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Seaworld Aquatica and Busch Garden tickets valid 14 days from first use (2018) £93 @ Travel Rebublic
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Adults £94.00 Child 90.00 3 parks for the price of 2 – experience 14 days unlimited admission to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica when you purchase this exciting ticket! The… Read more

That should be Oh Kay




Ahh!!!..Seems I'm dealing with someone who uses one word sentences. You might try pushing your wee brain to two words next time!


I've no idea what your comment supposed to mean. Any chance you could elaborate



Seaworld/Aquarica Orlando Buy One Get One Free Entry
Found 26th Nov 2017Found 26th Nov 2017
Although not suitable for most people but came across this buy one get one free for entry to SeaWorld and/or Aquatica Orlando. The offer expires Monday 27th November. Also buy one… Read more

Credit for not capturing animals anymore and no longer breeding them in captivity. Should they just close down before your happy? Are they not listening? Give them chance to change their business model.


Credit for what? They still hold whales captive and make them perform tricks for food. They only change their practices when public pressure gets to much and their stock price drops.


To be fair they are not doing that anymore are they? So give them some credit.


Should be pretty warm over there...


That's kind of besides the point. Making money from slavery is not cool, which is essentially what they are doing, taking these animals out of the wild, or breeding them and putting them in tiny goldfish bowls when their natural range is hundreds or sometimes thousands of miles. Making them perform circus tricks so as not to go hungry amongst other inhumane and cruel practices.

Seaworld Blue Friday deal, Tickets to be reedemed before 15th March 2018
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
You're invited to dive into SeaWorld’s biggest sale of the year with Blue Friday, SeaWorld's twist on the traditional Black Friday deals. From tickets and passes to unforgettable … Read more

Don't fund SeaWorlds cruelty. Cold.


Not very good, it's only £100 for 14 days Seaworld, Aquatica & Busch Gardens

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Universal and Seaworld switch ticket UPDATED Adult £307pp @ Orlando attraction tickets
Found 31st May 2017Found 31st May 2017
Been looking for some deals on Florida park tickets for a few weeks now and have come across this. They have a flash sale and at the time of writing this there is 57 adult tickets … Read more
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You can just get a day pass for $99 on idrive somewhere for both universal, universal parks easily done in a day and a few of the rides are closed for renovation at seaworld at the moment so don't bother!


The tickets at this price would have to be used in 2017. The website does have prices for 2018 but they are £363 for adult and £351 for a child!!


​Went 4 x around 1998 - 2004. Loved it but due to other factors not been able to go again. Hopefully may be going 2018 / 2019..


​There'll be revised pricing for 2018, so you'll have to specifically buy 2018 tickets. Just been, Mako at SeaWorld is awesome! Just saying.


You know how long you can keep them before cashing in.. some on here were redeem by 2017.. I'm possibly going in 2018..

Walt Disney World, Universal (INC Volcano Bay) + IOA & Seaworld (+ FREE Parking), Busch Gdns & Aquatica 14 Days UNLIMITED Use At All, £588 PER PERSON @ OAT Using Code MSE5
Found 18th Feb 2017Found 18th Feb 2017
Soz for the long deal headline. Basically this is all the main parks covered in Orlando. Also free delivery of the tickets. Deposit's taken, no credit card fees. REAL gate ready ti… Read more

That's a lot of parks to visit within the 2 week range. We've stuck to just the Disney parks this year and to be honest You need 2 days at each of the parks i.e. animal kingdom, magic kingdom before you feel you've seen enough for that holiday. Add on outlet shopping and you have 2 weeks already planned.


Great price for this, however if you want to save a few quid (or do more) in addition a few ideas... Discovery Cove includes 2 week pass for Seaworld and Busch Gardens (for a few quid more), so a visit to DC would probably only add £40 to the overall cost over getting the standard pass to SW, Busch and Aquatica. The Disney pass is an ultimate ticket, great if you're going to go there a lot, but if you're also buying other tickets to other places are chances are you're going to visit each park once (with possibly a return to your favourite). The ultimate ticket includes water parks, the photo thing, and park hopping. You can save a fair whack simply doing what we did which is buying a ticket on the gate (or saving a few bucks by buying in advance), we got a 6 day pass, no park hopping. We weren't going to hop parks anyway, and it gave us the chance to return to our favourite one (it's only a few quid more to add days once you get beyond 3). But generally this is a great price and no faffing (but when 10 are going, a bit of a saving is a fair whack), can't believe how much prices have risen, that's the exchange rate for you!


free parking is only at aquatica, busch gardens, and sea world.


Pretty much everything covered.


Heat from me! I've been trying to get prices for 2018, can't get it below £620. Good find Op

Seaworld Busch Gardens & Aquattica (Orlando) tickets £99 per adult £94 per child
Found 28th Jan 2017Found 28th Jan 2017
Probably go cold because of the whole blackfish thing but for anyone planning on going for the coasters (the shows are a rubbish waste of time anyway) Travel Republic have a pretty… Read more
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Price has gone up since, I did hit expire when I noticed a few days ago...£104 is still cheaper than most places :)


How do you get £99 says 104 for me and 99 is child


Physical tickets I believe.


Hi Do you know if the thomson tickets are physical tickets or e-tickets we print off? The latter would be more preferable


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EDIT Price Drop! 2017 ALL Disney 6 Park, Universal 3 Park (Inc Volcano Bay), + Seaworld 3 Park £610 PER PERSON  @
Found 27th Nov 2016Found 27th Nov 2016
Edit now down to £610 due to Disney price drop today, called and amended price no questions asked! currently have their passport Orlando tickets on… Read more

Aye cause there's tons of dolphins at Busch Gardens!


Cheaper getting the £600 two-park ticket which doesn't involve any dolphin abuse!!


Danny the source is the companies themselves, Disney have sanctioned a price cut but the vendors jumped the gun, price reduction will come in around 15th. I know this as I got the 14 day ultimates for £290 from OA but they will not be delivered till Jan as they have not got the reduced tickets from Disney yet. Have faith, you have nothing to loose!


Quite a few people mentioning special deals coming out on 15th December?! What is the source of these rumours? Would be a good way to entice UK visitors with the £ against $ at a rock bottom low.


​Eh it was a black Friday offer As DETAILED in the op.

Found 24th May 2016Found 24th May 2016
Fantastic price for a ticket that gives unlimited entry to the 3 parks over 14 days and includes free parking. Adults (10+) £61.31 Kids (3-9) £58.93 BA also have 20% off Discovery… Read more
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Sea world is dying last 2 times i have gone down idrive the car park is empty . Just shows people do not want to go any more as people are getting more educated about this cruel establishment .


That's a great direct price then. I thought we'd booked ours for next Easter, but turns out we haven't - got it on the list for tonight's nightshift - toss up between £450 for London or £300 from Dusseldorf, and whether to play by the rules or stick 2 fingers up to it. Think we'll probably take 2 days off before and get a full fortnight away with a couple of days to sleep it off when we get back. Have fun!!


BA had already taken APD off for the 12-16yo's Wife's not a good flyer so direct is the only option for us We're 1st till 22nd April (miss a week of school, we did the 2 weeks at Easter this year and had a (much) cheaper option if we'd have had the 3 weeks but didn't want to "break the rules", because of that I was watching keenly on what they did that week - pretty much nothing, DVD and non school uniform games day etc.. So gave up caring for next year, I wouldn't do this if they were GCSE years etc...)


Ha! That's not bad, what dates have you got there? We've been looking at the Virgin flights for £400-450ish depending on the dates via ATL or DTW, but that's on school hol dates for us (8-21st Apr), or considering taking the kids out a day early and bagging the £312 flights from Dusseldorf-Miami. We're doing the Miami drive in July - managed to get the flights with BA for £350 this summer with a bit of faffing around with the departure airports. I'm struggling a bit with our 12yo on a lot of flight sites - they all seem to be charging the adult price for him, even though APD is no longer applicable. I rung traveltrolley and flysharp to ask them about it and they didn't have a clue what I was talking about, did you have to pay it for your two?


Randomly we're actually going out next Easter for mine and my Wife's 40th (hers whilst we're there)

Found 9th Apr 2015Found 9th Apr 2015
You will find everything you need to know about Seaworld, one of the world’s best marine park with some amazing shows. To order your free Seaworld DVD, visit the linked page to se… Read more

Don't go,but claim their free dvd all the same.If they send enough out they may go bankrupt.


Captivity = Cruelty :( Seaworld = Abusement park :(


I'd base my choice not to go on these creatures being kept captive, performing for food and indirectly supporting the brutal hellish Taiji drive hunt which rips juvenile dolphins from their family, driven back to sea to probably die on their own, 1000's dolphins slaughtered in the Cove, the 'pretty' ones held in captive pens, medicated, then sold on around the world. This year's hunt, filmed everyday by Cove Guardians was extremely brutal.


Presumably all you Blackfish supporters can supply detailed evidence to counter the new massive number of errors, lies and un evidenced and manipulated facts and images which have come to light and strangely remain unanswered by the creators ? No I didn't think so. This outright lying includes but us not limited to; dubbed over sound from completely different sources, showing whales that are unrelated and not those being talked about, showing imagery of a trainer that is not the one being talked about, missing the fact that the safety officer they based much information on was suspended pending an investigation, claiming a whale was kept in solitary confinement despite the fact visitors can see this is untrue, and claiming whales were forced to perform despite the fact visitors and seaworld could show rare instances where shies had to be changed or cancelled when they didn't want to perform. In short, Blackfish is made to prove a point regardless of fact. Go, don't go, but don't base that decision on this excuse of an investigation.


Please do not support Seaworld, instead support one of the many campaigns to close these cruel animal circuses. Their marketing suggests that the captive whales and dolphins enjoy being held in captivity and performing for the public. If you do some research you will find out that this is very far from the truth. As mentioned above, the documentary Blackfish reveals that the psychological distress caused by keeping these very intelligent animals in captivity and forcing them to perform "tricks" for rewards leads to them developing mental health issues, which in some cases causes them to react violently towards their "trainers". Whales and dolphins should be free to roam the oceans, not subjected to cruel and unnatural treatment for "entertainment" purposes.

Orlando THEME PARK Tickets ONLY: ALL Disney, ALL Universal, ALL Seaworld and Legoland (14 Days) £459/£435 Adult/Kids @ Kenwood Travel
Found 27th Mar 2015Found 27th Mar 2015
The "One Pass" from Kenwood Travel. The cheapest "All In" Orlando Theme Park Package available (no Discovery Cove). This one even includes Wet n'Wild, Legoland and a free Feast Ca… Read more
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Universal is pathetic, rides dedicated to Minions and Transformers...yeah real classics.


Quite annoyingly prices at many places went up last week due to the weak exchange rate I'm looking for 2016 tickets for just Disney. They we're £305 each last week, now £325 (21 day ultimates, direct with Disney UK site) I'm thinking once we have a new president or whatever it might recover a little


How come when I go to the site the tickets are more than advertised , is there a code?


Brilliant! I will be booking straight away! Thanks.


I contacted them about this and they replied, as below. Hi, Thank you for your email. Yes, you will recieve entry to Legoland as you are booking the tickets through us :-) Please let us know if you need anything else? Many thanks Kenwood Travel

Orlando THEME PARK Tickets ONLY, ALL Disney, ALL Universal, ALL Seaworld (14 Days) £478 PER ADULT (USING CODE MSE5) @ Orlandoattractiontickets
Found 8th Mar 2015Found 8th Mar 2015
I am off to Orlando soon and have been keeping an eye on the ticket prices, Orlando attraction offer a GREAT value ticket for whats included IMHO! There was a simila… Read more

I managed to book 3 weeks from mid august to early september including flights from UK for £1100 each, shopping around or booking flights and hotel seperate saves a lot.


Don't forget the code will only take £5 off DISNEY tickets (as confirmed by the representative I spoke to online).


This doesn't include Discovery Cove, which is a Seaworld park.


Really? Guide Dogs? Are you a hardcore vegan or do you drink milk from enslaved cows? Should we really just let the wild sort out the worlds animals? There are many animals that only exist in zoos. I recall Keiko from Free Willy, tried to release it, died in Norway of pneumonia. The idea that animals would prefer freedom is a joke, why doesn't your cat run away and live wild? All animals would take regular food, than being part of the food chain. People watch a one sided documentary and decide Seaworld is evil, plenty of live animal shows worldwide, why pick on seaworld? Just a big corporation they can try and embaress with their hack documentary. Any documentary is one sided, people should consider a more balanced view. Anyone who wants the animals from Seaworld freed, may as well go and shoot them, that's all they could realistically do with them


Shame that Seaworld is included. They will never get any money from me. I don't support animal slavery.

Orlando magic combo ticket £454 floridatix all of Disney, Universal, Seaworld, Busch gardens
Found 9th Dec 2014Found 9th Dec 2014
Just received this email from floridatix, fantastic price for every park you could possibly want to visit. Includes 14 days disney, universal, Seaworld, Busch gardens, aquatica, … Read more

thats normal i got universal 3 park ticket plus disney without the evil seaworld tix for £370 each from travelrepublic would of been £79 more to purchase sea world and aquatica .


well I can dream ;)


This is the normal price for these types of packages.


yeah per person lol


Per person? If yes should be in the title

Orlando Passport 2015, ALL Disney, ALL Universal, ALL Seaworld + Wet N Wild (14 Days) £479 (USING CODE MSE5) @ Orlandoattractiontickets
Found 9th Dec 2014Found 9th Dec 2014
The Orlando PassPort Ticket offers 14 days unlimited access to: Magic Kingdom Epcot Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney's Animal Kingdom Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park Dis… Read more

We are going in May. Paid not far off £2000 for 4 tickets that includes swimming with dolphins at discovery cove. Had loads of extras from attraction tickets direct. I staggered it out to get as many extras as possible and got Sea world, Busch gardens and Lego land free, as well as lots of restaurant goodies too. Going to be a hard slog fitting it all into 14 days, but I'm well up for the challenge.


I'd be willing to take any advise possible on our forthcoming trip as it must have been 25yrs since I was last in Disney lol We've 3 adults (9yr old is now an adult apparently) & 1 child 6yr old going in May for 2 weeks. Wife & kids have never been before & want tickets for everything but I'm not sure we'll get round everything Currently my wife has been quoted £1977 for all park passes for the 2 weeks ... what should we be looking at & is there any way to get this down? Thanks in advance


Anyone sees any london 2 weeks plus flights during August to Orlando for under £400 ping me please and hey thanks for this link


I used


If you tried to get your monies worth out of this, you'd probably have a heart attack.

Orlando Flexticket £190 (or any other tickets) but 2.5% + 5% Quidco if paying by Paypal
Found 16th Aug 2014Found 16th Aug 2014
The Orlando Flexticket ranges from around £187 to £190. Floridatix sells it for £190, but offers 2.5% cashback + an extra 5% cashback when paying with Paypal. Most other sellers … Read more

The FAB 5 ticket from Floridatix also offers free shuttle bus transfers to Busch Gardens. It's the same price, but with the potential for 7.5% cashback.


I use They have the 5 park Orlando combo ticket for £187. This also includes free return bus to Busch Gardens.


The FAB 5 ticket from Floridatix covers those 5 parks and is £187. After cashback, it will be £172.98. I can't find anywhere else that offers this ticket. Otherwise, there is the Flexticket Plus, which includes the same 5 parks plus Wet & Wild, but this is around £210.


The annual pass purchased direct from Universal can offer exceptional value, although it is far from being the cheapest option. The key benefits were that it includes FastPass from 4pm, and Valet Parking. We stayed in a villa so the kids were able to enjoy the pool all morning, or do the malls, and then hit the park(s) mid-afternoon and use the FastPass. Trying to spend all day in the park(s) in the summer heat, and humidity, is seldom a pleasant experience, especially if you have to queue. Knowing that there was no pressure to "do every ride" led to a pleasant relaxing experience. We had hoped to get there again, within the year, which would have made the pass an absolute bargain. Unfortunately we didn't get pack in that time, but I think the pass was still a reasonable deal. It isn't an option for all, and it really depends on what your family wants, all of us had done Disney, and the only real interest was Universal. YMMV, but worth considering if you only want Universal. BTW there are other benefits, check the web site.


Can anyone recommend somewhere offering good prices for a combi ticket that includes Universal, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Aquatica and Busch Gardens?

3 Park SeaWorld, Aquatica & Busch Gardens Ticket 2014, (14 days use) £74.27 @ British Airways.
Found 13th Jul 2014Found 13th Jul 2014
Ok, bit of a convoluted ordering process to see the deal price, but heres the way to do it.......... Once you've clicked the "get deal" link. 1 = Type orlando in the destination … Read more
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Hi, the mod team have already removed certain comments from this thread so please don't continue to derail herby247's deal and can we please keep comments related to the actual deal rather than directed towards other members, thanks all


Went to SeaWorld this year in fact. Loved it :)


And a liar too, great set of character values you have there, your mum must be so proud (_;) The MODS would not delete comments just because they offer a viewpoint, they delete them because they infringe rules (in your case, inflaming others, foul language (albeit altered to bypass the swear filter), and insulting other members). By your own admission, your posts were deleted, I'll let those with common sense determine who is telling the truth.


I would not use foul language or insult any members so keep making up lies about me .and keep reporting the people who do not share your views on seaworld i myself could not care less if i get suspended .its like being in school because some grass tells the head master a pack of lies . whales are good and should be treated better .seaworld is cruel .and grasses are just grasses plain and simple .


You are SERIOUSLY deluded, I didn't delete my comment, the MODS did!!! You were ONCE AGAIN fishing for negativity so they deleted your comment, as I included it my post, they rightly deleted mine to rid the thread of your BS, is it REALLY that hard for you to comprehend!!! Just think about it... just for a minute, even if I deleted my comment, how the hell could I have deleted yours!? I am not a snitch, I reported your comments as I have already said, because you insulted another member and used foul language, THAT'S WHY YOU GOT SUSPENDED!!!!! If you cant take the time, don't do the crime. For gods sake grow up child, you are making yourself look like an idiot!! Ask yourself this, do you really think people will listen to you and agree with your point of view if you conduct yourself like you are doing? The answer in case you are not capable of working it out for yourself is "no".

3 Park SeaWorld, Aquatica & Busch Gardens Ticket 2014, (14 days use) £76 @ attractiontix (using code SUMMER)
Found 6th Jul 2014Found 6th Jul 2014
Enter code SUMMER at the checkout to get the price down to £76.

A lot of travel companies have done the responsible thing and stopped selling package tours that include trips to SeaWorld. I personally think it shouldn’t even be promoted on here, and claiming you are just posting it for the ‘deal’ and that people should only comment on the price is embarrassing. There’s absolutely no justification for it. I imagine these same people see no problem in having tourist elephant rides there too, ignorant to the fact that the elephants have had their spirit crushed in a brutal practice called phajaan. Not to mention the beatings and being kept in chains for the remainder of their lives.


A lot of ignorant people in here defending visiting SeaWorld. Those saying that they save injured animals are just kidding themselves, probably makes them feel a bit better about their actions I guess. Claim #1: SeaWorld does not capture killer whales in the wild. SeaWorld claims that due to the “groundbreaking success” of its captive breeding program (if you can call inbreeding a groundbreaking success), it hasn’t taken an orca from the wild in 35 years and only two of the whales currently in its care were captured. What it fails to mention is that it didn’t exactly have a change of heart on the issue. The violent roundups it took part in decades ago and subsequent outrage are part of the reason we now have the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which banned the capture of marine mammals in U.S. waters. It also failed to mention the role it’s currently playing in the Georgia Aquarium’s attempt to import wild-caught belugas from Russia to the United States. The permit request was denied by NOAA Fisheries, but the aquarium isn’t giving up and sued over the decision, despite the known threat that live-capture poses to the already small population. There’s also Morgan, a young orca who was rescued off the coast of the Netherlands in 2010 and was later deemed unfit for release. She was moved to a marine park in Spain where SeaWorld keeps some of its whales and will be bred and trained to perform. Orca advocates argue that she could have been successfully released and are fighting to have her set free, which has been done successfully before. Springer, an orphaned orca, was reintroduced to her pod and was spotted with a calf of her own this summer. Claim #2: We do not separate killer whale moms and calves. SeaWorld asserts that it doesn’t separate mothers and calves and that whales are only moved to “maintain a healthy social structure” or on the “rare occasion” that mothers reject calves. Experts contend that this may be technically true, if a calf is defined as one who is still nursing. However, orcas stay bonded with their mothers for life and are routinely separated from them by marine parks. The Orca Network’s Amy Costanza countered to SeaWorld that “You have shipped killer whales all over the world like they were packages, almost never reuniting mother and calf. These ‘rare occurrences’ seem to happen quite often at your facilities judging by the numbers of frequencies at which you have broken up killer whale families.” Claim #3: SeaWorld’s killer whales’ life spans are equivalent with those in the wild. SeaWorld argues that the life spans of its captive orcas are “comparable” to those in the wild, stating that five of its orcas are older than 30, with one being close to 50. However, this statement has been called out by the groups mentioned, who argue that the older orcas in SeaWorld’s care are an odd exception, not the rule, and that most die in captivity before even reaching maturity. According to the Orca Network, and others, “the average life span for males is 30 years and 50 years for females. Males can reach an estimated maximum age of 60-70 years old, and females 80-90 years old.” SeaWorld’s attempt to use lifespan as a justification for keeping them also ignores their quality of life. Does anyone really want to live to be 150 if they have to spend the whole time alone in a cell? Claim #4: The killer whales in our care benefit those in the wild. SeaWorld claims that its work with “universities, governmental agencies and NGOs to increase the body of knowledge about and the understanding of killer whales” and that its research has “significant real-world benefits” for wild orcas, but doesn’t say what they are and continues further down to argue that keeping them captive is the best way to get people interested in conservation. According to the Oceanic Preservation Society, “SeaWorld has published very few scientific papers on the species and what it has contributed to our understanding of their biology was learned some time ago. SeaWorld contributes almost no information today that addresses the protection of wild orcas.” Even if research and education were SeaWorld’s core goals, which as a for-profit business they aren’t, orcas, in theory, would not be kept as performers. Even then, sacrificing a complex being just so the public can gawk at it would still be a questionable practice at best. Claim #5: SeaWorld invests millions of dollars in the care of our killer whales. SeaWorld stated it spends $70 million on its orca facilities every year, but a tank is still a tank and no amount of money can turn a tank into an ocean. Claim #6: SeaWorld is a world leader in animal rescue. While SeaWorld does rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife, no one seems sure how successful its programs actually are and its certainly not throwing down money for conservation efforts. Claiming to be a leader in animal rescue also has nothing to do with exploiting marine mammals for a profit and certainly doesn’t justify continuing to do so. Sea Shepherd notes that according to its 2011-12 Annual Report, SeaWorld has given only $9 million dollars over the last decade toward conservation efforts. To put that in perspective, the park brings in $1.5 billion every year and raked in $538.4 million this past July through September alone. Sea Shepherd continues, “That means for every 100 dollars in revenue they bring in, they donate approximately 1 cent toward saving the animals in the wild whose captive counterparts they are exploiting. That’s .0001 percent of their income going to help animals in the wild. I think that might be the most telling point of all ― that, in fact, SeaWorld is really nothing more than a money-making enterprise.” As it turns out, Blackfish is having the exact effect SeaWorld was pretending it wouldn’t. It convincingly tapped into people’s emotions and led many to draw their own instinctual conclusion that something is terribly and inherently wrong with severing strong family bonds and confining these incredibly complex animals in tanks, regardless of how many facts and figures either side can come up with. Even after sharing this letter far and wide, protesters still rallied in San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio on December 22, thanks in part to a birthday wish from an adorable 5-year-old boy who asked the public to help him help the orcas by staying away from SeaWorld. Read more:


I can't seem to get the code to work :-(


I have been many times before I saw Blackfish, and no I personally wouldn't go again. But each to their own, make your own decision. (FYI The animals are NOT rescue animals, SeaWorld is NOT a rescue center.) If you fancy going to a rescue center were they help animals, check out the Big Cat Rescue over in Tampa, real nice place, nice people who really care for animals (they don't breed). Worth noting that the trainers no longer get in the water with the whales at Seaworld, so the shows must be boring anyway, don't waste your time, its one of the more boring parks, along with Epcot. Good deal though if this is what you want, not voting either way.


Yes I went once and never again, plenty things to do in Florida without me seeing animals enclosed in unnatural conditions. Many of them are not rescued most are captured, the ones injured should be saved but then released back into the wild as soon as well again. Think I would sooner die then be locked up and forced to learn and do tricks for food. Sea World keeps its animals for entertainment and money and helps no one but themselves. They have had no new scientific knowledge released on any animals in their parks for decades, so they are not contributing to the science of whales in any form. Most young calves that are born into captivity sadly die at an early age. Yet Sea World’s incestuous breeding program continues, for absolutely no good reason. So what really is Sea World contributing to the livelihood and welfare of these animals?

Florida - 2014 Fun Card - unlimited admission upto December 2014 Seaworld or Busch Gardens @
Found 30th Jun 2014Found 30th Jun 2014
Use code LOCAL15 for additional 15% off making it $63.75 (£38 ish). Unlimited admission to which ever one you buy up until December - great or anyone going to Florida in 2014 x $… Read more

Seaworld is a horrid place keeping killer whales in a tank to perform tricks to fill their pockets, please if you are thinking of going there please watch BLACKFISH first !!!!


Been to all the parks numerous times and have to agree with theposter189. Back on topic though does anybody think that not being a us resident will be a problem when buying and picking up these tickets.?


Put some positive info in your reply then if its that amazing,let people know what you think is amazing, and this will help this post.


I have been to all these parks & they are amazing, every park is completely different & well worth a visit, don't listen to negative comments, it's up to yourself to go to these parks & in my recommendation they are well worth ago x


Just back from Florida, and to be honest, don't waste your time or money on any of these parks, they are rubbish compared to Universal. But if it's your first time, and you dont mind the fact that killer whales etc are in captivity, you probably will avail of this offer, which is a good deal for a budget. you will go one time and not want to go back, bear that in mind when you are offered "unlimted entry". Busch gardens is , so so for kids small and larger,some decent roller coasters, but wildlife? Oh yes there are some kangaroos, lying sunbathing behind fences.

Florida 3 Park (14 Days) SeaWorld, Aquatica & Busch Gardens Ticket, @Orlandoatrractiontickets (2014 = £78)(2015 = £82) Using code MAY5
Found 11th May 2014Found 11th May 2014
Use code MAY5 = £5 off each ticket. UK company offers FREE uk delivery, REAL TICKETS and NO credit card fees! Just booked 2 of this ticket for 2015 at £164 for next year that's a… Read more

Anyone who wants tickets to any of the parks, search the web for the cheapest places you can find like Orlandoattractiontickets, Pillanger World Travel etc and then ring Attraction Tickets Direct, they will price match any price, you can pay a £10 deposit and pay the rest closer to the time and they offer freebies. As for taking food and drink in to parks, most parks will stop you taking any food or drink in to the parks, it is the main reason they have a bag search.. I have an opinion about Seaworld and Blackfish but it is not for me to preach what others should or shouldn't see and do. I use this site purely for the cheapest prices i can find and my personal opinions and feelings i keep to myself or for forums specifically for expressing said opinions.


Ive always brought my tickets from attraction tickets you know you are getting the real tickets they match prices and you can pay in installments never had a problem and the offer freebies at the moment its a free meal at Planet hollywood with every ticket brought. They also have deals at Legoland Florida always worth a look


Completely disagree, it is a community, we have a comments section for a reason, if people wish to protest something peacefully, who is anybody else to tell them what to do? Blackfish is relevant, and Seaworld is a terrible organisation. Yeh you will probably enjoy it if you go, but at what cost?


Not necesserily. There's a ton of (very, VERY reputable) online ticket providers - many of which are run by people who own small private hotels in Orlando. They've been doing it for years and are very reliable. MapleLeafTickets which I mentioned up there somewhere ^ is decent. They give you 2 options - they either post the tickets to you, or if you want, you can pick them up from them in Orlando. If I recall Kissimmee Guest Tickets also allow you to do local pickup, or at least they did the last time I used them (Admittedly about 6 years ago now). There's no sure-fire way to get cheap tickets. It's a case of shopping around. Overall the resellers are usually very competitively priced, and the decent ones offer you the option of e-tickets, posted tickets or pickup.


Should have bought locally? Would have been cheaper too!

LEGOLAND Florida & SeaWorld Parks Combo Ticket - Adult £99 Child £94 @ attraction-tickets
Found 11th May 2014Found 11th May 2014
Second post, first one didn't go too well so here goes. We are going to Florida in August an have been searching for park tickets, came across this one last night which seems a pre… Read more
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I'm struggling to find how to buy on that site? Got the info page, but there doesn't seem to be a link to anything anywhere!


Not got any interest in going to SeaWorld personally (irrespective of animal welfare concerns - my kids just aren't interested in watching animal shows), but I did want to do LEGOLAND when we go to Florida for the first time in March - my kids will be 7 & 10 and I think they'll be too old in future years. We've already booked Disney tickets ( decided to skip Universal for this holiday, maybe do it next time) and the 2 waterparks there are the biggest attraction to my boys. Do you guys think this would be worth us doing just to get the Aquatica and LEGOLAND tickets? Or skip Aquatica and just buy a day pass to LEGOLAND? (Why does it auto-capitalise LEGOLAND evey time? Lol). We're going for 3 weeks, so will be venturing out of Disney plenty!


again another nob who is basing seaworlds practices on the 70s you ****. all orcas are now bread in captivity


Agree totally, believe me I've been looking for about 2 weeks for the est combos and sites to go on. Floridatix and park-tickets seem to be the best I've found. Good luck and have a great time.


hot hot hot!! Wish I could block all these ridiculous comments as I couldn't care less of what they say. Looking forward to more good deals as we are planning on visiting Florida soon. Thanks again for this hot deal!

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