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Skoda Fabia Hatch 5 Door £10925.25 @ Discounted New Cars
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Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
Skoda Fabia Hatch 5 Door £10925.25 @ Discounted New Cars£10,925.25
Skoda Fabia Hatch 5Dr 1.0 60PS SE 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] 5 door Hatchback | Manual | Petrol Top deal In stock24% Discount3 year Warranty… Read more

Has anybody used this safe is it to buy from them?


Agreed makes 100% SENSE


Thank you for this. I have the UP on my list and I really like the design. Think I may actually go for it.


£200 a month for five years to end up with a 60hp Fabia, which by then will be the old old model as the 4.5 will be out.


Drove all round Slovakia before checking the manual on the way back to the airport. I could not believe the engine in the rented Skoda Rapid only had a 1 litre engine - there were 5 adults plus luggage and the car did over 100mph comfortably - in fact the driver was pulled up for speeding as he didn't realise it was so fast. Sure you can tell it does not have a 2 litre engine but the car drives like a 1.4 litre one- maybe not the acceleration. My wife had a 2000 Skodia Fabia with a 1.4 litre engine. That averaged over 49mpg. This car has the same performance even though the engine size is now only 1 litre. It competes favourably with the VW polo and Ford Fiesta and is good for long distance driving - drove all around Ireland in the Fabia.

Skoda Kodiaq ESTATE 1.5 TSI SE L 5DR DSG 7 SEAT £25,829 at Drive the Deal
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Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Skoda Kodiaq ESTATE 1.5 TSI SE L 5DR DSG 7 SEAT £25,829 at Drive the Deal£25,829£32,25020% offDrive the Deal Deals
Click "Get Discounted Price" at the bottom of the page. Blurb from the website below: The discounted quotes shown include a £3,000 finance deposit contribution which is conditiona… Read more

What other deal did you go for?


You can settle PCP finance at any time. So in this case, take the PCP finance in order to get the £3k deposit contribution (and reduced price servicing if you wish). Then request a settlement figure from the finance company as soon as possible after taking delivery of the car. Pay the settlement figure promptly and you'll only pay a day or two of interest.


Not actually 20% saving as you HAVE to take out PCP for at least 18 months, meaning the lowest you'll pay is £26619.64


Same here. I ended up getting £7k off the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid from Autoebid and it's been fantastic. I get over 50mpg while the 2.0 TSI Kodiaq (the one I would bought as I didn't want diesel) did 27mpg when I had it for a long weekend. To be honest, I preferred the Seat Tarraco as it had the electronic dash and 360deg camera.


I have this car, although 2.0 TSI in sportline trim. I got mine with 15 miles on the clock, and added digital dials etc. for £29k (Skoda Newcastle). Was a Pre-reg car, and I think nearly £10k off list price. So if you fancy this model and are prepared to pay more, you can potentially get a near top of the range "pre-reg" if you shop around, act quickly, and don't have your heart set on a specific colour. Also, the car has been great since I got it (a year ago) - no issues at all. Coped very well with the snow too (4x4), and although petrol I'm still getting 40mpg unless if hoof it around! I'm not 100% convinced the DSG is as quite good as the DSG in the A6 I p/x'd for this, but it's all round a better car (and has a large boot and 7 seats ... although COVID means not much call to drive the kids friends to/from places!). Personally I think it looks as good as any 7 seater / "SUV" on the road, but of course I bought one, so I would. The Mrs. wasn't keen on a Skoda, but when she actually saw it outside and inside she really liked it. And it's not silly money like BMW X5 / Volvo XC90 etc.

Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI SE 7 Seat, Manual, Petrol £22,133 (RRP £27,940) from local dealer via Carwow
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Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI SE 7 Seat, Manual, Petrol £22,133 (RRP £27,940) from local dealer via Carwow£22,133Carwow Deals
Requires a PCP to get the Skoda contribution of £3000 towards the deposit/total cost. Monthly payments vary according to term, but cash purchasers have the right to withdraw from P… Read more

Precisely why these heavily discounted deals are sometimes better value even than buying secondhand.


Anyone noticed the unusual depreciation on kodiaqs? Am looking to get a used kodiaq to save on the initial depreciation, however the cheapest 2017 models start from 17k.. Just about 5k less than new models that too 4 years old...


I’m trying to source the 2l petrol Version dsg sportline with a load of extras ,canton sound system, digital dash, heated windscreen ,rear camera ,privacy glass cheapest new is 35k none knocking about decent money 12 month old


Not necessarily for me it’s the room inside and the height I like a big car I don’t need 7 seats but i like being higher up


And thanks for feeding back too. (y)

25% off a Skoda service plan 23rd November to 2nd December (£306 for two services at your local dealer)
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
25% off a Skoda service plan 23rd November to 2nd December (£306 for two services at your local dealer)£306Skoda Shop Deals
A BLACK FRIDAY OFFER THAT LASTS THROUGH THE SEASONS To get the most out of your ŠKODA, you want to keep it in perfect condition. And with 25% off between 23rd November – 2nd Dec… Read more

Also don’t forget to then ask 4 them NHS discount if you work 4 the NHS. Personally I wouldn’t get my car MoT with them as your car will have a long list of advisors that they try and get there money back from you,use an independent Skoda for the MOT


Best thing to do haggle with them & play off 1 main dealership against another


It's not on the website, but the dealer gave it to me and said that Skoda and VW have been offering free breakdown since June to align to the Seat offer


You definitely get it with SEAT, I've had it for the past few years. Added benefit of getting your car serviced with them.


Is that with Skoda or Seat you get breakdown cover? I got the Skoda one and can’t find anything about that...

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SKODA FABIA Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE 5dr £12,552 at New Car Discount
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Posted 21st Oct 2020Posted 21st Oct 2020
SKODA FABIA Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE 5dr £12,552 at New Car Discount£12, Deals
Standard equipment: Body Glass Electric front windows Heated rear window Intermittent rear wash/wipe Tinted windscreen Brakes ESC includes ABS, MSR, ASR, EDS and HBA… Read more

Thanks (highfive)


Except there is no VRS in the current Fabia range. A hybrid VRS is due out sometime apparently.


Buy it on finance, then pay it off within 14 days. Cash buy is usually inferior price to finance, as the dealer make money from the finance too.


After a bit of deliberation - I decided I wuld go for this... ...but then I discovered that this rice is ONLY available if you sign up to their crazy finance. As a cash buyer, I have to pay a lot more? I'm obviously far behind the curve - but how does that make sense and how can I get it at this price without having to pay ridiculous extras for finance??? Thanks for your help guys!


You are probably right. The low bhp possibly adds weight to your point. Dunno how small the turbo on the eco boost is, as the power output is so high. I owned a fiesta but it had no eco boost branding. Was a decent car but it did pose me some problems from time to time but on the whole it was a solid car. I didn’t ever find it had crazy turbo lag under 2k but then again it was a diesel so they naturally have good torque off the line.

Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI SE, Manual, Petrol (Total RRP £26,810) £19,871 on PCP (monthly payments vary according to term) via Carwow
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Posted 6th Sep 2020Posted 6th Sep 2020
Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI SE, Manual, Petrol (Total RRP £26,810) £19,871 on PCP (monthly payments vary according to term) via Carwow£19,871Carwow Deals
Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSI SE, Manual, Petrol (Total RRP £26,810) - £19,871 Requires a PCP to get the Skoda contribution of £4250 towards the deposit/total cost. Monthly payments vary a… Read more

Yes! All the dealers and even skoda finance customer service have the same understanding that I shall pay less than what I borrowed with 3 months free payment. Only the complaint resolution officer from skoda finance told me that all these people misunderstood it and he even said FCA is fine with their advert approach, which I deeply doubt it! He said it doesn’t matter what dealer told me as I’ve signed the paper with fine prints. I’m going to raise this with financial ombudsman service and maybe write this story to media!


That is outrageous, scandalous in fact. I was seriously considering taking up on the offer. I was definitely under the impression that the dealer or Scoda pays for the 1st 3 months. You would definitely have a case if you pursue this further.


I was fooled by the “3 months free payment”! The dealer told me I would save over £1000 when I pay after first 3 free payment, but this is just deferred payment which accrued additional interests. I ended up paying additional £300+interests when I payed in 4th months. I raised a complain with skoda finance but they won’t do anything with it as the small prints said I still need to pay interests for first 3 months. I feel like a fool! I need to take this further to FCA, as this this a complete Mia-selling! I wonder if anyone else is in the same situation with me.


Absolutely! It would have took longer to post the question than to google the answer for themselves. Some people eh 🤪


Absolutely, and that was my point. But in life there are those who contribute, and those who expect others to do the work. eternalflame is one of the latter - having contributed just 3 deals in more than 12 years.