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Charge Spoon Cromo Saddle in black or brown £29.99 ( + Shim for £25.68 Delivered with newsletter sign up) @ Tredz
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Great saddles at a great price, add this to make the price over £30 then sign up for newsletter (bottom of page) to get £5 off. Available in black or brown.

Bought one 3 years ago for my MTB (for £23). I do find it more comfortable than the Boardman saddle it replaced but I still wouldn't rate it as a very comfortable saddle. But any personal comfort recommendations are pretty much pointless anyway as everyone needs a different fit.


I’ll second that, I’ve done tens of thousands of miles over the years a lot of them on top end bikes and this is always the one I go back to. It’s going to be a few grams more but does that really matter.


If you read the comments above you’ll find that this more comfortable than saddle costing £100 more. I’ve got these on all my bikes. Done thousands of miles on them.


Isn't it still a bit of a budget saddle though? Happy to pay more for the right one. The one the Canyon came with is ok and the lip at the rear is a nice touch - just not sure whether it is the right one over the longer-term.


Charge Spoon!


£39.99 for me. Expired?


Depends on the type of touring you want to do with it. Personally speaking, the mudguards come off at Easter when the winter bike gets put away, and they don't get seen again until the autumn. If it rains, we just suck it up! I've got a couple of saddle packs similar to this, albeit different makes (one's a cheap PlanetX, the other a more expensive Restrap), and as both are waterproof it really doesn't matter if you get a bit of muck on the outside. If I know the weather might be grim, I'll double-wrap everything inside anyway and have never had a problem. I would certainly take the "waterproof" description of this one with a pinch of salt, but if the kit is well wrapped, it may well be a perfectly serviceable saddle bag.


me too.


£39.99 for me too.


Shows 39.99 for me

Brooks C17 All-Weather Bike Saddle £74.05 at Amazon
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Brooks C17 All-Weather Bike Saddle £74.05 at Amazon£74.05 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
A good price for this saddle which oddly comes from the US but directly from Amazon. Vulcanised Natural Rubber top Width: 360 millimeter, Height: 340-480 millimeter , Depth: 1… Read more

Since buying my rides have far improved, so much more comfortable. Wish I had known about wider seats before lol


its 69.61 atm


Still looks nasty. Nothing will change how it looks (y)


I had a Brooks leather MTB saddle. After reading all the hype about them and how they shape to your bum, it was the most uncomfortable saddle I’ve ever had! Tried everything, loosening, tightening, Neatsfoot oil, nothing worked. Totally overrated. Give me a Charge Spoon or the like any day.


I have a b17 imperial on both my road bikes. It is just the comfiest saddle money can buy. I love long events and currently have a di2 2019 carbon hi-mod synapse and I must admit the saddle does get some funny looks, but after 100 miles or so I’m one of a few walking normally at the feed stop.

Wittkop Memory Foam Saddle £7.99 @ Lidl
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th MarLocalLocal
Wittkop Memory Foam Saddle £7.99 @ Lidl£7.99LIDL Deals
Good value comfortable saddle. Memory foam padding for superior cushioning and comfort – lighter than standard sprung saddles MEDICUS 5-zone design for a secure hold and greater … Read more

I bought it on the basis of recommendations on a cycling forum. As I then owned it, I decided to weigh it due the very noticeable difference between it and the saddle it replaced. You’re welcome.


Do you take things out of boxes in the store and weigh them on a kitchen scale from your pocket?


I also prefer unpadded saddles, just thought i would try this one the as it felt a little different in that it's very firm not soft, the memory foam takes a while to adjust to your shape/size so for longer rides its more comfortable than my lighter rigid saddle. Size is identical to the narrower type of mountain bike saddle. It is heavy even if you buy the smallest one as in the picture about 370g Replaced my original one after two years use, just beginning to wear out after a lot of road miles. As you say these type padded ones are mostly useless, this German made one is much better. (y)


Wasn’t too difficult to take it out of the box and weigh it.


No weights stated. For any weenies looking for a good light cheap saddle, Toseek carbon saddles are about £15. Credit to Tracevelo on YouTube, the legend

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OverBoard Velodry waterproof (IP66) cycling saddle bag £39.99 (£3.95 delivery) @ Over Board
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
OverBoard Velodry waterproof (IP66) cycling saddle bag £39.99 (£3.95 delivery) @ Over Board£43.94
A great, high quality saddle bag from OverBoard, experts in waterproof bags, an ideal way to carry a good amount of luggage or cycling equipment without investing in panniers or ta… Read more

Yup you need to be careful with these, out of the saddle is pretty much no-go. Oher products exist, but something like this sorts it, provided it fits your bike:


Used to use one of these for commuting instead of a backpack. Made the ride so much more pleasurable and it was amazing how much you could fit inside.


Great find, thanks OP just ordered one (y) They also have the handlebar bag on sale as well so have just bought one. Touring holiday incoming!


I guess you would need to be mindful of how you distribute anything heavy in the bag. Compared to normal side by side panniers this would raise the centre of gravity a little and maybe maybe you wobble a little. Probably not an issue for bulky but lightweight items. Looks good!


Acts as mudguard? Bonus

Brooks England B17 Bicycle Saddle in Light Brown - £59.06 (+£9.99 Delivery) @ Depor Village
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Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Brooks England B17 Bicycle Saddle in Light Brown - £59.06 (+£9.99 Delivery) @ Depor Village£69.05£80.9115% off
One of the most celebrated cycling product UK makes. Ordered to fit my steel frame vintage bike, a dream comes true really. It’s not usually on big discount as far as I am aware in… Read more

Just an update, ordered on 16/03, shipped on 22/03, arrived today. It was released by customs on 28/03, no further charge on VAT or import tax. Worth the wait, a bargain for me(y)


Is this brooks better than this? :D


I'm in my sixties now so probably left it too late to break-in my 'lifetime' saddle! :(


Think of it as a 'lifetime' saddle: to swop from bike to bike but needs to be broken in. Probably not the lightest but durable and eventually comfortable. Maybe not right for your Boardman but that could depend on use.


How daft is that making in UK then shipping to Italy and then shipping back to UK, not very ‘green’ IMO!