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Nutrifresh Compact Multifunction Rice Cooker £9.99 @ Home Bargains in Blackburn
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th MayLocalLocal
Found at Home Bargains in Blackburn Could possibly be a national deal Product information: Tired of overcooked rice? Then Nutrifresh has the answer with its compact rice cooker.… Read more

Asia being a large place was kinda my point. I doubt they use many rice cookers in Tajikistan, Armenia, Russia etc. Not that it's a big deal. If you want one, use one - and this is cheap enough to test the waters.


You must be the 1% I accounted for


Asia is a large place - most of South East Asia use rice cookers - I should know I'm one of the 1.7Billion inhabitants of said continent


I do the same, cup of rice, water in plastic container little above the rice, 5 minutes, top up water, stir it, another 5 minutes and rice is perfect. I would understand if someone doesn't have microwave.. so I guess it could work for some (y)


They really don't you know. Last time I checked, India was in Asia, and I've spent a lot of time in India without ever seeing one. They're fairly common in the cities of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, but not so much in rual spots.

Nutrifresh: Compact Multifunction Rice Cooker £9.99 in store/online (P&P £3.49) @ Home Bargains
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Available in store and online. Tired of overcooked rice? Then Nutrifresh has the answer with its compact rice cooker. Your rice will cooker perfectly to that light fluffy cloud l… Read more

Someones uploaded this, for if it comes back in stock for anyone. They have them coming in and out of stock at our local store


Yes! But it will take longer than white rice


Can you cook wholemeal rice in this cooker?


I bought two last week and I'm glad I did. You just put the measured quantities of washed rice and water in, close the lid and press the start button. Alternatively, you can use the timer so it's ready when you get home from work. Our brown rice takes 40 mins or so to cook. It gives a 10 minute countdown to when the rice will be ready so you can gauge the cooking of anything that's going to accompany the rice. We've left the cooked rice on warm for a couple of hours before using and unlike our previous rice cookers the rice wasn't burned in the slightest. Easy to make perfect rice every time!


Mine was just delivered now. I didn't expect it so fast.

Daewoo 1.8 Litre Rice Cooker (3yr warranty) £18 @ Wilko (Droylsden)
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Posted 16th AprPosted 16th AprLocalLocal
DESCRIPTION • Makes up to 10 cups of rice • Non stick coated bowl • Glass lid with steam vent • Steamer basket • Measuring cup and spatula • 3 year guarantee ABOUT ME Type: Rice C… Read more

Thanks, you're most welcome XD


Used long grain and a plastic microwavable dish with a lid that's all i had, it came out bit too hard and too salty so need to tweak the amounts and timings a bit and think i could have near perfect rice.


Nice first deal @Abs234 - cheers for sharing :)


Thanks - will definitely try it!


Don't throw the steamer basket away. You can make dim sum or dumplings with it. (y)

Tefal RK103811 Classic 2 Rice Cooker £32.44 (UK Mainkand) @ Amazon France
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Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd FebShipping from FranceShipping from France
Tefal RK103811 Classic 2 Rice Cooker £32.44 (UK Mainkand) @ Amazon France£32.44Amazon France Deals
Electrical cooker aimed at cooking rice perfectly every time. It is ideal for the preparation of many types of rice dishes, even sticky rice used in sushi dishes. The pot works on … Read more

I try best to understand the job so not be be fooled by trades people. Many of them are making money out of your ignorance and inertia .


Appreciate you sharing your expirience (y) Here's my opinion - and it may be completely wrong. The self-relience in socialist East Europe emerged because there were no reliable thadesman (no private busisess allowed) and there was a severe lack of resources (people could purchase few things and had to maintain them). But if you're a well paid professional in UK and making say 60 quid an hour, it's not worth your time repairing your car, plumbing, PC, etc. if you can hire someone for 30 pound an hour to do it. By spending more time on your core professional skills, you earn more now and you become better at your job - earning more in the future. Spending the same amount of time on maintaining your home or car means wasting your limited time for a low return. Now that has a negative side. We are a wasteful and obese nation. But also have far higher GDP per capita than Slovakia.


The thing is different people have different taste - some will prepare tea in a microwave, some will use a kettle - and similarly with rice, some may like it microwaved and some not. IMHO using a good quality rice cooker is a no brainer - it will cook the rice exactly right each time and then keep it warm until serving.


Was your rice cooker 45 years old as well ;) The coating on a Tefal won't come off if used properly.


I know a lot of East Asians tend to buy expensive rice cookers. That's why they swear by them. :) Some people have success with cheaper ones though. Depending on the cost though, it might be better to get an electric pressure cooker. They have more functions for the price so you can do a lot more with them. Things like Instant Pots, Ninja Foodis and the Crockpot ones. They tend to be the main three that people go for. Often when they are reduced in price. You could see what offers come up for Easter. :)

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Russell Hobbs Medium Rice Cooker - Black & White £22.49 free click and collect at Robert Dyas
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Posted 5th Oct 2020Posted 5th Oct 2020
Russell Hobbs Medium Rice Cooker - Black & White £22.49 free click and collect at Robert Dyas£22.49Robert Dyas Deals
The Russell Hobbs Medium Rice Cooker makes creating delicious rice dishes effortless. Whether you’re batch cooking for the week, or rustling up a risotto for the family, … Read more

I think you are! 😝


Managed just fine. Any burnt rice was washed clean, drained and made into fried rice (your local chinese takeaway / restaurant still does this, though not with burnt but with any unsold boiled rice / hardened rice at the bottom of that commercial sized pan ... The only thing with these machines is that it doesn't give you a aromatically crispy golden layer of almost caramelised rice at the bottom of the pan (unless you leave the machine on warm for ages, but it's not the same aroma)... I sometimes still cook rice in the hob, just for that effect...


;p He's Chinese Malaysian as I'm Chinese Malaysian


I cant help but wonder how the Chinese cooked rice before the electric rice cooker was invented. Must have been an unsatisfactory few thousand years ;)


Auntie Hersha needs this

Cookworks 1.5L Rice Cooker - Black £14.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
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Posted 26th Aug 2020Posted 26th Aug 2020
Cookworks 1.5L Rice Cooker - Black £14.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)£14.99Argos Deals
Cooking the perfect rice is difficult, fact. There are loads of different ways to cook it, everyone has their tips — soak it, don't soak it, keep the lid on, let it boil, and so on… Read more

Just remebe to measure water with fingereeerrrr


Thanks, looks like a bargain


Heat For about 10 minutes probably.


Uncle Roger approve of this rice cooker, this much better than using colander and ending up with gloopy rice.... hiiiiyyyyaaaaahhhhhhh