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Updated 29th AugLast updated 29th Aug by matth9999
We had a patch of grass at the front of the house but we had a skip on there and now the grass has died. can anyone recommend some inexpensive lawn seed?

Poundland, 250g for £1 Probably need to run twine and foil strips, or a fleece cover, otherwise the birds will probably eat it or sieve some soil / compost over it, and then dress thinly with grass clippings. Won't grow if it's more than thinly covered, so a clear plastic or garden fleece held up a little on sticks may be the best answer


any seed, chuck abit of topsoil or compost on the top to stop it moving. then water everyday if its not raining. will grow quick then :)


I've just done loads of patches (27) where a dog I was looking after killed the grass with her urine. I just used loose seed from a local diy store. Sowed it on a Monday and most of it sprouted the following Monday, looks much better now :)

jord_1992 worked within 2 weeks


But the loose seed in store, you weigh it and bag it up yourself. 1/2kg will do you - from memory it''ll be about £2.75.

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Updated 6th JunLast updated 6th Jun by mrsrav
One free pack of bee saving seeds (99p postage) via Just Bee Honey
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Thanks, I’ll give it a try :)


I just hit them in the middle but made sure the slab was stood up and not on the ground I then hit the two halves again in the middle . I broke up loads of slabs , had a large pipe and picked what ever bit would fit the next part of the wall. I didn’t break one slab then try and fit that slab into the wall if your no what I mean . Because of all the gaps ect there full of insects as the use the holes for shelter also squirrels have hid there nuts in the holes from winter haha , keep finding little mud mounds on my grass from the wall .


How did you smash up your slabs so they were all evenly sized to make the wall? I just showed this to my husband as an idea for the garden, as want to make it as big friendly etc, as possible. My husbands remark was that it’s ok if the slabs break in the right way?! So is there a right way so I can go back and suggest it to him, as am quite keen to do this!


I landscaped my garden last year and used the old patio flags smashed up to build a dry wall raised flower bed . This year bees have made a hive through one of the holes in the wall . Great to help nature out by re using something that would of gone into a land fill site Wall In front of the fire pit area


yep - pretty impossible to ‘sprinkle’ them when there’s only around 3 seeds in a pack.

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Updated 8th AprLast updated 8th Apr by Forgottenshopper
FREE Grow With Yakult Seed pack at Yakult
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Thank you


Thank you :)


I use Mizuna a lot, it’s a salad leaf mix with a little kick.


Haven't a clue what any of those veggies are, but why not? (Other than being spammed I suppose)

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Updated 19th FebLast updated 19th Feb by AMaky
Vegetable seeds advice & recommendations help please!
Hi guys, I'm looking to grow some tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. I'd be grateful for some advice and recommendations on on which varieties to grow and a good place to pick up som… Read more

It all depends on what variety you eat and like. Tomatoes I grow plum, beef, black and trying currant tomatoes this year. Cucumbers I prefer small gherkin size. Salad, it's a mixture of herbs, gem, mixed leaves. Seeds are from lidl and amazon for more exotic things that lidl doesn't do.


I grow Moneymaker and Gardeners Delight as well. Also a couple of of really big varieties Gigantamo and Big Daddy and Red Robin Dwarf ones. I buy my seeds from Premier Seeds Direct. Dont tend to grow cucumbers or lettuces.


There are loads of different types of tomatoes to try, I tend to grow Gardeners Delight (cherry tomatoes) and Moneymaker (Normal size) they have been around for years and are easy to grow and are heavy Croppers. as for Cucumbers try to get an F1 variety like (Carmen F1) which produces all female flowers. Some Cucumbers produce Male & Female flowers,if you don't remove the Male flowers it will make the Cucumbers taste Bitter. (y)


Get yourself down to Lidl. They've started selling their line of seeds now, which are as little as 1/10th the price they sell for at the British supermarkets or home stores. I've no recommendations as to varieties - we normally just try everything we like the sound of.

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Updated 29th Jul 2020Last updated 29th Jul 2020 by eset12345
Warnings About Seed Packets From China as free jewellery

It's utter nonsense, it's Chinese sellers sending a cheap item to get a tracking number so they can link it to another fake order so they can do a review. Its been going on for years with various cheap trinkets being sent. This time it just happens to be seeds, likely because there's a glut as a lot of places like the US restricted in person sales and huge numbers of western seed companies have their seeds produced in China


This also happening in UK


Didn’t know that. Still no ones actually ordering them. And there’s not much that can be done about it. Just have to exercise common sense.


It's happening here too. My parents got some, never ordered them, package said it was earrings. They didn't plant them and destroyed them.


From reading the article, it appears these haven’t been ordered by anyone, but sent unsolicited. And we’re not in the USA. So we don’t need worry too much about our plants and trees on this occasion.

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Updated 4th Jun 2020Last updated 4th Jun 2020 by clostridium_botulinum
World Environment Day 5th June 2020 - Five simple ways to Protect Biodiversity
World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every year on 5th June, as a little reminder not to take nature, and our planet for granted. This annual event, run by United Nations is a… Read more

Stop buying excrement. Ask yourself: do you need it? If yes, can you buy a domestically produced version instead of one shipped from thousands of miles away on the other side of the world.