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Samsung LS03R The Frame (2019 model) 43'' QLED for £734.09 delivered from
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Posted 11 h, 17 m agoPosted 11 h, 17 m agoShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Due to a cashback promotion applied during checkout, you can get the Samsung LS03R from Amazon Germany for €803.78 (£734.09), inclusive of postage to the UK. The next best price in… Read more

Note the EU models don't have freesat.


Shame it's not a 65 or 75 (excited) (excited) (highfive) (y)


I managed to place an order for the grand total of EUR 803.78 by picking Amazon as the seller and getting a rebate during checkout, but Amazon Germany appears to have increased the price and pulled the cashback/rebate offer on this tv now after getting too much traffic from hotukdealers! The rebate is still available on the 49 inch model, but Amazon Germany won't ship these larger screens to the UK. :-(


I cant find any sign of the cashback applied during checkout.


Shame it’s not the 55

QE65Q60RATXXU & 5yr Warranty | 2019 65" Q60R QLED 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV £1125 @ Samsung
Posted 16th AugPosted 16th Aug
25% off with Defence Discount Service and other public sector discount services. Free 5 year warranty. 100% Colour Volume* Genuine cinematic colour made from over a billion colou… Read more
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Please can someone help me and tell me is this hdr10+ and hd 1500 or hd 1000 I have searched everywhere cant seem to find it anywhere!! Hopefully someone here can help will appreciate it!!


How does the spec of this compare to the 2018 q6fn or q7fn as on the face of it the 2018 spec looks on par or better


anyone know if the DTS on video files via the USB been sorted? all 2018+ models had it removed


Thanks for the concern but I do work for NHS. I know that this might work as previously on one of deals someone else mentioned that You can sign up with healthservice discounts without verification.


none in stock

Samsung QLED 2019 4K QE65Q90R Unidays / Student / Work scheme £2564.32 from Samsung
Posted 11th AugPosted 11th Aug Samsung QLED QE65Q90R for 2549 after cashback plus QE65Q85R for 1799 after cashback .. plus a few more. Also the … Read more
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Dolby Vision is extremely noticeable and looks amazing on oleds. Atmos sound is on another level to 7.1 tracks. Have never seen an image on any tv look better than what a oled can produce.


You would never notice that you watching Dolby vision. It is like atmos. Can tell the difference in A B tests but not totally isolated from, say HDR 10bit. Whereas....65in screen is fraction of the size of a ~100in screen with wonderful brightness of a massive picture on a massive screen. For some reason the colours just seem richer beinf reflected off a screen as compared to being shone through a tv screen


Are projectors able to display Dolby Vision? Must have feature for me.




happy to help, please follow this link:

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Samsung QE43Q60R 43" QLED Q60R TV - £639.64 @ Ebuyer
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
The cheapest that I can find this TV anywhere else seems to be at least £719. Seems to be a great price for this QLED TV Description also states Limited warranty - 5 years

don't know any specific models for this size but when I was shopping for 55",I found the QLED Q7 the best picture,colours & bightness,there was only one Sony model comparable (spec and price) but even that one couldn;t match the colour vibrancy,black levels of the my QLED.only OLEDs were comparable but I didn't want OLED. but I know if you go cheaper, the quality will be effected if money is not really limited,I'd definitely get a nice high premium TV,like this.don't just read specs as panel quality / technology and processing etc makes a HUGE difference. cheaper TVs this size will be around £300-400ish,but regardless of brand and specs at that price range they won't be even close to quality of this and likely to suffer from light bleeding etc I know because I bought 2 different 50-55 inch sets from Sony and Samsung (not QLED range) they were around £550-£600 but night and day difference between quality of my QLED and those cheap ones.(I payed £1300).specs wise all featured usual 4k,hdr etc etc but as I said very different picture,sound and build quality.


Thanks for the info on this. Out of interest what you reckon might be 2nd of 3rd best at 43"? I need this size as well and keen on something cheaper!


I don't know about this one but I have the Q7 QLED and the brightness rating was one of the deciding factors for was one of the very the best of any TV available when I bought it.and also the anti-glare coating they used is the best in business so I set it in a VERY bright sunny room at the moment and it's super bright with almost no visible glare at all. its's really impressive.


Unfortunately the maximum brightness is a little low for me in daylight viewing. It's just about adequate but another 5% would be nice.


Just how limited is a limited warranty? It obviously isn't a full warranty.

Samsung QE49Q70R QLED TV - £200 off and claim up to £125 e-voucher at John Lewis & Partners
TODAYTODAYPosted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Samsung 2019 QLED TV which you can get £200 off with a coupon code and then claim a further £125 John Lewis voucher if your a my John Lewis customer. If you are not then you can st… Read more

i think you have to go through this link that was posted in the other thread to see the discount on the samsung site Then select the Televisions category and scroll down to this tv


Do you have a link to the 55"?


Well Samsung are offering a very generous 10 years screen burn warranty......(Yes I am been sarcastic :) ) this is a shockingly bad price for like you say a 49 inch LCD TV.


The 55'' is £924 after cashback and 25% off direct from Samsung


Pretty much the same if not worse than the Q7F according to Rtings,

Samsung QE55Q60RATXXU 55'' 4K QLED TV £779 @ Westmids Electrical Superstore / John Lewis Price Match
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Samsung's QLED models are certified to provide 100 per cent colour volume , which can be expressed regardless of the brightness level. Over a billion shades, made up from more t… Read more

Fantastic news, I’ve been looking around again today and the QLED is amazing. I now wish it didn’t exist, once’s you see QLED nothings else will do. (lol) (lol)


Yes, It’s still pricey for 55” but it’s QLED and we want a good TV for living room. Also JL 5 year warranty!


Great news, are you going to purchase the TV. :)


I’ve also got JL to price match.


Hi, how do you log in? Thank you.

Samsung QE65Q85R (2019) QLED HDR 1500 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" with TVPlus/Freesat HD £2219.00 @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Finally they started to drop prices on the new QLED 2019.. All the retailers have either discount or cashback 300 pounds for this tv which drops it at the region of 2250... Also f… Read more

Richer sounds. A deal posted on here


And where can you get an 65" 8K Q9 for the same price then?


2519-300= 2219. I dont have access to samsung EPP. As previously stated I voted cold as I can buy a 65" 8k Q9 for the same price this Q8 would cost


As stated in the title.. for whoever got access to Samsung EPP... is 2099 before cashback :)


The price is £2219?

Samsung QE55Q80R
55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR 1500 Smart QLED TV with Apple TV app £1329 with code @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Edit: not forgetting the 6 year warranty!! * Get £200 instant cashback with this TV using voucher code QLEDCASH200. Offer available in-store, online or via Telesales, ends 13.08… Read more

Thanks for the clarification johnro.




No problem Thank you for responding so quickly :D


Whoops. My bad. I assumed is 300 cashback... not 200 :).


Hello Lazaroi i know someone who has Samsung EPP. Please can you explain how you got the price down to £994 with Samsung epp. We can only seem to get. £1074. thanks :D

75” Q900R Flagship QLED 8K HDR 4000 Smart TV - £2699  + 5 yr warranty@ Samsung (back on offer)
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Uniday samsung have this on offer.. but decent price for 75 8K QLED TV. Plus £500 cashback on selected models. Student link

Have you tried another HDMI slot? Also did you set it to UHD in Q box settings? There is also the UHD color option in the TV settings.


Have you tried the fix to turn off uhd colour on the hdmi input you have the sky box connected to on the tele? Also sounds like loss of signal. I’m guessing you have tried another high speed hdmi cable? A bog standard cable may work, but may occasionally suffer from what you have described.


SkyQ 2160 10bit via HDMI 1. Its the only source. I use Netflix and Prime Video apps otherwise and they are fine (though some series won't play via the Prime app).


What source are you using? Does it do it on built in apps like Netflix, or any catch up services?


Picture quality is great. But I am calling them on Monday to send it back :-( Because the picture keeps going blank with a blue "waiting" or loading circle and I haven't been able to resolve it and Samsung haven't been much help.

SAMSUNG QE65Q900R 65'' QLED 8K HDR 3000 Smart TV with 6 Year Guarantee £2249 with code @ RicherSounds
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
True 8K resolution See the bigger picture and not the pixels with 4 times the resolution of 4K. Get closer with enhanced colours, texture and skin tones that makes every seat the … Read more

No update apparently still awaiting warranty team to get back


Did you get any updates to this?


Could anybody send me an invite to the Samsung EPP please :) I will provide some beer tokens for the trouble.


Hi, They have had to raise a ticket for me is this normal? Do you by any chance have a direct line to the warranty company? Thank you


It`s a samsung portal for students / employees / partners

Samsung Q7F 55-Inch 2017 QLED Certified Ultra HD Premium HDR 1500 4K Smart TV - Sterling Silver £979 Tvsandmore FBA @ Amazon Prime
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Features & details See all shades of colour brought to life in a whole new light Discover bold contrast, night and day with low light reflectivity Discover ultimate detail… Read more
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Thanks again Still not 100% not sure if it is value for money compared to other models


2017 model doesn’t get AirPlay?


Isn't this a 2018 model? (confused)


The picture is stunning on 4k and HD.on SD is as great too.


Thanks Kokesh & Bluefish Is the picture good on all sources SD, HD and 4K? Does anyone have any other suggestions for a good QLED around this budget maybe a nit more if needed. I have read the 2108 models are brighter than the 2019 models and better value. Thanks Again :)

Samsung QE55Q60RA 55" QLED 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV Inc FREE soundbar - £949 @ Crampton and Moore
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Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Free HW-N300 Soundbar. 5 year protection plan. Price match. New Apple TV app. Free delivery. Features Quantum Processor 4K Mega Contrast Quantum Dot Colour Volume 100% Wid… Read more
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The deal breaker would be that ladt years 7 was only edge lit and you'll get bad blooming issues. The 8 is FALD so you'll get alot less blooming and better contrast and better dark room viewing with gaming and films.


Each to their own but it's much better in my opinion to have 1 single "invisible" wire running to the TV and having the input boxed store out the way hidden than have wires trailing everywhere.


I'd rather the Q8DN / Q8fn over the 7 and skip the one connect box.


Try here .


Ideally I'd recommend going for the better Q7fn model of you can still find it with one connect box albeit a year older but will trounce this. Heat for the deal itself though op.

SAMSUNG QE55Q67RATXXU 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV & HW-N300 2.0 Compact Sound Bar Bundle
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
In-store or Phone u can try Code TV30 to save another £30 Much more than just a brilliant TV, the Samsung QE55Q60R can easily be switched into a work of art. Blend your TV into it… Read more
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I appreciate the great TV deals haha, just wanting some advice on which one to buy as there's so much choice! :)


Cool so just to confirm the NU8000 has a "worse" panel? Also, the NU8000 (and this years RU8000) are not QLED whereas last years Q6 (and this Q60 from this year) are?


What I've read on rtings all the Qled samsung 2018 range are better than there 2019 range.


Last years 2018 N8000 might be better than this years 2019 Q60: RTINGS.COM

SAMSUNG QE55Q67RATXXU 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV with Bixby - £858 + free C&C using code (or £3.95 delivery) @ Argos / eBay
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Use code PRIZE10 to save 10% Last 2 no free Soundbar Samsung 55 Inch Smart 4K UHD QLED TV With HDR Get today using Free Click and Collect from Argos Experience pictures made of bi… Read more

I read that the 2019 RU8000 is worse than the 2018 NU8000?


How does this compare to the Samsung UE55NU8000? Is the extra £150 worth it?


Don't forget to register with Samsung, for the free warranty against Screen Burn:


With the likes of the B8 and C8 dropping in price in recent weeks, I'd expect all the Q range to start to tumble a fair bit more than this. Does this one even have the anti-reflect layer?


Updated voucher field and OP with correct code, thanks for posting @Spicyhotnot :)

SAMSUNG QE55Q67RATXXU 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV & FREE HW-N300 2.0 Compact Sound Bar Bundle £999 Currys
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Enhance your home entertainment with the Samsung QE55Q67RATXXU 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV & HW-N300 2.0 Compact Sound Bar Bundle . Free 5 year Guarantee and Free delive… Read more
Avatardeleted2177733Get dealGet deal

How does this compare to the Samsung UE55NU8000? Is the extra £300 worth it?


OLED without the burn-in hazard. Hot.


Too close to OLED £ for me, cold.

Samsung QE65Q90RAT (2019) 65” 4K Ultra HD QLED HDR TV with Bixby - £3249.99 @ DistrictElectricals
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Now £2, 999! Perhaps a JL price match. Samsung flagship TV, cheaper than any I've found so far. 5 left in stock, not sure about the retailer though.

Ok you didn't say it ;) and maybe not spread disinformation when you do these posts then :p enjoy your day squire


So I didn't say it! Lmao. And I'm a fanboy of oled dispite also promoting sony and also creating previous deals for qled tvs. OK, cheerio fella.


Best off with a Sony anyway if you want a FALD set (wrong) and you sound like an OLED fanboy mate. OLED's are really fragile, they're so cheap for a reason and Samsungs high end sets are expensive for a reason (aside from them bring somewhat extortionate with their pricing) If OLED's didn't have their serious weak points I'd have one again tomorrow the picture quality is superb, bar some shadow detail and banding, but sadly they are very fragile so I'd much rather have a VA FALD until Micro LED is on the scene and then OLED's will vanish like plasmas have


Where did I say sony has the best contrast? What am I a fan boy of?


PUS6703. I'm aware of said review as I was on the verge of buying the x900f until I become aware of its light bleed problems, as always with Sony sets, their best FALD isn't as good as Samsungs either. Not to mention the operating system in the x900f is average at best. I'd much rather have a Q8DN or a Q9FN You should be laughing at yourself saying Sonys have the best contrast mate you're clueless lol.. Fanboyism is rife

Samsung QE49Q60RATXZT Series Q60R (2019) QLED 4K TV @ Amazon Italy £514 Delivered or £492 with fee free Card
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd JunShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Looks like a steal at this price, the closest price UK equivalent is £699 at AO, a quick Google search shows its still priced at around €999 on Samsungs own website, I hope this he… Read more
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If it's anything like the 43" model I saw yesterday it was like watching a badly painted watercolour...


Yes it’s mad just like 2017 models


Samsung have form for releasing updated models with inferior spec to the previous year's.


I'd get a Q6 over this. It's been poorly reviewed against 2018 models in most places as it's a step backwards from last year's version. First time a QLED hasn't received a best buy from which too. Brightness levels seems to have taken a nose dive to below 8 series levels.

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