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Samsing Galaxy fold 3 uk pre order shipped
Has anyone else had shipping confirmation from samsung for the fold z 3

I think mostly shipped if purchased from samsung direct. My watch is coming tomorrow.


Yep I got an email this afternoon confirming delivery tomorrow! Cant wait to try it, will be the first time I've tried a foldable phone. I ordered via PerksAtWork and as part of the "launch promotion" I get 10% off and meant to get a further 10% cashback but the purchase still hasn't shown up as pending/tracked on the site yet....Hoping it does soon!


I did get my gw4 one even though it was meant to be for next Friday


No. I didn’t buy one though so I’d be very surprised if I did.

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Galaxy Fold 3 256GB Just got announced at Galaxy Unpacked event Available £44.42 per mth for 36 mths at 0% APR

@MrSwitch beat you

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Updated 22nd Dec 2019Last updated 22nd Dec 2019 by Hammerheads29
Unlock Galaxy Fold
looking to unlock the above phone, any recommendations for an unlocking service guys?

Apologies, I got clarity from the seller I posted another thread recently about unlocking and everyone was like, sure, EE won't care about the 6 months etc so all I wanted was a recommendation for a site or eBay seller that does it


You said it was an unwanted upgrade?


It's not on contract though it was bought outright


Buying a £1900 phone from ebay that you know is still on contract against someone else. I am pretty sure we can all predict the question in a few weeks or months time.


I hear you and playing by the rules, yes, need to wait 6 months. On saying that I'm not bothered about playing by the rules (angel)

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Anyone here own the Samsung Galaxy Fold?
does anyone here own the Fold? if so, what do you think of it please?

Ah ok I was just going by what I'd been told. I wonder how much the premiums are?


Samsung offer accidental damage cover now... "Activate online": [!/ ] "Terms & Conditions": [ ] --- ..."Samsung Care+ for Samsung Galaxy Fold” is an insurance policy covering the risk of Accidental Damage to the Beneficiary’s Samsung Galaxy Fold mobile deviceand Inbox Accessories (“Insured Product”)which was bought new and for which the insurance cover was activated within 30 days from the device purchase date.Ifthe Beneficiary’sSamsungGalaxy Foldmobile deviceis not working and did not have an accident it could be defective and it may be covered by the Samsung two year limited warranty or bystatutory rights under consumer law. It is worth noting that Samsung Care+does not cover the Beneficiary’s Insured Productfor Cosmetic damage which does not affect the functionality of the Insured Product such asscratches, dents, discoloration and small cracks. The Beneficiary must take all reasonable precautions to prevent damageto theInsured Product... --- The policy supports a single claim during the 12month Insurance Period & there is an excess of £115.00.


I know someone who has one. They told me that you have to get specialist insurance for it - normal household insurance won't cover it nor would the 'phone shop' (I say 'phone shop' as I don't know where they got it).


"Samsung Galaxy Fold - Looking forward to Apple's £3000 version in 5 years time" (@OllieSt - 22 February 2019)


I prefer Samsung for looks and more durable as you can put a case on it :)

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Updated 28th Sep 2019Last updated 28th Sep 2019 by jamie15 Not a bad price, £1100 less than retail, though this is a pre register, and pric… Read more

I don't think Unlocked Mobiles will ever get stock of this. This is a very limited run phone and will only be sold at Samsung Experience Stores, Harrods, and Selfridges.


Of course :) I'm going to Samsung KX but it's also available in Samsung Experience Stores and selected EE stores to view. I can imagine there will be some sort of queue though so better to book a one on one appointment and have a proper look :)


Wow, let us know what it's like.


I just booked an appointment to have a hands on with the Galaxy Fold next week, can't wait!


I think foldables could do very well, but at the moment the product is not refined enough. Reminds me of Galaxy Note Edge, that edge was completely useless but now it has improved so much!