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Goldsmiths jewellers 15% off Rolex,breitling,Cartier,omega plus anything else in store on non sale items instore only
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Posted 27th Jul 2018Posted 27th Jul 2018LocalLocal
Goldsmiths jewellers 15% off Rolex,breitling,Cartier,omega plus anything else in store on non sale items instore onlyGoldsmiths Deals
Just wanted to let people know goldsmiths are doing 15% off everything instore only. Just saved over £1000 pound on a Rolex. Also includes breitling Cartier omega rings etc. Got t… Read more

Did u pay retain price or inflated price which might explain why discount works


Hang on...OP got a Rolex DSSD JC (DeepSea Sea Dweller James Cameron Edition) straight away? a watch that has almost a 3-4 year and in some places 10+ year waiting list and on top with £1000 discount? Utterly nonsense. Pictures that OP has provided is a MK1 DSSD which was discontinued in March 2018 Baswelworld - No authorised dealer (in this case Mappin & Webb/Goldsmiths) would sell the MK1 DSSD.Attached is a picture of the MK2 (Released in March 2018) DSSD note that on all DSSD models sold by an authorised dealer after March 2018 the Rolex coronet appears at 6'O clock (OP claims he has the 2018 model however, no Rolex coronet at 6:00)OP's pictures also show the bracelet and again this is the old model which was discontinued in March 2018.In short, the picture OP has provided is not the 2018 model & therefore, would be impossible to get the watch from any Authorised dealer :) You're welcome.Kind Regards, Rolex (joking)


Oh jesus. What a sad pathetic thing to do! Is life that boring for you? Do you *need* everyone to think you have a rolex that badly? Not forgetting getting peoples hopes up on getting a deal. Just wow. I weep for humanity. EVERYONE ON THE INTRANET THINKS I HAS A ROLEX. I AM WHOLE!!! Great catch calum.c (y)


You can get discounts on watches like this. I purchase a Omega Seamaster from Beaverbrooks last year. negotiated 16% off the price, the average mark up on the watches is 40% so they have the wriggle room. Of course if the watch is ltd edition and they know they’ll sell at full price they’ll be less inclined


As soon as I read he got a deep blue walk in, I knew he was total B@ll$hit.

The watchhut up to 60% discount
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Posted 17th Jul 2018Posted 17th Jul 2018
The watchhut up to 60% discountThe Watch Hut Deals
“The watch hut” currently offers discount up to 50% off. Use promo WHSAL10 to get additional 10% off
Rolex Submariner Date 116610LV £6600 @ Goldsmiths
Posted 9th Jun 2018Posted 9th Jun 2018
Rolex Submariner Date 116610LV £6600 @ Goldsmiths£6,600Goldsmiths Deals
The Rolex Submariner Date reference 116610LV, aka “Hulk,” is the Rolex Submariner with a green ceramic bezel and green dial. It commands a price premium over the more traditional… Read more

Having read around it appears that i'm fairly close to the mark. But you're welcome to your opinion.


So, when was the last time you went to 300m? In fact, when did you last go to 50m?


That's a truly decent attempt at a patronising paragraph, well done. If you feel that there isn't a gaping chasm between the phrases hand-made and hand-assembled then I do feel sorry for you. Steinhart do indeed copy Rolex designs, past and present, and they make a fine watch, much much better put together and finished than any Invicta. I don't currently own any, but would not be ashamed to. What I was saying is that I would trust either as a 300m diving watch, not that many rolexes are used as such nowadays. Also, Seiko don't do a budget 300m diver, that's why I chose Steinhart.


DH Gate


I was in Selfridge's yesterday and popped into Rolex to see if the GMT master due in stock, the waiting list hasn't gone down it's still a 2.5yewr waiting list .

Automatic Watch Servicing (Seiko, Omega, TAG, Bergeon, Rolex) from £59.99 @ eBay/Watch Kings
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Posted 12th Feb 2018Posted 12th Feb 2018
Automatic Watch Servicing (Seiko, Omega, TAG, Bergeon, Rolex) from £59.99 @ eBay/Watch Kings£59.99eBay Deals
This will probably go cold, but it may be useful to someone. I have a Seiko 5 and it slowed down to the point where it would lose 5 mins a day. I went looking locally for a watch s… Read more

Buying from creationwatches nowadays results in almost certain import duties to be paid as they declare full value.


I've also had a go at watch servicing on the many duds I've picked up in various batches at local auction houses and one thing I've found is that watch repair isn't like DIY or replacing parts in your car or washing machine, you really can't YouTube it and feel your way through. The right equipment is a must and some actual motor skills and aptitude are required. It's so easy for a microscopic screw to ping away off your tweezers never to be seen again, well until you next hoover the room, that is. Respect to any one who makes a go of this!


Got a quinting watch but can't find anyone in the UK who's authorised to work on it. Pain in the behind.


seriously? XD


Not sure what this includes but an omega service they replace parts inside and outside to get your watch looking like new, something to bear in mind as this one may not include the same

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Seiko automatic divers 23 jewels 100m snzf17j1 like rolex submariner free DHL delivery £106 @ creationwatches
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Posted 25th Jun 2015Posted 25th Jun 2015
Seiko automatic divers 23 jewels 100m snzf17j1 like rolex submariner free DHL delivery £106 @ creationwatches£106Creation Watches Deals
The other bond on a budget seiko automatic snzf17k1 is out of stock and have been looking for one but nothing is less than £120 elsewhere. This is the snzf17j1 which is suppose to … Read more

Or £94 for those that aren't bothered about having 'Made In Japan' on the dial. No difference in quality.... you get Seiko's excellent quality in whatever factory of theirs it's made in.


just a heads up this is now on offer for £101 :)


I've had one before, the 1st gen Orange Monster..... but i just couldn't gel with the orangeness of it, tried hard to like it, but it just didn't work for me so i sold it. Gone for a more conservative black this time and the newer wind & hack movement is an added bonus as well.


Sounds good, pop up a photo or two in this thread when it arrives. :)


As yourself, and many others it seems, haven't been stung for import taxes from Creation, its persuaded me to take a chance on this company myself. Just ordered a 2nd gen Monster. I hope this first time buying experience from Creation will be a good one.

Rolex submariner date green £5445 @ Peplow Jewellers
Posted 8th Feb 2015Posted 8th Feb 2015
Rolex submariner date green £5445 @ Peplow Jewellers£5,445Testing Deals
Spotted on peplows jewellers They used to be a authorised dealer but are selling stock off. Normally 6050 brand new and they have these for 5445 Normally there is no discount on… Read more

(:I (:I (:I


Haha, wrong also!


Some people just don’t know a deal when they see one do they ;)


Haha, you got that a bit wrong (:I


This is an old thread I dug up ! You know nothing ;) The one I bought for £1800 20 odd years ago is now valued at £5800 :o The mind boggles maxmix