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Android Phone - Replace Samsung Galaxy S6
I won't hide it I'm an iPhone owner. However I'd like to get my brother a new phone for Christmas and don't follow what is what. He's got a Samsung S6 that is doing it's best to di… Read more

I ended up going with a Moto 7 Power. Thanks for the recommendations folks. The long battery life will be a boon as he forgets to charge all the time.


Not really sure about a phone thats 100 quid that'll be better than an s6. S6 is a pretty amazing phone tbh


Plus one to the above.


Good shout. Got my mum a G6 Play last year, or at least think it was that model. Will see if any other ideas crop up.


G7 power imo. Purchased one a while back and it's honestly a phenomenally amazing phone for price. Was on here for around 90 or so a week ago. 4gb ram 64gb storage is enough, screen is nice and big and good resolution even though it's 720p, looks much better. Quite fast to use haven't had lag yet, no bloatware and is on Android 9. Also space for SD card and 2 Sims. Camera isn't nothing special tbh and the speaker is good enough. I'd go for it but good to see what others say about their recommendations

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Need a replacement for Samsung s6, less than £160
Need a mobile which takes decent photos which are at least as good and with at least 64gb storage. I want something which is a UK phone without any Chinese sellers and Chineese m… Read more

Agree.. but s7 and s8 are bit old now might not get support anymore apart from that they would probably still do the job but personally i would get a new phone like xiaomi so it has warranty etc


I agree, it is possible to get Redmi Note 7 64 gb for £174.00 on Amazon which is pretty good and kind of fits the price range. If you're considering used phones, go for S7 edge instead of S8 - better battery and difference of other parameters are not that significant




Even budget phones have decent cameras these days try xiaomi ... note 7? Or mi a3? A used mi 8 pro would probably be under £160 , its always better to get a new phone in the long run .. check some reviews out on youtube


P30 Lite with £50 cashback?

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Smartphone suggestions to replace samsung S6
Seem a lot of deals for the Chinese phones with great specs for the price,but I just cannot narrow it down as there is just that many. I would like it to have a good camera, amoled… Read more

Got the pixel 2xl but I notice a slight flicker when always on display is active. So when just the clock shows on a black background you can see it. Not much but anyone else got one with same issue. Fully updated to 9.0


Was recommended the pixel 2xl grade A refurb from ebay argos,so 12months warranty too,which I ordered. Thanks


I have the Mi 9 and I'm happy with it battery life last me a day and not to big.


Spend between 200-300

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Amazfit Bip watch - WhatsApp/Samsung S6
has anyone managed to get WhatsApp messages to alert on the watch from a Samsung S6.... can't work out how to get em working, SMS work fine but not WhatsApp?

Go into mifit app on phone, go into app alerts, select the manage apps button on bottom and add WhatsApp


Yeah I really like mine and my wife liked it too, you can buy different straps to femenise it a bit.


Hi Dave, interested in this for my mother I have the amazfit is this a good size for women (not to large)


I'm assuming you've tried to enable WhatsApp notifications in the app? Go to the Mi fit app, go to the option where it shows battery, then you'll have a list of options. Go to app alerts and you can set which apps you want to alert you on the watch.

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Samsung s6 edge question
Both me and partner on same network but iPhone and android. Where as I'm able to send however many emojis as I want via my iPhone. She always gets a warning msg saying it'll cost. … Read more

Its ok changed it from gsm alphabet to auto and problem is fixed

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owners report “pink line” display problem
Another issue for Samsung? Not the first time it's been reported but seems to be gathering pace (may also affect S7 & S6 models) Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owners are reportin… Read more

Had mine over 14 months with no screen protector.. has really minor scuffs on sides where I think it's been rubbed on my gym bag zip or in the locker. My iPhone 7 was scratched within 2 days..


Hi there , is there anyone else out there dealing with samsung i have a samsung s7 edge and had pink lines on it and samsung agreed to take it back but its been damaged in transit and they are saying its now out of warrenty but this has been damaged by their transport UPS or while they have had it and now they are just avoiding the issue saying its my problem even though when their driver came and collected it it was in good condition anyone know who i can speak to to complain about my transit damage and samsung not stepping up for the responsibility


I've just sent mine off for repair with this issue, hopefully its free but we will see.... The guy in the 02 store assures me this is a very rare issue and mine was only the second one he has seen.....


Should point out it's unlikely to be caused by physical damage if it's all working in good condition with only the pink line issue, most likely it's a problem with the ribbon connecting the display to the main board or a flat out driver issue but since it's replicated time and again I would stick with a faulty ribbon being the culprit


​Isn't the new pixel supposed to be good? The s7 edge is just a gimmick, can't even get a good screen protector for it, if it wasn't for the camera it would have been gone for me.