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Updated 4th Dec 2020Last updated 4th Dec 2020 by Bargainhead
M.2 SSD help
Hi all, I’m looking for a 1tb M.2 SSD. It’s been a while since I was up on my PC part knowledge and need a little help / recommendations. My budget is £80 max, it will be used fo… Read more

There were a few deals, but still not £80, I got an Adata 1tb NVMe for a £100 which was good value. They run at different speeds. The one linked runs about 4 times faster than a standard ssd, but others are faster still but you pay the extra for those


Great! Thanks for the help. I’ve no idea what all those specs mean but I’m sure I can stretch the extra £10 to get that SSD. I’m assuming I missed a few deals last week with it being Black Friday.


For speed you want to be looking at the m.2 NVMe drives they start around £100 ish including delivery. The board will only take up to 80 so 110s are out the question. thats slow low but right sort of price.. Your board will transfer up to 32gb so any upto 3000-3500 read will do...

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Updated 23rd Nov 2020Last updated 23rd Nov 2020 by Attackon_Trains
Samsung evo plus 2TB - should i wait?
Hey everyone! I am in the market for a 2TB SSD M.2 for my Dell XPS 15. I have been thinking about getting the Samsung evo plus 2TB for the longest time and now the price has signif… Read more

Fair point


tech goes down over time, if its been £285 once it will again. just wait. i paid £250 for a 512gh samsung m.2 drive 4-5 years ago now you can get 2tb for near enough that price..

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Updated 16th May 2020Last updated 16th May 2020 by Kevlar.Engineer
PC HELP Please!! NVME, M.2 SSD type??
Hi All, Please could somebody kindly tell me what spec of M.2 NVME drive I'm searching for compatible with the Asus Z97-PRO (Wi-Fi ac) motherboard. ==============================… Read more

Is this compatible??? Thanks


If i'm correct, they don't share the same bandwidth. It doesnt mention sharind bandwidth with m.2 pcie Expansion slots 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (Single at x16, dual at x8/x8) 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4 mode) *1 4 x PCIe 2.0 x1 *2 *1 : The PCIe x16_3 slot shares bandwidth with USB3_E12 and PCIe x1_4. The PCIe x16_3 is default at x1 mode. *2 : The PCIe x1_2 slot shares bandwidth with PCIe x1_3. The PCIe x1_2 is default disabled. *3 : M.2 Socket 3 shares bandwidth with SATAExpress_1


So if i install a nvme in my mobo it will slow down my 2080ti?


You'll need pcie x4 to fully use nvme remember this if you do use m.2 - M.2 Socket 3 shares bandwidth with SATAExpress_1 - 2260/2280 or 2242/2260/2280 - this is the size (length) my mobo is this ROG STRIX Z270F GAMING which supports nvme, and i get MAD speeds!!!


This is the one I installed in my Asus H97i plus. However, the speed is half as the board only supports 2 PCIE channels not 4. I'ts fab though and faster than SSD even at half speed (check whether you're board supports 4 PCIE channels on website and forums). I got this on a deal on HUKD last year £10 cheaper...fab drive so far...hope this helps in you're search... ;)

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Updated 5th Apr 2020Last updated 5th Apr 2020 by abigsmurf
Samsung Evo or M.2 for Windows / Gaming
Good morning you beautiful people who are currently sat at home, or still hard at work looking after our every need in this hour of darkness. (y) So, I'm building a new PC in t… Read more

To futureproof for the next gen, I'd say NVMe is a must. A lot of games are going to be coded for fast drive access on the PS5 and XBS, slow drives could result in stuttering.

True, I've been one upped on the pedantic front (y) (lol)


Apologies, the drive is this NVMe But thanks for the responses :D


Well, I'd call M.2 the form factor, SATA or PCI-E the interface and AHCI or NVMe the protocol. There are virtually no games that make heavy demands of storage while running, so I wouldn't expect any choice of storage to cause performance drops.


When copying files or loading games with large levels, it is noticeable.

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Updated 4th Dec 2019Last updated 4th Dec 2019 by chrisdarl
M.2 SSD for USB C enclosure
I'm planning on putting a 1TB drive in a USB C enclosure, so appreciate I may not get the full speed of drives... am I worth getting it anyway? or better off going for an Intel 660… Read more


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Updated 13th Aug 2019Last updated 13th Aug 2019 by Gormond
Looking for suggestions on a well priced reliable SSD (M.2 PCIe NMVE Drive)
I have a M2 caddy that I want to use that only supports a PCIe NMVE drives with M-Key. Wanting between 480GB and 1GB in size. It's not for use as a primary drive so doesn't need t… Read more

Not as long as the likes of Crucial but AFAIK they are using Toshiba's BiCS4 96L TLC so should be fairly reliable.


Thanks @gormond Never heard of Sabrent before, have they been around for a while to know about reliability?


Crucial P1 at similar price Edit: forgot to say, sabrent has better spec.


The Sabrent 512GB and 1TB are a decent choice, fast drives and not overly expensive, with the 512GB at £60 and the 1TB at £110 on Amazon.