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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Season Pass (Xbox one) @ GAME - £8.99
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Save £9 Same price at amazon uk (thanks to monkey1999); -
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is this the full game and dlc or just dlc ? how much is full game ?


Great price, been waiting for a drop for ages! HEAT!


Thanks I’ve added that to description!




Same price on amazon now

Fallout 4 Season pass Xbox One digital code £1.99 at GAME
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
I was actually looking for the ps4 version but noticed this. Not sure if it's an error or something. Bought one for my dad and got the code emailed to me immediately.

My pleasure, glad to have helped out, hope your son enjoys it!


so i missed this deal and posted yesterday saying well done all who got the deal :) well the crazy hukd user @crazyshelby had a spare code and sent me it for FREE. i just wanted to post here to say thank you very much my son loves fallout 4 and had asked me for the pass recently as well. again a big thank you @crazyshelby


Amazing price if you got one. Need a cheap PS4 fallout pass now


Went to £19.99 on product page as well.


Shows up as £1.99 on the product page but in the basket it's £19.99

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Season Pass (PS4) Half price - £17.49 on PSN
20/06/2018 at 23:00Expires on 20/06/2018 at 23:00Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
To go along with the game being free on PS plus, the season pass is also on sale for half price. Expired 11;59 on 20/6/18 Hope this helps someone :)

You are correct, buying the DLC ruins your matchmaking permanently. Complete waste of money.


Every game loses it's value after a year or 2, in this case closer to 3. Offering a game for free seems like a nice gesture, but then presenting an 'offer' at half price seems appealing, but really that's the main sale. The bait was to offer the game for free because nobody would pay £17.50 for it. To be honest, on their end - it's a good marketing ploy, but some of us are smarter than that! (cheeky)


That's why the community should vote with their wallets. They will soon change their tune.


Agreed, R6S has absolutely nailed it to be fair. I've not bought a season pass on there, but having the content release as it does it just the perfect balance. The game is clearly well-supported as it's being supported continuously. It's a shame Activision have made it so that with BLOPS 4, you can either have the season pass or not. I get that it causes less fragmentation of the userbase, but it's also scummy and forcing players into a total shell out of around £90 for the actual full game experience, when they could adopt the system that nearly EVERY other developer out there is pushing.


I tried playing this last night, loaded up the campaign and it threw me back into an old saved game from when I owned the disc years ago. I just couldn't play it. Far too much going on, I wasn't even that far into the game but I kept dying over and over and I was only playing on regular ffs! Needless to say I'll be going nowhere near online :S In the words of Murtaugh, I'm too old for this sh*t XD

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Base game was great so wanted more. - I purchased the season pass couple months back and really enjoyed it. For £10.79 it is worth the money as I took my time doing these missions.


Hi @batdroid, Basically season passes are a way to buy (usually) all the additional content for a given game. For a game like Project Cars, that might mean all the extra cars or tracks which are released to buy after the game goes on sale. For something like Assassins' Creed, it might be all the extra story missions and in Battlefield it might be multiplayer maps, weapons or outfits. For one payment, you get all the extra goodies, usually for less than buying them all separately (although sometimes it's cheaper just to buy the individual extra content that you really want). Season passes have become quite normal now for most big budget games - as @skidster says - as a way of generating extra revenue from players through additional content. But at least you can choose whether you want to buy more levels / outfits, etc. (or wait for a 'game of the year' version which usually includes all 'bonus' content). It's usually worth waiting to see what content is released, rather than stumping up full whack on release day. Some games like Grand Theft Auto or Gran Turismo don't have season passes. Others like Horizon Zero Dawn just have one big extra story, which you can buy (or not). I have a much bigger issue with games like NBA 2K where progress is made deliberately and impossibly slow to force you into buying in-game currency for skill upgrades. Hope this helps. dwor


It's a way for game publishers to make twice the normal amount of money that they usually can from sales of a new game by holding back content (sometimes) or adding new content (rarely) and expecting us to pay out again for it, even though we have already bought the original game. Rant over and breathe.


What is a season pass? I have always wondered


DLC on the first game was really good. Don't know about this one

Resident Evil 7 Season Pass (PS Plus) £12.49 @ Playstation Store
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Not sure if this is a deal or not but for those who bought the original but no DLC. Think it's £14.99 if you don't have PS Plus. Without the season pass it costs a total of £31.97… Read more
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How much gameplay is in these ? Is it actually worth it ? Think the free one is the most attractive DLC


RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard - £13.99*RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Gold Edition - £25.49*RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Season Pass - £12.49* Thanks to BuzzDuraband


Any deals on the RE7 game? Got the VR on a recent deal so now hunting for games!


- Banned Footage Vol.1 (Contains Nightmare & Bedroom + New Game Mode 'Ethan Must Die) - Banned Footage Vol.2 (Contains 21" and "Daughters + New Game Mode 'Jack's 55th Birthday) - End of Zoe - Not A Hero (Free by default with Chris Redfield)


Yep, the only ones that aren't are Ethan Must Die and Jack's 55th Birthday.

Destiny 2 Season Pass PC £17.13 or £15.41 if subscribed to monthly at Humble Store
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Cheapest it's been on PC I think. Get yourself ready for Forsaken in September.

You don't need it to enjoy Destiny but the power level grind is significantly more painful without the expansions.


There's new story missions, areas, raid lairs, strikes, gear, exotics and a smoother levelling curve. You'll hit the base game power cap then have to relevel once you put the expansions on. Whereas with the expansions it just keeps going to the current cap. Occasionally you won't be able to complete some of the weekly milestones because they're on one of the expansion areas. But it's not essential & you can still do most stuff with the base game and they will keep it that way.


Just started playing on PC. Is there an advantage in loot or events of getting this now? Or is the content available only once completing the main story? Just wondered if there's extra loot that could drop or powers as I'm leveling, I may aswell get now. Failing that I can wait a few months until i'm leveled up?


Wow , After buying the DLC for Destiny 2 in the sale, I spent the best part of Saturday going from light level 260 to 322 , finished in the early hours of the morning doing one of the raids with a bunch of Russians using the Seeker mode.....they had the patience of saints considering it was my first time raiding in Destiny 2 .... Loved it !!! Destiny 2 has me hooked again :) They will be no time wasted buying the new DLC in September , It will be a day one purchase :)


Possibly. My money would be on a £50 rrp collection with the Forsaken expansion. Given you've already got the base game it'd end up being roughly same price.

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Farcry 5 Season pass PS4 £12.60 or £13.42 paying with PayPal @ Kinguin
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Hi guys With the first dlc on the way and farcry 3 remastered was looking for a alternative to paying £25 odd on PSN store. And almost 50% off I payed with PayPal instead of their … Read more
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yes and even have account banned


Mines coming upto £16.01?


No worse than the Amazon marketplace mate so what's your point? This is a marketplace for digital keys so a couple of bad apple's that's all. Like I said I been keeping a eye on the seller I've linked since the game came out I'm sure he would of been shut down by now if they are not legit keys


I mean the good reviews could be the people that haven't lost their keys yet


Ha maybe if youre gonna back up a point maybe don't provide a link to something that says over 10% of customers thought they were poor service and lots of reviews saying used keys

[Steam] Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Deluxe Edition (Inc Season Pass) - Greenman Gaming
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Cracking price with the season pass. £1.51 more than the recent Humble standalone deal. The Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Season Pass, which is composed of Narrative DLCs and in-gam… Read more

Will finally jump! Wanted to play this on PC, got this as part of PS Plus but not a fan of shooters on console. Thanks OP


I would like to know this as well


I already own the main game, how long are the DLC storylines?


Wow, that is an insane price! Definitely well worth getting. The Criminal Past DLC is amazing!


Nice. Just paid £6.99 for this. Shame. Heat.

MAFIA III DELUXE EDITION (PS4) Brand New & Sealed £9.95 Delivered @ TheGameCollection/eBay
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
It’s 1968 and after years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for. Now back home in New Bordeaux, Lincoln is se… Read more

Got my £7.95 copy the codes worked and was able to purchase the dlc missions.


Terrible Game, Played it once, and threw it in the cupboard... The very first Mafia Game was brillant


£7.95 their own site.


Thanks very much. Worth a tenner if it keeps me out of the pub for a few weekends


I played it shortly after it came out, it does have issues but I enjoyed it overall. storyline was compelling and the combat was good. They ruined the excellent mafia 2 car physics, it is buggy and the missions can be somewhat repetitive but it's definitely worth £10. Just forget that it is supposed to be part of the mafia franchise.

Just Cause 3 - Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass (Xbox One) Digital Download £3.60 @ Game
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
This content requires the base game Just Cause 3 in order to play! The Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass includes 3 incredible DLC packs and exclusive Flame Wingsuit and Parachute … Read more

I’d go even further and say don’t buy it at the next sale but rather the sale after that. Sound logic!




'just cause' its hot doesnt mean you should buy it


This is on sale for less fairly often on the xbox store, so unless you are in a rush I would wait for the next sale

Far Cry 5 - Season Pass  PS4 £21.84 @ cdkeys
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
Far Cry 5 Season Pass Includes: 3 Post-launch Stories Additional weapon Far Cry 3 Classic Edition get a voucher code from this link here… Read more
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lol if only you would agree to sell season only on ebay you might get a lot more buyers


I haven't played the new one yet but normally enjoy FC games and try and play everything. Will probably buy the gold edition which is discounted on psn at the mo.


I have this season pass got it with the one and trying to sell it on gumtree and facebook sellers page less than what it is with cd keys and cant get rid of it lol think the problem is you can burn yourself out on far cry once the main missions are completed difficult to want to go back months later.

Far Cry 5 - Season Pass EU PS4 CD Key at Kinguin for £13.57
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
This is my first post so if i got it wrong in some ways let me know please. Expand your Far Cry 5 experience, with explosive other-worldly adventures. Fight off horrific zombi… Read more
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Mine worked fine on a UK profile


I didn't compare seasons and loot- boxes, I stated I just think charging for DLC before releasing a game, and loot box games are both ruining an industry as its creating a model that they will all find incredibly lucrative that will earn them more revenue per game, and why wouldn't they all jump on that band wagon. While the consumer loses out. You are making a number of assumptions in your post that I am not going to rebut as I don't believe there's a need, I don't think you know for certain unless work you work for Ubisoft and you want to provide your evidence that any of that is factual. The likely fact is (my assumption based on the game industry at the minute), they have likely charged extra for content that could be included in the game as per how the industry standard is becoming. Release half a game at full price, release the rest as DLC and make the additional revenue.(would they be doing anything illegal by holding it back? | no, is it unethical? yes | do most companies care about ethics? no | does ubisoft create some of the most fictitious gaming trailers for e3 and the real version looks nothing the same in terms of depth and graphics? yes) You feeling this is justified is why its becoming the industry norm. You have free will, so carry on supporting it, I will continue not supporting it.


Staff will still be making this dlc it wont be finished yet. The reason games come out missing alot of features is due to the certification process and having to have them out in certain financial years. What are we meant to play while they are making all this added content? Budgets would have to be changed as they wouldn't have the income from the base game to make the dlc. Also staff get shifted to work on other project and they wouldn't be able to if the game took longer to produce. If you don't like it that's fine but comparing season passes and loot-boxes is ridiculous. Fallout 4's season pass was a bargain for the amount of stuff you got


it was still for sale prior to release... I think that's an absolute con, they had already planned and created content that could have been included in the game, but no, we will charge you additional before we even release the base model. don't support it.


none of this dlc has been release yet nor has the remaster of 3


Totally agree with you. Got platinum on ps4 and really enjoyed it. Very underrated game.


Ghost warrior 3 , a very underated game due to a poor launch and many bugs , I played it on PC , excellent :)


Good price got sniper elite 4 for £12.00 And star wars for £11.00 last wk

Assassin's Creed Origins (Xbox One) £13.99 / Need For Speed PayBack (Xbox One) £17.99 / Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition (Xbox One) £10.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
Few of each, as always. Assassin's Creed Origins (Xbox One) £13.99 Need For Speed PayBack (Xbox One) £17.99 Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition (Xbox One) … Read more



Ex rental? Where can you rent games from nowadays?




I've not even got an Xbox One but that price for Origins is worth heat alone. Shame it's not that on PS4.


£13.99 for AC Origins WOW

Assassins Creed Origins Gold Edition only £30! Instore @ Smyths Toys (PS4, Includes Season Pass)
LocalLocalFound 30th AprFound 30th Apr
Spotted this instore at Smyths Toys instore (Glasgow The Fort) in clearance section for AC Origins Gold Edition PS4 only £30! Standard game is on chart shelf for £45.99!
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Good to see it's available in another Smyths store (y)


That's a shame, some stores don't have this in stock anymore it seems. Store I seen it in was in clearance section with other games Smyths want to clear, for anyone who can find it, total bargain for the amount of game/content in the Gold edition!


I noticed a copy in the new Luton store yesterday if anyone's interested, was quite tempted myself but still got a stack of games I haven't played


there was none by me and the standard edition was still £45!


The Season Pass and Deluxe Edition DLC both codes, not on disc. Even GOTY editions now its codes and not on the disc, gone are the days everything is on the disc it seems...

Minecraft: Battle Map Pack Season Pass Card (Xbox One) £1 Delivered @ ShopTo
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
This is currently £7.99 on the Xbox store! Can’t get enough of the Battle Mini Game? Grab the Battle Map Pack Season Pass and get Battle Map Pack 1-4 as they become available to… Read more

This Season pass card has now been delivered. I'm still confused as to what it actually does - my son already has Minecraft with the Explorer's Pack included for the XBox 1 and he says he can play the mini games with this already. What will the Season pass actually do, and will he be able to use it if he already has the mini games with his Minecraft - I'm just wondering if the mini games will be updated automatically without having to add the Season pass? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


Its only compatible with 2014 version of minecraft.


Can someone assist me please. We've redeemed the code on Microsoft store, it's installed. We can't see it in game. They are just 4 servers that appear but they have random games, we can't see the battle mini maps?


Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between the versions of minecraft and the complete story edition? Is one better than the other? My son is just starting to learn about minecraft and I haven't a clue where to start!! Thanks.


I had the same issue, what you have to do is: load up Minecraft, go to the store this will then sync and update any purchases made on your account. purchases should sync across to any other version of Minecraft you have too (Ipad, phone, windows 10). The pack contains the: Chinese Mythology Mashup, Natural Texture Pack, Biome Settlers Skin Pack, Battle and Beasts Skin Pack, and Campfire Tales Skin Pack. Given the Chinese Mythology Mashup pack alone is about £5 when bought directly from the store it's a pretty good deal.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Season Pass Xbox One £7.92 @ Microsoft
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate season pass Xbox One
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The Jack DLC is amazing, you spend half of it running around as Jack scaring the bejusus out of the people of london! Great fun, well worth the £8


Sorry, my bad. Dreadful Crimes was supposedly only a PS4 timed exclusive but has not been released on XB1. This is a bargain! Finished playing it last week and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Was interested in the jack the ripper dlc has anyone played that? Is it any good


Only ps4 exclusives are missing. Not the end 0f the world for me.


Absolutely nothing missing. Pic above shows whats included. I've just bought it as I only started playing it last night

Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 (Recently Started) HD Season Pass 99p @ Amazon Video
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Only first episode is out but this i presume is for the whole season which i assume is going to be quite long, I'm positive this is a price glitch but as its an instant purchase so… Read more
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Fear the walking dead got significantly better with season 2/3, Its far better than the latest seasons on the main show. The characters are a little unlikable at the start but they grow on you, I think Madison will turn into something worse than Negan.


someone really needs to put TWD out of its misery and end it like three seasons and 634 episodes ago. Far too much quantity without quality I haven't seen any of this but my mate said season one is a bit ropey but has picked up a lot Aaaah forget it I'm putting the wire back on. Quality and quantity (highfive)


For anyone who has not seen this before, they have rebooted it to make it more accessible to fans of the Walking Dead. Fear the Walking Dead was set during the first two seasons of the Walking Dead, time frame wise, but now it is up to date, and the first episode of season 4 carries on from the last episode of season 8 of the Walking Dead. I hope that made sense.


S01E01 was fantastic, it was like The Walking Dead: Zero Hour. Chaos: Society breaking down, goverment struggling to maintain control. Phones work. News reports. Looting. Some countries standing, others starting to fall etc. I was really hoping they were going to drag this period out, something unfolding live, like The Walking Dead meets 24. By episode 4 it was all dusty and rusty, electricity down, everyone long dead, zombies ultra-shriveled, nothing to focus on but nonsensical character neurosis and melodrama. It had quickly become The Walking Dead: Somewhere Else edition. So disappointed. Note: I bitch and moan and watch it anyway :) Great deal.



Sniper Elite 4 Digital Deluxe Edition (Includes season pass)  £20.99 for PS plus members
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
*The Sniper Elite 4 Digital Deluxe Edition includes the full game & Season Pass* Discover unrivalled sniping freedom in the largest and most advanced World War 2 shooter ever b… Read more
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No idea. It's a shame there's no way to find out on the internet beyond asking people, isn't it?


The season pass is £20.99 on its own , so the extra £7 seems fair tbh , around 66% saving off normal RRP - I bought this yesterday and it looks amazing


Hopefully next time round we'll be able to snipe Bolshevik serial killers all day and drop a royal palace on Uncle Joe's head (highfive)


Might pick up the standard edition for 13.99. Or is the season pass worth it? Or do I just buy dead by daylight. Ahh the choices..


No , this is proper sniping with kill cams

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition Inc Season pass - £17.92 + More @ Turkish Xbox Store
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Resident Evil 7 Gold edition *Play Anywhere* Experience one of the most terrifying and best games of 2017 with Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition. Includes all Season Pass content. A… Read more
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It's one of the best dlc sales I've seen from Xbox for a while, picked up the Resident evil 7 season pass, all the Dead by daylight dlc, and the Black ops 3 zombie chronicles dlc as it's the first time I've seen this discounted as a whole. All even better value using cheap Xbox credit :D


Have they I'll have a mooch on then pick up some bits between game pass gwg and ea access I'm not buying many games these days but need some dlc


They've dropped the original titles and it's a dlc sale now.


Spring sale supposed to be running until 16th according to dashboard


If only somebody had mentioned it... (ninja)

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