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Random Ryanair laptop question
Hello im considering a gaming laptop. I may need to take it on the the extremely rare Ryanair flight and international flight to Australia Theoretically I could just carry the lap… Read more

Or evan a spare mask in a wrapper will be charged !


Yeah I have to go back and forth every few years the odd time with large baggage. Never an issue flying internationally but local to London from Belfast the is always where the money adds up for baggage


Ryanair will be billing you for this thread


The only person with more excess baggage than ryanair is my ex (drum rimshot sound)


Ryanair will probably count a newspaper as excess baggage.

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Anyone got any idea when they'll be released - I need to book for a group

Ask ryanair possibly?


Ryanair, a global pandemic, the hotel and travel industry in crisis, what could possibly go wrong?


Typically, around 9 months but given the business uncertainty, the schedule will be subject to constant change.


LOL (y)

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3 Nights in Prague including Breakfast + Return flights from Edinburgh. W/ Ryanair + Booking.com
Short break to Prague here - £34.50pp including return flights from Edinburgh and 3 Nights Bed and breakfast. Current Restrictions indicate that bars and restaurants can open from… Read more

Wouldn’t recommend traveling now in the current situation


Restrictions are lighter???? They are currently in a state of emergency likely to be extended and FCO advises against all but essential travel to there. plus you have to self isolate on return. You also have to have a valid negative COVID test certificate on arrival no older than 72 hrs or get tested in the Czech Republic and stay put in your hotel until negative test returned.

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Updated 18th Jul 2020Last updated 18th Jul 2020 by .MUFC.
I got a refund on my covid cancelled Ryanair flights
Just had my monies refunded by a chargeback I did on Ryanair.. Definately worth raising a chargeback if you haven’t already

OnTheBeach have refunded me for the Ryanair flights in advance of them receiving payment from Ryanair and also given me a voucher for £100 off my next holiday booked via them. Just had to sign a disclaimer stating I wouldn't do a charge back etc..


I've been waiting since 3rd of April for Tesco to process my claim... Still waiting... And waiting


I did it for my Flybe flights, didn't use credit card, but filled in form, money back no problems


yep or book hotels seperatly on a free cancellation, can cancel day before. With flights 100% credit card if over £75 cheaper flights i don't bother and just way with monzo


Agree. As once the hotel is open it is not their fault the event is cancelled. As a side note if you do put a chargeback in the bank will usually refund quite quickly - but can take it back again if the hotel argues against it.

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Updated 7th Jun 2020Last updated 7th Jun 2020 by senukas
Ryanair - Schedule Change Refund
Just received notification that a Ryanair flight I've booked for August is now delayed by longer than 3 hours. I booked the one way flight through Lastminute.com and have the optio… Read more

You are being taken for a ride by Lastminute.com... They charged you for a ticket and they need to refund you. You might find that Ryanair will simply tell you to bugger off and deal with LM. We had same situation with LM but different airline (Eurowings). It took me over a month to get to the stage where they finally offered some sort of refund - enhanced travel voucher; travel voucher and airline refund in the form of VOUCHER minus their handling fee. I must say my last call to them was not very polite. Unfortunately for LM we have paid by credit card and the bank didn't mess around. I submitted my claim under article 75 and boom, two weeks later I got money back.


Jeez do Ryanair charge for everything! Surprised they don't charge for the air you breathe on the plane! :( :( :( :(


You can get a refund off them but the wait in roughly 4 months unless you PAY for a fast refund!!


Fill in the refund form, they will send you vouchers then good luck trying to get hold of anyone. If you do, they'll tell you to fill the refund form in again to be put on the refund list (if it works) and round and round you go.


Not much help, but I have been waiting a good month (others it seems a lot longer) for a refund. I completed their refund form but they keep sending me emails trying to get me to move my flight for free, or fill in their refund form again. Least of my holiday worries currently though as I am in dispute with Sir Richard.

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Updated 2nd Jun 2020Last updated 2nd Jun 2020 by joyf4536
RyanAir have pulled all flights after October
Just noticed that Ryanair have pulled all their flights availablity after 24th October 2020 today. It is not possible to book any flights with them for after this date. I wonder … Read more

Rubbish. “Ryanair has one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry, with year-end cash equivalents of €3.8 billion and 327 (77 per cent) of the group’s owned fleet unencumbered and debt free.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesasquith/2020/04/06/ryanair-still-expects-to-make-1-billion-profit-in-2020-financial-year/#770eaac54b86


Close to admin


Taking into account the UK has an obesity percentage of 28 I am taking about the latter :)


I don't normally complain about Ryanair - as long as you know what you're getting they're fine. However, I WILL complain that they are outright refusing to refund those who have had flights cancelled. If they're sitting on billions as others have claimed, it's not going to push them under is it.


Not enough of them?