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Updated 22nd JulLast updated 22nd Jul by TheCostOfLies
Hey all, My sons birthday in the next few weeks and i'm looking to get him a phone - either a Samsung S20 or S21. Budget up to £400. Any decent deals atm? Blue light card holde… Read more

For £400 you might want to consider the S20 FE? Brand new S20/21 might be tricky to get at that price.


Should be " for" not got! Sorry makes my grammar look bad but predictive text to blame....


Anyone got any advise on the Amazon trade in for echo devices. Seems they're offering £5 trade for eligible old devices and 25% off buying a new one. I've got a return label etc but the price keeps varying got the new 4th gen dot! Will probably return and get the voucher then wait until the price drops again... Cheers



Does it have to be a S20 or S21? I bought a Samsung A52 5G a few weeks ago when Samsung had their money off weekend. The phone is normally £399 (though white was £350 for some reason). With the money off I got it for about £300. It is an excellent phone (6.5inch 120Hz screen) with a great camera. Here are some reviews (the second is from a US site)

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Updated 15th JulLast updated 15th Jul by Gagan174
Has anyone received their cash back yet. I received an email saying their is a delay. Did anyone get this email too,

received email payment has been delayed. no cashback so far although it has been provisionally approved.


Received one so far on 4 claims. All remaining claims indicate provisionally approved.


I received an email on 27/06/2021 that claim is provisionally approved. No cashback yet.


Yeahp, different products, same delay

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Updated 10th JulLast updated 10th Jul by KidInTheCorner
Hello there is the SAMSUNG S20 FE better than than the SAMSUNG A52 5G and is it also better than the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

Thanks for letting me know


Only rumored to have one. Nothing has been confirmed yet. This might be out of your budget but the new Sony has one.


Do you know if that phone will have an sd slot as im looking for a phone with sd slot and 5g and also has a good camera


You should wait for the S21 FE

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Updated 6th JulLast updated 6th Jul by mutley1
Hi. My daughter has managed to smash her S8 screen. We don't have the budget for a replacement flagship so are weighing up the cost of repair vs. finding a decent enough budget rep… Read more

yeah, my S9 had a cracked screen but it was still in working condition so it was only the glass that was cracked and could be replaced as the advisor did ask me if there was screen burn when i queried about the trade in price offered, and i said there was no problem at all with the screen, except it was cracked on the left edge.


Seems that on the Samsung site, to trade in, your old phone must pretty much be in usable condition e.g. you have to factory reset. Ours cannot be read at all, although we can unlock it with the finger print sensor.


The camera is ok but nothing brilliant on this - plus a friend has one and it's too big for what we want.


Have a look at this, great phone:


have a look at the samsung deals on the site as they are giving away very big discounts for trade in, including smashed screens. i got £195 for my smashed screen S9 but the trade in price was a little higher at £200 later on, then it was £200 for any broken phone at one time. there are also cashback offers on top of the trade in on the deals i saw recently.

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Updated 29th JunLast updated 29th Jun by KLK
Hi all, I was wondering what the opinions of users who have and use the Samsung A52 5G phones are?. I have ordered this phone it's been 3 weeks and not received it yet. Thinking wh… Read more

Update - ended up getting a pixel 5. Thanks to HDUK for £317. The screen is brighter on the S7 as is the call speaker. The call speaker on the Pixel 5 is not very loud. But the camera on the Pixel 5 is better so given the price and the length of updated the phone will receive I am pretty happy. Just hope it will be as reliable as the trusty S7!


I have a separate camera already that I take when I go on trips, a Panasonic FZ200. I was content with the s7 camera as it was a 5 year old phone. I want better quality pics from both a phone and camera as upgrades. I may even decide to upgrade both the phone and camera to better ones


i think the days of carrying a digital camera around are over, unless you are really into photography. i can't remember the last time i used a separate camera. if you were happy with the camera on your S7 then i am sure you will be able to find a new phone with a better camera.


Pretty much yeah. I think i will return the A52 then wait and see what upcoming Pixel 6 and S21 FE will be like and their pricing. If in the meantime there are decent special offers on the Pixel 5 or S20 FE I will purchase one of them. Will contact Samsung to start the return process during the week. My other option is to keep the A52 and get myself a separate camera for taking pics when on trips/holidays. But that means having to carry two devices... far too much choice!!.


here is a video i found, which compares the camera on the A52 5G against the SE20 FE, and it seems to show SE20 to have the better camera even though on specs the A52 5G has a better camera. are you still unhappy with the camera on your A52 5G?

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Updated 9th JunLast updated 9th Jun by Orekul
Hi been looking for a new phone and after looking at lots I have decided on the note 20 ultra 5g. has anyone bought from Amazon from different country and what's the experience. am… Read more

I bought my last note 9 from amazon in italy, it worked 99% perfectly. The 1% was for the firmware, it will only pick up the Italian updates rather than the UK ones. They may well be 100% identical however timings may vary and any features not available in Italy (if there are any, I remember having issues with samsung pay. This was ages ago though). It can be solved relatively easily by flashing firmware from a connected pc to change the internal country code and then it will pick up the UK firmware. It's worth it for £120 and Amazon will cover the warranty period if there are any issues with repairs if needed.


I bought some stuff from Amazon DE and FR and had no issues. Used the trial and cancelled immediately and within 4-5 days the items I bought were at my doorstep. Hadn't had a reason to return those items so have no idea about the return policy, but have read that all you do is dispatch it to the closest depot to you. Can't confirm that. Delivery was also excellent and quick.