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Shimano M424 mtb cleat spd pedal only £20.99 @ merlin cycles
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
3% @ topcashback and £2.50 bonusSunday 21st October only Amazing low priced SPD pedal for all round use including tough Freeride and off-road use. Lightweight and supportive pe… Read more
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Being honest, if you're in this market, I'd probably plonk for the M505s above for less money. Reasons: 1. You can't really ride caged SPDs with normal shoes - the pedals have to protrude because the cleats are recessed on the shoe, so they're very uncomfortable indeed to ride for any distance. If you want this option, look for double-sided pedals (A530 are nice) 2. Once clipped in, the plastic cage gives no support to the shoe, so might as well not be there 3. Clipping in rapidly becomes second nature - you should be able to stomp straight in without a second thought, so having the plastic to aim for doesn't really add anything 4. If you're riding in rutted terrain, those big pedals become a real nuisance. If you want a bigger target to aim for, look at the M530s which have a slightly bigger metal cage (but still smaller than these), otherwise stick with the M505s. Regarding legality for road use, virtually no serious road or mountain bike rider will have reflectors on their pedals as none of the clipless pedals support it. It's an outdated rule that has no basis in reality.


I have got these click'r ones but I don't think i would want to do too much gravel/mountain biking on them. They only have one spring on them as opposed to two on a normal clipless pedal so they don't hold you in as tight. I have unclipped a few times accidently with them. They are an amazing commuter pedal though which is what I use them for. Effortless to get in and out of and like others have said a nice platform for if you don't get clipped in straight away when getting off the lights.


Yeah it’s a silly old rule that one, my boots have reflective trim on the heal cup and bikes and clothing are made to be seen these days


Those ones are actually road legal, unlike almost every bike I've ever owned.


Had these on my MTB- I liked the versatility of being able to use them with either ordinary shoes or SPD shoes. Problem is, the plastic cage snapped (I think I bashed a rock or something) - I replaced it, and the new one snapped off again pretty quickly. Might be better looking for similar pedals with a metal cage if your style of riding requires something more durable.

Muddyfox Race400 Road bike - Carbon Frame/Fork with full Shimano Tiagra 4600 £379.99 @ SportsDirect
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
I originally posted this some months back when it was £500 (… Read more
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Now the 59cm is down to £375 too




You are guessing with little evidence as to where this frame is made. A loose link to Dunlop having used in the past and then quoting some partnership with other firms. You are correct in that Fuji-ta have partnerships with a number of brands. However, outsourcing, that these firms are using are not exclusive contracts. Lets take the Cannondale example. Yes Fuji-ta have a partnership (lower tier stuff), Cannondale (Dorel Industries) also have 3 of their own factories as well as and R&D facility in that region. Yet, as with the name of outsourcing in looking the best deal whilst not having all your eggs in one basket you can see Cannondale also partnering with others e.g. topkey that do top end carbon frames and also quote Specialized on their page (not quite your "Merida except possibly entry level stuff"). This is of course is all business as usual. Highly debateable if Fuji-ta is the most successful - another measure of success rather than most revenues and highest number is profit, something Fuji-ta do not seem keen to announce or claim they are number one at. To put another way they are a stack them high sell them cheap and there is nothing wrong with that. The other firm doing that is Hero - that same firm that owns Avocet and that Parkers of Bolton albeit you also tried to state these were Fuji-ta products. As you put it "but I know Avocet bikes are wholly imported often fuji-ta frame based" here Albeit China's exports to Europe have grown during this time frame and investigations into Cambodia introduced more stringent rules for those to be considered adding no value closing one major factory in the process, and all new suppliers to have to prove value added to get the tax exemptions. The other part to note is Cambodia is also the point of long term investment from Taiwan (previous number one supplier to Europe). They have capacity for 20 million. They produced 12 million consistently for 5 years and bumped up to 20 million with the OFO (bike sharing) deal. Even prior to the bump for bike sharing the vast majority of their product is aimed at Asia and as you state see big sections in Africa and America prior to Europe. It is limited - they are more viewed for their skills in metallurgy in the budget arena than carbon.


Tiagra + carbon frame = good deal.All the bike snobs need is a tin of spray paint to cover the Muddy Fox decal.


Giant are the best in my opinion but don't do much oem work now for carbon frames they have been priced out of that market mainly. Specialized are jointly owned by Merida so those tend to have most of their frames made by Merida except possibly entry level stuff. Muddyfox carbon frames appear to be open mould designs from fuji-ta in mainland China the same factory that makes many carbon frames for other big brands including Cannondale, Raleigh, Scott, Bianchi and 100s of other brands (basically there are quite a few large importing companies that have taken over many famous bike brands and pretty much just import bikes from the far east with fuji-ta being the biggest most successful supplier nowadays). Sometimes they make the complete bike and sometimes they just make the certified frames which are then sent to countries like Cambodia, Bangladesh etc so they can be assembled into complete bikes and exported to Europe without getting additional anti-dumping duty. Anyway there are videos of the fuji-ta factory and its pretty advanced, they produce 20 million complete bikes a year plus a large frame business that provides frames to cheaper assembly plants across Asia plus assembly plants in Europe and the US. I think there is something like 140 million bikes a year made in the world and a huge chunk of that is low cost steel bikes for Africa, far east, south america. Fuji-ta have a significant chunk of world bike production with a very high percentage of aluminium frames. Unsure of their significance with regard carbon frames. This video was made when sports direct owned the dunlop brand used for bikes, sadly Muddyfox isn't worth mentioning but many Dunlop bikes migrated to the Muddyfox brand. Universal/Sports Direct only use fuji-ta for their mid level to high end bikes their low end steel bikes would be using the very cheapest factories same as Apollo at Halfords, Challenge bikes at Argos etc.

Shimano XT Bottom Bracket MT800 £13.99 @ Chain reaction cycles
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Great deal for anyone looking for a bottom bracket. Just ordered one for the other half.

Op, make sure you gift wrap the bottom bracket before giving to your other half. :D


Chiggle 8)


In fact if you use Quidco there is a £2.50 offer today only on a £10 spend (Tuesday 18th sept till midnight)


Agreed Ok price but I got a couple earlier this year for £11.99 with the Quidco £2.50 on a £10 spend (highfive)


Has been this price for some time now... missed it when dropped to 11.99

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Mavic XA Pro Carbon mtb wheelset incl tyres £599 @ crc chain reaction 27.5 or 29er non-boost/ boost XD / shimano
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Likely to go cold but looks a real bargain especially with a further 10% British cycling discount no pedals included, yes you can buy a car for that 26mm internal rim width ..
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I mainly ride Peaks Pennines and Dales it’s the same demographic, likely to be a few more casualties with the uncertainty of brexit 1, the key components valued in US dollars 2, import / export changed And potential weaker economy


I was going to say. Go to Bikepark Wales. Average bike price £4000+. Average age 40+ All the kids are riding hardtail or second hand stuff. Bike industry is choking itself. The bubble is about to burst if it hasn't done so already. No amount of new tech releases is going to change that.


Yeah it’s a shame, pricing kids out of the market really, where I ride it’s mainly middle aged men like myself (strong)


I can sort of understand when you start throwing motors and engine in to the mix but I had no idea they went to that kind of money!


Not at all, road bikes can hit £10k quite happily.. Seems to be Allot of new tech in the mtb industry at present such as ebikes/Engines , Fox live suspension system launched a few weeks ago now that is crazy money bikes upto 12.5

Giant Contend Sl 1 Disc Shimano 105 2018 +  Syncros Roadie Essentials Kit £908
Found 26th AugFound 26th Aug
Seems a great price for the spec. Giant are always good value but to get a shimano 105 set up, hydraulic discs, composite fork and seatpost + roadie kit for £908 is pretty good. On… Read more

Really pleased with it, does just what I need, a good commuter, great for long weekend rides and a nice geometry, can't find anything else at the price.


This is true but they still work very well. Much better than mechanical TRP Spyre brakes that you could find at this price point.


Only £200 in halfords


It's not a cyclo-cross. More like what some may call a 'comfort' bike. Ideal as a winter trainer or daily commuter, especially at this price. Heat OP


The brakes on this Giant bike and many other more basic Giant road disc bikes are not full hydraulic, they are their own brand proprietary "hybrid" disc brakes called Conduct which change from cables to hydraulics under an enlarged stem.

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Shimano R065 Road Cycling Shoes - £24.50 @ Halfords
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
Entry level Road Cycling shoes for £24.50. You cant go wrong at this price!. See my other post for SPD-SL cleats which go with these, then you just need the pedals to step your … Read more

It is generally accepted that the spd sl pedal benefits from less energy wastage from movement, twisting and vertical. The shoes are generally lighter and stiffer. With regard to bike cost, I always tell people to buy the most expensive well specced bike they can afford. If you don’t and you actually enjoy cycling you will be changing very quickly. Carbon frames are stiffer, lighter, and faster. Ultegra gearing has less friction, cleaner changes, and more precise. Expensive wheels are more aerodynamic, weigh less, and are stiffer and faster. Better brakes stop quicker. For those who think there is little difference between a £600 bike and a £5000 bike have obviously never ridden one. Even the difference in a £2k bike compared to a £600 bike is night and day.


From my experience I find that on longer rides, my toes and feet start cramping. The positions of the cleats and width of the pedal surface is to blame. Once the cramp sets in it will be slower. Was on the Shimano M520 then switch to the wider M530 over 4 years. Same problem. Don’t have the issue on my spd sl.


Carbon is stiffer and gives a smoother ride, it's not just about weight.


Assuming same shoe sole construction and weight how is it faster exactly?


Sure, but as an alternative view, I bought my winter road bike used for £600 and it weight just over 7kg, so I would equally question why anyone would spent so much on a new bike. Of course, the answer is easy - it's because we all have different priorities in life and value things differently. Some would want a nice, shiny new bike that never needs to be touched, while others sill spend (quite literally) hours in the workshop tinkering and repairing them. I'm one of the "club riders doing 200 miles a week at 19mph" mentioned above and I really value my cycle kit. I've got a good idea on where to spend the money and where not to and I definitely appreciate the difference between a £500 bike and a £5000 one! Not everyone will feel this way, but that's ok - I don't like golf, football or any one of a hundred other things that people enjoy doing. I like cycling and am happy to spend money on it!

Shimano SPD-SL SM-SH11 Yellow Cleats £7.69 @ Halfords
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
30% off at Halfords on clothing at the moment making these the cheapest genuine Shimano SPD-SLs I can find. I know you can get replicas probably as cheap, but they never work as we… Read more

Oh ok thanks


No, you need special shoes to fit the cleats to as they bolt onto them.


Are these something you put over normal footwear to fit pedals?


Thanks op. Need a new set.


Ordered and heat added. I've tried generic versions before and found them brittle compared to the originals.

Vitus Nucleus 275 V HT Bike 2018 at Chain Reaction Cycles for £369.99
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
Shimano Altus gearing with sr suntour forks and WTB tyres a brilliant mtb for someone looking to get into mountain biking or just for commuting. This bike has won the £500 section … Read more
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I think that's rare though but it depends on how good a deal you get for the components. I think if you bought this bike upgraded to the components of the VR and then sold the spare bits you would have a far more expensive bike and lost your warranty but I haven't done the maths but it certainly looks that way. Components are often sold at a far higher markup than complete bikes and are offered to bike manufacturers at hugely discounted prices compared to retail versions. Individual frame prices are a rip off. Most aluminium frames are made in China and have a factory door price of sub $20 and only 2-3x that for carbon. As ever though its about what the market will bear not what something costs to manufacture.


haha, buying a bike is a more casual experience than buying a car.. cars come with basic kit same as bikes, a ford popular is not the same as a ford XR2I it doesnt always ring true you need to price in the upgrades, my bike cost me £2,500 less to build myself to my own spec, than to buy off the shelf as you say.. although i bought another bike earlier this year, sold all the bits and ended up with the frame, stem and wheels for £550, when the frame was £600+ to buy and on backorder


I don't think it does Chain Reaction any credit to give such similar names to bikes as can be seen here it can be confusing to customers and end up thinking you are getting a better bike at a bargain price. It's the same naming style as cars but a bike is a much more casual purchase than a car and the buyer is much more likely to order the wrong product. Getting decent components on a bike as standard is much, much cheaper than buying a cheaper model and upgrading normally. I've seen many forum postings where people have a bought a bike for lets say £500 and then spent £1200 on upgrades over the first year (wheels, new suspension etc) but a bike with the same upgraded components would have cost £1000 new and may even had a few other upgrades like an improved frame. Much better to save until you can afford the right bike or even use credit and pay the interest. Not only that, upgrading often destroys the warranty anyway.


Saw this 2 months ago in their clearance section when looking for a bike for my 11 year old. Opted instead for a Carrera Salcuta which came in at £269.


This had been in the sale for £319 for a number of weeks. Wasnt even tempted at that price.

Marin Pine Mountain 1 2017 27.5+ Hardtail - £549.99 ( 15 inch frame only) @ Rutland Cycling
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
At 50% off, this is one of the cheapest bikes with plus sized tyres. The only bike I know of at a similar price and also 27.5+ is the voodoo wazoo, which is £500 in halfords, but i… Read more
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Virenz_Patelz This one is also very good value and is in your frame size


Thanks, will check it out.

Virenz_Patelz Voodoo Bizango 29er, get the 22 inch frame size It has won the best hardtail of the year 2018 award for bikes under £750


Any good deals for bigger frames at the moment? I am looking for decent mountain bike around 500£ for 6.2 person? Thanks


Good deal for a 27.5" decent fatboy if the frame suits you.

Vitus Sommet FS bike with shimano deore 1x10 - £1,399.99 @ CRC
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
At 18% off it is the best full suspension for those on a budget. I think it is more worth it than even the boardman fs pro. The frame has a slacker, longer geometry than the board… Read more
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Gone up to 1500 odd now. Ain't sale items ment to go down


Nearly got the gravity trail a little while back, on one's prices fluctuate a lot and I missed the boat.


It was £1500, down to £1300, with an extra 10% off last week, plus BC 10% off, them 4.5% cashback. Technically you shouldn't get British cycling discount on sale/discounted items, but some staff aren't so worried


British cycling gives you 10% So how did you get it to £1000?


How can I justify this when I have a perfectly good Boardman fs already with loads a upgrades

Folding electric bike with 6 speed Shimano gears for £449.99 at Argos.
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Having posted a very cheap electric bike at Argos ( I… Read more

Thanks. Pleased you weren't put off by the voting on here!


Quite well made. Has stood up so far. Battery power kicks in at about 2mph - has a reasonable assistive force. Gears are good, though sometimes 1st gear causes the chain to come off the gear - just needs adjusting. I would recommend this bike - fits easily in the back of a hatchback car/SUV.


If you got it what do you think? I can't understand why this as gone cold but the other one which is a much poorer spec got heat!


This is link to the ebike I returned,same make as op I think, absolute pile.of (poo)


HUKD voters strike again! I posted a basic electric bike and it's well over 400 degrees and rising. I then posted this much better electric bike with gears, folding frame and better design for £50 more and it's gone cold. Can anyone explain? Anyone?

Shimano R065 Road Shoes reduced to £28 at Halfords (click & collect only)
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Halfords have 20% off cycling clothing at the moment, so these well-regarded budget shoes are very cheap (discount is applied at basket). I think the R065 has been superseded by th… Read more


Standard SPD cleats will fit, yeah. They take both types.


Nice find op i have had a pair of these for two years and they have held up quite well, tempted to add a spare set for this price! Decent shoe for the money, I wear mine with spd! much to the dismay of the cyclist purists :P


Just to make sure, I can't use MTB cleats with these ?


I was sleepy when I reserved, needed the MTB version, oh well

Shimano SLX M7000 disc brake £49.99 per brake (£100 a pair) @ CRC
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
I have these brakes and they're superb, they cost me a fair amount more than this current deal, but they're worth it. I would suggest ordering a right hand front brake and a left h… Read more
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Thanks I'm going to get it serviced at some time and see how things progress from there,I don't get out to use it much as I'm a full time carer but it's lovely to have a nice smooth running bike again and I'm going to look after this,I've just ordered an Onguard brute lock which I hope will serve me well


No worries Wilson. Have you checked the pads for signs of wear? It might be that if the brakes haven't been used very much then they need to be used some more so that the pads can bed in properly. Find some hills /gradients and start to put them to use (check that the brakes actually work before you go flying down a hill.....) If the pads are resin ones then changing the pads to sintered ones if you still aren't happy with the performance of the M446s could also be worth considering. Shimano brakes generally have a good reputation across the range, but if it remains a problem then check out problem solving methods on the internet/ YouTube, or get them checked out at a bike shop. Even though the SLX brakes are considered a good price, £100 is still a fair amount of money to fork out, especially if you can get your existing brakes to work properly. Good luck!


Hi sorry it took so long to get back to you but I was thinking ahead and have only had the second hand bike delivered it was in mint condition as it had hardly ever been used the brakes that came with the bike are Shimano M446 hydraulic disc brakes at the moment there is loads of movement of the brake lever and the brakes aren't that sharp


Extra 5 off with code CWL987RT



Felt FR40 Road Bike (Tiagra - 2018) £599.99 @
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul

Received bike today. Been for a short ride, seems fine. The user manual enclosed is just in German. Spoke to Wiggle and as the bike is manufactured in Germany its the only one they have. :/


I ordered yesterday so hopefully mines not too far behind


3rd July


Out of interest, when did you order? Mines been processed and packed but no tracking yet.


Yodel tells me I'l have my Felt FR40 on Saturday, just in time for a ride in the sun! 8)

Shimano Womens Button Up Shirt - £11.49 / £13.48 delivered @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Great for cycling, got one for my girlfriend. Outanding quality!
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Looks like old Halfords uniform


Don't understand why this is cold. Excellent activity blouse too, e.g. for walking or just to wear on warm days.


Will this fit a man with moob's ??? Asking for a friend obviously.

SPD-SL cleats (Shimano compatible) £2.10 instore Poundworld
LocalLocalFound 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Cheap SPD-SL cleats from Pound World. Used to be £4, but they’re 33% off (manager special). Plenty on the shelf in Hounslow High Street.

Tried out some similarly packaged ones from ebay a while ago, they were dreadful. The plastic was brittle, a yellow bit broke off within a day and the whole of the front broke off within a couple of uses. Avoid these - the £10 that Shimano charge seems excessive, but this isn't a suitable alternative.


Awful, just awful... as others have said, spend a few quid more and get the real thing! You won't regret it (y)


Spd moment! I've had a few of them! (excited)


I remember my first proper cleat fail, couldn't get clip out in time and boomf, right down sideways. Young girl in the car behind me at the junction nicely asking if I was OK whilst trying not to laugh.


Had these before they didn't last long at all. It was as if the plastic was too soft. Spend the extra 8-10 quid and get Shimano whichll last hundreds and hundreds of miles

Pair of road wheels Mach 1 rims shimano hubs £54.99 Dispatched and sold by DiscPadsDirect / Amazon
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun Not for racing but for everyday use would be good.
winchman If you need 135mm rear for MTB perhaps these.

winchman Spacer to make it 10 speed. I think this spacer is slightly narrower than the one you'd use with 8/9spd cassette. You may well find a 10spd will fit any way, various places say 8/9/10 cassettes fit.


The title on Amazon says '8/9/10 Speed Hub' but the description has '7/8/9 speed rear hub'. If you're looking to get this, check with the seller what size cassette it will fit.


Well heat from me... I'm not a road bike person . I'm a mountain biker.. but this is a good deal non the less...

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