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Shimano xt m8040 platform mountain bike pedals £44.99 @ Freewheel
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Great MTB pedals for trails, BMX etc. Medium/large size. Come with extra pins in the packaging which suit trails more. No voucher code needed, it's on a 50 percent off offer!!
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like the football ones?




Bought op thanks. Moving from clip in shoes/ road bike to hybrid and finding the supplied pedals hard to get used to. These'll do nicely!

J1135 Says ladies but the colours look pretty generic to me


My favourite spd pedal. They made a new one that has half a cage but is rubbish. The A600 was Ultegra level. I bought another set in case they stopped making it. They stopped making it I think ;(

Shimano XT BR-M8000 Disc Brake £66.99 Delivered @ Chain Reaction
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Left hand front brake lever and caliper (euro) normally front brake in UK is right hand. Parts for bikes very hard to buy at all right now, anything under rrp is good.

YouTube is your friend in this instance. Most big brands have tear down/fixing videos. Park tools, all suspension manufacturers etc. Any oddities will no doubt have been experienced by forums like single track, Mbr etc. There’s a lot of American stuff out there but it’s still relevant because of the prominent bike manufacturers.


Personally I can't, I'm not a member on any of the forums myself, most of what I know about bikes (which ain't much) I learnt hanging around bike shops when i was a kid, way back when. For keeping up to date with new bike tech i normally just watch a few bike related youtube channels like GMBN tech, Pinkbike, GCN and ParkTools. Many of those channels also have their own forums as well.


Perfect! Thanks a lot for the knowledge! Can you please recommend a good site for walk through's when it comes to bike repair and one for general bike info - maybe a forum?


Thats a straight fit BH59 style, so that kit on ebay you linked above should be fine (y)


Very good question! The only banjo's I know have strings ;) I asked and he said, no, it's not a banjo (y) The model of the front brake is br-m486 and the bike is a Carrera Subway Eight (I bought it used so I can't say which year, sorry)

Shimano Deore M6000 Disc Brake £32.99 with code @ Wiggle
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Developed for intense MTB rides, the Shimano Deore M6000 Disc Brake gives you powerful and responsive braking for a wide range of riding styles.

Baby oil is dirt cheap :D I have mounted the levers of these euro style set ups upside in the past. Probably not recommended, but it certainly worked OK until I got a second brake so I could swap the hoses over.


£16 for a litre, which will last forever since it doesn't absorb water. The 3rd party bleed kits are better than the factory ones and maybe £15-20 for a good one.


Good deal. If you only need one brake;)


..and the bleed funnel, mineral oil, syringe and tube if you don't have them already. And that Shimano mineral oil is stupid expensive


Not a bad price, although I managed to pick up the old model slx m675 left hand rear for £16 a few months back on wiggle, just need a jump bike to stick it on

Northern' 6 Speed Shimano Gear Folding Bike £215.59 delivered @ Blacks
230° Expired
Refreshed 7th MayRefreshed 7th May
Update 1
Code back - ends tonight
Use code EXTRA10 at basket, code ends 6th May 2020. Delivery via DHL. The Compass Northern Folding Bike is simple to set up or pack away, and a pleasure to ride. The hi-tensile … Read more

Actually the Argos bike is out of stock


What do you mean?


argos bike seems the betetr value of the two.


A fool and their money...


That's actually a nice looking bike. I wanted a folding bike as I don't have space in my flat so needs to fit in the car boot. Might give this a go

Shimano Tokyo 23 Daypack @ Scotby Cycles- £65 delivered
186° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Next best price is from Amazon ( ) From The Shimano Tokyo 23 urban daypack is a really useful utilitarian rucksack that can fit in … Read more

Not sure.


What happens on day 24?


As taken from the page: "As we have already mentioned, neither of the two versions is truly waterproof but rather their nylon construction is waster resistant..."


Good deal and voted hot but - oh Lord - the description is another mistaken use of the word "utilitarian". The person using it meant to say 'functional', or 'designed to be highly functional'. 'Utilitarianism' is a rich philosophy that has nothing to do with whether a bag functions!


The Tokyo 17 are also available Purple is £38 Navy is £45 Both qualify for free delivery

Shimano ES300 Octalink Bottom Bracket £1.99 @ Wiggle (add £2.99 Delivery)
245° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
The ES300 bottom bracket is designed to be used with Shimano Octalink chainsets. The Octalink splined axle/crank arm interface results in more rigid crank assembly compared to squa… Read more
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Gawd, the amount of double checking and research and hundreds of photos I took just to rebuild my old bike, jesus wept these bike designers are contrary sadists. One bearing should not require multiple specialised $$$ tools to disassemble, when you can repair an entire Citroen 2CV with nary more than a 10mm spanner


Apart from different bottom bracket shell size/thread, there are two entirely different versions of Octalink which look similar. Fit the wrong one and the steel bottom bracket will grind your alloy chainset into dust and might even cause an accident. Don't ask me how I found out. See


Can't beat a rigid crank.


Cotter pins?! Looxury.. :{


Cold , does not use cotter pins

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Shimano RS-510 11 speed double crankset down to £44.99 @ Merlin cycles
338° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
An older model 11 speed double crankset in black (circa 900 grams) 172.5mm crankset length, with 34t & 50t chainrings Likely to be far cheaper than buying replacement chainrin… Read more
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Anything's a pizza cutter if you try hard enough!


Thought it was a pizza cutter.


Yep it’s not a standard set, hence price I noticed a few eBay sellers with unused one’s that have been removed from bikes starting at £30 , so worth a look on there


I wish it was 52-36

Wheelset Shimano MT55 26" £59.99 CRC
222° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Wheelset Shimano MT55 26" £59.99 CRC
Shimano MT55 wheels
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OOS now :( But was an excellent deal


New CRC accounts can get £10 off orders over £50 so it will knock it down to £49.99 When I tried code for extra 10%off it didn't work so I didn't mention that but happy to read it actually does work.


I am in my sixties and am all for having my balls cradled. I dont need any more wheels though.


"The Hub uses angular contact bearings designed to cradle the balls giving both radial and lateral support for superior strength and durability in real world riding conditions." (lol) (lol) (lol) Apparently lockdown has reverted my sense of humour to that of a 13 year old.


An excellent price but it goes to show how the prices for 26” have plummeted.

Compass 'Northern' Folding Bike. Shimano 6spd, carry rack, mudguards, £134.50 Free del. or collect at Go Outdoors
264° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Compass 'Northern' Folding Bike. Shimano 6spd, carry rack, mudguards, £134.50 Free del. or collect at Go Outdoors
Reduced from £260.00. £136.00 before membership discount. Stock at Reading outlet it seems, or Free Delivery as over £50. Shimano 6spd, and what looks like grip shift. For a … Read more
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The 3 speed nexus is very reliable over the long term, it's basically a clone pretty much of the sturmey archer 3 speed hub. 3 speed hubs are very simple engineering and very low maintenance. It's worth considering because they are ideal for a folding bike admittedly though the gear range isn't as good but remember folding bikes are typically slow and low geared because of the small wheels so even a 3 speed hub will get you up the hills but will not deliver super fast speeds on the flats unless you have a super high cadence. Lots of old folding bikes have 3 speed hubs, the old Raleigh Twenties and Dawes Kingpins plus early Dahons and Bickertons it was seen as the obvious gearing to use for a folding bike.


That's great! Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me your insight (y) My usage would be limited, as would be the distances I'd use it for so as usual, it's finding that balance between cost and quality, hence my thoughts about buying used. I'd never considered the stresses taking their toll on an aluminium framed bike - so that really is something I'll consider. I'd still take a range of gears and the issues that comes with having a derailleur over a single speed. I think the majority of people buying a folding bike would be looking for something for commuting and using it daily, but for me it would most likely be just for shirt shuttles into a city when I couldn't park within walking distance. At the end of the day, if I can't find something that'll do the job at the right price point, I'll make do with my hybrid and messing around taking the wheels out and struggling to get it to fit! But your message has given me some food for thought and I'll certainly have a nosy on ebay to see what the going rate is for some of the models you mentioned.


I wouldn't dismiss a bike like this, some of the higher end folding bikes trying to achieve a lightweight folding bike have had high failure rates, Tern for example with a huge number of recalls. Seems like aluminium is not the ideal frame material for a folding bike because of the stresses around the hinge. A folding bike that often goes overlooked is the Giant Halfway its exceptionally well made and many were sold with single sided stays and single fork leg so they fold quite flat. Unfortunately like this bike they have a non-height adjustable stem normally so the range of people that can use the same folding bike in height terms is not as good as those with a height adjustable stem. Also bear in mind that derailleurs are not ideal for folding bikes because of the small wheels. A hub geared or even single speed folding bike can be a good option as less likely to get damaged. Derailleurs on folding bikes can get absolutely caked in mud and dirt as so close to the ground. Good folding bikes to look out for s/hand; Carrera Intercity Carrera Transit Giant Halfway Compass Fast Forward Brompton of course but they rarely go cheap. Muddyfox Evolve 200 (same bike as Carrera Transit but with a 7 speed nexus instead of 3 speed nexus of the Transit) Dahon are worth a look but I would buy by spec as they do some low end entry bikes that are fairly poor with freewheels which they charged up to £500 retail for but personally I would pay no more than £50 for s/hand. Remember most bike brands are just importers really so it's up to the consumer to assess how good the factory is they used. Same as Dahon almost all their bikes they buy from other factories. Brompton and Giant make their own bikes. Lastly bear in mind weight limits, some weight limits on folding bikes are quite low. I think the Giant Halfway is the most at 160kg total load including the bike weight so a good model for touring. Some models sold can be as low as 60kg for the rider, these are typically bikes sold on ebay or some Argos models which are basic low end chinese market models. Most are in between. If you are buying a aluminium folding bike a few years old the frame will not be as strong as when new. Aluminium frames always weaken with use and time, its the nature of the material as it has no endurance limit. So an old Brompton may still be good for many, many years but an aluminium folding bike is more likely to fail. Dahon did some chromoly steel folding bikes which are still relatively light, ride very well because of the flex of the steel and are likely longer lasting than their lightweight aluminium models. Steel makes a lot of sense for a folding bike for so many reasons although ideally you want a higher grade chromoly steel based frame rather than just basic high tensile steel. Saying that the Brompton is a mixture of steel types with both chromoly and high tensile steel used in different areas so it achieves the perfect feel and strength in the right areas. Brilliant engineering but reflected in the price.


Cycled around most of Europe and I'm retired so don't need a map HUH!


Thanks so much for your suggestion, but I'm not sure why I would choose to be "looking myself" (confused) Time to utilise the mute option (highfive)

Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9070 11Spd Rear £172.85 @ ShopTo
303° Expired
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9070 11Spd Rear £172.85 @ ShopTo
£172.85ShopTo Deals
Not cheap, but worth it if you want pro quality RRP is £449. It says low availability on the website so don't hang about if you want to buy one. Shimano Dura Ace Di2 9070 11Spd Re… Read more
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To be honest I don't know that much about these new fangled electronic gear shifters.


Ok, so I have found a front derailleur from someone else and also ultegra DI2 levers which I fit my setup as I have hydraulic brakes. I assume all I need now is the cables / junction and batteries?


That's why it's a good idea to buy the groupset individually as you can sneak it into the house more easily. "Is that a rear derailleur in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me"


A whole new bike doesn't pass the wife test ;)


In theory it's probably cheaper to buy the complete groupset if you can get it at a good price, but it might be easier on the credit card if you buy it in dribs and drabs. It would be even cheaper to just buy a complete bike fitted with it from one of big companies.

Shimano XT M8025-D Double Front Derailleur - Direct Mount at Merlin Cycles for £6.50 (£2 delivery)
-107° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Shimano XT M8025-D Double Front Derailleur - Direct Mount at Merlin Cycles for £6.50 (£2 delivery)
Deore XT M8025-D double front derailleur, direct mount, down swing, dual-pull Lightweight front Direct mount Dyna-Sys11 11-speed double MTB derailleur for smooth gear changes Du… Read more

Great price. Not sure why going cold, perhaps because it’s not a cheap toaster.

Shimano pressfit bottom bracket BB72-41B, £13.98 shipped @ Planet x
211° Expired
Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
Shimano pressfit bottom bracket BB72-41B, £13.98 shipped @ Planet x
£13.98£17.9922%Planet X Deals
I needed a new one and this was by far the cheapest I found (£27.50 at Evans, £16.15 at Wiggle). This is the sort Canyon use for a lot of their bikes, and many other brands. The BB… Read more
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Ooh - very nice bit of kit! Wouldn't mind one of those myself, but fear I'd only use it once or twice!


I have BB86 on one of my bikes, had no issues and it gets battered. I did invest in an amazing tool to service it which cost a fair bit ( but makes removal Childs play


Ordered. Many thanks!




hang on....what's that creaking ??? oh it's the pressfit without locktite...

Look 927 Carbon MTB Shimano Deore XT top end full carbon full suspension mountain bike £1,519 at Planet X
164° Expired
Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
Look 927 Carbon MTB Shimano Deore XT top end full carbon full suspension mountain bike £1,519 at Planet X
I know it's £1.5k for a bike but amazing price for a top-end mountain bike. Only size small available and euro brake set up Spec Front Suspension: Rockshox Reba RL 120mm 29" … Read more

For the spec it’s good value but dig deeper and as per comments it’s only going to do well in certain areas and be ok at more demanding enduro technical rides. That said £1500 is bargain price for a new starter bike but I’d say get a better brand FS but of eBay


Very niche. Carbon frame, basic suspension, racy geometry. Hardtail would be better suited for xc duties.


12.8kg which surprised me. The2014 version had some terrible reviews. Even at this price its an avoid from me. Far better options out there.


Front end wrong totally


Look, indeed, for all the wrong reasons. What an absolute monstrosity.

Ribble R872 Disc - Teal - January Sale Shimano Tiagra £999 at Ribble Cycles
-46° Expired
Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Ribble R872 Disc - Teal - January Sale Shimano Tiagra £999 at Ribble Cycles
£999£1,0999%Ribble Cycles Deals
PERFECT COMBO OFTIAGRA & CARBON With a lightweight carbon frame and forks and Shimano Tiagra10-speed groupset the R872 Disc is a fast and durable package that offers incredible… Read more

Yes, totally agree on the risk front but there are plenty of second hand bikes available that have barely every been ridden. If you’re lucky enough to find one of them or buy a previous season model direct from the manufacturers shop.


Well Giant are great and manufacturer their own frames to very high standards but Ribble frames like Planet X are sourced from some pretty decent CF factories in the far east like many of the major US and EU brands who often charge a lot more. However there is still the issue if buying secondhand you don't know the history of the frame and forks and most people don't bother to scan CF frames and forks they purchase so its much more of a gamble even with Giant.


Decent although with a bit of effort and luck you could find a great bike second hand for that money. I picked up a Giant TCR with Ultegra for not much more than that.


I have this bike but with the 105 Group set. Absolutely love it (y)


plus delivery which is a lot

Shimano Unzen Trail MTB Hydration Backpack (incl, 2L hydrapak bladder) Blue or Black - £24.99 Delivered @ Tredz
241° Expired
Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Shimano Unzen Trail MTB Hydration Backpack (incl, 2L hydrapak bladder) Blue or Black - £24.99 Delivered @ Tredz
Perfect for summer mountain biking where you just need water and a Few tools
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Shame they only seem to have the blue colour left, though still a good deal.


immediately thought that was a bullet proof vest


copped! have some heat+


A few tools....Hmmm.....

Shimano RT4 Road Touring SPD cycling Shoes (36.5-48 eu sizes) £44.99 @ CRC
169° Expired
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Shimano RT4 Road Touring SPD cycling Shoes (36.5-48 eu sizes) £44.99 @ CRC
Shimano RT4 Road Touring SPD Shoes Shimano’s RT400 SPD Shoes are multi-use touring shoes designed for the lifestyle rider who values pleasure over speed and durability over advance… Read more
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I prefer spd to spd sl as the positioning of the foot is better for me. However I would not wear spd mtb shoes as I am a road cyclist. I have spd road shoes with very little grip on the sole as I do not walk in my shoes really. Whereas with mtb or touring shoes they are generally heavier and chunkier soled to allow for walking over rough terrain


Always nice to see some cycling apparel deals on here so heat from me (y)


In addition £10 discount code for >£50 spend. NCV2019


Just bought a pair of the Shimano RP5 rp501. Wider range of sizes available and great saving. Velcro too! I don't understand laces on cycling shoes.


(lol) (lol) (lol)

Shimano RP5 (RP501) SPD-SL Shoes 2018, £68.74 (possible £10 discount for new users and quidco 4%) at Chain Reaction Cycles
172° Expired
Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Shimano RP5 (RP501) SPD-SL Shoes 2018, £68.74 (possible £10 discount for new users and quidco 4%) at Chain Reaction Cycles
These retailed for £125, bought for my son at £85 in the summer. They get good reviews. Just go a size bigger is the general rule of thumb with shimano shoes.

Its the same company thats why.


Same price at Wiggle.


They are mens shoes so mens. What I would say is that they are more contored that their MTB shoes ( which I go up a size in) they are pretty snug (even with the size up) with merino socks but should be a bit more room with summer socks. There are seperate women specific versions.


Nope, they have air vents these are road shoes so you would normally wear covers. If you want waterproof shoes they are a lot more expensive and more MTB.


Is this waterproof

Shimano RX31 Disc Road Wheelset £81.99 @ Wiggle (£71.99 for new customers)
92° Expired
Posted 23rd Dec 2019Posted 23rd Dec 2019
Shimano RX31 Disc Road Wheelset £81.99 @ Wiggle (£71.99 for new customers)
Ordered one of these Wheelsets for my gravel bike a few days back before the price went down a bit more. This is a cracking deal for a Shimano Wheelset that has a £279.99 RRP. Rev… Read more

All sold now, so deal expired.


Glad you got that off your chest. Rather than read through all this chit-chat, would advise anyone considering purchase to look at the independent review I linked to above. It's taken from someone who's used this set on a number of rides, with different tyres on different terrains, and by the looks of things for hundreds of km with them. Yes it's a 5yr old post, but these are effectively New-old-stock wheels anyway, and priced accordingly. Vive la difference.


Have you read the title of this deal? The same title on the Wiggle website. Tell me where on either it says its a gravel wheelset rather than a road wheelset? This has a REALLY narrow inner width, limiting the tyres you can use - counting out most of the wider tyres used by Cyclocross. Its got a low spoke count and aero spokes - neither of which is really ideal for gravel/cyclocross. Sure it will work but so will any other wheel. Its cheap yes, but that doesnt mean its good. Its probably no better than the wheels that came on your bike when you bought it. So for anyone looking for an upgrade, this is £70/£80 wasted. There is nothing wrong with them but nothing special about them either - if your current wheels work then no sense in buying these. I cant post a better wheelset at this price because there isnt a wheelset that would represent an upgrade on the wheels that came with your bike. If they are still fine then stick with them or save up for something that would actually be an improvement. I am going to jog on now, because I am bored of discussing with someone who doesnt know what they are talking about. But I suggest everyone else pass this one by unless you really need new wheels and cant afford something better. Sorry if that is not what you wanted to hear.


I would warrant a wheeler suitable for a gravel bike would be more robust than a wheelset built for road only, which the Prime set you list is. Read the spec. Then ask Shimano and Prime which is more appropriate. Maybe buy yourself the RX31 and ride your bike off-road and see which wheelset lasts the longest. As I say, if you have a better deal, post it, rather than bitch about this one. Or, as you don't think this deal is any good, fine, jog on and find something better. I really don't care.


Just what do you think the difference between a road wheelset and a gravel wheelset is?

Shimano M675 (left hand Brake & Caliper) for Mountain bike / dirt bike etc. £19.99 @ Wiggle CRC [or Altus £9.99]
180° Expired
Posted 18th Dec 2019Posted 18th Dec 2019
Shimano M675 (left hand Brake & Caliper) for Mountain bike / dirt bike etc. £19.99 @ Wiggle CRC [or Altus £9.99]
ideal for an upgrade for a disc braking jump bike or kids BMX / mountain bike, i paid £120 for a pair about 5 years ago.. quality brakes *** NOTE: This is the left hand lever onl… Read more
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Yep to ride on the road it’s a legal requirement, hence the case with the fixie bikes, on a 4x/dirt jump bike it’s usually rear or both


Front. When you need to stop, all your weight is going forward...a back brake just won't get you stopped. Obvs you really want both brakes (and I think it's actually a legal requirement)


So if you were going to only have one brake on say a cyclepath road mild off-road,which would be better front or back?


yep, just can’t make a pair from what’s available.


Yeah you can in theory use it as a rear brake with a longer hose and olives/barb and a rebleed wouldn’t cost too much That’s my plan

Shimano SLX 10 speed Rear Derailleur with Clutch only £14.99 @ crc chain reaction
610° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Shimano SLX 10 speed Rear Derailleur with Clutch only £14.99 @ crc chain reaction
Slx derailleur for 10 speed mountain bikes m675 shadow plus (with clutch) perfect for 1x10 drivetrain
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It depends what and how you ride, you will sacrifice the top or bottom end but as you say cassettes are far larger 9-51t on 12 speed and even 11-50t on 11 speed (sunrace), I’d forgotten Shimano has brought out the deore 11–42t 10 speed cassette, for trail / enduro riding I like the simplicity 1x brings, it also frees up the space for a left hand dropper post lever , If you ride on the road a lot or touring (with more weight from panniers and bags on the frame 2x/3x drivetrains will offer the flexibility of gearing. Remember a 3x9 setup only has so many effective gears anyway due to same-same gearing rations across each chainring and lower or high gears cannot be used in all rings


So I just discovered that Shimano do an 11-42t option Which makes this SLX derailleur + Zee shifter a much more interesting option. I currently use a 9 speed HG400 12-36 cassette with a 48/36/26T triple up front (I never use the smallest of the cogs up front) What do you think? You know a lot more than I do... :)


Even cheaper nice.




It's more of a bikepacking/29er rig (carrying around 7kg of gear + food/water). So not really a traditional touring bike. I'll just stick to the cheap/simple setup I have right now :)

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