance...


I've been singing the redmi note 5 praises for months now, I'm glad people are finally getting it (highfive)


One of the first things I did too was install the (free) Nova launcher and pixel icon pack.. after I discovered the Pixel launcher wasn't compatible. MIUI takes a bit of getting used to if you've been used to stock android for a few years like I have. I may actually flash one of the Pie roms on xda forums eventually to get back the true stock android look and feel, but for now I'll stick with MIUI and see how I get on. Manually flashed MIUI 10 today too :) feel quite proud haha 8) http://en.miui.com/thread-3832387-1-1.html But overall I'm loving it.. speed and fluidity - everything is lightning fast! Probably the best bang for buck value of any phone I've had in the past.


Whats the delivery times.


Hi, I have a redmi pro 3 that's a few years old now. Would this be considered a worthy upgrade? Any notible features or ehancements anyone could mention, over the 3 pro? many thanks


Is this a 'fast charge' battery?


Other protection option at the £100+ pricepoint is UK-based and UK-enforceable S75 if paying merchant directly by credit card. Buyer's choice of max 6m of whatever protection PayPal feels like, or replicated merchant obligations legally enforceable in UK (e.g 12m UK-based warranty in this instance, etc).


There seems to be a real movement gathering pace of cheaper Chinese smartphones with "decent" specs.


Chinese 5a is very different to global 5a -check indian 5a for info


Look for 3GB/32GB most 5A in the offer are 2GB/16GB also global rom and OTA. also I found that quite often things like phone cases or tempered glass are cheaper at Gearbest than AliExpress.


Fantastic info.. I already have the mi A1, love it, but as it's my daughter first phone and she's only 9 thought I would go a notch below as she's still prone to losing or dropping it.. I will continue to keep an eye open on aliexpress and check for bargains.. Actually just found the 5a in gold for £70.00 delivered.. Can't really beat that at the moment but will hold off for a couple of days.. Thanks again..


For few days I have been looking for a good, reliable not too expensive phone. Price was changing, also different sellers have different prices. Just keep looking. And remember about Quidco - in long-term will cut the price a little bit. Last year I gave Xiaomi Redmi 4A as a gift to someone who is not crazy, glued to the phone user and I have only positive feedback about it. It is very responsive and well made phone. Now, I ordered 5A in good size and with slightly better specs also as a gift, Mi Band 2 is an extra. Keep eye on Xiaomi Mi A1 - it's a last year phone but very good specs and very positive reviews - sometimes price is dropping under £100 ( v good price) but I could not find it during my lates search so I go with 5A instead. Don't buy Xiaomi S2 - it's a rip off.


Yeah, such a shame, wanted a good cheap phone for my daughter and also in the market for a fitness tracker too so would have been ideal. Still £92.00 is still worth a punt..


I think there's an option to bring back the app drawer. Miui has a plethora of options available to cater to most users. That's the first time I've ever heard anyone prefer any skin over miui. What did it for you?


I like miui Together with nova launcher I think it is the best for me


The real surprise for me was MIUI. I actually preferred it over stock Android and the Samsung overlay. The only minor annoyance is the lack of app drawer but apart from that its great.


I just received Xiaomi note 5 few days ago It's a bang for the buck So good




1) would it run Bt5.0 ? 2) is it ANT compatible ? thanks in advance for answer. 🙏


The notch is slightly bothersome, as I prefer the traditional bezels like on the RN5+. Miui isn't bad, I've been using it in my RN3 Pro for the last 2 years, But it forces me to tie stuff to an email or mi account, and likes to duplicate my contacts alot. The power button on my RN3 Pro is starting to go, which is why I'm considering a new phone.


I had similar experience before. Was just wondering if others had similar timeline for delivery.


I use them twice, it took more than a month, maybe 40 days. I took that long that never consider buying from them again.


Guys... whats your experience with slow delivery with Ali express ? How long did it take for things to arrive?


For the price, this phone is great value. Does even 4K video. Heating it up!


Link doesn't work, Presume it's a different company why aren't they allowed on here? Drop me a PM if it's an easier work-round


Not allowed on hukd, but the black is £145 here Plus get a new user coupon, and use cashback websites.


Showing as discontinued now though.


Yeah, £153.46, just checked.


Saying code expired (fierce)


I'd still be using my note 2 if I hadn't smashed it last week (I'm using my old 1g 8g homtom and its horrible ) new phone on way


My thoughts too, I really like Xiaomi phones, I've tried an entry spec model previously (redmi 5) and I'm now toying with getting a note 5, but I've got used to using Google pay albeit quite infrequently and must admit I don't really need it but it's there and it's useful.


I just wish they'd implement NFC in these Xiaomi phones :( I've just sold my old Redmi 4A 32gb on eBay in favour of a refurb Sony Xperia XA2 because it has NFC.


But, the highest form of intelligence.

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