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Barracuda 26” (66cm) Draco DS Full Suspension Shimano Mountain Bike £199.99 delivered @ Costco
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
The Draco dual DS26 MTB bicycle is a dual suspension bicycle which is the perfect choice for anyone looking to go off-road and on the trails! With its sturdy steel 18" frame, front and rear …

This is what I had in the 1960s second hand a mk1 Raleigh Chopper which everyone used to say was really dangerous (and it was because mine was the single shift with the ball which fell off revealing a metal spike and I landed on it…straight to hospital) and like with this everyone said what a rubbish bike it was. The components were rubbish, was totally impractical, poorly designed, extremely unwieldily, heavy and very dangerous and it rusted as soon as it hit rain but it was the best bike I ever owned. I sold that rusted piece of junk last year for £1500. So for all you aficionados a bike means more than just a transportation device.


There has been better bikes posted on here for far less this week alone.


There's loads wrong with this, massively heavy, rubbish components which will stop working and so on. It's not snobbishness. You are absolutely right about stuff getting nicked, though. Best bet for a teenager for this sort of money is a slightly scruffy but decent hardtail mountain bike from a decent brand. Budget £150 to buy it, keeping back £50 for any fettling needed at a bike shop. You'll get something much, much better to ride, you'll get back what you paid when you sell it on (IF said teen looks after it....) and it won't be likely to get nicked. I'm in my mid fifties now, but I still remember my parents getting something similar, an older but good used bike, for me when I was in my mid teens (this was before mountain bikes were a thing). I kept on riding the bike when my mates bikes were left rusting in sheds, and I even made a small profit when I sold it.


Just don’t even consider it go for this, if it’s price you’re comparing


I'm a bike mechanic and see/work on all sorts of bike from kids push along to high end, high spec road bikes. I've had the 'pleasure' of building up one of these bikes for a customer and can state with total confidence that it is a terrible bike. Weight - very heavy, especially if buying as a kids bike Brakes - cheap and nasty, even when set up correctly they are very spongy as the pads and brake arms flex so much. Gears - don't be fooled by the shimano equipped sticker. The bike I had was fitted with x1 shimano part, the rear derailleur costing <£5. They work but the shifting is clunky and the chain will rub on the front derailleur in all but a few gears. Of the 21 gears it has, approx. half are usable. Wheels - they needed truing and the bearings were rough (practically zero grease in the hubs). Headset - no where near enough grease on the bearings. No seals, they will not last if the bike is used in inclement weather. Pedals - cheap plastic ones that hardly turned. Tyres - very cheap, will have very little puncture protection To conclude, a terrible bike and one I would not recommend to anyone. If this is your budget, please look elsewhere. Thosse Argos ones listed by others look much better for the money. There are some really good (and bad) 2nd hand bikes available on places like Facebook marketplace. If you do go to look at a bike and don't know what to check, try and take someone along with you that does and always test ride the bike.

Alex Exr30 29er On Formula Boost 6 Bolt Wheelset / Shimano 11 Speed £79.98 delivered @ Planet X
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Avatar Nichnich
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What a pity these are not QR. I am after a QR 6bolt disc 11 speed sram for the commuter and cannot find anything sensible.... :/


well i ordered a set yesterday and they came today, look nice enough and fitted my 12 speed sram cassette on the supplied shimano freehub and works spot on. the only irk i have is that the ALEX stickers are not in the same position on both sides of the wheel..if like me you like to match your tyres logo up with the wheels logo you can on one side..the other side wont be. great value for the money. oh and there was one small mark on one of the stickers on the rear wheel thats all i could find.


I would have bitten, but I still have quick release, not Thru-axle boost on my bikes (the axle dimensions are different). I found this useful to explain the difference in the standards:


cosmetic damage FYI Must be a huge batch with damage I'm a little confused but not the worst deal for a pair of wheels. They cost the same as a couple of brake pads my for 105 discs


Thanks for sharing @Nichnich (unicorn)

MuddyFox Colossus 400 MTB - 29er, Hydraulic discs, Shimano Acera, £349 + £9.99 delivery at Evans Cycles
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
I've posted a few entry-level 29ers that have proved popular in the past couple of weeks. The best one was the Pinnacle Cobalt 2 'hybrid' at £300 + delivery that ended today when the price w…
Avatar Fatal.Swan
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The Pinnacle is now back to £300 this morning


Looks good for the money. Geometry looks ok not great. I guess the positive here is the 3x setup for those who like using mountain bikes on the road too, it may have something like 44-48 at the front for its largest chainring and with 29" wheels that is decent high gearing so it will be faster than many similar mountain bikes on the road. It's hard to know exactly what you are getting as the spec is so vague. Definitely feels like old stock as most newer mountain bikes have moved away from 3x setups. Seem to remember this same model was available a few years ago. Maybe they found some stock in a corner of their warehouse.


I hope we see a lot less of this and lot more of these The pinnacle was good for the money


The bike's frame geometry is making my eyes hurt - make it stop...



Pinnacle Cobalt 2 Hybrid Bike (700c/29er, Hydro discs, Shimano Altus, lockout fork, WTB tyres) £308.99 delivered @ Evans
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Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
There are a few discounted Pinnacle bikes at Evans at the moment but for me the Cobalt 2 really stands out at the price point. You can probably ignore the £600 RRP but for £300 this seems li…
Avatar Fatal.Swan
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Well I have the adapter - this is how I inflated it first of all. I don't trust presta valves and want to swap the whole thing. Never had a schrader valve self-deflate.


I've just recently put a Schrader adapter over my presta for same reason here's a eBay link


Does any one have a problem with Presta valve deflating the tube(def no punctures) ? It arrived slightly bent at the top but was fine for the first week, then suddenly lost all pressure and is doing it again after inflating. Or the pressure might be to high - 65psi out of max 75psi? On a side note, is it possible to replace this it with schrader valve tube or the hole won't fit it ?


Thanks for that, yes I think that's the issue. I'm hoping it will wear in over time. Thanks for the explanation.


Sounds like the freehub might be not freewheeling quite so good, probably just a lot of grease in there. It may go away, if not you may need to degrease and install a lighter freehub grease. You need a freehub removing tool really. I'd just run it unless it's that bad :)

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Shimano Ultegra R8000 Brake Calipers - Pair - £74.99 @ Merlin Cycles
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Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
Shimano Ultegra R8000 Brake Calipers - Pair - £74.99 @ Merlin Cycles£74.99£153.9851% off Free P&P FreeMerlin Cycles Deals
RRP for one of these is around the price for two at Merlin cycles currently, great deal if you're smart and still running rim brakes ;)

It varies alexf. Shimano parts from Madison, the UK distributor, are typically in the fully branded boxes because the parts will often be displayed in shops. Other trade suppliers send parts wrapped in bubble wrap in a jiffy bag 😄


is this how they'd typically come from Shimano for mechanics?


FYI, my pair arrived today and they come in plain carboard boxes, not the branded Shimano black boxes. Not at all an issue for me as they are going into my spares stock, my customers will only ever see the fitted items.


This is a great price, for the best summer bike, rim brakes are easy to maintain and swap.... These would be a 30 minute job.


that's for one caliper, this deal is for two

Shimano MT7 Goretex SPD Shoe Black All Weather Shoes - £99.99 Delivered @ Rutland Cycling
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Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
Shimano MT7 Goretex SPD Shoe Black All Weather Shoes - £99.99 Delivered @ Rutland Cycling£99.99£110.399% off Free P&P FreeRutland Cycling Deals
Any experts care to give their feedback on these please Shimano's MT7 Goretex SPD waterproof shoes are a versatile addition to your touring, bikepacking, commuting or a spin to the pub kit.…
Avatar MrSwitch
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I've got a pair of these and have used them off road and for bikepacking, including hike a bike sections. Although Shimano don't offer much in a wide fit any more, these are claimed to be a wider / roomier fit than some of their other models. They seem to fit my 2e feet OK but are heavy and agricultural. The tongue always slips around no matter how tight you do up the boa dial, which is massively infuriating. Although they are gore tex the shoes themselves are poorly designed and not ergonomic. I don't think they are worth even the reduced price.


If it was sponsored then you'd see it with a sponsored tag, therefore no it isn't sponsored, I post plenty of watch deals but know naff all about them. Just seemed like a decent deal that's all, I'll admit I know naff all about cycling or cycling shoes. Thanks


Genuine question - is this post sponsored? I ask as you apparently know little about cycling yet can make the decision that this is a good deal?


If you want a commuter SPD shoe I’d get the Adidas Velosamba for the same price. Less conspicuous too


Mentioned to say that they are not good for that 😁