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Mixing the flexibility and power of the S Pen stylus, with slick Android software, triple-lens cameras, plenty of internal storage, and the chance to connect to 5G networks, Samsung's Note 10 is another dazzling entry into the company's collection. Whether they are established fans or newcomers to the brand, phablet buyers can find the lowest prices around at the hotukdeals Galaxy Note 10 listings. Read more
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB 8GB RAM Dual SIM - £572 @ Wow Camera
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th AugLocalLocal
2 Year Official Samsung UK Warranty.
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Same, in Aura Blue with Snapdragon chip..




i need a deal on the note 10+


I voted hot, this seems like a qualify made phone compared to the latest release

Samsung galaxy Note 10 in Arora. £32 x 24 months + £99 upgront on EE at metrofone
26° Expired
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Samsung galaxy Note 10 in Arora. 50gb data £32 plus £99 upfront.
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maybe same company as fonehouse?


Includes apple music... :/


Correct link now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite Aura Black, Wowcamera, 2yr warranty, £376 at Wowcamera
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Seems like a good deal to me for a new one with official warranty. Black only, other colours a lot more. I'm tempted to upgrade my LG G7 but think I'll hold out for black Friday p… Read more

I'm very tempted to get it, only thing it's missing for me is wireless charging. And if I got the normal note I'd lose the headphone jack... Can't see this getting much cheaper anytime soon, could be wrong though...


I got one two weeks ago red for the same price. Great piece of kit Yes it works in the UK no issues. Remember Quidco.


To my knowledge if it's unlocked for UK networks, it's unlocked for any network or country


Is it locked for UK only?


Good price still has two major software updates still to come

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB Aura Glow 50GB, unlimited texts/calls £38 per month / 24 months £0 upfront at Fonehouse
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
I'm a bit out of the loop with mobile deals, so this is as much to test the water as anything else, but having been looking for a half decent deal on this phone and this seems alri… Read more
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Good to know! To be fair it couldn't be any worse than the mate 20 pro's, it's absolutely hopeless.


Well, from experience, I find the FP scanner to be more HIT than MISS! Maybe it's user error for those reporting such problems. I have 50+ year old fat sausage fingers, and use the fingerprint scanner all the time and bar the odd hiccup, it is spot on! The ony times I've noticed it being an issue is after getting out of the shower or coming in from the rain (damp hands perhaps?) or weirdly, after I've been using my cordless sander for some reason. (confused) Other than that, no real issues at all with the FP scanner.. Also, I still have the OEM screen protector that came attached to the device from new, which is far superior to the aftermarket ones that saw when I first got my Note10+, which had a hole where the FP scanner is and makes the screen look megafugly. I didn't even realise my Note 10+ had the OEM screen protector on at first, so I can imagine other people may be the same and have stuck an after market screen protector on top of the OEM one, which may be causing some peoples' problems. Just a thought! The OEM screen protector on my Note10+ has been on now since December last year and is still almost perfect, bar a few tiny bubbles bottom right, which have probably been caused by sliding the handset into my car charger.


Yeah i think you're absolutely right! Those were some great deals last year, I wasn't in the market at the time so hadn't been paying attention to what was available. Yeah I'll definitely hold out. I can suffer the mate 20 pro for a bit longer. Especially as one of my main issues with it is the fingerprint scanner, it's utter rubbish, and I've read the note 10s is a bit hit and miss too. Considering very few android apps using face unlock (which is also a nightmare now with mask wearing) then I really need something that is reliable with this. Thanks for the tips, appreciate it.


I normally keep my handsets for two years, but when the deal for the Note 10+ 5G I mentioned with an overall outlay of £600 came along, it wa a no-brainer for me, as it was a steal at that price. This was despite having my SGS9 for less than 12 months (from another HUKD deal), but which the wife ended up with (reluctantly upgrading from her SGS7 Edge). (confused) Although I do like the Note10 Plus 5G, £600 for a handset was my absolute limit as I already have 10GB SIMO @ £10 and wouldn't want a 24/36 contract, as I hate being shackled. This makes my overall 24 month outlay a little more expensive than this deal overall, but 10GB is way more than I need and I prefer the flexibilty to do what I want, when I want. So if you need (want) an excellent handset with masses of data, this seems like a decent deal overall. However, maybe in light if the current situation regarding CV19, Samsung may offer a deal similar to the Note10 deals of late last year. They'll know money is tight for a lot of people and won't wanna be stuck with loads if unsold devices in a few months. I think I'd hold out if I were you!


Don't do this to me! Now I'm thinking maybe the plus would be alright (lol) the other half will have a fit if I change my mind again haha

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Samsung Galaxy note 10 lite with 60gb data, unlimited calls texts £30pm 24m £720 @ Buymobiles
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Cashback also available from Quidco. Seems decent enough, after taking the simo of £15pm for 60gb data, it's £15 for the phone so £360 over the term. Won't be for everyone but w… Read more

No, it wasn't new. It was used in excellent condition.


£395 for new ?


Itll bloat up and slow down, and not too keen on the aesthetics. But that's just my preference. Some may not even notice any issues with it at all and be happy with it. Don't use my opinion as a reason not to go for it. Its a pretty decent deal for phone and sim in a small monthly payment as opposed to a large cash payment. I'm paying £10/month and paid £395 for the note 10 (purchase from eBay).


What is it you don't like about the lite can you elaborate?


Lool... I didn't even notice that! (y) 🏻

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB Aura Black Unlocked Open Mint Condition - £450 With Best Offer @ Buy Mobiles Warehouse / Ebay
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
On the front 450 quid isn't a fantastic price, it's good, but we always want better, luckily this seller will take a 400 pound offer :) (y) Screen: The power phone in a beaut… Read more

Seller doesn't have much feedback, I'd proceed with caution


@MrSwitch Can you please comment on this Samsung lite? Is it legit? Tempted to buy for only £341


Check it here


got the phone. in perfect condition still has some bits of plastic cover around the edges of the phone. however it is a eu model imported from italy and swapped with official 3 pin charger. only thing to check is warranty any idea how i can check that?


So it looks as though the battery life is a weak point on these. That's really disappointing given it should be a strong point of the note series. Still tempted though as the mate 20 is getting on my nerves...

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on O2 - Unlimited Mins & Texts, 90GB Data for £35pm - £0 upfront using code (24month) @ Affordable Mobiles
433° Expired
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Still a really impressive handset, and a refreshing change to see an o2 sim with higher data also! Absolutely £0 upfront when you use our exclusive code, HOTUKDEALS10 8) T… Read more

Hey guys, Due to stock issues we've had to expire this, as I can see some of you have been notified of a longer wait, so it doesn't seem right to keep this active. (y)


The deal goes on about 5G but is this handset 5G? Bit pointless advertising something you cant use with the handset. Battery life isnt that great even with the plus model when using the stylus pen. Xenyos(spelling) processor is terrible compared to the snapdragon which other countries get. Other than that an excellent phone which is feature packed.


Want to buy it too , upgrade for my wife on EE but the 6-8 weeks is a bit of a joke ??


Just ordered and the found the phone is due to be delivered in 6-8 weeks!!! I gave my PAC code so not sure how this is going to work unless they send me the sim separately. I just called them to check and they may have a black one available that was reserved, I ordered aura glow. Fingers crossed, not concerned about the colour as I would have a case on it. Both black and aura out of stock :( although I'm happy to wait as this is a great deal - if a better one pops up I will cancel it. Final update - I just got an email saying they have dispatched the Note 10 black for delivery tomorrow - well chuffed - thanks OP! :)


Looking at screen resolution, Note 9 is better than this note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 50GB data Unlimited Mins & text - £32pm = £768 total / £22pm after Cashback = total £528 @ Affordable mobiles
126° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Seems really good deal - £240 cashback - makes it £22 a month, total cost over 24months £528. Just checked potentially another £50 from TCB - brining the price down to £478 £768 - … Read more
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Every mention of cash back I check my TCB account to see if I can cash out :( been months now. Whose generally better TCB or Quidco?


Just checked potentially another £50 from TCB - brining the price down to £478 £796 - £240 (cash back) - £50 (TCB) = £478


This or the s10 from this deal?


Yes you are right


Yes you are right

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 case (white only) £9.99 + £2.19 delivery at Mobile Fun
77° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
My daughter wanted a white phone case for her new Samsung Galaxy Note (standard version, not the plus). We bought a cheap case off eBay for a fiver, but she wasn't happy with it - … Read more

I picked up the LED back case for about £12 a couple of months ago. Don't get the LED back case from the resellers - the first one I got was fake. Amazing case well worth the money, dropped my phone recently the case got scuffed but the phone was fine.


I've now added some sale items on a separate deal from MobileFun (y)


So it is! I'm quite sure it wasn't at that price last week. I should have checked before posting :( . However there are other phone cases that are cheaper than Amazon even if you add the p&p ie £2.99


Cheaper on Amazon £8.90 if you have prime

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 128GB 6GB RAM Dual SIM (2 Year Manufacturer Warranty) Aura Black Smartphone - £378 delivered @ Wowcamera
407° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th JulShipping from LuxembourgShipping from Luxembourg
Wowcamera phones come from the EU and therefore come with manufacturers warranty, 2 years in this case. Wowcamera are based in HK S Pen: rewrite how you use your phone with a p… Read more



Yes, but it came with a UK adaptor


Expired, cheers


Ordered red one on Sunday for 376 Now it's 500 Black one up to near 400


Did it come with an EU plug?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - 256GB - SIM Free/Unlocked Aura Black Manufacturer refurbished - £419 delivered at miandmore ebay
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
12 Months warranty directly serviced with us in the UK covering all internal manufacturer defects
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If you need a pen go for Note if you don't go for S20 but I'd recommend going for S20+ but it's much more expensive.


Anyone know if a 5G variant is on offer on the note 10? Not sure if I should opt for a note 10 5g or a s20 5g...


Additional 2% cashback thru Topcashback for ebay purchases.


Haven't received it yet.. Could comment only when start using.


How did you find the note ten plus? I bought a new one and it had appalling battery life for such an expensive item

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB Smartphone Black Very Good Condition Unlocked / Aura Glow EE VGC - £422.99 @ Music Magpie / Ebay
1339° Expired
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Feels like a smashing price here like, to me like, like (y) 10 automatically applies at checkout Add 0 quid if you want the fancy aura glow doohickeymebob thing (y) it's loc… Read more

(lol) You too buddy, hopefully it's a sunny one ☀


Mate thank you so much. Note 10 and s10 + is what im after now after many conversations with myself (lol) (lol) (lol) i am in no rush brother so will just wait some more with my what seems now my massive note 9 (lol) (lol) £400 is really my price point and need good videos for my vlogs so leaves my only option as Samsung and iphone...and iphone is not an option (lol) (lol) mate have a great weekend.


I've just posted the s20 for 500, with best offer?


Thanks man, and I appreciate those words :)


Maybe this is a sign to get the S20+ (lol) where are those £350 deals... Lol.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 6GB 128GB 6.7" Super Amoled Display 4500mAh + S Pen Aura Glow £369.32 (£358 fee free) @ Amazon Italy
819° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 6GB 128GB 6.7" Super Amoled Display 4500mAh + S Pen Aura Glow £369.32 (£358 fee free) @ Amazon Italy. Functionality and details Galaxy Note1… Read more

Did you try the phone settings for language or maybe location. I often have to change from English US to UK.


Does anybody know how to get rid of the Italian language that I'm seeing, a few examples... the Samsung Pay App is the Italian version and the terms and condition etc are showing up in Italian, Samsung Themes was in Italian and some of my google settings are Italian while others are English ? Thanks.


I have the samsung j6 in lavender as it's my fav colour which my dad bought very lovingly as a graduation gift last April ...its been a year and half and I'm thinking about getting a new phone only to satisfy my demands....


I needed this thank you


The black is in £10 cheaper

SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10 Lite 128 GB Mobile Smart Phone, Aura Black - £427.49 With Code @ Currys Ebay
268° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
A few quid more than the deal I posted last week which went up in price after around an hour, currently the cheapest you will find this from a "reputable" UK seller Key Featur… Read more

Not so clear-cut, I own Lite, it's a fine phone, doesn't feel unwieldy or heavy. Being narrower than 10+ no doubt helps. 'Lite' is obviously nowadays specs/features-related, same with other brands


Go back to yesterday when the phone was 449, expired now


How do I get this price ? 529.99-26.50 = 503.59


Terrible reviews, foreign phone and hosted in Hong Kong. No comparison with this seller.


I know, I was only having a giraffe XD

Pristine Condition Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone - £369 @ MiandMore Ebay
307° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Good price for described as like new Pristine condition explained No sign of any use, completely unmarked phone, it has been fully tested and is in perfect working order War… Read more

hi @MrSwitch between samsung a71 and note 9 which one would you recommend? They look quite comparable on gsm arena with a71 being quite lower on price..


No problem arh kid


Thank you maaa love.

Brand New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite SM-N770F/DS 128GB Aura Black/Glow Unlocked Smartphone - £419.99 @ Mobile Deals uk Ebay
348° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Fantastic price for new from a good ebay seller S Pen: rewrite how you use your phone with a powerful S Pen Battery: smarter power from our biggest Galaxy Note10 battery Ca… Read more

Yeah, got it back through Amex but 4gadgets should aim for better customer service. They could have sent out another phone at no risk as covered by DPD insurance, but instead wanted me to wait for up to a week for DPD to investigate. They know it hasn't even reached my local depot, never mind been out for delivery so they should just send out a replacement while they sort it out with DPD. Not rocket science. Decided to pay the extra and get a new s10+ through BT. Should have better customer service!


Look towards PayPal or credit card you paid with hopefully, to be reimbursed, for a start...


Went for the s10+ from 4Gadgets but it's got lost in transit. And 4Gadgets are being particularly unhelpful so might look elsewhere.


Asus Zenfone 6, Pixels, S10+ etc


That's the conclusion I came to when comparing the specs. Was tempted though (:I

Open Box Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Dual Sim N970FD 256GB Aura Glow - £539.98 delivered @ HDEW Cameras
192° Expired
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
OPEN BOX UNIT - AS NEW CONDITION 6 MONTH WARRANTY INCLUDED Like a wizard with wand in hand, you can control the flagship Galaxy Note10 N970FD 256GB Smartphone from Samsung w… Read more

Need a 10+ deal


Just 2 on phones I think.


6 months warranty? Joke. Just joke. Normally Samsung gives you 2 years, sometimes 3 years.


Note - this is the Exynos version, even though description states Snapdragon. I had queried this with them yesterday when seen same deal: "The models that we sell include the Exynos processor as opposed to the snapdragon processor."

SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10 256 GB Aura Glow Smartphone - £524.97 (Collection Only) @ Currys PC World (Selected stores)
194° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Decent price here, cheapest it's been new I think. Seems to be in stock farnborough branch :) Android 9 (Pie) 6.3" Full HD+ Super AMOLED touchscreen Triple 16 MP / 12 M… Read more

I called and they said it has to be available on delivery.. how did you get yours


Nice mate :)


Got to price match. Thanks Mr Switch


I was in a dilemma had 15 mins to choose a phone, I'm sure I checked the s10 plus 512 price best it went down to I think it was 360 but it's still just a s10 with more storage is what I said to myself Next I tried the normal note 10 Aurora 256 pristine came to £450 I ended up checking out on the 10 plus 5g for 498 I thought I would kick myself if I didnt pay the extra 50 for a much better phone imo I think it was probably still expensive but the experience I've had with MM phones has always been great, 4 gadgets have been a pain and I'm starting to think you get what you pay for with them


A few weeks ago they did it, I managed to get an S10 plus 512gb ceramic for £316.i didn't realise it happened again with this one, probably because I wasn't paying attention (lol)

Brand New Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G 128GB Black Smartphone - £739 / Grade A+ Note 10 Lite £349 @ Smartfonestore
214° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Brand New Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G 128GB Black Smartphone - £739 / Grade A+ Note 10 Lite £349 @ Smartfonestore
Using the code gives you free delivery, great price but 1 in stock of them both Warranty & Returns: U… Read more

Haha OK then thanks I know what I'll be doing this rainy afternoon then, research!


The funny thing is, if you go 2 generations back (S series), and don't buy the plus/note model, you may find that some A series (or other non Samsung mid rangers) has better camera!


Hmmm thanks. My mum's looking for a new phone, she's always been a fan of Samsung but so far has just bought back a few gens in the S series. Maybe A is the way to go... Camera is the main feature for her to be honest but it wouldn't need to be as ott as the S20


For a moment, thought S20+ 5G for £349 .... Lol :D Guess have to wait a little longer!


- flagship branding - better camera - IP certification - better processor - better screen & screen resolution - better OS support - better audio - better build quality - wireless charging - NFC - Samsung Pay Not all true in all scenarios though.

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