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Asda Multi-purpose lawn seed 89p instore at Asda Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th AugLocalLocal
Multi-purpose lawn seed 89p 500g box 89p Asda Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent Plenty in stock

The old home town looks the same As I step down from the train And there to meet me is my Mama and Papa Down the road I look and there runs Mary Hair of gold and lips like cherries It's good to touch the green, green grass of home Yes, they'll all come to meet me, arms reaching, smiling sweetly It's good to touch the green, green grass of home


Was the other gardening stuff e.g. weed killar also reduced?


Replanting a lawn! The perfect thing to do since I'm at home now! (y)

Free Delivery on All Plants Seeds and Bulbs with voucher code @ Van Meuwen
80° Expired
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Enter the code at the checkout to get free delivery Remember to put it in the promotion code box ( Not Voucher code)
Read More

me too paddington. thanks op.


Thank you! Been waiting for a code for ages for some bulbs I wanted.


Voted cold. Most seeds are out of stock. Not looked at the bulbs.

Thompson & Morgan: Free Delivery on ALL plants, seeds & bulbs using code
189° Expired
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
With no minimum spend, enjoy FREE delivery on our entire range of flowers, plants, seeds, bulbs, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetables.
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I received my 36 perennial plug plants for £5.99 from them last week. All excellent condition. So definitely will order again. Cheers


Awful experience with T&M recently - would never give them any more money.


Good shout, but URL is wrong.. missing another 's' in the middle (y)


I never comment on this website. But I feel I need to echo the above points. DO NOT USE this company. Their plants are terrible, customer service is worse. Had to go through paypal to get a refund.


Do not, under any circumstances use this company. Poor service, poor communication, bombard you with marketing emails despite opting out.

Free Bee-Friendly Seeds (s.a.e Required - 65p)
646° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth then man would only have 4 years left to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man!” … Read more

😁 at a bit of a relaxed pace Happily Getting it on in my garden too lat week (lol)


Same here. The flowers on my runner beans keep falling off apparently due to not enough bees here pollinating them.


Makes me sound silly, but I went there before and they were only selling books. I remember as a kid they would have loads of stamps printed in a folder so thought it was strange that they couldn't sell me just one (annoyed)


I'm still waiting on my seeds from last year. (lol)


Aw this is nice :D

Asda 40 cell propagator - £1 in-store and online
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Having a little mooch round birchwood asda yesterday and saw these, while everyone seems to be planting their own veg and salad crops could come in handy for some, admittedly not t… Read more

Out of stock as I was going to order some ready for next year :( I'm one who has been Isolating and as I can now now go out for a walk :D I've observed a number of families who must have 8 bedroom houses. There's the Children, Grand-children and Grand-parents are out walking together with no social distancing, all I can say is they must live in the same house or be very selfish. Also off topic do you find that you have to move over as some people think there always got the right of way when there coming towards you and if you move over they don't even thank you !!!! Got to admit the thing I'm missing is actually just going food shopping as I find shopping at the supermarkets online my food bill has gone up a lot I costed it up pre-lock-down and I must be spending an extra £100 a month having it delivered and that's when it is in stock and they take it off my delivery or substitute normal caster sugar for golden caster sugar, I can make my own caster sugar !!! (I guess I should make my own with light brown sugar and blitz it in the food processor :D) OK rant over ;) ;) ;)


Bumbo klaat


Respect, brother. (y)


Blimey, that morphed and escalated quickly... Not sure i'll bother with this deal.


Wrong time of year I know, but if anyone had a Lego advent calendar the plastic inners used to make great seedling pots. Just punch a drainage hole in the bottom of each compartment and away you go.

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"Grow Your Own" mag for £2.99 instore @ M&S Charlton (with free seeds)
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th JunLocalLocal
Should be 5.99. Comes with 10 packs of seeds too.

A good find. I will have a look in Morrisons tonight that's a bargain! thanks OP :-)


Thanks for sharing your first deal @skippy100 :)


Planted one last year, nothing came up


How'd you grow mag?


If only basements were more popular in UK homes...

Tesco wild bird seed, 12.55kg, £6 instore @ Tesco (Chelmsford)
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th JunLocalLocal
Best price I've seen for wild bird seed anywhere. Same size bag is £7 in Wilko, £12.99 at Amazon. First time I've ever seen any under 50p per Kg

I buy from this place. Possibly a bit more expensive but decent stuff and wider choice.


Have to agree, birds can be very fussy and different birds like different bits. The Wilco Premium at £9/12.75kg is great.


i buy the b&m seed. sparrows love it where i am, so do doves pigeons and starlings. oh and the local squirrel.


I've tried using the B&M £3.99 bird seed on my garden and the birds don't touch it. Ducks and swans seem to love it though! I'd guess this tesco feed might be similar.


Home Bargains do a very similar bag for the same price with the same issue. Wonder what this Tesco seed is like. One of Wilko's cheaper mixes might be full of wheat but I they have a decent wheat-free mix for £9 for 12KG

Terrafertil Nature's Heart Chia Seeds, 1kg £3.99 instore at Costco Warehouse
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd JunLocalLocal
This is often sold in supermarkets for small quantities at a much higher price. Chia seeds are an incredible source of nutrition containing high levels of Omega 3, fibre and prot… Read more
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you dont get the full nutritional benefit from whole chia seeds. its just how seeds are designed. sure you can soak them but its less convenient and limits the use - eg I sprinkle milled chia seeds on top of peanut butter. edit: doesnt mean this isnt a great deal


Chai seeds will have you farting like a trooper if you have too many (y) I usually go organic with seeds


15g is the recommend daily amount as they can be high in calories, but Chia seeds have a whole host of other nutritional benefits that you don't get from eggs. As with anything this should be part of a balanced diet.


If Costco or 1Kg are not convenient, then 99p in Home Bargains for 200g. Note that the packet says recommended maximum daily consumption is 15g, so it will take about a week to replace those two eggs...


Chia Seeds only need some time being soaked in either water or milk depending on what you want. No need for milling. You might be thinking of flaxseed.

Miracle-Gro Flower Magic Flower Seeds, Feed & Coir (All-In-One Flower Mix) 1kg, £2 @ Poundland (Argyle Street, Glasgow)
547° Expired
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st JunLocalLocal
Argyle Street, Glasgow. Not sure if it's because this was the last tub left*, or if they've been reduced in all stores? The shelf label says £3, but it scanned at £2. *The cheape… Read more
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Urgh, sorry :(


All showing as no stock when you click :(


Luckily I got up this morning (staying with mum as she's been so lonely being shielded and needs company) and she hadn't sprinkled it all over the lawn as the wind and rain were a bit rough - otherwise I'd have been in trouble XD She took it in good humour. I'll get her proper plant food later.


This is 48p if you can Click & Collect to a Cherry Lane Garden Centre!


Didn’t work on my wife’s lady garden. Perhaps it needed weeding first?

All seeds £1 a packet + £2.99 delivery @ Thompson & Morgan
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Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
All seeds £1 a packet for two days
Get deal*Get deal*

Thank you for letting me know that.


Depending on what you plant, you still have plenty of time. Radishes, carrots, beetroot, strawberry, courgette, even some beans are still good to sow. Some seeds can even be sown in autumn.


Put the code in and it worked for me. That's most of next years seeds sorted then...........


Great find @patrickwraggaolcom - very handy if you want to buy a load


as far as I konw the code is for everyone as I just tried it from a differnt browser so it saw me as a new customer. Just added 10 packs of seeds that were code goes in promotion key code

Thompson & Morgan Clearance sale up to 65% off Plants and Seeds using code - Delivery from £2.99
135° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Thompson & Morgan Clearance sale up to 65% off Plants and Seeds using code - Delivery from £2.99
Thompson & Morgan Clearance sale up to 65% off. Sale ends Midnight 14th June Normal delivery charges apply

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE LOSERS. They have yet to deliver my order of weeks ago and bombard me with promotional emails, despite opting out.


I’ve bought lots from them n to be fair my plants all doing well n thriving. They did have issues with customer service last year due to new computer systems so I was told. Great prices tho


The best seed I have had recently have been from Lidl almost 100 per cent germination at twety pence a packet


I agree, although their seeds are still good when on offer. Usually buy plants from Hayloft these days. Thoroughly recommended.


Awful non-sale, I got these for a quid on TM site earlier in year

Dr Karg’s Pumpkin Seeds Protein Thins / Emmental Cheese & Pumpkin Seed Organic Crispbread instore 49p @ Home Bargains Orpington
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Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Dr Karg’s Pumpkin Seeds Protein Thins / Emmental Cheese & Pumpkin Seed Organic Crispbread instore 49p @ Home Bargains Orpington
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop… Read more

Great spot @FREE80 (y) These are yummy. Hope it's national :3


Love these! Really hope they’re in my local. Heat!


Heat! These are the best


I've had these from home bargains. Lovely much cheaper than Tescos heat from me.


Also includes Cheese & Pumpkin Seed snack bites

£13.58 of seeds and gardening gloves with £6.99 Gardener's World magazine (via magsdirect)
220° Expired
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
£13.58 of seeds and gardening gloves with £6.99 Gardener's World magazine (via magsdirect)
£6.99£13.5849% Free P&P Freegardeners world Deals
Special version with more edibles seeds available in Sainsburys... Magazine comes with: Aquilegia 'Lime Sorbet' seeds – pale green/white flowers in summer, norm £3.60. Lightwei… Read more

Mine just dropped through the letter box:


Was the June edition out then?


Ordered on May 11th and still waiting for delivery . . .


Also, they say they'll add £1 for postage, but they don't seem to add it at the checkout page?


Well, the best deal is physically going to Sainsbury's I think, as you get extra seeds...

£16 worth of Seeds + £4 Gardening Gloves With BBC Gardeners’ World £6.99 Magazine @ Sainsbury's (Online and InStore)
252° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
£16 worth of Seeds + £4 Gardening Gloves With BBC Gardeners’ World £6.99 Magazine @ Sainsbury's (Online and InStore)
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsib… Read more

If you get your seeds from Suttons or Thompson's... maybe. If you know about Premier Seeds Direct, then definitely not ;)


I think they mean here:


The subscribers version does not have the seeds other than Aquilegia or gloves which is a little irritating. It turns out that at least the Aquilegia won't flower until next year since it takes quite a while to germinate. I am not sure I am that patient!


Debatable the seeds are worth £16


Hi, I just been on to this site but can't find gardeners world on there list? Haven't got a sainsbury's close so happy to pay the extra for postage.

Set of 20 Slate Garden Markers & Chalk £9.99 delivered with code @ Roov
704° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Set of 20 Slate Garden Markers & Chalk £9.99 delivered with code @ Roov
£9.99£14.9933%Roov Deals
Set of 20 Slate Garden Markers & Chalk, good reviews and come with a 2 year warranty. Free delivery with code SHIP Stylish Slate - Made from a sleek and stylish slate, the… Read more

These were delivered Thursday, good quality and very pleased with them. Great for the money.


Reviews on Amazon, with the odd one calling out quality as an issue....


Wow great price! I bought some of these a couple of weeks ago, 8 for £10! So this is an awesome price.


Good for remembering where the exes are buried 😏


I didn't notice in time & PayPal checkout didn't take off the free shipping even though the code was showing (mad)

Clearance seeds £1 each (£2.99 p&p) @ Thompson & Morgan
61° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Clearance seeds £1 each (£2.99 p&p) @ Thompson & Morgan
Over 100 flower and vegetable seed varieties to choose ONLY £1 per pack! (Only 60 in stock at posting)
Get deal*Get deal*

Premier seeds can be recommended. Suttons also have decent customer service. Ordered blight resistant potato s in April and they sent me something diferent. I complained and got a refund. Which I wasn't expecting. Any problems are sorted out. I had dead plants from Thompson before covid .


That’s exactly what the problem is lack of communication nothing to do with them as a company.


Don't buy from this cheat! Brought 10 pack of seeds last month, half of them either less than 50% works or nothing came up, including spring onions. Spring onions, believe or not, is among the easiest things I have been doing in last 10 years. Nothing coming up after 4 weeks waiting. Brought from Just seeds, and everything works. You are warned.


Thank you. Just looked at the Amaranthus - 5000 seeds 99p and 54p delivery. Bargain! Bought 500 last night for more than that aggregate price.


If you are lucky to get a delivery or coextensive the wrong items and no response from customer service. Going to submit a change back. If you are not getting traction with the merchant, submit a charge back with your credit card company.

Smart Garden Raised Bed GroZone Max - £44.94 delivered @ Robert Dyas
173° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Smart Garden Raised Bed GroZone Max - £44.94 delivered @ Robert Dyas
The Smart Garden Raised Bed GroZone Max comes with a durable powder-coated steel frame and the raised garden bed protects from snails and caterpillars. The high density reinforced… Read more

Now down to 39.99, but unfortunately showing out of stock


I bought a couple of weeks ago . It’s a raised bed and cover


I emailed customer services this morning after reading some of the comments saying it was just the cover, this is the response I recieved Hi James, Thank you for your email. This is a raised bed not just the cover. It has a steel frame and exactly like you see in the picture it doesn't sit on the ground, protecting your vegetables from snails and caterpillars. It comes with the cover but it's NOT just a cover.


I need to protect some berry bushes from birds. Can you recommend what's the best cheap solution? (I've seen some poly pipe frames on some nearby allotments)


I've totally missed that and I looked on here too. Cheers I'll snoop around.

Free Sunflower Seeds via Twinkl Resources
231° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Free Sunflower Seeds via Twinkl Resources
FREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
Free Sunflower Seeds. First 10,000 to claim. Click “get deal” fill in your information and you will receive an email within 2 weeks if you have been successful. https://www.face… Read more

Expired thanks


Not available anymore


They have reached the 10000 limit


Thank you!



Sunflower Seeds 10g Sachet - Free @ (United Utilities, South East Water, South Staffs Water or Cambridge Water) Save Water Save Money
1441° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Free 10g sachet of approx. 200 sunflower seeds from select Water Companies (United Utilities, South East Water, South Staffs Water or Cambridge Water) at Save Water Save Money. S… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

My sunflower seeds plus other items arrived a few days ago. Thanks again, OP (y)




hate you Anglian Water


Sure is GMO anyway :{


oos :(

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