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Fellowes Powershred 8C Cross Cut Shredder £34.99 Via Click & Collect / £39.94 Delivered Using Code (UK Mainland Delivery Only) @ Robert Dyas
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Already a pretty good price for this, made even better with code SD21SUN This takes £5 off a £25+ spend making the click & collect price £34.99 and £39.94 if you want it delive… Read more

Just for info... is anyone wants Microshred...Sometime back the Fellowes 8MC Microshred was dropped to £55 on Amazon, and 10M is around £111 if anyone is looking for Microshred. There are some other retailers that might be worth checking, The Office supplies supermarket, office stationery... may be email them they sometimes offer lesser price and have decent cashback offers from TCB. Fellowes is also running cashback on some bigger models if anyone buying for official use.


Very good shredder, ideal for home use.


£42.04 delivered for Amazon Prime members if interested.

Parkside 2400W Garden Shredder - £49.99 Instore @ Lidl (Glenrothes)
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Posted 5th AprPosted 5th AprLocalLocal
2400W Garden Shredder in Lidl. 3yr warranty Takes up to 4.5cm branches There is stock in Cupar and Glenrothes. And on eBay ... For twice the price! There are reviews on YouTube.… Read more

Nice first deal. Thanks for sharing @Cherryton


Yes. That's exactly what I found. You either need one that can nearly take a tree or just chop branches with a lopper and put them in the recycling


Great machine. Yes you do have to remove side branches but at this price it's a bargain.


If your planning on getting one, I’d recommend investing in a decent pair of ear defenders, these make an absolute racket. I had ringing in my ears after using a similar one for an hour. I picked up some mid priced ear defenders from Screwfix, and thankfully no “ringing” since.


We got a cheap impact shredder years ago ( one of these for £35 ) different case, looks quite weedy, but basically the same as this. We've used it to shred the branches of several fully grown trees that have come down in various gales including a couple of 30' + eucalyptus trees and also lots of bushes. It has saved us many a trip with a trailer to the dump. Eucalyptus tree branches are anything but straight, well certainly the ones we had were more like a corkscrew with twisted grain as well. Ideally you should snip off side branches with a pair of loppers, but as I'm very lazy, I often just feed the branch down the widest hole and rotate the branch so each side branch goes down through the narrower slot to the side of the hole, this works nicely for me as long as they aren't too thick or dry to bend, or so densely leaved, that the leaves jam the branch in the feed slot. Before we bought ours, we once rented a Makita impact shredder, that had a bigger feed hole, but it is not necessarily a great advantage, because when a branch sticks in the blade (probably needed sharpening) the end of the branch still sticking our the feed hole would spin around and whack your hands, I had some painfully bruised thumbs after using that.

Fellowes 6C 6 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder - £34.99 / £38.94 Delivered @ Argos
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Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
Decent offer. Click and collect is free. Shreds 6 sheets per pass into 4 x 35mm cross-cut particles (DIN Level P-4). Safety Lock manually disables shredder to prevent accidenta… Read more

If you mean this? Buy ProAction 6 Sheet 15 Litre Micro Cut Shredder | Shredders | Argos There isn't much in it, except name, price and bin capacity. :) Hope you get what you're looking for.


Thanks for adding your Link @Gort1951


this or a micro cut shredder which is around 29.99 in Argos?


I know, anyhow it was this: When they mention 5 or 6 sheets it seems to be based on 80gsm thick paper that is quite fin.


Good job you took a moment to wait and see, (y) please feel free to add a link to the one you bought, as it helps the community. :) Thanks.

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Aldi Script Cross Cut Paper Shredder £29.99 + £2.95 delivery
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Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
Aldi Script Cross Cut Paper Shredder £29.99 + £2.95 delivery£32.94Aldi Deals
Aldi cross cut paper shredder, not sure how good it is but might be of use to some due to working from home etc: Features Cuts up paper, discs and credit cards Cut size 5 x16mm… Read more

Thanks for the apology, but it's completely unnecessary (unless you designed this thing XD ) I think the problem is that it doesn't allow the blades to run for long enough after shredding, so there's still paper in the blades when it starts up again with the next piece to jam up, it never allows itself to clear. How did you get on with yours? I took mine back to Aldi last night, it's the first time I've ever had to take anything back so I had to ask where to take it as they don't have a customer service desk. They just do the refunds at the till, the cashier sorted it without any fuss in less than a minute! So top marks for their customer service.


Not your fault! Be interesting to know if it's 3 or 4 negative feedbacks out of 4 and all for the same fault/design symptom !


Delighted to come across this thread and finding there's a common problem and not just mine arriving damaged/faulty. I too got one delivered. First usage, despite never going above 6 x 80gsm sheets (it's rated for 10) the shreds all caught up underneath the heads, ie as two of you have reported independently - and all unbeknownst to me initially. Really hard work to dislodge them too! Tried phoning the 00 800 number given in the paperwork for support and it didn't connect to anywhere. So taking it back to store on Monday - utterly dreadful design. When it was working I didn't think much of the sound it made either but I (thought I) was upgrading from a 15 year old Argos one that copes with 2-3 sheets at once and has a smaller bin and hence likely to be quieter as weaker. When it did work reliably/usefully- ie just the test single sheet I did initially - I was impressed with the small size/shape of the shredded paper but that's the only good thing about it.


Mine turned up today...not tried it yet but was hoping it would be ok. Sorry guys :(


I too bought this shredder and I’m in the process of sending it back for the same reason. The shredded paper gets tightly packed the other side of the blades without dropping down into the bin.

Fellowes Powershred 8C Personal 8 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder for Home Use - With Safety Lock - £39 @ Amazon
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Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Fellowes Powershred 8C Personal 8 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder for Home Use - With Safety Lock - £39 @ Amazon£39 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Seems a reasonable deal for Amazon convenience, slightly more at Robert Dyas and Curry's. No idea how good it is but reviews are pretty decent compared to others. For secure sh… Read more
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Do you have a link? The micro cut version appears to be over £100.


The version at curry's is a a little more expensive because it's the micro-cut version. That's a slightly better shredder (longer run time, smaller shredded output) so might be worth the extra to some people.


I've ordered it so that's just what I wanted to hear, thanks! (y)


I've got one of these, it's really good. It has a nice large capacity bin and shreds through paper very efficiently.