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The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is an update on Ring's popular smart doorbell and adds plenty of new features to the mix. Offering the chance to see and hear visitors, customisable motion sensor alarms, smartphone updates, and voice activation via smart home tools like Amazon Alexa. Find the best prices around by checking out the Ring Video Doorbell 2 hotukdeals listings. Read more
Ring Video Doorbell 2 - £82 inc. VAT + free delivery @ City Plumbing
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
With the Ring Video Doorbell 2 you can answer the door from anywhere. Get an instant alert to your smart device when anyone presses the doorbell or triggers the built-in motion sen… Read more



Yep, those alone can be bought for £49.99


Completely different doorbell. The 1 in the offer you speak of is the ring wired doorbell


Sorry Ziiggy, Didnt we just have an offer from Amazon, Ring Door bell and Echo 8 for £69.99? I just bought one.


Here’s a few benefits To see (and record) people who come onto your property To choose to speak to them if you can’t come to the door To choose to ignore them if you don’t want to come to the door To speak with delivery drivers to redirect or leave your package If you have a disability and can’t get to the door easily If you’re elderly and can’t get to the door easily As a deterrent (people know these are recording devices) To be notified if someone is kicking in your front door and you’re not in For convenience Security cameras are better for 24x7 recording, but can’t really be compared as they are different products. The best option is a video doorbell on your front door and a HD (or above) security camera covering your drive, that way you have the front of your property covered. I would also advise against battery powered video doorbells. Always go hardwired, it’ll me more reliable, have better functionality and less lag.

RING 2-Pack Stick Up Cam Battery (Choose black or white) £129 at Ring Shop
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Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
These are a twin set of BATTERY powered Ring stick up cameras, can also be used with solar or power at a later date subject to you having the power supply or solar panel as the con… Read more

Agree radar is a joke, great Wi-Fi is key with Ring, I have a 6 unit mesh network so fast speeds everywhere, image quality on the Pro 2 is stunning but I also have my hard wired system with high resolution cameras, but the problem with them is the size of hard drive you need to store the video and pictures so I invested in an 8TB hard drive, 5mp cameras are standard now.


As many of you I had a number of camera brands with number of apps but finally, replaced all with Ring as they have more advance interface and with £80 PY plan which works even internet goes down with the Ring alarm. I have 2 occasions they have call me to check so very happy with 24 hours monitoring for this prices.


I know all about Ring Products thanks. I imported my original Ring doorbell V1 from the US before it was available to buy in the UK. I also bought a Ring Pro 2 when it was released, but the satellite map images for birds eye view were a joke and I also had audio issues with mine where you couldn’t hear audio from the bell, so I sent it back. Ring are great for speed notifications and OK image quality, but you need something with better resolution as well because Ring unfortunately just can’t cut it in that department.


I started your way with a hitch pot of cameras, trust me its a nightmare, as I said above SPEED of response is paramount and Ring gives you that. I still have all my other cameras and will have them as backups, most similar to what you have that I have bought over the years, and by the way buy the Song Pro 2 doorbell it knocks spots of anything else its absolutely superb with much higher resolution and head to toe fisheye recording, I posted a deal on here for it, pay the extra £10 and get the new Chime in the package deal, its worth it as they are £29 on their own and work very well, unfortunately its just been launched and I paid the full price but hopefully someone else can benefit ;) https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/ring-doorbell-pro-2-latest-launched-a-couple-of-weeks-ago-with-head-to-toe-vision-3714891


I think the best made cameras are the Reolink Argus 2, they are solid but no SD card capability, I have a bundle of them with battery and additional Solar panels, Netatmo has the SD card but playback is slow and unreliable over wifi, Blink are Blink, cheap and cheerful again no SD card, I have Neos Smart cams in my camper van running off the wind there, they are cheaply made but do the job, Nest cameras are overpriced and again no SDS card facility, so the winner for me is Ring without doubt. It's not just the cheapness of the camera but the reliability of the alerts and speed of getting them, I have 18mths free Protect from Ring but happy with £80 a year, if you buy the Ring Camera spotlight Twin Pack i posted on here you get 6mths of Ring Protect Free so maybe try that and save your 32.50 a month for 6 months as well, they are only £224 for 2 a bargain when normally £179 each, I bought 4 of these last week and 4 extra batteries from AO at £17 each with free postage. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/its-back-ring-battery-spotlight-camera-special-offer-3714676 With almost zero policing you need to protect yourself, and deter criminals, its no good crying after you have had your house invaded and items stolen, its always nice to be able to offer the police any angle of the criminal they want from all your cameras.

Ring Chime (Gen 2) - White £24 @ AO
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Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Ring Chime (Gen 2) - White £24 @ AO£24ao Deals
If like me you bought a ring door bell on the previous deal and can't hear the thing, a good option is to buy a ring chime. This seems like a great price. Also AO offer 5% discoun… Read more

Doesn’t achieve much in a large house though. I use Echo Shows to cover the whole house, with the added advantage that you can see who’s at the door, but they sometimes don’t ring


That's correct, and even then the chime pro doesn't do a good job of extending WiFi, I found my WiFi connection worse so I sent my chime pro back. I now have a mesh system and my ring doorbell is excellent no more lag what so ever and now just use my echo dots as my chime I have 5 around the house so hear them no matter what room I'm in.


Only the Chime Pro extends WiFi. The standard one does not.


Turn the volume up.


only thing to consider is these chimes also extend the wifi range if your struggling for wifi. There is a mesh network style things that american alexas can do but sadly not in the uk to boost the wifi for the ring doorbells.

Ring Video Doorbell (Gen 2) Full HD 1080p £59 @ AO
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Posted 21st Nov 2020Posted 21st Nov 2020
Ring Video Doorbell (Gen 2) Full HD 1080p £59 @ AO£59£8934% off Free P&P Freeao Deals
Black Friday deal, nickel or bronze £59 and free shipping within 3 working days.

Anybody... I have tried everything to connect this ******* thing!!, it still wont AAAAAAAAArrrrrrhhhh!!! Internet fine, set it up ready, thats fine, but I`m still getting connection failed!!!


If anyone’s received one of these today, just a quick FYI... they have a system wide major outage. And you’ll be unable to set it up till it’s fixed. Good start!


There's no point having one nowadays especially with deliveries as when you open and say hi your talking to your delivery.


What's a decent alternative without the subscription model?


Did you actually read that? If you had you’d see that the Ring is not one of the doorbells that have security risks. Turns out that three knock off versions of the Ring all have security issues. Who’d have thought that?

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Ring Door View Cam £59 // All-new Ring Video Doorbell 2nd gen - £59 (Prime Member Exclusive) @ Amazon
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Refreshed 14th Oct 2020Refreshed 14th Oct 2020
Ring Door View Cam £59 // All-new Ring Video Doorbell 2nd gen - £59 (Prime Member Exclusive) @ Amazon£59£9940% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Update 1
Ring Door view cam still available for £59. The All-new Ring Video doorbell 2nd gen is no longer available as was a one day lightning deal.
Reduction on ring doorbell products. Ring door view cam that replaces your peephole is reduced to £59. Also the ring doorbell 2nd gen in satin nickle or Venetian bronze is £59 onRead more

Does any questions me known if this will be discounted again on Black Friday, from experience. Don't use the crystal ball yet. :-)


No.issues with my bell


My replacement finally arrived with a charging cable. Battery took 7 hours to charge. At first it would power on, tried reset button, both clicking it and holding it in. Took battery out numerous times and in the end it seem to come on. Got it connected to WiFi, that took a few tries, no idea why as it’s about 2 meters from router. Anyway after got app setup, I went outside to try doorbell and nothing. It was like it had powered off, tried everything and couldn’t get it to do anything. A few hours later it seemed to start working and has been working all day with no problems. It’s not the best though, I would struggle to get a decent image to the police I reckon if a burglar was at my door. Also at nighttime it’s pretty crap . Will keep it now as got it connected up to Alexa and our devices, so everyone knows someone is at the door. Edit: Nightime image is poor because it’s not in night mode because of my outdoor light, turned it off and it’s miles better but would prefer light on really.


OK, I've found a possible solution, you'll have to create a routine on alexa app. I've added a link below although it's not for ring doorbell, same principle applies. Amazon alexa routine


I tried this with my Fire TV 4K, does nothing although it's activated on the skills. Can anyone advise?

Eufy Security add-on Video doorbell 2-Way Audio £103.99 with voucher Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon.
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Posted 23rd Sep 2020Posted 23rd Sep 2020
Eufy Security add-on Video doorbell 2-Way Audio £103.99 with voucher Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon.£103.33£129.9921% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Add-on eufy doorbell

Works best with version 2 base


Doesn't seem to, unless it's been added since update, I find that the delay on homebase one is no good for 2 way convos tbh eufy Security, Wireless Add-on Video Doorbell with 2K Resolution, 2-Way Audio, Simple Self-Installation, HomeBase 2 Required


Does this work with the original home Base I.e version 1?