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The Galaxy S10 Plus blends a huge Infinity display with all-day charge, super-fine visuals, and add-ons like ultrasonic fingerprint scanning and wireless charging. And anyone who wants to upgrade to the latest generation of S family phones can find unbeatable deals at the hotukdeals Galaxy S10 Plus listings. Read more
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128/512/1TB Unlocked / Network Locked Various Colours Seller Refurbished for £485 with code at Music Magpie eBay
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Could not resist, using the eBay code it's under £490 for a good s10+ locked to Vodafone or EE. Easy returns if no good, phone is reasonably new though so I'd be very surprised if … Read more

Seen the Ceramic White 512GB for £699 on this site, but may come as an EU model Anyone bought from onbuy before?


POTENTIAL code is not getting applied in the checkout when I fill on the voucher field. Any ideas?


OK matey


This is only a 10% code. Goes down to 20% often when eBay do their 20% promo once a month. So actually, this is cold imo. Wait a few weeks and get another £40 off.


Because then they couldn't charge you more for having a phone with 5g capabilities, it's the same with all new things, they start off with a high price, all the must have peeps get them on day 1 the rest of us wait until it becomes more affordable.

New Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB SmartPhone - Prism Black £721 Delivered @ Ebuyer
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Seems like a good price for now, and the cheapest UK price? The s10+ version with 128gb storage. Display 6.4" Infinity-O Curved Display (19:9) QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 3040x1440 (52… Read more

Na, it's kind of what I do now, so pretty much comes naturally, thanks mate! :)


It has taken them until today to come back to me and no explanation at all as to why it was supplied like this. I have an returns number now and they are collecting it tomorrow for a full refund, now struggling to decide on an alternative phone, am tempted by the Huawei P20 pro deal you posted earlier, but still a tiny but weary in case Trump stops them getting software updates. Anyway thanks for all the deals keep up the hard work, do you ever rest from searching out phone deals?


By new I meant another phone, not brand new, that would just be silly. I buy used phones then sell them, and I don't find it a ball ache, I find it takes time, but if you're patient, like I am, then it's all good :)


Good luck selling a second hand phone for more than new price after 3 months... Also...changing phones is a real ballache having to transfer everything, I hate doing it every 2 years so dread the thought of every 3 months.


Haha, yeah let me know, and keep an eye on my deals ;)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ 6.4 "Display, 128 GB Black Smartphone | £595/£569 With A Fee Free Card @ Amazon Italy
317° Expired
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Excellent price from amazon Italy, paying with a fee free card in euros can get you it for £569, this will be the Exynos processor. Functionality and details The Infinity-O … Read more

Dammit. Would have snapped at this price!


I do, but not as satisfying


Haha, do you use g pay X?


I did, and it was a joy (My S7 gave up its glorious service, was houked to CeX) Summer clearance, building voucher war chest


Does anyone use Samsung pay? 8)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ unlimited minutes text and data £45/m @ Three
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Rung three yesterday for my pac code. They offered me S10+ with unlimited everything for £62/month. I replied no thank you and insisted for pac code. Finally the quy on the phone w… Read more
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Good deal. My contract just ended and I mentioned this. They said "We can price match at £48". A person told me last week that it would cost me £58 after I said no to the A70 they offered at £30


Maybe just learn some basic skills so that what you post is comprehensible and of some use to people. If you take information from a table and remove the formatting it just ends up like a useless mess.


get a grip


it was a quick copy and paste from a mobile site but I will from now on make sure its muppet proof for you OK?


Shush! I'm concentrating! Trying to decipher: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Vodafone Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

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Samsung S10 Plus 128GB Vodafone - Unlimited Data/Text/Mins - £45pm 24 Months - Term = £1080 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Samsung S10 Plus £45/month, unlimited data, minutes, text. + choice of prime video, now tv, sky or spotify for 24 months.
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Still can't find better deal with usable extras and sim with unlimited data.


thanks for asking. I'm with vodafone ATM so might see if they can do anything


They confirmed it has to bought direct from Vodafone so this is a pass from me


Sent a message to the Samsung UK twitter account to ask


Should qualify? It says no eBay or Amazon marketplace type purchases in the fine print. But this is surely a recognised Vodafone agent. Its very tempting to me this. Especially as you don't need to remember to claim cashback every few weeks, which I'd inevitably forget

Samsung Galaxy s10+ 512gb - £25 upfront & £49 pm - Term = £1201 @
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Samsung Galaxy s10+ Ceramic 512gb on contract with EE 60gb data, unlimited calls and texts £25 upfront £49 per month.
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Neilw1974 and you get 10% back as well so only £810 if you want it


Only £900 at the most these days for just the 512gb s10+handset (y)


Considering the phone retails for £1099 and the contract is £1201 in total I think it's a pretty good deal!


I'm usually quite good at maths, I must have heat stroke lol


I knew when I was posting that something wasnt right lol stupid me

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128GB £52/24mth + £420 Cashback Vodafone at
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128GB 1GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 24 Month Vodafone New Contract Monthly Cost £34.50 per month Before cashback: £52 per… Read more
Avatardeleted2256456Get dealGet deal

this is quite a bad deal~ cashback is never guaranteed and if as above stated is correct then the trouble of collecting most won't forget etc.


Total price after cashback is £828. I think it's an okay price for the phone, but the 1GB data is kinda garbage. If you actually want the data plan there's a £36.50 a month option with 5GB (total £876). You have to manually claim the cash back in 5 installments every 3 months from 6 months onwards. Personally I'd hold out for a handset only price hitting closer to £700, even if it's a non UK version.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ G9750 Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 8GB/128GB Dual Sim - Prism Green - £559.54 @ eGlobal Central
187° Expired
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Galaxy S10+ The phone that doesn’t just stand out, it stands apart Completely redesigned to remove interruptions from your view. No notch, no distractions. Precise laser cutting, … Read more
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Bravo! Looks like I’m ordering one of these then! Cheers for your help!


Have tested a Vodafone 5G sim and Wifi Calling and VoLTE also work (only 4g of course)


Are you in a VoLTE area? You know it’s working as it’s stays in 4G when you make a call. i don’t have the option to turn off Hd calling either. But I think Hd calling is the same as VoLTE and I have the option to switch this off under mobile networks menu.


I'm on three also. I received 2 config files, one MMS+internet, the other IMS. VoWiFi is fine, but VoLTE doesn't seem to be working. Also no option to toggle HD voice on/off (not sure if you're seeing that option or not).


What network are you on? as soon as I put my Three SIM card in, three sent 2 configuration sms files to install

New Samsung S10+ 128GB £705 On O2 Refresh
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Another O2 refresh deal. Make sure to select a tariff over 30GB data month to claim a free gift of either: (i) 2 Diggit Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers with Stereo Pairing Ability in … Read more
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Phone for £585 with a 20Gb airtime plan. Did they mention anything about the handset when you cancelled the airtime contract or just went ahead and cancelled it without any issues/attempts to offer a better deal?


What deal did you get? I cancelled the airtime contract immediately after picking the phone up, no problems.


Hi Did anyone manage to successfully cancel the airtime plan and keep the phone, apologies if it's already been mentioned! I managed to get them to do a deal on the phone upfront but worried I won't be able to cancel the phone contract after. Thanks


Greatest phone to be made


He isn't right. People have done this many times, myself included. See my chat above which you are welcome to pass off as your own (change the name!) if you have any issues.

Samsung S10 Plus 1TB Ceramic £1,099 at Samsung Store
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Ceramic Black or White S10 Plus 1TB edition reduced by £300 at I know this isn't massive saving but if you can get Cashback at Quidco at 5% and if you have a old handse… Read more
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Oddly, if you plan to trade in a device, it's cheaper going through the normal Samsung website (£350 trade in value vs £250 trade in value). I tried using my S8 Plus with the trade in offer, it works out to £824 on the normal website vs £839.10 on the Work/student benefit website. (confused)


Still a lot of £££ for this .


If you work somewhere that gives you access to employee benefits site, you can get a further 10% off plus up to £250 trade in taking it down to £740 with 0% apr finance through paypal.


I can appreciate the sheer quality of this beast and when compared to current devices on the market at full RRP a bit of a steel. But I will not support the sheer greed of these OEMs charging this ridiculous amount of money for their product, I mean even OP are now asking £800 for their top device. Voted hot purely on the grounds that it the best money can buy at less than a price of an Apple.


I actually think that anything with a notch/hole punch is a downgrade from the Note 9. A lot of content is 2:1 aspect ratio on Youtube and Netflix now which is amazing on the perfectly symmetrical (take note Sony!) Note 9. Not so on the S10 range (it actually ok on notch phones). I agree with you about the note 10 but as a regular user of the Note 9 and iPhone XR the only other phone I see as an upgrade is the OnePlus 7 Pro (although with lots of losses too) from the Note 9 as it has a better refresh rate and true bezeless screen design.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ 512GB £250 upfront £31pm 20GB on O2 £994 at
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Total cost is £994 which I think is a cracking price for the S10+ with 20GB of data per month. Only available in Ceramic White at this price.

To be honest my first thought, it was nothing special until I realised it was for 512GB model. I think if just scanning through it's easy to miss that vital bit. Almost tempted by paying the extra 25 to be on EE... dunno if coverage makes any difference these days


They did it for the s10 which had £250 off, made it £490! it's on a contract but you can cancel the contract after a day if you pay off the phone...


The £200 off is only on contract phones by the looks of it, right?


Fair enough if you have the money upfront or a decent credit card to put it on. What's the chances of getting another £75 off when they're already giving you £200?


Personally if I was going for the s10+ with o2, I would take up the £200 off the handset offer, get another £75 off through live chat making the phone £630, take the free headphones gift on 40gb one month offer then after one month drop on to a cheap sim only deal. At least that way you own the phone after a month, have a very low year two cost and can trade it in if you fancy a change after a little while...

Samsung Galaxy S10+ on EE - Unltd Mins and Texts, 50GB Data £43pm with 0 upfront (24mo - £1032 total) @ fonehouse
-125° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Thought this was a great price on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus on EE, giving you unlimited minutes and texts, plus 50GB of data a month for £43 with no additional upfront! EE Essen… Read more





I think you you be best to get the s10e and pay half this


Hmm is this An amazing deal? was it not 43 for a while now on ee i want the galaxy s10+ badly but waiting for a stinky deal... Edit. Stonking deal... not stinky haha (lol)

Samsung S10+ 512gb for £399 up front £20/24months on Vodafone £879 with 2gb data at
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Looking for a deal and found its cheapest. £20 per month with with £399 upfront on Vodafone with 35 tcb or £400 on EE with 25 tcb. So total cost 880 2gb data Unlimited texts and m… Read more
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Use VC10OFF for extra £10 off upfront


Never used Samsung but can advise about my current pixel 3 xl phone. I find two main issues on top of amazing camera and software. Screen brightness is very low even its Oled screen. Screen is very good otherwise. Second issue is performance with only 4gb Ram. I can hardly read screen in sun. Multiple apps same do not remain at last used page because of low Ram. I had used oneplus 5t and definitely it was much faster than Pixel. Infact I would recommend oneplus 7 or 7 Pro. You will love it if you like stock android.


That’s the whole point. I got vm 40gb sim which I am going to use in it and give this to a low user in my family


I’m not surprised this is going cold because some people aren’t bothered about overall cost, but I will add some heat on this, overall cost is the most important factor in my opinion.This is cheaper than buying the phone outright! Think of it as interest free finance on the phone with a free SIM.


This or Pixel 3 XL £200 cheaper with 5Gb data?

SIM Free Samsung Galaxy S10+ 512GB - Ceramic White £889.95 @ Argos
-164° Expired
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Another price drop, from £1099 originally. Network: Network provider: Sim free. 2G, 3G and 4G network capability. SIM card type: nano SIM and nano SIM. Display and Design: … Read more

Same price direct from Samsung. if you have a phone to trade in they are offering some decent prices. Just give me £250 for my S8, so £649 for this phone was a no-brainer IMO


I'm with you, £900 is plenty and a lovely holiday can be had for a couple or family - especially if you know how to snag a bargain. All relative, as you say.


Same here my friend. I did not mean any offence. I've had great UK holidays on a lesser budget with the kids. (y)


Just my personal opinion.


When you are on a limited budget and do not earn much, £900 is a fantastic budget for a family holiday. Again, everything is relative.

10GB Data | 512GB Samsung Galaxy S10+ | £210 Upfront £31pm | O2 £954 Total @
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
This looks really good to me, for a phone that is still over a grand in most places sim free, you csn get 10gb data on o2 plus the phone for under a grand. Go through topcashba… Read more

Total cost £1032, £78 more over 2 years.


£43 nothing upfront 50GB data EE by affordable mobiles


Hybrid SIM so either Sd card or extra SIM at one time


Does anyone know if this has dual sim?


Currently have a Note 9 and trying not to be tempted by S10+ deals while I await the Note 10...its difficult as an upgrade-aholic. Is the S10+ any better than the Note 9?

Samsung S10 Plus 512GB, £24pm, 5gb + unltd mins/txts Ceramic White, Vodafone, £340 upfront with code £916 @
-44° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Use the code to get £10 off, so total price is £916 instead of £926. O2 10GB is £954.

I think so. I mean, it's the cheapest I have seen the S10 Plus 512GB.


You can get a similar sim only for that allowance for around £10 a month . So you are getting the phone for £630 which is pretty good . I use around 30-40 GB of data a month !


Would you rather I didn't include it?


Well I wasn't going to but that 1% saving has really sold it.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975F 4G 6.4" Smartphone 128GB Unlocked (White) B+ £524 & (Green) B £508 - Cheapest Electrical (With Code) @ eBay
81° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Samsung S10+ for chip shop money! Grade B+ Prism White £524 with code:… Read more

Pleasure fandy, did not even notice there was only one Prism Green one!! You have the idea, S10+ for less money than the S10e!! I still have one code left, not too sure what to buy yet, a few have "held off" in case they miss a last minute listing bargain, while the code still works!! ;)


Grabbed the green one, £400 off RRP ain't bad and I don't have to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive. Also Samsung pay should work on this model. Thanks OP.




Grad b?


Instantly as if someone was doing this for a living and actually getting paid 100k a year to do so OR instantly, I still beat the mods to correcting it anyway (lol) (lol)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus 128 Unlocked Various Colours £514.99 / £524.99 with ebay discount code at musicmagpie eBay
217° Expired
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Condition: Very Good, Colour: Prism Green or Prism Black Network: Unlocked, Storage Capacity: 128 GB = £524.99 with discount code PURE20 Samsung Galaxy… Read more

Added more this morning. Got one for £464.99 with the voucher (pristine prism black on vodafone) unlocked ones are a bit more. Cheers OP




The green is still available @ £524.99


Out of stock

Samsung Galaxy S10+ G9750 Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 8GB/128GB Dual Sim - Prism Green - £571.89 @ eGlobal Central
226° Expired
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Update 1
Price further reduced from £573.79 to £571.89
EglobalCentral deal again, never on this price without voucher code, also white colour is on £579.49, the link is… Read more
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If you paid via credit card or PayPal, they would not play any trick.


Fingers crossed, I’ve read they send fake tracking and the tracking shows the same for everyone. I’m sure it’s just an automated system and not real tracking Awaiting the local courier tracking to arrive! As of today : 4 2019-07-13 Shipment will arrive at courier depot for sorting shortly. 3 2019-07-12 Shipment is en-route to courier depot. 2 2019-07-11 In transit. 1 2019-07-10 The parcel has been picked by the courier; The parcel has left the courier's warehouse.


Should be with you next week if everything goes smoothly.


Ordered 24th of June, received the dispatched email on 26th, the track number couldn't get further information until 7pm on 3rd of July. Normally parcel status changed last night before delivery day. Mine was by UPS. Heard of some of them by Yodel.


Thanks mate. Was this recently? ordered a green s10+ model on 4th July and so far tracking says: Parcel Status 2019-07-12 Shipment is en-route to courier depot. 2019-07-11 In transit. 2019-07-10 The parcel has been picked by the courier; The parcel has left the courier's warehouse. hopefully be here next week!

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