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Mira Go Electric Shower 10.8kW - £99.98 @ Toolstation
Made hot 20th JunMade hot 20th Jun
Suitable for cold mains water only • Push button start / stop. Rotary control for 3-setting power selection • Delivers 2L per minute at 1.0 bar • Minimum Pressure: 1.0 bar • Maximu… Read more

A breaker will cost about a fiver and 10mm t&e is about £3 a meter so about £20 mate (y)


Very helpful, thank you. Any idea what the upgrade could/should cost for say a 5m run from an under stair cupboard to a bathroom almost directly above?


Not cast in stone; 10mm T&E is approx 17mm 6mm is around 13.5mm dia.


This should get HOT! if not you've fitted it wrong (y)


How would this compare to a Mira Sport mulltifit 9.00?

Cooke & Lewis Straight Extendable Shower Curtain Rail Aluminium Chrome 1410-2600mm - £4.99 (free click & collect) @ Screwfix
Made hot 19th JunMade hot 19th Jun
-- Easy to install extendable shower curtain rail with good reviews. :) Extendable (1.4m to 2.6m) Easy to Install 25mm Diameter Visible Fixings 1 Year Guarantee Model No:… Read more

How does this stay in place? Is it spring loaded?


Thank you OP


SNAP - ordered, collected & fitted fly screen now held in place - looks good.


Thanks OP, ordered, collected & fitted - looks good.


Likewise (y) Cheers OP, heat added.

Triton Showers MOSV01SG Seville Universal Electric Shower, 10.5KW - £44.91 @ Amazon
Made hot 16th JunMade hot 16th Jun
The Seville shower offers excellent value for money. It is easy to use, with separate power and temperature controls. The shower comes with multiple cable and water entry points on… Read more

Awesome - Thank you very much!


Only attempt it if you think you can do it. I find looking at YouTube videos are really helpful with anything DIY. I managed to replace the bearings in my washing machine by following a YT video and was so pleased I did it myself, it`s very rewarding. Not against the law as far as I am aware? just don`t attempt it if you think you can`t do it. Seek some advice from friends also or just call a plumber to do it, safety first right. I`m fortunate I work with a guy who is very knowledgeable in all this stuff so had some great advice and tips prior to doing it.


Hugely helpful insight - Thank you very much! Might get on it and have a go. Is this against the law?


I`m pants with DIY but managed to change mine a couple years back. I just ordered a similar Triton shower with the same Kw as the one that packed up. Made sure to turn off water/electric and had to drill I believe a couple new holes for the new shower to be mounted up. The pipework was already lined up so no issue there and just a few wires to be connected inside the shower unit. When I switched the water and electric back on I did have a slight leak from the elbow of the water pipe going into the unit. I was able to tighten it a little more and the leak was gone. If I can do this you can XD


Out of interest, do people actually change these themselves? I would've thought there's a bit of danger involved with water and electrics involved but maybe I'm being too careful?

Cooke & Lewis Stretch Shower Hose Chrome 10mm x 1.5-2m - £4.99 (Free click & collect) @ Screwfix
Made hot 15th JunMade hot 15th Jun
Nice low price for this shower hose. Chrome-plated stainless steel construction. Stainless Steel Construction Suitable for High & Low Pressure Systems Universal Fittin… Read more

Collected money today, perfect length for a regular shower


Thanks for that, my friend!


Not as long as you might think. I bought a shower hose recently and opted for the 2m version. Glad I did. I opted for one of these from Amazon: Baban PVC Smooth Shower Hose 2M - Universal Replacement, Flexible, Kink and Leak Proof: DIY & Tools. It's PVC. I find the metal ones eventually break.


Mira Logic range are the best quality ; you need to ensure it fits your shower though


Try the pound shop I tell you.

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Ionic Shower Head Handheld Replacement - with Refill 3 Modes 3way Function - £8.49 (+£4.49 NP) @ Sold by JC Ryder Limited and FBA
190° Expired
Made hot 4th JunMade hot 4th Jun
About this item SHOWER WITH MODERN TURBOCHARGED TECHNOLOGY - Including 6 Month Refill Rymerce shower head is designed based on technology that increases water speed pressure up to… Read more

Any time I see an "Ionic" product, I die a little inside. The worst culprit are the Ionic Air Purifiers. They do produce a few hundred negative ions per cubic centimetre (which is equivalent to 1 part per million billion!), which wouldn't improve your health even if they were produced in significant quantities, but, worst of all, they tend to also produce stupid amounts of ozone. Which means that the device you bought to improve your air quality actually ends up producing industrial smog in your living room. Insanity.


The seller says you can use with an electric shower, from experience I would say that it's a bad idea, thanks though kee66: insightful stuff


Your not supposed to use them on electric showers (annoyed)


They are, as they increase pressure by forcing the water through teeny tiny holes that also cause 'back pressure' which can knacker your shower. Facebook used to run tons of these adverts but were removed due to the excessive amounts of fake reviews. People still think they're magical though (hence the heat) but they're BS (like the terracota 'minerals' they put in them)


Screams snake oil to me but can't say I've ever used one

Grohe 1.75m Shower Hose - £5.91 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
445° Expired
Made hot 3rd JunMade hot 3rd Jun
Silverflex Shower Hose GROHE 28388000 This shower hose from the Silverflex series is ideal for connecting to your hand shower in bath or shower. Extremely user-friendly, it comes … Read more

My electric shower stopped working a few days after cutting this, coincidence I'm sure 🙈


I received mine and tried changing it on my mira go and connected fine but the shower head end no longer fits in my shower head holder on the wall. Any ideas how I can resolve this please? Any adaptors? Thanks


£5.97 now.


6.17 now


Insane price for an easy clean and bigger bore hose I bought one as a spare to go with the spare I already have!