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Samsung Galaxy note 8 / S8 Plus / S8 Used (From £269.99)(S8 Plus From £279.99)(S8 £219.99) + IPhone 7 From £189.99 Varying Grades @ 4Gadgets
Refreshed 11th FebRefreshed 11th Feb
Some absolutely cracking prices at 4gadgets using the valentine code BEMYVALENTINE As I'm posting there is Note 8… Read more

Thanks OP ordered pristine gold and it have all tge protective stickers attached .front back even side are covered with plastic sheet . What does that mean is it brand new with no box or refurbished. Single sim .


I ordered note 8 yesterday and when u order u get a message to write to them if u want to request dual sim. I put in please send a dual sim. Guy called me 2day saying they have a dual sim but in black as I ordered gold. 2 b honest I put memory card so dual sim would b pointless anyways. Is there actually any difference in the single sim or dual sim version? Guy did say he will send but if I need dual sim just 2 return for free and ask for a dual sim version. Should recieve my note 2moro


I was about to mention my other one came today and is also a Duos like the last one - but it seems people who are buying them expecting the Duos aren't getting them, to be honest, it was never guaranteed.


Black is the new gold (y)


93% is good in my opinion you got a decent one, not always accurate either the apps I would keep it

(Price Reduced Again) Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB Maple Gold (£359 Using A Fee Free - £370.40 Without) @ Amazon Germany
Refreshed 4th FebRefreshed 4th Feb
Price has changed thanks to @pavel76 for pointing it out (y) To get the best out of this, use a fee free card, a fee free card being a revolut, clarity etc, and pay in euros, … Read more
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It's great! Although, it feels borderline too big, and this is coming from someone who has owned many notes in the past, but got used to something that fits in the pocket. :) It's a dream in the hands, though. Camera is stunning.


How is the phone ? Did someone get it ? Thanks


Welp, mine's been nicked in transit. EDIT: Scratch that, it was 'misplaced', but it's been found. Guess that happens some times.


Mine is somewhere in Italy.. coming in Wednesday I live in Greece you see..


Yes, perfectly fine and easy peasy. When the phone starts you see the language option immediately where you can change it to UK English.

New Open Box Samsung Note 8 N950F 6GB RAM + 64GB Storage from ebay - London Magic Store - £394.99
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Brand new open box UK Note 8 - curvy edge screen nonsense, but still a solid phone. Blurb from seller on ebay - Brand New Samsung Note 8 N950F Midnight Black - Unlocked to All … Read more

I answered it myself XD - from the "buy a really expensive TV and get a free Note 9" deal posted late last year. Makes sense, as long as it was BNIB and sealed. Not sure I would have the insurance replacement ones though?


And where are they getting a brand new note 9 UK spec that they can sell for £500, presumably with some profit? That's the question I would need answering first (y)


But seriously, do you think they will be expensive? (cheeky)


as in more than one person.


A phone fit for even a Billionaire...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 UK Version Single SIM 64GB + FREE 64GB Card from Amazon UK - £476.76
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Seems like a pretty decent price for a new Note 8 from Amazon with the free 64GB card? This is obviously the previous gen flagship from Samsung, but the spec is still pretty darn … Read more

Luckily I use their wireless fast charger. That is well worth the money too IMO. (late reply I know)


got a note 9 for this price albeit not new but note 9 in excellent condition


I use it heavily (mainly professionally, but for casua use too), and also know many others who use it. It's a gimmick for some, but for those who use it, it's an extremely handy tool. But you got to know how to use it, otherwise, it's pointless.


Yes, looks like a bot dropping the price until it gets some bites? They probably do this all the time, as I have seen patterns like this before.


Price has shot back up. If as you summise it's all priced by algorithms, I guess a sudden rush of sales (due to the low price) has put the price back up?

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 64GB, Orchid Grey, Unlocked, Condition Good £299.99@ Envirofone
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
Currently 6 in stock (see screenshot below) Great little price. But please, don't buy unless you are willing to send it back if its no good. The amount of people I get on my po… Read more

Good thing...we can return it back,


My last iphone 7 was like new.


is envirofone a reliable seller? dont know anything about them


Think I'll go for the S9 refurb at £329. Not a Note, but probably a better camera


I am prepared to play the refurbished phone quality return lottery for a note 8 at £300

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB Black/Gold o2/Unlocked - Good Condition £309.99 @ Music Magpie
Found 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
Buy it, if its no good, send it back, simple. Worth it for £310 ;) Say it your way. With the powerful built in S Pen, take notes without unlocking your screen, handwrite mess… Read more

It won't be long, the way these are dropping.


Hoping for 230 or even for the very good to come down to 250ish


Yeah I've heard the battery is a bit pants


Mine came in near pristine, but ymmv, its a bit of a lottery


Stop watching so much po*n (y)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black Good Condition + Free Santa Hat + Free Treat - £319.99 @ 4GADGETS
Found 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
Ends on the 7th, weird one this, but this is a great price again for the note 8. Buy a phone before the 7th, and receive a free santa hat, plus a free treat. What's included? … Read more

£1k for the entry model! Mi Mix 2s will still give it a run for its £!!


Samsung work in 2 year cycles for new look phones. Take the S6 (radical redesign), S7 (subtle improvements), then the S8 (radical redesign), then the S9 (Subtle improvements). S10 will be radical redesign, S11 likely to be a slight up date to that


I'm sure with the S9 though it was due to poor sales, so you may not see something as significant if the S10 does well


Great bit of kit for this price.


£6.30 cashback through TCB too!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Sim-Free Smartphone - Gold/Midnight Black -FREE 64GB Memory Card to 'Double the Memory' £639 (Exclusively at Amazon)
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
Ample 6.3 inch dual curved Quad HD+ super AMOLED display lets you see and enjoy more of the things you love Get crisp photos even when it's dark and it's difficult to keep your ph… Read more
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So the pen is surprisingly good. I thought it was a bit of a gimmick at first but I actually use the quick note feature a ton. The front facing speakers are great too. I had the option of a Mate 20 and glad I stuck with Samsung. To be clear at full retail I would not buy the Note 9 but if you can get it around the £600 mark i'd jump in with both feet, it's just much more refined, little things like the headphone jack and the Samsung app that connects to your PC are really helpful. Coming from an S7 edge the battery is amazing. A full day easy. Have a look on your local facebook market place , the guy in the store I bought mine from said they were really struggling to sell them as they are pretty niche and most people that do get them buy them on contract. Also I think the other comment was referring to the Note 8.


Ah ok, thanks


Can you post link? Couldn't see it


No for the note 8


Ah nice, thanks.... Sheffield's a bit far for me :-) I'm in the same situation, I definitely want the warranty, though might be open to a referb if the price is right...still kicking myself for not going for the deal from Amazon Italy for £580ish a couple of weeks ago... hoping/wishing that it'll come round again. Phone looks awesome, tempted to wait for Mate 20 Pro prices to drop, but used to have a Note and do actually miss the pen, would be nice to go back to that. For a Note 9? Don't really want a contract anyway, but that would be a tempter.

Samsung Note 8 64GB 6Gb, 100GB Data on Vodafone with £396 cashback effective £19.5 a month from Mobile phones direct
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Okay.... Its Samsung Note 8 on Vodafone 100gb data unlim texts and calls with Mobilephonesdirect there is a potential £396 cashback making it an effective £19.5 a month for 24 mon… Read more

It doesn't include cashback, does it?


Isn't TCO 24 X £36 - £396 redemption cashback = £468?? It's listed incorrectly and is nearly £400 less than the N9.


Edit.. same price as this but for the newer phone!!


For not much more you can get the newer (and better) note 9. Cold from me


Cold, just got rid of my note 8. Battery is awful! Also can be picked up now for like £300.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 *Gold* 64GB Refurb Good - £319.99 + Half Price Smartwatch (s3 frontier £75 - more examples below) @ 4Gadgets
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
So I posted this as a general deal and it got nowhere, but thought an individual deal would get more attention, as 4Gadgets are probably the best used/refurbished site I've ever us… Read more

No Wear OS watches 😥


Aww.... Der me, sorry mate.


That's what I meant by expired.


Reveived my order today and i have to say..... very impressed. I ordered the good note 8 and the S3 frontier watch. Both the watch and phone were in new condition and prestine in my opinion. Really tempted by the price of the Note 9 now.


That's interesting as DxO gave the Mi MIX 2S camera a rating of 97 and the S7 Edge a rating of 89. Although there are two versions of the S7 camera, the Samsung sensor seems to be rated better than the Sony one, don't know which one DxO reviewed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vodafone 80GB unlimited mins / texts £37 p/m 24 months - £888 @ Affordable mobiles - £258 Guaranteed Cashback
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Took this cashback deal out yesterday for my wife after her saying she didn't need this year's model. Looking at the specs, the battery is slightly weaker but there isn't a lot els… Read more

Go through topcashback of it pays out 42 pounds if you get the cashback right contracts 28 pounds a month if you manage to sell phone to cex for 406 quid you bring contract for a SIM only down to 9.33 for 100gb plus extras


Only 75 auto cashback though. Much more on the one they bank on you not claiming all of of course.

MullacABZ GmbH&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=116019&affiliateid=49483


This is 21.25 after cash back. Show me the Note 9 deal that is anywhere close.


If not cheaper

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB  Unlocked “Good” Lavender NOW ONLY £499.99  @ MusicMagpie
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
A decent deal for the unlocked Note 9 :) £50 off at checkout to make it £499.99!

Your not wrong it’s a crazy world we live in where these things cost so much in the first place


Brand new one is currently £799 with a free wireless charger. I'm not saying this is a bad deal as I'm sure some people will find the price attractive but it seems a lot of money for a phone that's condition is only described as good.


No problem you can get a brand new one for £899 or put a case on “if” it comes scratched or dented (unlikely as they usually reject any obvious dents)


£539 for scratched or possibly dented phone!!!


Still available in Lavender :p

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - 'Excellent Condition' - £339.99
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Seems like a very good price. Excellent condition is described as: 'There will be minor signs of usage, but only if you look closely. The previous owner has taken care of this de… Read more

Which is a £150 more :/ go bargain hunter


You can get one brand new from Amazon £490.


This is the 64GB variant by the way :)


Their excellent seem grade B of smarfonestore or Cex But still good price.. i would have like this but poor battery compare to 8plus or 9 plus


hot :)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950 64GB Unlocked Grade A @ eBay
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Grade A Samsing Galaxy Note 8 for £289.99!

Same as @kyeung for me too, got a £24 refund


I complained to them and managed to get a partial refund. Initially they tried to offer £15 only, I argued that currently their listing for grade A and the lowest grade had £24 difference so they gave me the refund.


How did the seller respond to you request? They should have specified it was a US version and Grade B, not A.


With scratches to the top body of my mobile (near the sim slot) where the metal has become visible is it possible to use a black coloured repair pen or repair kit to kind of "colour" the bare metal? I'm thinking something like how you repair car scratch marks but probably more suitable for mobiles.


Nice. Any chance you could kindly feedback once you get round on how successful you were with the flash to XAA (US unlocked?) . Quick read of the guide doesn't look too difficult but appears alot of steps. Being new to flashing a mobile I didn't want risk bricking it. Thanks

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB PRISTINE condition @ MusicMagpie Locked to O2 - £369.99
Found 15th Nov 2018Found 15th Nov 2018
IMO, this is good price for a pristine condition Note 8. Locked to O2, can be unlocked for £5-£10 via ebay. Don't forget 6 - 7% cashback on Quidco. The deal price is after £40 off.

Put a sock in it


Out of stock


Will this burn in my back pocket or my bed ? I have been scared of the Notes . Just joking . Voted hot


What's their grading like?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8  - O2 24M £34/M - 24 months - 15GB Unlimited Mins - Unlimited Txts -  Handset Free £816 @ Mobile phones direct
Found 14th Nov 2018Found 14th Nov 2018
Thought this was a great deal for the Samung Note 8. Was ready to buy the Huawei P20 Pro from Carphone Warehouse until I seen this. Now i don't know which to buy.
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Basing a deal on everyone thinking the 20gb data is worth that is part of the problem. If you have that exact data requirement it is interesting if not...


£34 for a phone that is over a year old isn't a deal when your taped into 24 months with it.


Maybe because you can get a 24gb simo for 15 pounds/month -> making the phone 456 (with 9gb less data monthly), which is not a great price for note 8.


May be because its a old phone ... ? I voted hot


Why is this cold? Cause it's not Chinese? O2 Sim only £20 x 24 = £480 Technically paying £336 for the Samunsg Note. Also on a O2, not dodgey EE essential.

New - Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black 6.3" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £499 (£485 with which trial) + Free Collection @ Appliances Direct
Found 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
I think this is the cheapest it's ever been brand new. Obviously this is a cracking phone, and well worth the money. Go through the cashback sites to claw some back, plus that al… Read more

it would not be a significant upgrade from s9+ to N9. You would lose money


Omg. How on earth did I miss this!? Would have sold my S9 plus dual sim in a heart beat :(


Cheeky b's


Just curious about appliances direct, I spoke in chat with them earlier today and they said their phones are European models. What exactly does this mean anyone? PS. Seems to be showing as £619 now


Looks like a good deal, but I have this phone and would say bear in mind that it weighs a metric tonne.

Samsung Alcantara Cover Case for Galaxy Note 8 - Black £10.95 at Amazon Sold by FoneJoy
Found 8th Nov 2018Found 8th Nov 2018
I've had this case since launch with the Note8 and find the Alcantara very nice. It is washable in water when dirty. Amazon them self sell this for £39.99 Unique Alcantara desi… Read more

Available in Pink and Khaki for a similar price too.


I've become dependent on folio cases now otherwise this would've been ideal. The LED case is great if you haven't tried it.


Got one thanks

From 10AM: Samsung s9/P20 pro/Samsung note 8/Samsung s8/huawei mate 10 pro (refurbished) from £244.99 Varying grades @ Music Magpie Ebay
Found 5th Nov 2018Found 5th Nov 2018
From 10AM: Samsung s9/P20 pro/Samsung note 8/Samsung s8/huawei mate 10 pro (refurbished) from £244.99 Varying grades @ Music Magpie Ebay
£321.99eBay Deals
If prices don't change from 10 the.... All used with varying grades. Huawei mate 10 pro £244.99-£280 Huawei P20 pro £380-£400 S8 £230 S9 £320 Note 8 £320 S8 plus £250 htt… Read more

Sorry for the delay, been really busy at work today. This is relating to the Mate 20 Pro; Same size screen in smaller body Faster chipset Better battery life Better camera Fingerprint scanner in far better place Latest Android OS Not as angular and slab-like More exclusive Faster charging system


A lot of phones have been sold, especially the s9 in good con.


One per each month, ha ha!


Better than the 5t......probably


What is the Huawei Mate 10 Pro camera like in low light?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black 64gb - Used In Good Condition - 12 Months Warranty £329.99 @ 4Gadgets
Found 4th Nov 2018Found 4th Nov 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Black 64gb - Used In Good Condition - 12 Months Warranty £329.99 @ 4Gadgets
£329.99£359.998%4gadgets Deals
Wow, price just reduced, and pretty good service from these guys, as well as a 12 Months Warranty Updated the title to clarify condition. Good (11 in stock) £329.99 Plus there a… Read more

it doesnt say if its dual sim?


Reason I paid more for my note 8!


My concern is the battery life. I'm used to removable batteries but they're all but phased out now! I've always been able to buy a used flagship that's a couple of years old and just swap out the battery.


Good find (y)


I bought this new for £420 with 12 months samsung warranty on eBay, two weeks ago. I always worry about the internals of a second hand phone, especially when the phone is a year and a half old now. This is still a good buy if you're not as picky as me tho. The phone itself is brilliant, the screen is amazing, it's fast, and he battery gets me through a full work day.

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