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Samsung Tab S6 Lite WiFi 64GB Blue or Grey (+£70 Samsung Cashback so £189 total) - £259 @ Amazon
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Made hot 21st JunMade hot 21st Jun
Update 2
Blue back in stock for this price
Seems a good deal when include the £70 Samsung cashback (plus another £50 if buy another eligible Samsung item!). Currently available in Oxford Grey or Angora Blue). LTE/128GB mode… Read more

What ? (shock) No HDMI out via the USB-c....that sucks


Ordered the Official Samsung book case and it's lovely. Better than the cheap eBay stuff. Right now the grey one is £25 on Amazon instead of retail £59.


Most will say Amex


Many thanks for the update.


In case it matters to you…. It doesn’t have HDMI out, so you can’t use DEX on an external monitor. The usb c connector they have used doesn’t support video out, so it’s tablet based DEX only. I got one on the prime day deals and just waiting for cash back to be approved, and found this out after. Not a deal breaker for me though… just good to have a mess around with

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB Smartphone / EE Locked Good Condition Black - £56.09 Delivered @ Music Magpie / Ebay
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Made hot 18th AprMade hot 18th Apr
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB Smartphone / EE Locked Good Condition Black - £56.09 Delivered @ Music Magpie / Ebay£56.09 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
15% auto applies for this stunning bit of modern equipment (pirate) Good – This product will show moderate signs of wear and tear, the item has been fully tested, restored to… Read more

I am guessing so. If Ofcom says locked phones cant be sold after December 2021 I would imagine that applies to all. As with all these things it is a matter of wait and see. Our regulators are a toothless lot and mobile phone operators are a powerful lobby so it could be all change by December..


Only one has no sim in it the other has my O2 321p in it and working fine. The thing is what ever you say about the s6 its still a great phone even for today the screen is brilliant on it its even better then my redmi note 9t which was a bargain but no match for the Sammy screen and i know the 9t is a budget phone. By the way the 9t screen is not that bad its quite good. So i will put the sammy into swings and roundabouts good and bad (lol)


You do.


Do u till get a years warranty


Again, you are running it without a SIM - that's what uses the battery (lol) . If you tried to use this as your daily driver (old performance aside) even with a new battery in it, you will soon see why it's sub par.

Samsung Galaxy s6 lite tablet 64GB Wifi £254.15 via Samsung Store
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Samsung Galaxy s6 lite tablet 64GB Wifi £254.15 via Samsung Store£254.15£29915% off Free P&P FreeSamsung Deals
This brings it to the same price, the perks at work discount posted, if you don’t have access to that. Usually, Samsung discount codes can be stacked, as well as the trade in opti… Read more

I had confirmation everything was fine today. My friend received a similar email on a previous trade-in deal, she ignored it and she never heard back from them. ....


Did any one had issue with the Samsung trade in, I got email today after a month Upon inspection of your device we found the following fault:Display Faulty - Bright light on LCD See picture below: In order to proceed you will need to pay £25.00 excess to complete your order. You can pay using the secure link to SagePay below. Payments will be made directly to our repair centre MTR Group Ltd.


Great deal received tablet two weeks earlier than expected. Had confirmation email excepting my trade in. Got the headphones as well all for £169.15. Thanks OP


I received an email today stating my headphones have been passed onto yodel and should be with me in 5 days.


I've not had mine yet, my application was validated on March 26th and the message stated that the headphones will arrive within 45 days.

Galaxy S6 Edge Gold Platinum - Used Like New £69 @ O2 Shop
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Made hot 24th Jul 2020Made hot 24th Jul 2020
Galaxy S6 Edge Gold Platinum - Used Like New £69 @ O2 Shop£69O2 Shop Deals
Showing as £79 on their store page but once you click on the product it's showing as £69. CPU and RAM may be lagging behind by today's standards but still comes with a fantastic sc… Read more

Yep that worked cheers


Ok cheers will give it another charge before I send back


Mine was draining rapidly initially I think due to all the updates it was doing in the background. I left it on overnight and it dropped 6% over 9 hours.


The lad got an app off the pure apk website. When he falls through the door I'll see if I can get some sense out of him and what app it actually is.


No, not kidding yourself XD If memory serves batteries usually get to full capacity over a few charges. Got 14 days to return so maybe give it a few charges if you're having problems...

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Samsung S6 at O2 like new pearl white only £59 at O2 Shop
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Made hot 22nd Jul 2020Made hot 22nd Jul 2020
Samsung S6 at O2 like new pearl white only £59 at O2 Shop£59 Free P&P FreeO2 Shop Deals
This was run last time and o2 sold out. They have only white available still a bargain price for what the phone is. £5 min top up required gicing you calls/text for 30 days too. … Read more

Got mine - pristine condition - it appears to be new. Thanks O


Anyone got there’s , I got mine just now S6 & the plus model


Great price for a backup phone, ordered, thanks op (y)


Both orders despatched! Wow that’s quick


Took a punt on this and the plus model as that was also for sale because the last lot had new devices when they got there’s . If there rubbish there is an o2 shop near my house so il just take them back

Samsung Galaxy S6 Like new - £59 delivered @ O2 Shop
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Made hot 2nd Jul 2020Made hot 2nd Jul 2020
Samsung Galaxy S6 Like new - £59 delivered @ O2 Shop£59 Free P&P FreeO2 Shop Deals
Samsung Galaxy S6 Like New in black and gold

Try here.


I was under the impression it was going to be unlocked but just tried it today and it's locked to O2 does anyone know if i can get it unlocked for free?


Glad I didn't take your advice, people didn't say it was crap, they said it was old with poor battery life, mine turned up in perfect condition, isn't slow/laggy at all, and I've always kept my battery charge between 40% and 80%, topping it up when I get up in the am and again when I get home from work, so I'm never bothered about it having to last a full day, best £59 phone I've ever had I reckon (y)


If you've still had no luck, when it's unplugged, press and hold the power key for a full 20 seconds, then let go, even if nothing happens, then plug in and don't touch any buttons at all, leave plugged in for minimum 15 minutes then try and switch on while still plugged in


32GB internal memory with no expansion gimps it, really. But good for an older or younger family member who is new to smartphones, maybe.