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Yeah posted that one as a deal a few days ago, this one was £139 up until this morning, better value now though. I've just bought one, en route from HK as we speak :)


Paid £133 for this model last year from Aliexpress so IMO, this is a good deal. Despite the lesser amount of RAM & storage on offer, I've never found the phone lacking & it's done everything I've ever wanted. I still think the camera can take some stunning shots! I see Laptops Direct also have the 4GB/64GB version in stock at £149.97 with free delivery.

Xiaomi Redmi Go Global Version 5.0 inch 1GB RAM 8GB ROM Snapdragon 425 Quad core 4G Smartphone - Black £51.47 + £1.71 del @ Banggood
Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong KongFound 17th AprFound 17th Apr
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God the snowflakes are everywhere


You may not realise but the term "Oldies" is highly disrespectful. (annoyed) One day (if your lucky) you might live long enough to be one.


Any reason this is more suited to Oldies? Do they suddenly lose the ability to use a phone or perhaps only require low speed devices?


Ideal for kids & oldies apparently


I played with Android Go. 1gb is still not enough and it still needs a better soc. It will alleviate storage a little.


Does it have a notification light/led?


Thing is will it turn up/get cancelled?


Just got a notification that this has dropped to £164.34


It's only worth it if you are going to use the extra storage. Not everyone requires that much what with streaming & cloud storage. Each to their own (y)


I have many yes. No idea why people take offence to me sometimes :D


Need to use the code 4BGRN7GL


Showing as £226 for me!


Been using the 3/32 version ordered from ali for £122. Its excellent. I dont need the extra 32gb of storage and dont notice the extra ram missing.


Confucius says: "Lady pilot who fly upside down has flaps up." I'd happily pay this amount for a Poco! (y)


Hahahahahahaha, yep!, and me too. But as per my immediate above previous comment?, then ... I do actually have a point, lol.


It's all nice but you need to think about from whom you are buying it... Its Laptop direct and i am sure it will take 2 weeks to be delivered and if you have to refund it then you better hire a PD and some bounty hunters too..I am in process of waiting for my monitor form them and at the moment its been 18 days and after many emails they told me it may arrive in next 5 days so id i will be lucky my waiting time will be 22 days for delivery. So consider yourself warned and stay away from laptop-directorder date was 30/03/2019


I must admit, I preferred my Note 4 to my Note 5 as I find the Note 5 a little buggy eg recently lost audio notifications on incoming emails in Outlook and the device occasionally goes to the lock screen after tapping the Back button in a variety of Apps. My OH has my Note 4 without any issues at all.


Excellent, I like it when people say PayPal, never understand people paying by debit card, let me know how you get on please.


Yes, used PayPal, had confirmation and despatch email...hopefully all good.. (y)


I just couldn't hit the checkout button if I knew it was available (global version) from abroad a full years ago for the same price, which is what what in trying off right now.


Do I ow go for the RMN7 with the inferior build quality for another £50 or Poco for another £100?


They under estimated the buying power of hukders !


My order has been cancelled what a shyte company


Just had a quick look through their T&C and it says all prices are final to a customer.


Looks like we may have dodged a customs/RM fee bullet 👌


Looks like the extra 20% off has finished? (annoyed)


You have to be careful what you buy as it often, especially with electronics turns out to be pony


"Conservative" already includes criminality.




There's probably room for one more 'C' in there...


Coupon code 4BGRN7 USE This coupon can only be used 2400 times.


Yeah the Blue one does appear to be more expensive. Here is the final price I got using shipping insurance and priority shipping.


No, you've done a good job,it turned out that the dearer one was blue and the black one was the price you said plus insurance. Thanks


Yep just tried it myself not the affiliate link that messed it up but the listing can only be found by a click through. Updated the instruction with images showing the initial page and target page and proof of the price. Sorry for this screw up.


I specifically bypassed HUKD by using direct link from HTML source of the page - same price. It was Banggood, apparently they noticed higher number of visits or something


Look if you want to be predantic about it, just hit up the "mute" member in your account... I am sure, if they could be bothered to say, that the members who got one, would, all I have tried to do, is help you, to help yourself, to get one of the "not many of" deals, that come up on here, from amazon everyday / every night, the reason that they sold so quick, is they were dirt cheap for the higher end spec one, nobody else, other than on here, within a few minutes of them being listed for sale on amazon, would have known about them.. IF you think its pointless to post deals like this, for so many OTHER members to benefit from, you might want to drop a hint to @amazoncrazy who has been posting these type of deals, most of the time, since he joined.. someone is getting them on here.. as they are not being found ANYWHERE else are they!! (angel)


So exactly who on here got one of the 3 that was on sale? Im correct it's point less to post things like this. Well all know this.


Erh... none!! If I wanted any of them, I would not have posted them all for other HUKD members to nab, which they did??? Your point is pointless.. just get a superfast low ping internet connection to the amazon store, a verified 1-C account feature set up and you might get the point.. oh and a cheap Note 5 phone to boot! ;)


How many did you get? You may now get my point. If not. Ask the teacher when you go back


Nothing to do with chasing a rainbow, if you see the HUKD alert come up and have a 1-C verified debit or credit card with £1 on it, you can get one! (strong)

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Steaming Deal (y)


I'm surprised this hasn't got more heat. Is the seller reliable?


I meant as separate deals :D


Some of their prices seem too good to be true, mi 8 lite 6/128 for £163 from Italy, full mi 8 for £230 (oos).


You just have. (lol)


Purchased from a reliable company in China a YEAR ago for £160.. COLD


Another refurbushed-selling-for-a-tenner-less-than-new rip-off! Argos, Currys & the usual UK fleece-merchants must be loving the lame exchange rate right now - well done Brexiters! Cold.


I bought the Mrswitch deal for the note 5 ,32gb version for £111 posted a while back. The phone is simply awesome and this is after a screen fault that was rectified by exemplary customer service and back to me in 3 days if posting off.


For a tenner more I got a brand new one with two year guarantee from Amazon Germany.


Good deal there, tcb at 4.39% should get you nearly a fiver back as well, voted hot as I like Xiaomi and it's still a good phone at a good price but there's a couple of Huawei/Honor deals on here today at this price range that are looking good.


I just don't respond to those people. Even in life. They are either jealous or attention seeking. Your comments are invaluable to the likes of myself. Without your insights I would have never bought from China. Don't listen to them


Just trying to get my point across, but I woknt respond from here on in, I have more important things in my life :) Thank you, I appreciate that


Switch. He's dangling that carrot and you're biting. Be bigger than that.


hmm... an accumulation of truth : Deleted


it's not those comments that are being deleted though... (y)


Thanks for that. For a moment I thought I'd bought a dud! I did think that for £190.99 for the 64GB RN7 & no duty to pay, with free delivery in what turned out to be three days, the Amazon/Mi World deal was pretty compelling. Yes there's maybe a £25 premium to pay over say eGlobal but that's not a bad trade-off vs having to wait for weeks while it's stuck in UK Customs plus getting hit with £13 duty (my previous RN5 experience with AliExpress).


It'll be fine. HK Version is basically Global Version without the sticker and is what Eglobal would usually supply<. However Xiaomi have started using different Global ROMs for recent phones. For Redmi Note 7, there's Global PFGEUXM< for Europe, Global PFGINXM< for India and Global PFGMIXM< for the other "Global Version" regions. Yours will have the 'MI' Global ROM, whereas official UK release will probably have the 'EU' Global ROM. Not sure what the differences are though. Previous phones sold outside of China would have all used the same 'MI' Global ROM.


Yes. You're correct. UK plug & no sticker. Is that a bad thing? Should I return it?


Judging by the business address of "Mi World" I assume it was HK Version that you got. UK plug inside box but no red "Global Version" sticker?


Just in case anyone's still reading this thread, the Redmi Note 7 supplied by Amazon UK, via Mi World for £190.99 has the model number M1901F7G. According to Google this IS the Global Version. BTW, the photos of this phone don't do it justice. In real life, it looks truly beautiful!


Down to £140.99 now :)


so after 6 weeks of waiting eglobal have finally confirm my delivery (phone) is officially 'lost' no apology and they wont be refunding the £5 i paid for delivery insurance - yes i know, i laughed too. thankfully my credit card provider had supported me well here because without their pressure, my phone would still be 'with customs' and would still be 'investigated by our logistics team'... jokers in this period i have bough two phones from ebay for different family members, both sellers had great feedback and both orders were fulfilled exceptionally well never again for me for eglobal, sadly those who have had orders received successfully from them won't care until it happens to them and will continue to ignore those who never see a product and those whom never get their money back as well from eglobal



prefer to have peace of mind with a warranty Horse sh1t


AE sales


That's what I thought, thanks for confirming. (y)


Phone is definitely unlocked as I have a EE and Voxi SIM in it as we speak


Ah, this has made me look at the TCB conditions which say "Cashback will be validated for active Three accounts after approximately 90 days." Not clear whether that relates only to the various Add-on cashback offers or whether it also applies to the £15 for a PAYG handset.


I'd also be interested with the answer to this.


Yes potentially if they say active SIM


What I was trying to say is that if more stock comes in for the Note 5 they might ramp the price up to £200. I bought this Note 7 for less than £190.


But this is a completely different phone all together. Is that your ebay listing?



Um... Well done? (confused)


I brought the Redmi Note 7 for £200.


Personal buying. Geekbuying are shocking but I paid by PayPal and they stepped in. If you have a problem with a phone from China, make a video of the problem. I sent that to PayPal and they refunded. Geekbuying stated they never received the phone back! Eglobal I have bought from 3 times and never had a problem with. Ebuyer ......even on the phone they talk to you like you are a small child


Only bye New. You can't judge a company after buying second hand goods. Stick to gear best. There aways new and sealed


Ebay. Chinese seller. Think I got stiffed as it was described as new but I reckon it is a refurb. These Chinese sellers know you can't send it back so will fuk you over if they can. Even now you can find China sellers selling note 4 / 4x advertising as NEW on eBay. That's why never buy end of life phones when production cycle is at the end as more likely to get refurb rather than new.


Intresting they stoped selling the note 4.way more than a year ago. Where did you buy it? Was it new? Intresting Your Bodger job probably affected the vibration? Maybe look arfter stuff a bit more carful pal


Screen touch sensor went around 6 months after buying a note 4. Had to replace screen myself, took 3 hours, it was my first time. Now vibration is not working! Phone is less than 12 months old.


The one I got from them is the global version and works in the UK, I'm on EE/Plusnet.


NS201410GBP works on the black 128gb version, making it £165.99. Worth checking its the global version though..


Ah man that's s shame, I ordered this morning right after email, surprised the code worked so just bit there n then. Hope it turns up quick. Have a gud day


They have removed the 8£ discount now


Unsure whether to place a separate deal or not, but it's available again for a little less with the code..NS201410GBP for £145.79


It is a crappy mediatek. It is £89. You don't get a warranty as such. But neither do you get one from someone like ebuyer. They just argue until you run out if warranty. It's £89. Your kids will break it in 3 months anyway. If they want a better one, tell them to get a job and pay for it themselves. Who cares if they are only 8? When I was 8 ......


it has crappie mediatek cpu, but for £ 89 from ebuyer it is a good deal


Thanks Andy, but I'll wait for supeR130 to get back with that link sounds like he's found a brilliant deal.


Casual search suggests £121 via a mrswitch code at https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Global-Version-Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-7-3GB-32GB-Mobile-Phone-Snapdragon-660-Octa-Core-4000mAh-6/32978359087.html


Little more?

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