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Free Family Day Pass for National Trust When You Buy Any Adult Bike, Roof Box, Roof Bar or Bike Rack @ Halfords - stacks with offers
Refreshed 30th MayRefreshed 30th May05/08/2019Expires on 05/08/2019Updated 22nd JulLast updated 22nd Jul by WhkaffaBegum
Fab offer from Halfords - between now until 5th August - you will receive a Free Family Day Pass for the National Trust (worth up to £50) when you buy any Adult Bike, Roof Box, Roo… Read more
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I’ve got my voucher and I’m planning to use it when I go to the Lake District. There’s a list of places you can’t use it in and I think it would’ve been easier for people to know where they can use it instead.


Has anyone actually got a National Trust Voucher yet. Ive had FAll from Halfords or NT despite direct messaging both on Twitter.


I still don’t get how you redeem the offer. They gave me an email receipt stating one day pass but no other info. Do I just show that or do I have to book it? And also how many people is it for? Confused


Agree, though it's something i despise about the National Trust. For families that want to go out somewhere for the day, they have to fork out half the price of the yearly membership. Why not just reduce the cost for one-offs to something more reasonable to make it more accessible to the general public, rather than just for those well-off enough to afford it?


I'll still to rear mounted racks. I can only imagine the hilarity of dropping my bike on my car roof.

Exodus 580L Black Roof Box - Extra £50.25 saving on this big roof box at Halfords with code
Updated 21st JulLast updated 21st Jul by royy
Extra £50.25 saving on this big roof box at Halfords with code

Wish I'd bought one years ago just bought one on holiday for the return journey. I have a dog so everything was jammed into the car perfect now with the roof box. And before anyone asks I didn't put the dog in the roof box even though I was tempted


Much like a tyre being just a piece of rubber. Composition doesn't necessarily determine value. It's about function. We bought a 670 litre roofbox for our estate, and it almost doubles the cars innate storage space, and has proven its worth many times over. Wouldn't be without it for holidays now!


I’m 25 and probably rather naive, but £285 for a roof box is a good price......? Is it not just a piece of plastic?


I can get an extra 9 percent off through my works scheme but it takes 5 days for delivery. Anyone any idea when offer ends


Whats the discount code?

Thule proride bike carrier 591 down to £74.99 @ amazon
Updated 15th JulLast updated 15th Jul by MiloW
£74.99 delivered on amazon great price Halfords currently £84.99
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Great price! I've already bought and fitted mine, so I won't need them. Thanks anyway


Saw your post and you might find this a cheaper way to get 4 of these bike racks. Thule 591 quad pack Amazon Italy


Bought 4 of these from Halfords today, £82.50 each, then buy one get one half price, then 10% off (flash sale). £55.69 each So if you need more than one, it may be worth considering Halfords. Otherwise, good price.


Might be worth noting tho... The halfords BOGOHP is back on these They fit them for free (as long as yer roof bars are on already) Free national Trust Family day pass (approx £50) There may also be discount codes and 10% off for BCS or some car owners club members. I used: As their disoucnt card gives 15% off :) might be worth shopping direct at halfords if you need more than one but this is a decent price for a single :) Heat

Halfords Big Summer Sale - Upto 30% Off
Updated 12th JulLast updated 12th Jul by TopTrump
Includes: Bikes, Scooters, Dash Cams, Bike Racks, Car Cleaning, Workshop Tools, Metal Storage and Roof Boxes
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I concur. I bought a Carrera Subway (I think it was a Subway 2) 14 years ago, and it's still going strong. Came with Kevlar protected tyres which I'm fairly convinced has prevented many a puncture. Still looks in good condition with a few scuffs here and there, but works well. It needed one service because Halfords didn't assemble it correctly, according to an independent cycle specialist they used some incorrect parts (but that could have been just bs to justify their high service fee), otherwise it's been problem free. Get a cassette chain cleaner, some degreaser, some chain lubricant and a tyre pump. Minor adjustments once or twice a year is all it's ever needed.


Good recommendation. Replacement parts for when they wear out should be cheap, too. You could look at the Carrera Axle if you want to go even cheaper (at £175). However, you lose the disc brakes and a gear at the back.


My recommendation would be the Carrera Subway 1 at £240. It's a do anything bike, efficient on the road and pretty decent off road too. It's basically a rigid mountain bike. It's very low maintenance because it has decent components and rigid forks. I don't know how much you can lift though, probably 13-14kg I would of guessed. You can still do many off road things with a rigid mountain bike. Lots of stunts etc. It's very similar to the bike below.


Thinking MTB or Hybrid, mainly for commuting to work and sometimes trails, canal paths. The cheaper the better but I don't wan't something I cannot even lift :)


You haven't actually stated what type of bike you are after.

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Menabo 320L Roof Box - £119 @ Lidl (from 5th May)
Refreshed 1st MayRefreshed 1st MayLocalLocalUpdated 27th MayLast updated 27th May by PTBARNSLEY
Menabo 320L roof box U-bracket allows you to easily attach it to your car’s roof bars Lockable for extra safety Inside straps for securing objects Size: 138 x 36 x 80cm Capacity: … Read more

They still have a couple of these left at the Wombwell Barnsley store. Just picked up on myself. Looks pretty decent quality too.


Gosh, past horrible memories of Black Friday just came flooding back! (lol)


I bought one earlier and fitted it in the car park, fits my Subaru with original roof bars perfectly, took 10 mins to fit with no tools needed if that helps anyone, bikes in the back and case up top, perfect ;) Thanks OP maxmix


Picked up box and the 130cm bars yesterday morning, not fitted them yet but quick look inside box and they appear half decent quality. Very entertaining watching big kick off in store when it opened at 10am as about 8 people scrapped over the single TV they had as part of the offer, this then turned into anger at staff as they hadn't put the dashcams out


Anyone know if they still have these ? maxmix

240L Roof Box + 3 Year Warranty £99.99 + £3.95 Delivery at Aldi - Pre-order for 12th May
Updated 25th MayLast updated 25th May by liajy
Thought this is great value when you look at comparable roof boxes which seem to be £129.99 - £250 :) Price is £99.99 + £3.95 large item delivery & is an online exclusive, s… Read more
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Material: 100% Polystyrene 😳


Anyone know actual size please?


I had a cheap roof box lid rip open on the m54 was driving one minute heard a rattle and saw my tv and all my belongings sailing down the motorway closed all the m54 down briefly and nearly caused me to buy a new pair of underpants


Lidl was selling a 320l roof box at the weekend for £11


Don't forget you'll need roof bars to fit this to, at an additional £30.. plus if you don't already have them.

Quest Roof Box 520L £239.99 down from £320 at Go Outdoors
Updated 30th AprLast updated 30th Apr by jonnyd24
Been looking for a roof box for travels down to Devon and found this huge 520L box in Go Outdoors. There are other smaller versions with around 25% off as well.

I have this roof box, but mine is branded summit. No way worth 320 hard earned pounds, £150 maybe


these have always been far far too much money. I just pulled more times to save needing this


£320 for a bit of molded plastic, Nice. Made in China for £10

Thule Force XT M roof box Black Aeroskin - £207.53 Delivered @ Amazon
Updated 24th FebLast updated 24th Feb by rhinopaul
Spotted this whilst looking for roof boxes. Seems a bargain as it’s £375 in Halfords

Thanks for the info.


Mine Thule cost me around £120 full kit brand new two years ago

jasonyu like this one come with foot pack


There is no rail on mine as well, I got both Thule wing bar and foot pack fit together. If you go for Thule, should need foot pack as well. Some roof bar come with foot pack together, but I found that they are more expensive. Haven't put the box on yet, it is too large, but good for the price.


Do you have rails on your verso or have you found bars that fit without the rails. My Verso didnt come with rails, I was hoping to find bars that would fit without having to buy rails aswell.

Mont Blanc Vista Roof Box 450 - 450 L Black Gloss  £155.07 @ Amazon
Updated 22nd FebLast updated 22nd Feb by Riyaad12
Posted a couple of weeks ago at £200+ now reduced to only £160.47 but limited stock. Now down in price to £155.07 Must be desperate to sell as reduced a little more

Looks like I've finally educated you! Remember Thule, Don't embarrasse yourself again, stick to what you know like watching paint dry (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


You're getting boring now! Go back to your roof box porn........


Get your facts right before you decide to make uneducated comments! 300l XD You got owned! Hope you've learned your lesson! Not very bright are you (lol) (lol) (lol)


Upset?! Far from it.....You Thule!!!!!!


Oops! I think someone's upset (:I (excited) Isn't she beautiful :D

Bornactive 320L Car Roofbox - Dark Carbon at Eurocarparts for £77.99
Updated 28th JanLast updated 28th Jan by eldaniel
Great deal from Euro Car Parts using the WINTER35 discount code. Get this 320L roofbox for £77.99 with free delivery. It is £119 without discount code. Online only. Specificati… Read more

It is only a roof box. Just buy it for £30 on eBay second hand if you want a good deal.


I've got one of these and it's absolutely fine for the money. Yes it's not going to be ideal if you're using it every weekend but for the occasional trip it's fine.


I bought one and it's not very good quality, one hinge snapped and you can't use it with aero bars.


Yes good spot I have updated it.


It's 77.99 with WINTER35 code :D

Thule 688006 Ocean 80 UK, Black Glossy  Roof box  £101.52 @ Amazon
Updated 17th JanLast updated 17th Jan by David_k
Great deal for a Thule box. Not the largest, but will hopefully help somebody out. Great reviews. If you have a small car and want a roof box that takes up a minimum of space then… Read more
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Trying to find this box on the Thule website, but can't find it. Guessing there is an equivalent version on their site. Does anyone know what that is please? Cheers


I will un-expire. It's still available under the other sellers tab.


I can’t answer for this box but I’ve got the Halfords Exodus (made by Thule apparently) and it looks very similar to this one. On a journey to the North West Highlands of Scotland I can honestly say I did not notice any increase in MPG . Journey was mostly motorway at 70mph (honest) and the onboard computer showed an average improvement in economy !?! Probably due to the lack of start stop etc.


If you are cruising along an A road, not a lot; motorway speed limit and it starts to become noticeable, and blasting across France at 100mph it is really noticeable; from 5 to 20%. these things are aerodynamically shaped, so less of a drag than a simple roof cage like the one I tend to use, which hits me for a 20% drop even at motorway speeds


Yep... I got that. On a serious note though don’t forget to factor in roof bars which can cost a few quid. Excellent price for this box though and heat added.

Exodus 470L Roof Box - £149 @ Halfords
Updated 10th JanLast updated 10th Jan by Dutchcap
Exodus 470L Roof Box The Exodus 470L Roof Box in Grey is aerodynamic for reduced wind resistance and noise. It is made from ABS material for durability and scratch resistance whil… Read more

Honestly they are superb bits of kit. Once you work out what you are doing. The main pain is storing it when not in use if you are short of space. Luckily mine (which is a large roofbox) suspends from the garage ceiling. When we go camping the roof box is great for beach days and alike as all the wet and sandy stuff just goes in it rather than the boot.


Wow... That's really put me off. I've been toying with the idea of one of these, but never thought about the practicalities. Heat for the deal however, seems like a good price


Can't seem to find stock near - anyone managed to get one?


Who needs one...


Normally have to pack it whilst it's on the car as you have to secure the box to the roof bars before putting stuff in it. If I'm going to be tight for space sometimes I pack it on the ground first for ease and then either remember how it all went in or take a couple of pictures along the way. I've never had stuff fall out as there are usually straps that hold all your stuff in.

Halfords 250L Roof Box Grey - Limited Edition £55
Updated 9th JanLast updated 9th Jan by Daywalker04
Halfords 250L Roof Box Grey - Limited Edition The Halfords 250L Roof Box allows you to carry up to 50kg with you on your journey. Equivalent to a small car boot, this roof box … Read more
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They called me a day later saying they only have one ex-display left, if I still want it... still need to collect it


I ordered one yesterday in Croydon but received a call an hour later to say they’ve not had them in store for ages and I’d need to travel to Crawley . Did you get one in Croydon?


Limited availability more like! Heat (y)


Something like this; Lidl sell them for £20 a couple of times a year, but they disappear quickly!


In stock in Hull also

Thule 859002 Canyon XT - Roof rack £196.38 @ Amazon
Updated 4th JanLast updated 4th Jan by toonarmani
Thule 859002 Canyon XT - Roof rack £196.38 @ Amazon
£196.38Amazon Deals
Had a price alert on this from the 3Camels left over from the summer, if you're planning on going camping these free up masses of space and now's the time to buy. I ended up paying… Read more
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£280 now :(


Yoda,is that an optical illusion with the curve of the car or you got your house on there.


LOL! Not if you line it first with a sheet of tarp or some other, load and then wrap XD ... a much better option than those roof bags you can get if you ask me. I wouldn't say this is better @gus77, it just depends on your requirements. The main benefit is being able to transport bulkier items as you aren't limited by the height of the box. Here's mine pictured with the extension kit: Looks like you're right @kabs must be clearing space in the warehouse as this has dropped a little bit more since I posted this morning, it's now £194.18


the rain on the journey to your camping destination will act as a coolant for your beer. Everything else will just get soaked


What makes this better than a roofbox?

Halfords 250L Roof Box Grey - Limited Edition £63
Updated 19th Dec 2018Last updated 19th Dec 2018 by kingkajee
Halfords 250L Roof Box Grey - Limited Edition £63
Description Halfords 250L Roof Box Grey - Limited Edition The Halfords 250L Roof Box allows you to carry up to 50kg with you on your journey. Equivalent to a small car boot, this r… Read more



Be aware with this roofbox it opens from the back not the side. So you will need to fill whilst leaning over your car boot usually.


I totally agree!


Hows this hot when nobody can find one.


I purchased one of these last time they went on offer approx 56 pounds about 2mth ago. Good bargain, you unpack see the plastic is flimsy. Opening the box whilst it's on a roof rack is bloody hard and you need patience due to the way/direction the box opens, also the hinges are mega flimsy do care is needed. Other than that the lock works fine and once packed it does hold quite a bit of stuff as people know the juke isn't known for boot space lol

Halfords 250L Roof box half price - £64.50 (free C&C)
Refreshed 6th Nov 2018Refreshed 6th Nov 2018Updated 12th Nov 2018Last updated 12th Nov 2018 by Stevey83
Halfords 250L Roof box half price - £64.50 (free C&C)
£64.50£12950%Halfords Deals
Starting Black Friday early jazz, seems a great deal though. Halfords 250L Roof Box Grey - Limited Edition The Halfords 250L Roof Box allows you to carry up to 50kg with you… Read more
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Worth complaining. See if you can get some money back!


Annoying, I just picked this roof box up and when I got it home the packet with keys written on it is empty. So I cant get in it and will have to take it back. They did say they would swap it but now I have another 1 hour round trip journey. (mad)


Got no choice , keys to my house that 1 (fierce)


You're kind, taking her on holiday. XD


Just picked one of these up. For £58 its OK but no way is it worth the regular price of £120. Its fine for a few essential items - carries about the same as two Ryanair carry on suitcases. Worst thing about it is access. Hinges are at the low end and it doesn't open very high so its very awkward to load and unload things. Just a few pointers to keep in mind.

Now Live  - Halfords Flash Deal 4 - Extra 10% off all roof boxes, roof bars and bike racks (See OP)
Refreshed 31st Oct 2018Refreshed 31st Oct 2018Updated 31st Oct 2018Last updated 31st Oct 2018 by salty35
Now Live - Halfords Flash Deal 4 - Extra 10% off all roof boxes, roof bars and bike racks (See OP)
Halfords are running a few Flash sale offers over the next few evenings into the following mornings. The first 3 have come and gone so this is the final Flash deal Get an extra 1… Read more

Great deal works on the Thule 598. Thanks


While your there, I had some chocolate peanuts from Tesco and at least 10% of the bag had no peanuts. Just lumps of chocolate! 😩 let them know (y)


Wow. That’s an odd time to do a promotion


Hmm, I was after the Boardman ADV 9.0 @ £1650. Guess what? It’s disappeared from their site tonight. What’s the betting it reappears sometime after 8am tomorrow? I’ll report this to Which as I’m sure they will be interested.


just had a quick looksy at a few more, the boardman mountain bike pro full suss 27.5" - now £1300 & its the previous 2016 model being flogged off as clearance, trouble is it was £1250 when brand fire new in 2016 when i bought mine 2 weeks after release so the beggers are trying it on on more than 1 model of bike.

BornActive 320ltr Roof Box - Dark Carbon £79.99 with code @ Euro car parts
Updated 4th Oct 2018Last updated 4th Oct 2018 by dannyboiz
BornActive 320ltr Roof Box - Dark Carbon £79.99 with code @ Euro car parts
It has been posted before but I think I lot of people struggled with the code. On Eurocarparts reduced from £179.99 to £119.99. With code (END35)it’s £79.99 with free delivery. A b… Read more

Been on the lookout for roof bars and box. Just added to my basket with END35 - bars were not discounted but box was (35%) - happy days. Closed browser by mistake, roof bars now nowhere to be seen! Selected another make with same roof box and now the bars are discounted but not the box! I had trouble with this website last year (and ultimately cancelled order over the phone) and in the meantime it hasn't improved (annoyed) Once again I'm walking away


I know, I've ordered from them in the past. Just seemed odd that the same thing happened again. Maybe it was never meant to be included in the offer as it's an accessory rather than car part? Anyways it looks like it works at first then they pull it


Never heard that manoeuvre before. I’ve never really had a problem with Eurocarparts before.


That's exactly the same thing happened when I posted this deal 2 months ago with a different code. As soon as people start using the code Eurocarparts remove the item from being eligible for the discount. Probably just to drive extra traffic to their site!!


One or more of the products you have choosen are not included in the promotion code you have used and will therefore not benefit from the promotion code. However you will still be able to progress with your order. For a list of products that are excluded in the promotion,

320L Roof Box £77.39 @ Eurocarparts with code AU355
Updated 3rd Oct 2018Last updated 3rd Oct 2018 by cartwheelbob
320L Roof Box £77.39 @ Eurocarparts with code AU355
Free standard delivery BornActive 320ltr Roof Box - Dark CarbonRoof bar mounted box with aero dynamic design, made from high quality PS plastic. Includes internal eyelets for secu… Read more

Nice one. You should post it 77.99 is a great price


I’ve just used ‘END35’which worked.


I'm wondering how these compared to the most basic Thule (ocean 80)


Works out at £76.79


Try this one (y) AGGLOB36

320L Roof Box £76.79 @ Eurocarparts with code AGGLOB36
Updated 18th Aug 2018Last updated 18th Aug 2018 by Mikiex
320L Roof Box £76.79 @ Eurocarparts with code AGGLOB36
Seen a few roof box deals but this looks reasonable. Available to collect (if you can find one) or free delivery BornActive 320ltr Roof Box - Dark Carbon Roof bar mounted box … Read more

Easier to say what IS included :)


Excluded Products Headlight Bulb Induction Kit Performance Air Filter Shock Absorber Kit Spoiler Sports Silencer Lowering Kit Sump Plug Anti-roll Bar Stabiliser Kit Flaring Kit, wing Performance Brake Disc Performance Brake Pad Set Electric Horn Air Filter Element Fully Tailored Mat Set Sports Clutch Kit Steering Box Big Brake Kit Brake Hose Kit K&N Oil Filter Locking Wheel Kits Performance Lighting Performance Bushes Per Suspension Kit Performance Tyres Silicon Hoses Suspension Kit Wheel Spacers Anti Roll Bar Kit Performance Shock Absorber Alloy Wheel Dump Valve Adjustable Sus Arm ECU Superchips Fog Lamp Bulb HID Kit Stop Tail Lamp Bulb Style Corner, Indictor Lamp Style Headlamp Style Rear Lamp Performance Exhaust Coilover Kit Air Suspension Conversion Kit Styling Door Mirror Waterless Coolant Performance Radiator OBD Port Protector Wind Deflector Car Air Fresheners Battery Chargers Fuel Cans Indicator Bulbs CD Players 4" (10cm) Speakers In Dash Sat Nav Standard Sat Nav Widescreen Sat Nav Sat Nav Software Sat Nav Software Sat Nav Mounts Brake Lights & Other Bulbs Parking Distance Sensors Polishers & Accessories Xenon Conversion Kits Speed Camera Detectors Accident Recorder Security Tracker System Trailers & Accessories In Car DVD Players Bluetooth Hands Free Kits Bluetooth Headsets Reversing Cameras Booster Packs Standard Headlamp Bulbs Upgrade Headlamp Bulbs Tyre Inflaters Tyre Foam LED Bulbs HGV & Truck Sat Nav Motorcycle Sat Nav 1" Drive Deep Impact Socket 1" Drive Impact Sockets 1/2" Couplings 1/2" Drive Deep Impact Sockets 1/2" Drive Impact Sockets 3/4" Drive Deep Impact Sockets 3/4" Drive Impact Sockets 3/8" Drive Deep Impact Sockets 3/8" Drive Impact Sockets Accessories Adaptor Couplings Air Hammers Air Hose Air Hose (Retracting) Air Line Fittings Air Ring Main System Air Tool Kits Angle Grinders Blow Guns Buffing & Punching Die Grinders Drills Engraving Extension Bars Filters & Regulators Impact Extension Bars Impact Socket Adaptors Impact Wrenches Key Sets Nails Oil Polisher Consumables Polishers Ratchet Wrenches Riveting Sander Consumables Sanders Saws & Cutting Saws & Cutting Accessories Scalers Screwdrivers Socket Sets Socket Sets Staplers & Nailers Staples Universal Joints Accessories Belt Driven Compressor Oil Direct Engine Driven Specialist Air Brushes Air Kits & Accessories Cleaning Tanks Cutters Dust Free High Pressure Spray Guns HVLP Spray Guns LVLP Spray Guns Masking Products Panel & Trim Tools Panel Dryers Panel Stands Sealant Guns Sheet Tool Accessories Spray Gun Accessories Spray Gun Consumables Spray Guns Vehicle Stands Body Repair Tools Chassis Straighteners Clamps & Measuring Arc Welders Inverter Accessories Inverters MIG Accessories MIG Consumables MIG Welders Oxyacetylene Oxyacetylene Consumables Plasma Cutters Plasma Inverters Spot Welder Stud Welder Welding Accessories Welding Consumables Cable Shears Detectors & Measuring Hole-Saws Levels Measuring & Comparison Miscellaneous Pipe Products Staplers & Nailers Testers Tiling Wrenches Punches & Chisels Thread Cutting Tools Workshop Tools Brushes Craft Cutters Extractors Files Hacksaws Hammers Levels Mallets Multi Tools Nylon Faced Hammers Pouches Precision Tools Pry Bars Punches & Chisels Saws Screwdriver Bit Sets Screwdriver Sets Screwdrivers Tie Downs Workshop Tools File Sets Tap & Die Sets Tool Kits Air Jacks Axle Stands Bottle Jacks Crane Accessories Engine Stands Engine Supports Farm Jacks Fixed Cranes Folding Cranes Jack Accessories Jacking Beams Motorcycle Lifts Motorcycle Stands Other Lifts Ramps & Chocks Scissor Jacks Transmission Jacks Trolley Jacks Wheel Removal Trolleys Beam Clamps & Trolleys Chain Blocks & Hoists Lifting Amber Beacons Booster Cables Electric Winches Hand Winches Mobile Power Systems Surge Protection Tie Downs Towing Accessories Towing Aids Trailer Accessories Trailers Accessories Grinders Grinding Discs Sanders Wire Brushes Drill & Bit Sets Pillar Drills Consumables Cut-Off Hacksaws Drill Vices Engineering Vices Mitre Clamps Vices Riveters Shears Battery Maintenance Crimping & Stripping Multimeters Measuring & Comparison Cutters Driver Bit Sets Hammers Locking Pliers Miscellaneous Pliers Precision Tools Punches & Chisels Saws Screwdrivers Wrench Sets Ni Fe 1" Drive Socket Sets 1/2" Drive Deep Sockets 1/2" Drive Extension Bars 1/2" Drive Socket Sets 1/2" Drive Sockets 1/4" Drive Deep Sockets 1/4" Drive Extension Bars 1/4" Drive Socket Sets 1/4" Drive Sockets 3/4" Drive Extension Bars 3/4" Drive Socket Sets 3/4" Drive Sockets 3/8" Drive Deep Socket Sets 3/8" Drive Deep Sockets 3/8" Drive Extension Bars 3/8" Drive Socket Sets 3/8" Drive Sockets Accessories Adaptors Allen Keys & Sets Driver Bit Sets Extension Bars Mixed Socket Sets Ribe Sets Socket Sets Spline Sets TRX, Spline & Hex TRX-Star Sets Torque Screwdriver Torque Wrenches Adjustable Wrenches Bit Driver Sets Breaker Bars Combination Wrenches Combination Wrenches Crows Foot Wrenches Flare Nut Wrenches Flex Head Wrenches Ni Fe Nut Drivers Ratchet Wrenches Wrench Sets Batteries & Chargers Drills Impact Wrenches Polishers Screwdrivers Circular Saws Drills Grinders Hot Air Gun Jig Saws Polishers Accessories Backing Pads Battery Chargers Compounding Heads Cutting Discs Drill Chucks & Keys Flap Discs Grinding Discs Wire Brushes Accessories Removal Tools Soldering Guns Soldering Irons Soldering Torches Drill & Bit Sets Air Conditioning Tools Leak Detection Kits Accessories Battery Service Tools Fuses Testers Headlamp Beam Setters Laser Alignment Devices Brake Bleeders Brake System Tools Cylinder Hones Hose Pinch Tools Anti Freeze Testers Cooling System Tools Hose Clamps Leak Detection Kits Water Pump Pliers Analysis Tools Diagnostic Test Probes Timing Lights Compression Cylinder Leakage Fuel Pressure Oil Pressure Vacuum & Fuel 1/2" Drive Head bolt kit Cam & Valve Tools Clutch Tools Diagnostic Exhaust Tools Fan Tools Fuel & Injection Tools Hose Tools Hub Spanners ID Tags & Clips Pliers Plug & Piston Tools Pressure Testing Pulley Removal Tools Punch Sets Spring Compressors Stands Stethoscope Thermometers Throttle Tools Timing Belt Tools Torque Gauges VAG Tools Wrenches Accessories Ball Joint Tools Bearing removal Tools Bearing Tools Bush Removal Tools Coil Spring Compressors CV Joint Tools Ford Tools Hub Tools Shock Absorber Tools Drain Plug Keys Oil Filter Crushers Oil Filter Sockets Oil Filter Wrenches Gear Pullers Pulley Removal Tools Slide Hammers Alfa Tools BMW Tools Camshaft Tools Chrysler Tools Citroen Tools Crank Tools Diesel Engine Tools Fiat Tools Flywheel Positioning Tools Ford Tools GM Tools Honda Tools Land Rover Tools Petrol Engine Tools PSA Tools Renault Tools Rover MG Tools Setting Kits VAG Tools Imapct Sockets Specialised Socket Sets Spline Keys Star Keys Thread & Bearing Tools Air Knife Door Hinge Pin Tools Interior Tools Moulding Release Tool Panel Removal Tools Trim Tools Windscreen Tools Air Line Gauges Alignment Tools Pressure Gauges Pumps Tyre Changers Tyre Inflators Wheel & Tyre Tools Accessories Consumables Engine Cleaning Mechanics Mats MOT Pliers Prybars Scrapers Tweezers Wing Covers Car Covers Cleaning Aids Accessories Vacuum Cleaners Valeting Machines Cable Ties Staplers & Nailers Air Presses Arbor Presses Battery Chargers Battery Maintenance Cleaning Tanks Creepers Fuses Hydraulic Presses Metal Benders Pipe Benders Seats Shot Blasting Cabinets Shot Blasting Consumables Shot Blasting Guns Solar Panels Starters & Chargers Tool Rails 110V Lead Lamps 12V Lead Lamps 230V Lead Lamps Accessories Batteries Bulbs Cable Reels Extension Leads & Plugs Flexi Lights Floodlight Accessories Floodlights Generators Inverters Lanterns Lead Lamp Accessories LED Lead Lamps Lighting Magnetic Lights Retractable Lead Lamps Spotlights Tool Transformers Torches Work Lights Barrel Bunds Diesel Transfer Pumps Drain Pans Drainers Emergency Kits Fluid Transfer Pumps Fuel Cans Funnels Grease Guns Measuring Jugs Oil Cans Oil Drainers Spill Mats Water Container Drum Trolleys Folding Trucks Pallet Trucks Platform Trucks Sack Trucks Workshop Trolleys Pressure Washer Accessories Domestic Pressure Washer Engine Driven Submersible Pumps Suction Hoses Surface Mounted Pumps Body Protection Ear & Head Protection Eye & Face Protection Fire Protection First Aid Hand Protection Respiratory Protection Workwear Alarms Barriers & Wheel Clamps Cash Boxes Key Cabinets Lockers Padlocks Safes Storage Cabinets Middle Boxes Mobile Workstations Parts Storage Plastic Toolboxes Racking Rollercabs Tool Bags Tool Cabinets Tool Cases Tool Chest Accessories Tool Chests Tool Storage Panels Tool Trays Toolboxes Top Chests Workshop Trolleys Bins Blowers Brooms & Squeegee Cycle Products Dehumidifiers Desk & Tower Fans Drainage Dust Extractors Electric Heaters High Velocity Fans Hose Accessories Infared Heaters Kick-Steps Ladders Matting Paraffin/ Diesel Heaters Platform Ladders Propane Heaters Safety Steps Step Stool Tarpaulins Ventilators Water Hose Water Hose Vices Vices Workbenches Workbenches Hot Water Pessure Washer Hot Water Pessure Washer Pro Vacuum Cleaner Pro Vacuum Cleaner Pro Pressure Washer Pro Pressure Washer Steam Cleaner Steam Cleaner Water Pump Water Pump Upholstery Cleaner Upholstery Cleaner Screw Compressors Screw Compressors Cordless Screwdrivers Cordless Screwdrivers Multi Tools Multi Tools Headlight Bulb LED Bulbs 4" (10cm) Speakers Car Air Fresheners Accident Recorder Blue Antifreeze Red Antifreeze Universal Antifreeze


Thanks @leehiniho but the code either no longer works or never did I'm afraid


As above. Code not valid on this item.


"One or more of the products you have choosen are not included in the promotion code you have used and will therefore not benefit from the promotion code."

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    Find here other ways to view the deals. You can view it in either grid, list or text only view.

    When clicking this gear icon you can find other ways to view the deals. You can view it in either grid, list or text only view.

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  6. Main Menu

    Through our main menu you can navigate to certain categories or shops you are interested in.

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