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ASUS GeForce  RTX 2080 Super OC edition Graphics Card £743.58 on Ebay via CCL
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Updated 11th SepLast updated 11th Sep by kovitch
Brand new Asus Dual RTX 2080 Super OC edition £50 off with Ebay PLAYAPP code. Bringing this ultra high end GPU down to just £743!!! A steal for PC gamers

The trick is in not telling the price. (cheeky)


Is it worth waiting till black Friday for these?


Cold terrible price avoid


Haha, I was actually presuming that anyone buying this wouldn't have a wife or girlfriend to have to run it by (y)


once its fitted they will never know (lol)

4.1GHz Intel Hexa Core i5 Gaming Desktop PC - 16GB, 2TB, 8GB RTX 2080 SUPER - £1180.99 @ CCL eBay
Updated 30th AugLast updated 30th Aug by PreacherJ
What’s everyone’s thoughts? Looks like a good deal, but maybe I am being enticed by the SUPER. Specs are below - no SSD, but not an issue if you’re happy to buy+install one you’re … Read more
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Amazing, cheers!(y)




I am obviously using PC Partpicker wrong, but can’t match your price. Can you share a link to your parts? If I can cannibalise my current PC and save money, that would be a bonus(y)


that cpu with that gpu xD


I would say this is a good machine for the money, but slightly over your budget: ebay.co.uk/itm/Killer-CCL-4-1GHz-Intel-Hexa-Core-i5-Gaming-Desktop-PC-16GB-2TB-RTX-2070-/381527009211 You can get it down further but it you won’t have SSD’s etc. If you’re happy to install the SSD yourself go for this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Speedy-CCL-4-1GHz-Intel-Hexa-Core-i5-Gaming-Desktop-PC-16GB-1TB-RTX-2070-/381527009243

EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC Ultra Gaming 11GB GDDR6 - £972.78 @ Amazon
-125° Expired
Updated 26th AugLast updated 26th Aug by HangTime
This is the lowest ive event seen a EVGA 2080TI non black . This is XC and not XC2 but still the cheapest ive ever seen it . Only 2 in stock

Over a grand now


If you have a 1080ti I'd skip a generation. Looking at the 2080S stats the 2080ti is still way out ahead, and RTX really doesn't do that much right now. If they bring out a 2080Sti I'm getting it just for the name though


That is what I am hoping for. Currently own the 1080ti, but hopefully the 2080 super will be a worthwhile upgrade especially with ray tracing.


Agreed. The 2060 super seems close to the 2070 and the 2070 super close to the 2080, so if the pattern of matching the next model up continues for the 2080 super priced at £680 then the old 2080ti will be massively overpriced at anywhere near £1k.


Only £972.78 (horror)

ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Strix Advanced Edition £660.02 @ Amazon
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Updated 22nd AugLast updated 22nd Aug by a55assin
Lowest price this high end 2080 card has been.
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You're right - thought i saw an S there.


It's the regular 2070, not the 2070 super.


Not really worth it and super won't drop anytime soon until more AMD cards get revealed. You'd have been better off with a 2070S over that 2080. Even a founders edition from Nvidia store is £150 cheaper. When you consider the performance difference between them is within a few percent it's not worth it.


Thats the 2070 Super. Hi all, i recently have been looking at purchasing a 2080 and finally took the plunge for £630 due to asus current trade in offer (google this if you are unaware). Its currently sitting there unopened. however reading reviews of the 2080 Super it says that they're meant to be cheaper the the 2080 by $100? In the UK it looks like the cheapest 2080 Super is currently £690 - im thinking as the Super only got released last month, are there still price drops incoming when vendors have more stock? any thoughts / comments?


Found it cheaper on amazon uk

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Gigabyte RTX 2080 Gaming OC 8G  £629.99 Amazon
Updated 15th AugLast updated 15th Aug by thoseion
GIGABYTE Model GV-N2080WF3-8GC Interface Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16 Chipset Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA GPU Series NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 Series GPU GeForce RTX 2080 Core Clock 1… Read more
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Now showing as £372! EDIT: Didn’t last long. Back up to £629.


Cold cold cold. Why not I st buy a super. These will be offloaded very soon.


RTX 2070 Super is a fraction slower but costs a lot less, e.g. this exact model is £519 also on Amazon.


With the new super cards out this one will drop even more.

Asus ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080 Advanced 8GB Graphics Card - £693.47 delivered @ Ebuyer
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Updated 12th AugLast updated 12th Aug by zeb.mattey
Asus ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080 Advanced 8GB Graphics Card Features NVIDIA TURING™: ROG GeForce RTX™ graphics cards are powered by the Turing GPU architecture and the all-new … Read more

It's down atm will be back on the 15th! Please for the love of god dont buy a 2070S now haha. The Aib 5700 XT pulse is out on the 15th, save yourself £100 and it's basically the same card but OCs better.


I'd like to know about this £320 deal - was about to get a 2070 Super for 500+, so I'm all ears!


Not even a 2060s is half.... cheapest one of those is £380. Nvidia are trying to fleece us and we should all vote with our feet.


How about cost?


32bit and S3TC to start with.

EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 FTW3 Ultra Gaming at Amazon £650.65
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Updated 10th AugLast updated 10th Aug by HangTime
Cheapest price for this card from a decent manufacturer with 3 fans. Also comes with Nvidia bundle.
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Over 800 now




I'd rather pay £10 more and get the super card that's due out soon!


Show him your badongkadonks


I've already seen it all, I'm just pointing out something. Have some humility and accept constructive criticism.

Refurbished MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO Graphics Card - £800.99 @ techsave2006 ebay
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Updated 10th AugLast updated 10th Aug by HangTimeShipping from United Arab EmiratesShipping from United Arab Emirates
Refurbished MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING X TRIO Graphics Card, listed at £889.99 but there's a 10% off voucher that's automatically applied at the checkout. 5 available at this p… Read more
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The gtx 1080ti for 270 sounds great- well done for that. The link goes to ebuyer so is it Techsave2006 or ebuyer?


I was in two minds as to whether I should buy this or not, but since you confirmed toner/ink cartridges are installed, it's a no-brainer.


Reviews out. 2060S = £379 and 2070S = £475 for founders editions. 2060S matches 2070 performance and 2070S matches 2080/slightly beats 1080Ti.

KFA2 Nvidia RTX 2080 EX 8GB GDDR6 - from Amazon.fr only £552.58-  plus a free copy of Wolfenstein Youngblood!
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Updated 10th AugLast updated 10th Aug by HangTime
Pretty good deal if you are after an RTX 2080, I think this is the cheapest is has been since launch, and about the right price compared with the now discontinued GTX 1080 Ti. In … Read more
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Price gone up north of 700 euro now


Sure, drop me a Private message, and I can help. :)


Hijacking a comment to get Uncommon.sense's attention, I've seen you post builds for people in other threads... Would you help me search for parts for a gaming PC. Priority is maximum gaming performance, can spend up to £1,200.


deal expired :(


Sorry I think I wasn’t very clear. What I meant is that in Japan, the price of graphic cards in their own currency haven’t changed that much as the JPY/USD has been constant. For us in the UK we took a big hit in our currency in an very short time while our revenues remain roughly the same, so the cards appear quite expensive (no matter where you buy it as the gbp has become weaker against anything). It’s not just Brexit as you can observe the phenomenon else where in Europe but yeah it’s particularly bad here.

Asus Dual RTX 2080 OC 8GB - £58.74 at smartteck-outlet eBay
Updated 2nd AugLast updated 2nd Aug by Beehj84
Bargain. (lol) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, 8GB GDDR6, PCI Express 3.0, OpenGL®4.5, 2944 CUDA, 256-bit 2x Fans. 2x Fun. Delivering the latest NVIDIA Turing™ gaming experience in its… Read more
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^^ this. Misprices are this low. Hacked accounts trying to scam put items at like 50-80% of the retail price so they seem like deals, but not impossibly so.


All your personal details......


Bought two and one is still listed as paid, the other has already been listed as posted Nah... just kidding 😁


1) Pricing error (missed out a digit or wrong decimal place). In this case, I think that's what's happened & they meant to list it at £580.74 or £658.74. 2) Scammers that build up positive feedback by selling cheap tat, then when they have achieved that, they list a bunch of high end tech stuff (tv's, pc's, laptops, cameras, phones etc) far cheaper than they should. 3) More common on Amazon than ebay these days but there is also the possibility of hacked accounts.


Free tinfoil hats to all that think this is anything other than a mispriced item 🤪

MSI GeForce RTX 2080 GAMING X TRIO 8GB Graphics Card for £610.69 @ Ebuyer ebay with code
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Updated 18th JulLast updated 18th Jul by tungst3n
Ebuyer ebay now have this RTX 2080 MSI Gaming X which I think is one of the higher range 2080's for £610 using the PARTY code. Cheapest I've seen since I got the Ventus version for… Read more

The PARTY discount code is 20% discount upto a £100 saving. The quoted price of £610.69 doesnt exisit as only £100 is knocked off.


Comes to £663.85 now?


Nvi I don't think Nvidia have said "we are replacing the 2080 with the Super" because they can't yet, but the 2080 is not in their RTX product lineup anymore. That's from the Nvidia site and a subtle but pretty conclusive indication the 2080 will be no more. They could have probably slotted the 2080 in there at $599 which would have interested me, but I guess they want you to buy the Super at $699 instead.


Yeah, I'm not so confident of their views unless it's from an Nvidia statement. I can't see them cutting their profit margins unless the new cards cost less to make perhaps?


All the articles and well respected Youtubers I've seen mention this all say the 2080 is being replaced by Super, as happened with the 2070/Super.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 WINDFORCE 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card @ eBay eBuyer - £577.84
204° Expired
Updated 17th JulLast updated 17th Jul by liltman
Using eBay code PARTY for 20% off from eBuyer. Great price for an RTX 2080 graphics card

Ah cool, phew! so similar to mine lol. It's a really good card. It's the first time I ever spent so much on a GPU and my God it is worth it lol. It's lasted me ages and still going and to think if I never upgraded my resolution and just stayed at 1080p then it would still destroy everything (nearly)


And the GPU temp is 75-77 (I've never checked it before!).


I've got an Asus Strix 980ti. It's almost inaudible, even while gaming, so I've absolutely no complaints. And I'm still on a i5 2500K. At the moment I'm mostly playing AC Odyssey and the frame rate is sort of around 45-50fps for general running around, and over 50 sometimes, and then very short dips in the 35-40 range. It's really pretty good.


In that case I would hold out to be honest. 980 Ti is still very capable and 5800 XT willl be coming along a little later this year so you'll have a good choice between that and the 2080 Super or Ti depending on how they all perform and are priced relative to each other. A 980 Ti is on average about similar performance to a GTX 1660 so I'd imagine performance numbers for that card would be somewhat representative of yours since most reviews don't publish performance numbers for 900 series cards nowadays.


Ah nice, another 980ti user :D Which version of the card do you have btw? Mine is gigabyte gtx 980 ti g1 gaming. I like to ask what temps other 980ti users get as mine gets stupidly hot. Usually hangs around 65 on a good cooler day but on days like today usually stuck on 70 - 82c which annoys the crap out of me lol. Also, what's the most demanding game you play and what kinda FPS u getting? You say u still impressed with it overall so I imagine pretty good.

Gainward GeForce RTX 2080 Triple 8GB / GB GDDR6 Graphics Card - 3X DisplayPort / 1x HDMI / 1x USB Type-C - £559.84 @ Amazon France
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Updated 13th JunLast updated 13th Jun by Danger_MouseShipping from FranceShipping from France
Gainward GeForce RTX 2080 Triple 8GB / GB GDDR6 Graphics Card - 3X DisplayPort / 1x HDMI / 1x USB Type-C - £559.84 @ Amazon France
well this is ine one of the lowest price for a 2080 gpu grab a bargain had this when it was 700gbp so at this price it is a steal

Deal is expired now, price has gone up by nearly €100 :(


Might be worth hanging on for these rumored 'super rtx' cards. Think the 2070 will be as good as a 2080 but priced like a, erm, 2070? I dunno, google it before deciding.


Wait a bit, the NVIDIA Super lineup and NAVI releases that are coming soon will drive these prices down a lot.


But would Amazon UK handle the return of the card if anything goes wrong? Or would you have to pay to return it to France? Or deal directly with the manufacturer? Bear in mind that Amazon FR may not ship to UK, or if it does it will charge you another £20 shipping. I actually made a purchase for an item on the US Amazon site, which shipped from a seller in France:))) at a much lower price than the same seller was selling on the UK Amazon site. This was a collectable toy. Not sure I would try it with £600 worth.


Really ignorant? All gpu s bought on europe have european warranty , i cant say that this gpu is the worst of the line , why wont you do us the favour to show a cheaper one...

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Updated 1st JunLast updated 1st Jun by GrimyRascal
Overclockers UK - Switch to homepage 1 Keyword, Article Number Home PC Components Graphics Cards NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 KFA2 GeForce RTX 2080 EX 1-Click OC 8192MB GDDR6 PCI-Expre… Read more
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Johansen is going to have to deliver in a BIG way on that one !


I wouldn't recommend you look for an Nvidia Quadro RTX 8000 if you think this is expensive.


Woooooooooooh, Inclusive of delivery! @£609.89 it better arrive presented from the hands of Scarlett Johansen on a silk cushion.


Hopefully when Intel release their GPUs it will force Nvidia to lower prices. But I suppose it all depends on how they perform and what price point they aim for. Still more competition is good.


AMD are always going to struggle if they target the middle of the road card with their most expensive model. The 480 came in at a good price point, but since then, there has been very little compelling offers from AMD's launch windows. The Vega 56 has come down in price and is slightly attractive, but you can't find a non blower model at the attractive price, so it's really annoying. They don't seem to be able to put up the fight needed to drive competition.

PNY GeForce Rtx 2080 pny xlr8 8GB Graphics Card £603.47 delivered @ Ebuyer
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Updated 20th MayLast updated 20th May by ro53ben
PNY GeForce Rtx 2080 pny xlr8 8GB Graphics Card £603.47 delivered @ Ebuyer
£603.47£659.999%Ebuyer Deals
Decent price for a lower class 2080

I've got an EVGA 2080Ti 2 fan card, albeit black edition ACX fan type, and the fan noise is totally acceptable - quieter than my CPU cooling. I've never hit temperature limit on the card.


Not quite. Apparently dual fan one was quite loud compared to other 2080's from what i could have find. Also running higher temperatures than other comparable other cards, also was more expansive. In general - not the greatest choice I hope 3 fan version is better. Anyway i purchased this card now so IT better be haha.


it's the same, with three fans.


Assume it's 1.5x better ;)


Hard to find any review of the triple fan version...

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING OC 11GB Graphics Card - £1,099.98 @ Ebuyer
-8° Expired
Updated 18th MayLast updated 18th May by 7777777
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING OC 11GB Graphics Card - £1,099.98 @ Ebuyer
£1,099.98£1,379.9920%Ebuyer Deals
RTX 2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6 Clock 1665MHz OC RGB Lighting AORUS 256GB RGB m.2 NVMe SSDFREE AORUS 256GB RGB m.2 NVMe SSD with this product Asus High Quality DisplayPort To DVI Adapter Ca… Read more
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yup, nvidia is no longer shy to rip people off and since some still seem happy to be the subjects of extortion this is going to continue.


The Times They Are a-Changin


Remember the days when a top of the range GPU cost £300, and we thought that was expensive? "HEXUS put Sapphire's Radeon HD 4870 X2 through its paces earlier today and surmised that the Radeon HD 4870 X2 is simply the fastest consumer graphics card in the world, bar none. However, taking into account the suggested price of £330, our HEXUS.bang4buck found it hard to justify the extra premium.12 Aug 2008"


Bought 12 for Ebay hence expired now sorry guys



(Open Box) Palit GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB GamingPro Turing Graphics Card - £804.49 @ Box
155° Expired
Updated 18th MayLast updated 18th May by ro53ben
(Open Box) Palit GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB GamingPro Turing Graphics Card - £804.49 @ Box
£804.49£96917%Box.co.uk Deals
Personally wouldn't consider buying a gfx card for the same price as a decent 1080p gaming pc could be bought for. However this might help someone. Current cheapest i could find i… Read more
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Sure, but heat isn't the major issue - you can't draw enough power.


Just a massive weight difference between a Super JetStream and a Dual cooling solution is kind of scary. The Jetstream cooler is huge.


Yeah, I'm gonna stick to console 'till I win the lottery


Nvidia are reported to be refreshing this range with much faster GDDR 6 memory than is currently used, and also they have been producing two different grades of GPU chips which will now be rationalised only to the 'a' grade better one. If you're going to spend this kind of money then better to either hang on or wait for the old stock to be reduced as it's effectively inferior.


Good deal but why did they make it look like an owl? Why do owls never go courting in the rain??? Because it’s too wet to woo!

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti WINDFORCE 11G Fan  £965.82 Amazon
78° Expired
Updated 13th MayLast updated 13th May by smuddybuddy20
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti WINDFORCE 11G Fan £965.82 Amazon
£965.82£1,049.998%Amazon Deals
Still an overpriced card, don't get me wrong, but looks like a sound deal for a decent RTX 2080 Ti. Building a new ITX case shortly, I'm strictly limited to a 2-slot card and the G… Read more
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A massive warning to anyone that purchased this. I just received my card. Both the box and backplate state it's the correct model but what arrived was an RTX 2070. The 1x8-pin + 1x6pin connectors are the first giveaway and my PC confirmed it when I installed. Talking with Amazon now.


I thought SLI was dead?


Much the same here. 2 x w/c 980ti and the next is CPU/motherboard RAM. Expensive leap from LGA 2011. The 2080Ti is an after thought. I went from 3 x 570 to 2 x 980 next likely 1080Ti then another later. No way a £1000 ish outlay for a card. Thumbs up for the deal tho'.


Overpriced by £500. Its a graphics card ffs.


Same here, I buy and sell used PC parts for a living, I do play at 4k,but even a 2080ti will not fully give me peace of mind no hassle 60fps settings without some tweaking... But I am looking for a cheap used 2080ti ideally an EVGA for the hassle free 2nd user warranty ,but I would not pay current retail new prices.

MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio with free MSI Immerse Headset worth £70 - £773.99 / £777.48 delivered at  Ebuyer
-3° Expired
Updated 9th MayLast updated 9th May by djvivid
MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio with free MSI Immerse Headset worth £70 - £773.99 / £777.48 delivered at Ebuyer
£777.48Ebuyer Deals
Was in the market for an RTX 2080 and came across this on ebuyer. For the money seems like an ok deal there is very little discount to be had on RTX cards ATM so this little bit of… Read more
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People are paying over 500 for 2nd user 1080ti's like the gaming x trio 1080ti on Ebay. I agree the prices are too high for VGA cards in general, but a decent 2080 is better than a decent 1080ti and has technology that will be very useful in time like DLSS, so whats a 2080 worth? I bought an "openbox unused" MSI gaming X Trio RTX 2080, got it for 600 quid with 12 months warranty. I knew that a lot of people were returning the trio cards as they were physically too big for the users cases. I previously had tried to buy 4 1080ti's on Ebay, non of them worked out. 2 of them cancelled the order after my winning bid claiming the card was no longer available, 1 never turned up at all, and finally one turned up but it looked damaged so I sent it back. But i'm glad that happen now as the gaming X Trio 2080 is a fantastic card, I overclock to "2100" clock speeds and 750 memory, top load temps are 65 C Maybe I should of waited for the 7nm announcements later in the year which some are saying will drop the RTX 20 series prices, but I couldn't wait


Exactly, this isn't your average 2080ti because it's a 2080. I'm saying you can get a Ti for the same price with a little bit of effort, no need to have a go. The overclocking was just a bonus but even so, the extra 25% performance over this isn't to be sniffed at, even at stock clocks.


SO you bought a card for £3 more than this one inc delivery - Overclocked it yourself with another OEM's software and love the result. Congrats you - but quite frankly what on earth does it have to do with this deal? 1: You are hardly representative of avg buyers many of whom would not feel comfortable using original vendor software yet alone another's 3rd party software to overclock. 2: The headset will sell for at least £60 meaning this is £63 cheaper than what you bought from France that has potential warranty issues all over it in the uk 3: IDGAF (d= do) that nvidia pricing is way way over the hill in terms of where it should be. However that's the market and people keep paying it. 4: This isn't your average 2080ti card - it's boost is 1775 mhz.. That's way more than standard cards (1500 - 1650) that cost the same or often more so you are clearly getting better performance ie top end out the box than most 2080ti's offer. Just saying get it in perspective rather than voting down on nvidia's crazy pricing schedule, using software the vast majority won;t and lastly realising this is a faster card than 3/4 of 2080ti's out there.


Gigabyte 2080Ti Gaming OC. Just been tweaking it tonight. Flashed the Galax 380w bios and now have sustained 2050 on the core and 8200 on the (Samsung) memory. Bloody over the moon with it!


Which model?

MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti VENTUS 11GB Graphics Card - £969.99 @ Ebuyer
-193° Expired
Updated 6th MayLast updated 6th May by Mr.Doovde
MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti VENTUS 11GB Graphics Card - £969.99 @ Ebuyer
£969.99Ebuyer Deals
Good price for rtx 2080 ti Features Core/Memory Boost Clock / Base Clock / Memory Speed 1545 MHz / 1350 MHz / 14 Gbps 11GB GDDR6 Customized Dual Fan Design Double ball … Read more

Going to buy 10 for my Bitcoin rig.


I assume those cards that are boosting to 1700mhz plus are the A binned chips ?


the 2080 ti should really be 600. The sooner that cuda dies too the better


Ccccccccrazy (shock)


For that money I'd expect it to be capable of time travel................

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