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With the Samsung Gear range of wrist strap-ons or earbuds, fitness is taken to new levels. Gear Samsung watches and earbuds sync seamlessly with the Samsung Health app to track diet, sleep and fitness with a simple tap. At hotukdeals, all the latest and best Samsung watch offers are brought together on one page. Read more
Carphone Warehouse FLASH SALE Samsung Gear Fit WAS £169 NOW £84
Posted 28th Nov 2014Posted 28th Nov 2014
Carphone Warehouse FLASH SALE Samsung Gear Fit WAS £169 NOW £84
Looks a good price for a smart watch ! May get Quidco or TCB?



Yeah I did think of getting one for my iphone 4s but then decided it was a bit of a risk ! STill a funky looking watch though :)


Iam guessing this only works fir samsung devices

Samsung Gear VR £149.99 pre-order @ Expansys
Posted 3rd Nov 2014Posted 3rd Nov 2014
Samsung Gear VR £149.99 pre-order @ Expansys
Yeah I know you need a Note 4 but this is cool and seems to be the cheapest price around.

Are these for sale yet anybody own them?


You're not really saving anything because you need a phone to go in it. Good luck finding a 1080p phone for 70 quid (the difference between this and the DK2). You can only get a 720p phone for that price if you buy directly from China. Then there's factors like powering the phone and the fact that the OR is so much more flexible.


I knew this would be expensive, being Samsung branded, but I feel they have misjudged this. They clearly think people will pay to save a little amount over the Oculos. Personally, I'd rather pay a little more and have a full professional solution with all of the support and software that brings.


Note 4 does fit in the Colorcross version of this too. I'm not sure what extra tech the Galaxy Gear VR has other than a touch pad that you can tap. But the colorcross cost me around £20 at the time... thats a lot of difference for a bit more comfort and a touch pad.


**** it since I love my dk2 and I own a note 4 I decided to buy one!! HOTTTTTTTT Btw...

Samsung Gear S pre-order. Ships Nov 7th £329 @ Samsung e-store
Posted 1st Nov 2014Posted 1st Nov 2014
Samsung Gear S pre-order. Ships Nov 7th £329 @ Samsung e-store
I know this will be another frosty smartwatch (my second tonight! ). Not fussed really - Just a heads up for tech geeks like me who may have missed it and have been waiting for pre… Read more

Anyone after one of these, they are available in the samsung experience shops, on the O2 website and from Korea via eBay. eBay cheapest at 231 Inc fedex but risk of customs.


As ugly as the iwatch


pre ordered this yesterday (to go along with my note4) just waiting them to start ore ordering the gear circle headphones.


try have stock in 2-3 weeks but its £15 dearer and £4 p and p. no one else seems to have it apart from expansy (don't know how to spell the name) but have heard bad things about that website.


I don't believe it! I missed the pre order. shows how representative hukd voters are.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo Watch £99 @ 3 instore Usually £169
Posted 13th Aug 2014Posted 13th Aug 2014
Samsung Gear 2 Neo Watch £99 @ 3 instore Usually £169
Popped in for my upgrade and saw this... It was priced @ £169 but when he checked it against the new price list (nationwide) it was £99. He was as shocked as I was! Still full pri… Read more
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Picked up one this morning (bought one at launch and returned it thinking Google Live was better). With the latest updates am very happy, more so at the price.


Intel apparently pulled the plug last year, though likely as not it was a Microsoft/Apple negotiation project for them This watch works fine on Tizen but it would be useful if the ROM could be switched to Android. Samsung apparently abandoned Tizen smartphone plans over 12 months ago.


Hot but o/s wise pretty much dead now, Samsung working on another watch/phone was rumoured for cheap markets only. I still think this watch does just what you need, not too much function complicating things and enough to mean you rarely need you're phone for notifications.


Yes - but those are the new watches, right? This is the Tizen one before it - will this be ported to the new Android-based W platform? I just don't want to end up with a dead-end platform - unless Cyanogen for Watches will support it on the new platform?


Excellent find - I was looking for one and this just made my mind up for me. Just bought mine so I can confirm that it's definitely nationwide (I bought mine at the Stockton branch). The guy in the store had no idea that they had been reduced!

samsung gear fit watch / wristband now only £99.99 @ o2 priority moments, o2 shops to redeem
Posted 10th Jul 2014Posted 10th Jul 2014
samsung gear fit watch / wristband now only £99.99 @ o2 priority moments, o2 shops to redeem
£80 off RRP Use he app in store and show the code Valid until 11 July
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You clearly don't, what's over inflated about free? Many of the offers are free this, that or other, then you have x% off at , win tickets to .... Etc. Oh and if yo do know why did you mention delivery charges when it's instore offer only?


it is £80 of rrp, but average online price is £130, so £100 is a good price, hence i left the rrp off the title in this deal


my point was that its not £80 off as they are suggesting. its still a saving and deserves heat but lets not blow things out of proportion. and yes i do know what priority moments is. generally they over inflated offers made to look better than they are.


They were doing this last month as well Do you even know what the O2 priority moment is? If you did the you then you wouldn't have posted that last bit(no idea if you been hiding under a rock/in a cave or simply ignoring all O2 priority moments deals and freebies). As the op said in the last reply this is instore not online, if you're on o2(contract or Payg) they have an app(unsurprisingly called O2 priority moments) which has offers which gives you a code which you redeem in the store in question(they have offers for pcw/currys, Whsmiths, Hallfords, O2 and some others).


Instore only I believe free shipping on all online orders, even £5 pay n go phones with no topup required

Samsung Gear Fit smartwatch - $99 on (approx £58) plus custom fees and charges
Posted 7th Jul 2014Posted 7th Jul 2014
Samsung Gear Fit smartwatch - $99 on (approx £58) plus custom fees and charges
Amazon US are doing the Gear Fit watch for Samsung Galaxy devices (S4, S5, Note 3) for a pretty decent $99. Stock is due in 10/7 too. In order to get the price, click on "32 us… Read more

Disadvantage that I know off, at least 2 years ago is that Samsung warranty is regional unlike apple that theirs is international. Samsung would not honor the warranty if it becomes faulty if not bought in forsaken EU. I'm not an apple fan but I respect their no quibble international warranty. Once an iPod from USA, and an iPhone from Hong Kong.


Hmm, seems to be in and out then. Will expire it for now.


This, "though there may be a delivery / customs charge", don't worry, there will be.


Can't see it ?


Is there any disadvantage from buying from the US site?

Samsung Gear Live (Black) £169 @ Google play store
Posted 26th Jun 2014Posted 26th Jun 2014
Samsung Gear Live (Black) £169 @ Google play store
Powered by Android Wear. Bright and stylish, the Samsung Gear Live moves with you. Samsung Gear Live gives you useful information exactly when you need it, like weather forecasts i… Read more

I think I would like one, they will probably be given away free withnew mob ile phone contracts, watch this space :)


No deal here


Plus it comes up £9.99 postage!


Wait, isn't this supposed to be $30 cheaper than the Gwatch? Samsung trying to a pull fast one with the UK market.


Where is the deal? Seems to be retail price?

Samsung Gear Fit £129.00 @ Samsung Store online
Posted 26th Jun 2014Posted 26th Jun 2014
Samsung Gear Fit £129.00 @ Samsung Store online
The Gear Fit has gone down in price since the launch of the Gear Live. Was £169, now £129 at Samsung Store online. Priced in line with Nike Fuelband. Ranges between £160-£200 else… Read more
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GLITCH? O2 priority moments Samsung gear fit was £179.99 now £80
Posted 3rd Jun 2014Posted 3rd Jun 2014
GLITCH? O2 priority moments Samsung gear fit was £179.99 now £80
With ref to£80-off-with-o2-priority-moments- I went to my local (East Kilbride) to get this deal. The assistant tried many t… Read more

It's rather good but mine came up on the till for £99.99 not £80 so whoever got it for £80 was very lucky.


ooo i've been reported ... what a way lose an argument


Deffo £100 just been in I would pay £70 for one no more


Thanks for that, thought I'd missed out - at this price it's gotta be worth a shot! May even make me switch to Samsung!


Jesus, I didn't call you dumb... I meant it in the same way we had 'dumb terminals' in the early 2000s, systems that offloaded all their processing to a mainframe or server - which is effectively what this does as it has all your phone doing the processing for the device. On its own it's virtually useless, e.g. take your phone away and it does not "receives text, emails, twitter, Instagram , Facebook etc. etc?. Not forgetting vibrating and displaying caller i.d when I am at work and unable to have my phone on my desk". Does this make it clearer?

Samsung Gear Fit for £99.99 - £80 off with O2 Priority Moments
Posted 1st Jun 2014Posted 1st Jun 2014
Samsung Gear Fit for £99.99 - £80 off with O2 Priority Moments
O2 Priority Moments are giving O2 customers £80 off a samsung gear fit in store making it only £99.99 which compared to the Nike Fuel Band does a lot more for your money and its a … Read more
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I just want to add that the problem with this review (and usually with most of them) is that the reviewer uses an old samsung phone, in this case S3. A 2-year old phone that costs less than the Gear fit itself. I personally use the Galaxy Note 3 and I the majority of these problems dont exist. I assume the same stands for S5 as well. If you have other phones than those two, expect some problems here and there even though that Samsung claims they are supported.


Great price if you absolutely want it (I did) but the reviews are not that good - the software may be fixed true but knowing Samsung they will just release a new version fixing the issues and abandoning this one... Might wait for Gear 2 to come down in price - sure not the same product but that one seems to work better.


Stock just updated!!!!! 995 left!!!!!


Good one..thanks


GG :(

Samsung gear 2 neo smartwatch £152.90 with code @ Samsung
Posted 19th Apr 2014Posted 19th Apr 2014
Samsung gear 2 neo smartwatch £152.90 with code @ Samsung
Samsung gear smartwatches gear 2 neo and gear fit for £152.90 if you use code NPR-14G-QKY-WSZ also 4.72% topcashcack



These guys are better when they are copying other co's products. I wouldnt rely on them flr innovative products. Wait till apple/goog release their smart watches & then Samsung's next release will be worth buying.


didn't know that! thanks!


I think i read the Gear 2 is metal and the Gear Neo is plastic (not sure if just the strap but that can be changed)


from what I read .. the neo has no camera... and that is the only difference. I liked the idea, but speaks are poor apparently, mic recording is poor - for phone calls too. £100 difference between gear 2 and neo just for the camera doesn't fit right.

Free Samsung Gear with Galaxy S4 or Note 3 WORTH £200 PHONES4U Swan, Yardley
Posted 9th Apr 2014Posted 9th Apr 2014
Free Samsung Gear with Galaxy S4 or Note 3 WORTH £200 PHONES4U Swan, Yardley
Free Gear Swan Yardley Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Not the same watch..... Galaxy gear is old model and Samsung gear is new model but still an average deal imho


£490 for the s4 and the watch! Sorry but wasn't this £350 last week st Vodafone?


You get some free gear, a free swan and some old ladies perfume?

Samsung note 3 and a samsung gear plus a free experience day £37 a month @ CPW
Posted 10th Nov 2013Posted 10th Nov 2013
Samsung note 3 and a samsung gear plus a free experience day £37 a month @ CPW
500 minutes, unlimited texts and internet on a Samsung note 3 (worth £500) Get a free galaxy tab 3 (£140) or samsung gear (£300) with your contract. Not only that but you get £35 q… Read more
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Signal probs ? Get a home signal box free I got one now have full service in house


I've been with 3 for the past few years and never had a problem getting a signal - plus most 3 plans include unlimited data and the promise of 4g at no extra cost when they release it in December so it makes sense for me to stick with them. The watch is on offer with other networks too though - see:


good deal


Already posted


47 quid on voda only decent signal for me . 3 pants in most areas ( plus where's galaxy gear all I found was tablet outdated by about 2 year

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