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Samsung Galaxy A70-128GB- Black/White/Blue/Coral (Unlocked/SIMFREE) 12M Warranty In Very Good Condition £249.95 @ Lime Tropic
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
Very good price in very good condition, also grade B at ceex for £240 if you are willing to take that chance. Refurbished Very Good - This product is in very good cosmetic cond… Read more

Never tried the audio jack, but speakers are excellent, in rendition and volume.


It's got 25w quick charge against S10+ 15w and has 4500mah battery Vs 4100mah. Not sure about audio


For the price the a70 Vs s10+ for only marginally better you have to pay double, and it's still not a Snapdragon!. I imagine that means no QC or APTX support .


Yesh exactly, I was gonna get A70 but decided on the oneplus 7 instead. Faster than an iphone (y)


In the exact same dilema but with an S10+ which I can get for £600 and I went into an O2 shop to pick some earbuds up and spotted the A70. The hole punch was putting me off the S10+ and then reading reviews about the battery not being great even though bigger than S10 and the UK model not having a Snapdragon. The A70 is great value for money and after watching a few reviews I am going for one of those instead, can't justify paying twice the price for something that is marginally better. Next dilema is do I paid £250 for a very good condition one or just over £300 for a brand new one. Think I may just go for new and I've already saved myself £250/£300 (y)

Samsung Galaxy A70 Black monthly EE deal 60gb data / unlimited text/minutes £24.50/24 months at Fonehouse
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
One of the best budget phones around. No upfront cost. Looks like a great price from Fonehouse. Contract cost £688 over the two years. New customers only

Yes maybe midrange would have been better. Very good phone though only cameras in low light could be better. Maybe next month when night scene comes to the A70 already on the A50.


not sure i would class this as a budget phone @£397.99 sim free...lower spec than s series maybe but budget?


Any cashback deal is a risk I guess if a retailer as they may go under. Good deal if they don’t. I have this phone got it last week from Carphone Warehouse as an EE upgrade. I was in contract so Carphone paid this off (it came up as a cashback deal £150) so worth checking there first. Same deal on the A50 but only 30gb data on that.


£44 a month before cashback. Ouch.


Cheap, but don't like cash back deals.

Galaxy A70 128gb - 2GB data, unlimited mins + texts - £20/m + 99p upfront (£480.99 over 24 months)
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
£0.99 upfront with 2GB data The Samsung Galaxy A70 has a huge 6.7” FHD+ Infinity-U display - perfect for multi-tasking and movies. And don’t worry about running out of juice becau… Read more

Heads up for people who are still after the A70 direct from Samsung. Although the cashback offer is gone this phone includes a free wireless earphones worth £129. Trade in offer still exists. Just bought one two days ago.


Yes, I did send the phone back to them. Just a clue. If you do not have the cheap phone yet, you can still go ahead a enter any android phone imei and make the purchase, once you later have the cheap android phone, simply send it with a note that you are swapping the original phone for the new phone and they accept. I was originally adviced to do that on phone by the trade in team and have since done it twice with changing phones. All worked no problem


It has not expired. The trade in making the phone £269 is still available. Only the £60 cashback has expired. But then if you re read my comment. I said you can buy the phone for £269 which is still valid


If it is expired there is no point for your comment above


You have to send the phone in.

Galaxy A70 £369 + £100 Trade In + 13% Rakuten Cashback + £60 Samsung Cashback @ Samsung
241° Expired
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Hi, I’m not going to describe the phone or anything, plenty of posts here describing that. Please note that all elements of this post are from others, I am just combining it to sh… Read more
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Many thanks

morgie I joke not.


Hello - Can someone please send/ post the Samsung cash back link? Thanks


Mine came on the latest software. The charger plug was un-wrapped, but the charger cable was.


Thank you!

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Samsung Galaxy A70 A705FD *6GB 128GB* Dual Sim - Coral Black - £251.99 @ eGlobal Central
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Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
New Price thanks young Switchy McSwitchface! £239!! Fab phone, super spec, cheap price! Best looking of the 4 colours they do in Coral Black. This is the dual sim dual active 4G/… Read more

I think this deal has expired now, the link goes to a 404 page :(


No they're not eligible.


Hi Does anyone know if e can still claim the £60/50 cashback if we but from eglobalcentral please? thanks :-)


Sounds good! Is there risk of import duty? Also world we have samsung UK warranty?


They still are running both promotions. So comes in at £209.99 and further £10.76 back through Quidco, so less than £200. All you need is an old, undamaged Android /iPhone as an exchange... I sent an old Smart Ultra 6. Why buy from abroad when you can go direct to Samsung UK for less?

Samsung Galaxy A70 £369 from Samsung UK - 128GB / 6GB / sAMOLED/ Dual Sim - £369 or possible £209 Delivered @ Samsung
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Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
** Full credit to @maxmix for highlighting the cheaper deal for the A50, I couldn't find the equivalent for the A70 hence posting it here** I believe this phone is the cheapest … Read more

I have received my cashback, I applied for the claim on 20/06/2019 and received my cashback on 11/07/2019. So it took about 3 weeks.


have you recieved your £60 cashhback yet? How long before you saw it in your account?


I just wanted to say thanks for posting the deal, I was able to purchase 2 phones for £209 each. I sent in old motorola g4 for the exchange and everything went well. Thanks!!


is the first case that you linked rigid, or flexible like TPU?


I think they'll accept it if it turns on and doesn't have a cracked screen. I did note what you said in the Terms and Conditions, but is it legal for them to do that? Perhaps a solicitor on here could comment.

Friday: Samsung Galaxy A70 + cashback + 15% off - £253.65 @ Currys eBay
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Closest deal in price was £331 by Mrswitch. it's basically a combination of the 2 already existing deals here. Hope it's okay! You can get this phone down from £369 to £254 using… Read more

Might be a safer bet to do the same thing through Argos eBay. Use Click & Collect, ask for a receipt at the till and use that as proof of purchase for cashback.


Thing is, it's great in every other area for a £235 phone, Samsung have completely smashed it with this phone, taking xiaomi at their own game and winning.


Totally agree with you from what I've read and heard about the fingerprint and face recognition, but it's in the process of being sent back and have a note 9 on the way, rear fingerprint sensor much better imo.


No worries. It's better than getting one and being disappointed :)


I've read this a lot about the finger scanner but mine is great. It has not registered a couple of times and needed a quick one-touch but 95% of the time it's been solid. I have to say, I think yours may be faulty because the face unlock is pretty much instant and works every time which also seems the consensus across reddit & online forums. Theres also an update making it's way (already rolling out) that apparently addresses the fingerprint scanner and camera complaints. I love mine and cant believe a screen as stunning as this exists for the asking price. This thing is currently running rings around my S8+. The battery is insane and alone is worth the price of admission. This deal is a steal imo.

Samsung A70 for £369 + £60 cash back and £150 trade in old android phone at Samsung
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Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Samsung is running up to £150 off for A series phones. If you have an old working android phone to trade in or maybe you can get one cheap from CEX to use the £100 discount which b… Read more
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Both phones received. Trade in completed for both phones. Cashback paid for first phone & finally remembered to submit the second earlier. All good so far.


Just for info - Samsung's return policy is fantastic Sent the a70 back on Monday, using the box it originally came in Got email that it has been received on Wednesday. Got money back on Thursday Can't fault their service


Waiting for my trade-in to be confirmed. Fingers crossed.


I got the cashback and trade in with quidco too, so got the phone for £199.23


The £60 cash back is now over. ;(

Samsung Galaxy A70 - Smartphone 4G (6,7'' - 128GB- 6GB RAM) - WHITE £331.26 (£271.26 With Samsung Cashback) @ Amazon
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Thanks to @LazybeatX for his heads up in his cracking A50 deal. (Purchase a qualifying product from a participating retail… Read more
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The original link was sold by amazon UK, as things go out of stock, then the link is replaced with a different seller/item.


Not from here


Apparently Samsung said it was purchased from Amazon marketplace..... whatever that is ....😥😥from this link it that's you to Amazon marketplace


It shows Amazon here

Fehinti_Oye is not paying for this phone bought from Amazon. I was really disappointed. Did anyone here get the 60 pounds back?

Samsung Galaxy A50 £230.50 (£188.50) / Samsung Galaxy A70 £289.50 (£229.50) Smartphone With Trade In @ Samsung UK (See Below For Details)
849° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
*edit 17/5, it now seems you can trade in a phone, plus get £50 Cashback for the A50 & £60 cashback for the A70, getting the two for potential £180.50 & £229.50 by using th… Read more
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WhiteGoose They also do a "matte" version for a little bit more. It's supposed to reduce glare. But this has never been a problem for me with the normal version, and I was concerned that the matte version might affect the transparency for the fingerprint scanner (I don't want to make the scanner any crapper than it already is). (The matte version doesn't list "High-Transparency" as a feature, but the original does. This doesn't mean that the matte one definitely has lower transparency - it could be that they only wanted to list a few key features on each). You should be able to get 10% off too if you sign up to the newsletter.


Do you have a link to the airglass protector you use, please?


It seems like there isn't a tempered glass protector that does fit fully given the curved edges of the front panel. Which is why I used the airglass protector, which has greater flexibility in gripping around curves. I am very happy with mine and would recommend it for anyone wanting to maximise screen visibility whilst also having a protector. As noted, there is a very small halo area covering a mm or less on the screen edges, but as this is largely transparent anyway it is imperceptible to me when the screen is on. It is better quality than plastic ones, but doesn't feel quite as smooth as normal glass (it can sometimes "squeak" a bit when scrolling your finger across it), and it seems it won't provide you with any/much drop protection. Nonetheless, I am very happy with it - used it on this phone and my previous one.


received the screen protector & it's not full visibility,disappointing but it's one of the best quality protectors i have ever bought,the build quality is top notch (high quality glass). i recommend getting all clear screen protector but it will be hard finding one that covers the entire screen.


Any tips how to avoid Moved phone too fast message when trying to pay for the tube with google pay? I know where NFC sensor is and normally it works but about 25% of time I get this error. Never had this issue with my old huawei.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Smartphone (17.0cm (6.7inch) 128GB Internal Memory, 6GB RAM, Dual Sim) - £328.69 @ Amazon Germany
160° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Samsung Galaxy A70 Smartphone (17.0cm (6.7inch) 128GB Internal Memory, 6GB RAM, Dual Sim) - £328.69 @ Amazon Germany
£328.69£36911%Amazon Germany Deals
Good price for a decent spec phone, and a Samsung £316 paying in euros with a fee free card. Features & details Impressive design with infinity-u display and super AMOLED t… Read more

I think the A70 is worth the extra.


Could get £100 off the A50, so only £209. Is it worth the extra £60 for the A70? Also I have a older other android that I could trade in. Lovely scratch on my S8 puts it in the non working trade in, despite it fully working


S8 to A70 for new, trade your s8 in and pay £269


Arrg , the A90 is an Indian/Asia exclusive. I mean (following up from my previous question moving from an S8) Which is the better move (value/similar performance wise) S8 > S10 S8 > S10e S8 > A80 S8 > A70 S8 > A50 ?


That is true if you DONT go via the student edu program, hence this (normal trade in) is a better deal

Samsung Galaxy A70 Smartphone 6.7" WaterDrop Screen 6GB/8GB 128GB 25W Fast Charge 32MP Front Camera 4500mAh 4G £279.37 AliExpress /ebestbuy
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Samsung Galaxy A70 Smartphone 6.7" WaterDrop Screen 6GB/8GB 128GB 25W Fast Charge 32MP Front Camera 4500mAh 4G £279.37 AliExpress /ebestbuy
Samsung Galaxy A70 Smartphone 6.7 " Water Drop Screen 6GB/8GB 128GB 25W Fast Charger 32MP Front Camera 4500mAh 4G mobile phone
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Just checked via my Unidays account - once logged in it takes you to the “Samsung Education Store”. Just like Apple.


is student of life an applicable course for a SB account is it just a code you use on the samsung page ?


How easy was the trade in? I've got an old LG G2 will they accept that


Nah, you're never too old. I'm in my 30s myself.


Lol 20 years too old to be a student.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Smartphone (17.0cm (6.7inch) 128GB Internal Memory, 6GB RAM, Dual Sim) - £363.33 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Samsung Galaxy A70 Smartphone (17.0cm (6.7inch) 128GB Internal Memory, 6GB RAM, Dual Sim) - £363.33 @ Amazon Germany
£365.33£3937%Amazon Germany Deals
Good price for a decent spec phone, and a Samsung Features & details Impressive design with infinity-u display and super AMOLED technology Optical fingerprint scanner in the … Read more

They are certainly bucking their ideas up with new A series


Xiaomi Killer Finally :)

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