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£50 Alton Towers 2019 Season Pass - Unlimited Visits @ Wowcher
Refreshed 11th DecRefreshed 11th Dec
Get an Alton Towers 2019 Season Pass and enjoy adventures with unlimited* visits between 23rd March and 3rd November 2019.Access to over 40 rides and attractions, including CBeebie… Read more
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No body dies at Disney - google it!


Since the tragic accident they have become very very risk averse. If the operating instructions say the ride can't operate below 5 degrees, they are no longer operating. If a safety sensor reports a problem they are shutting rides until it is thoroughly checked and safe to re-open.


The reason for the accident was because a ride engineer ignored alarms, didn't visually inspect the the track and used a manual over-ride to send out a car full of people whilst the ride was in test most with an empty car stalled on the track. It was fairly breathtaking incompetence from one of the most qualified positions and not related to maintenance. Before this accident Merlin haven't really had any major incidents at their parks (worst incidents were heart attacks or people hurting themselves on paths). They've a better safety record than Disney (who've had a number of grizzly accidents).


That’s good! I hope you all have a fantastic time 😁👌


Top tip. Not been for years. As others have said after all the controversy with the big accident it's definitely lost its 'attraction' though

£49 Thorpe Park 2019 Season Pass & Digipass - Unlimited* Visits & Photos!
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
£49 instead of £90 for a Thorpe Park 2019 Season Pass and Season Digipass for one person including unlimited* visits, ride photos, exclusive offers, exclusive event invites and pre… Read more

Digipass is useless, we got one this year and now have pretty much zero photos from all our visits after they apparently told people that due to GDPR they cannot hold the photos for longer than 3 months now. We wasn't made aware of this and have lost 9 months of photos.


I've heard the parking at Thorpe Park is not too great, watch your doors.......


WE have an 'unlimited' Thorpe park pass, used it 3 times, had to pay extra twice as most popular days are not included without payign a suplement - only sayin'

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Alton Towers 2019 season pass - £50 at wowcher
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
A season pass for 2019 at Alton Towers available for £50 each through Wowcher. If you go more than once a year, this is a bargain! Also entitles the holder to exclusive offers.

I agree 100% just thought it was worth pointing out as people tend to rush in on these time limited wowcher offers


Price gone up then


Little is nearly 3X the price!


Again, like i said...Id rather pay a little extra and get a full merlin pass!


£55.00 Direct with Alton Towers

DRIVECLUB VR Upgrade for PS4 PSVR 7.99 if you have a season pass
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Pretty sure this was 15.99 ish ? When I checked the other day ! If you don't have a season pass it's down to 15.99 at the moment...… Read more
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:( , if that's right a) the reason need displayed sucks (just says "you don't own driveclub season pass", which I do) and b) the number people who would buy this must be very limited.


Love this game. Most of the racing games on VR are well worth a go but love the fact that this is the entire game in VR


I think you needed to have the season pass before a certain date from one of the comments


If you don't have a season pass it's down to 15.99 at the Sorry - misread your previous post - thought you didn't have the season pass.


What am i missing? £7.99 if you own the season pass, i own the season pass and the upgrade is showing as unavailable.

Fallout 4 Season Pass, £9.24 with 30% BLACKFRIDAY voucher code from Voidu
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
This is as cheap as it gets right now!

Hours of play in this dlc worth every penny.


Far Harbor is great, one of the best quest lines in Fallout. Nuka World isn't as good but both for under £10 is worth it.


This is the season pass. Sure the base game for a fiver is a no brainer, this DLC with mostly negatives for a tenner though, it is worth that? Far Habor get good review so that and the rest of the DLC for a tenner?


I’ve already commented on the other Fallout deal so won’t bore everyone again with the obscene number of hours I’ve put into it, needless to say there’s a ridiculous amount of entertainment to be had here for a tenner.


Dunno wish it was a fiver. It seems to have these in it : - Automatron - Wasteland Workshop - Far Harbor - Contraptions Workshop - Vault-Tec Workshop - Nuka-World All those components seem to have very bad reviews with the exception of Automatron and Far Habour. Automatron just looks like some extra robots roaming round, Far Harbor looks good though, some island with a whole bunch of content on there. For a tenner I'm not sure.

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Far Cry 5 Season Pass Xbox One 35% off with Gold - £16.24
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
I know I've been hoping the price on this would drop seeing I bought a Day One edition that didn't include the season pass, having just stumbled across this it's nice to see it fin… Read more

Fire away mate, not many as opionated and cantankerous as me on here so I have no gripe with you airing your thoughts. It's bound to hit that 12 n half quid sweet spot within the next month or so now that I've weighed on 16 odd but it is what it is. Must admit this is the first time a new AC game has been out and we've reached Black Friday without me getting it in. I do want that top Collector's Edition like I get with every new title in the franchise but I'm not prepared to pay anything above 50% of it's original RRP this time round seeing they drop in price so quickly.


Yeah, suppose I shouldn't throw my opinion out there to influence a decision. I forgot you do get the far cry 3 but was really dissapointed with the dlc's. Just my opinion please buy away if you think you will like it (y) (y)


My train of thought exactly and why I did just.... .....pull the trigger


I bought this purely for FC3, the FC5 dlcs were just a bonus.


Don't say that, I've not pulled the trigger yet. I was under the impression the FC3 part of it by itself was pretty decent, and although I must admit I was hoping for a half price touch on this rather than 35% for Black Friday seeing I got quite a lot of credit in my MS account (like 95 quid) so been literally hovering the mouse cursor above Buy since I posted this :|

Fallout 4: Season Pass £11.50 from Gamesplanet
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
A further 3% discount available, making it £11.16 if you link your Steam account and join the "for UNCUT!" Steam community group ( ).

This is still too much for the season pass. It's almost the price of the GOTY for christs' sake.


The new fallout will be this price soon (lol) (lol)


I got this for a pound a while back from game. Still not installed it. Given the new fallout is a disappointment, it might be worth an install


Come on GOTY for £9.99 just in time for a Christmas gaming marathon. (y)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Season Pass @ PSN £16.99
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
This is for anyone who has taken advantage of the numerous deals lately and bought the standard physical copy for £25. PSN have the Croft Edition at a reduced price of £39.99, how… Read more
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The Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Season Pass includes the following content: - 7 challenge tombs - 7 weapons, outfits, and skills - Multiple narrative side missions - 1 of each of the above will be exclusive to the Season Pass How are the challenge tombs in this one and the side missions?

Assassins Creed Odyssey Gold which is WITH Season pass!! £44.99 inshore @ Smyths
LocalLocalFound 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Smyths toy store bargain Just for those who don’t know: it comes with season pass! Yes it’s cheaper without but the pass makes it a lot more. If you want it.
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Heat from me we are slowly building it back up from cold.


I'm tempted at this price but I'm just remembering that a lot of the stuff in the origins gold edition was really just vanity items ( horses, camels and costumes) and you could probably have got the actual game content cheaper on it's own. You were paying for extra weapons and gear. Might just wait for the standard game to hit the £20 mark.


Yes I posted the Argos deal which was the cheapest at that time, still got voted cold, by trolls who aren't voting on price, heat from,me started playing it yesterday and it's great


Hmmm tempted by the game but couldn't get on with origins is it very similar?


Missed this since it didn't go hot, but noticed it on the shelf when in Smyths. Best price this edition has ever been!

Alton Towers Season Pass £50 - Black Friday Deal
Refreshed 20th NovRefreshed 20th Nov
Alton Towers Black Friday Season Pass Offer Get an Alton Towers Season Pass for only £50! They go on sale online at 10.30am on Friday, November 23, and remain in the Black Friday… Read more

A con!!! £55 for a years entry!!! That's cheaper than a day pass !!


Not bad if you visit twice a year but I agree the place has gone down hill. We went 3 times this year on these tickets and the cable cars were shut everytime. Not even sure they are running anymore. It was nice addition to ride in them across the park. Cbeebies has been the same for a few years so even our toddler must get a bit bored. As for rides Ritas always broken down and the only ones worthy of a ride are nemesis and oblivion which get the queues. Also feels like cutbacks around the park with booths being empty and missing staff in places there used to be


Bit of a con these, you end up paying for parking at £6 a pop, plus the value for money has gone down dramatically over the last 7 years with perks removed from them year upon year


Thats not bad- ok yes exclusions apply but at the price of almost a single entry useful if you live near there or plan to go a few times during the year.


Thanks op

Spider-Man PS4 The City That Never Sleeps Season Pass - £11.99 @ PSN
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Spider-Man PS4 season pass reduced from £15.99 down to £11.99. My wallet was empty so I topped it up with a £15 PSN voucher from CDKeys that's currently going for £13.99 (£13.85 w… Read more
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You can buy a code from CD keys to redeem at a later date, £1 more although it's out of stock at the moment.


Well you don't get a code to redeem, it'll be synced to the ps4 profile you buy it with if that makes sense.


Ha ha! I'm just the same, I used be down with the kids and know what was going on what everything meant in terms of gaming an then I go and do something stupid like have a couple of kids :) I've ordered the main game for my son for Christmas, he's only 6 but loves Disney Infinity Spider-man so he'll hopefully love the main game, plus I can then play it! :) This seems a very good price for the 3 additional games stories but it's his Birthday in March so I think I'm gonna hang fire till then.Hopefully it'll be this sort of price then.


If I buy this can I give it as a gift with the game for Xmas or does it have a limited life - I'm clueless about gaming 🙈


Details here: Additional story content is hte main attraction, but there's more to it than just that.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

(Xbox One) £2.25 @ Xbox (£3 Inc Season Pass)
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and the first-ever four-player co-op experience with Lara Croft.… Read more
Avatardeleted646063Get dealGet deal

Same price on Steam now too.


Was free with gold i think a wile back. U may already have


@Bob_Green for Prime Minister!


Both this and the first one I really enjoyed. Didn’t expect the game play to be like this but great games. Not epic or anything but great fun. Great deals mate.


You’re on fire mate. Completely owning it. Heat as usual.

Batman: The Enemy Within - Season Pass - PSN STORE £11.99
LocalLocalFound 14th NovFound 14th Nov
In this latest chapter from the award-winning studio behind Batman - The Telltale Series, both Bruce Wayne and Batman will be forced into precarious new roles. The Riddler has … Read more
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From what I gather this ends on a cliff hanger which will never be concluded for obvious reasons


Appears to be a permanent price drop rather than a sale. Many other Telltale titles have also halved in price

Alton Towers season pass 2019 - available now for £55
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
The Alton Towers season pass for 2019 is now available for only £55. This is an amazing deal as on the door tickets cost £55 for the day! The ticket does however have specific date… Read more

Save a fiver if you buy during the black Friday offer -


We have two children, a one year old and a five year old. I take it we only need ones annual pass for the kids? And that is at the full £55 price?


Reminds me of FINAL DESTINATION! Gulp!


Sick squid (lol) thought I was the only one who says this lol



Tekken 7 Season Pass £7.99 on PSN
Found 1st NovFound 1st Nov
Season Pass for Tekken 7 Expand your fighter's journey with the TEKKEN 7 Season Pass and gain access to stunning DLC packs at a discounted price. Challenge your skills, your frie… Read more

I paid £3.99 for it and still can be found for that I mean ultra street fighter. So to get street fighter v for this level of money you need to wait good few years


Similarly, I’ve grown fed up with Street Fighter V. The level of grinding required to earn Fight Money is insane. Meanwhile, you can buy Ultra Street Fighter IV for c£7.99 (when it’s on sale) with FORTY-FOUR characters.


well that's how it is I am afraid, if you remember street fighter from Cartridge era you used to get all the characters from day, but they used to have new versions out quite often. I know it may feels frustrating but that's how they make the money now a days. Good thing about Tekken is you can buy a one character if you don't want all from the season unlike street fighter.


I'm also an avid tekken fan so probably just defending it illogically at this point..


I'm with you mate re the fighting games in general comment. The only problem i have with waiting for a "complete" edition is by the time that comes out online is usually quiet and your skill set suffers against experienced players

Dark Souls 3 Season Pass Half Price on Steam £9.99
Found 29th OctFound 29th Oct
Dark souls 3 Season Pass is now half price on Steam. I've had it on my wishlist for about a year now monitoring its price and it hasn't had any other discounts as far as i'm aware.

Worth playing for Souls fans. I just finished the first DLC last night, gonna get stuck in to the Ringed City as soon as I can tear myself away from Red Dead for long enough (y)


You can get the game and all dlc for this price lol...


Praise the sun for great deal \[+]/ Might pick it up


Be aware you have to be a certain level before you can access these

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 DELUXE PS4 £23.99 at Argos Includes Season Pass
Found 29th OctFound 29th Oct
I was about to buy the game for £18 off ebay and then the season pass which is currently reduced to £7.19 on the PS store when I noticed Argos had the deluxe edition for £23.99 whi… Read more
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Good price, same as the normal version


Not sure if this was posted previously as I got it for this price from Argos a few weeks ago. Stock was limited at the time though.


It's normally me that has the rotten luck with Argos stock, I think it showed around 130 stores with stock when I looked earlier.


No stock near me at all

[Steam] Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition (Inc Season Pass) - £2.99 - CDKeys
Found 27th OctFound 27th Oct
Save money on the Humble Bundle top tier. Arkham Knight Premium Edition now down to £2.99 (y) INCLUDES: Main Game inc all DLC + Season Pass
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This is not a premium version. I bought it because it was cheaper than buying all DLC separately but after adding the key to STEAM I get a message that I already have it 45/5000 Everything is OK, Something was wrong with STEAM


Just a warning, I purchased from the link and I received the standard edition, not premium edition.


For those not aware, this is included in the current WB Games Humble Bundle on the top tier (£9). For that you get the lot including Mad Max, Arkham Origins, Shadow of Mordor GOTY and more.


Loved this game, already own it on ps4. Don't own the dlc though, so this is a great deal. Heat


website is painfully slow but after trying for about 15 mins i managed to buy it. Thanks Buzz

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