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Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE Technology 5dr 23x Monthly Rental: £59.99 pm £2400 + deposit £3840 + £180 Admin Fee @ CVL
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Just received this email. Not bad for a 2 yr lease considering depreciation. Not my type of car but may help others (y) Skoda Octavia 115ps SE TECH Hatch 2 Years 8,000 Miles per… Read more

Yes, but that car has a bigger engine so it's 10 seconds is faster than a 1.0 litres 10 seconds. It's something to do with pythagoras and the tensile strength of playdoh.


I had a BMW 735i Year’s ago and the 0-60 was over 10 seconds!


You can set the distance it keeps and the rate at which it speeds up / brakes which can mitigate some of what you describe.


It works in manual cars but as you say, it's not as 'complete a service'. Yes 20mph min.


Does anyone what is the RRP of this car?

Skoda Octavia Hatch 1.0 TSi 115 SE Technology 5Dr DSG [Start Stop] 36 months / 10,000 miles - £7338,34 total @ 1st choice vehicle leasing
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Similar to earlier deals posted, I came across this for an automatic at £170.45 per month and with 1022.70 for 36 months. They also have 24mths at 971 deposit and 162.00 per month… Read more
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Oh no we have the usual rubbish comments about not owning the car. Leasing makes sense Vs buying new if the car depreciates more than the lease cost over the term of the lease. If you had the same car on pcp and after 3 years it had lost 8k in value whilst you had been paying it off then you would have been better off leasing. There's loads of articles about this. If you're the kind of person who buys older cars then this point is moot as both a new car on pcp or a lease (or even a new car paid in full) would be worse value than buying an older car that's gone through the worst of its depreciation.


7339..FOR car and you dont own it...hmmm not sure but i better travel with taxi


There's been a couple of deals on here recently for these over 24 months coming in at @£160-170 per month (including the upfront payment and admin fee). This looks to be over £200 a month over 36 months which seems comparatively expensive?


Have to RAG the thing? LOL, look, Airwaves, you're not fooling anyone. Also it's an economical car. Better than a Yaris(!).


The deposit is not a deposit; it's a non-refundable upfront payment.

Skoda Octavia 1.0 tsi SE Technology, 24 month, £2490 initial, £69 p/m Simpsons Skoda
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
I know that a similar deal was posted last month but it seems they've dropped the prices further, annoyingly after I ordered. £85 p/m for the DSG is great considering. Edit: FYI,… Read more
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Very strange. Did you have any optional extras added to the order?


We were told loads of people are ordering which is why it's got so long. Our current Skoda lease was 14 weeks delayed so fingers crossed this time it's not


Gotta love the dealership I ordered though. They matched the previous deal last month and I paid my deposit. Thought I'd mention the prices had dropped and next thing I know, they have adjusted my order to match this deal!


You might be best ringing and asking.


The reality is this, you can pay extra! So why not post that deal up and see how it compares? (y)

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Skoda Octavia Hatch 1.0 TSi 115 SE Technology 5Dr Manual [Start Stop] - Lease term - £4189.67 @ 1st Choice Vehicle Leasing
13/12/2018Expires on 13/12/2018Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Ok, I know I'm starting to sound like a bit of a fan boy for these guys, I might have to ask for some commission (lol) (lol) But this seems like an awful lot of car for a very s… Read more

Thanks for that. Hmm, I've not been given an SLI order number yet by yeslease. Not sure whether or not to call 1st choice as I've already placed my order. What would 1st choice do? Thanks


I have been given an SLI order number and you wont get the finance documents until the car is built with a chassis number , this is my 2nd Skoda and had a VW also which was same finance house and system , with VW you can follow the order online but Skoda dont allow this sadly . Each dealer has its own allocation of cars which they can order from the factory and the bigger the dealer group the more build slots they get , sounds like yeslease are just taking orders and hopeing for the best (lol) the people i went to for my order were very honest from the start and gave made me feel very comfortbale with all conversations which is why i chose them , they also price matched a deal i had seen so very happy The Skoda main dealer works on retail allocation and these lease deals are for fleet sales so thats probably why the dealer said a longer time , give 1st choice a call and see how you get on


Can anyone confirm on the delivery timelines from yes lease or a dealer or anyone else ? I went to a local dealer today and they said the delivery for 1.0 DSG hatch is about 24-28 weeks. That is too long a wait. I've ordered from yeslease. given a lead time of December but not confirmed until I receive the finance docs from the supplier. I've paid the documentation fee to yeslease already. first time ordering a lease car so not sure how long this usually takes. Can they push back the delivery date as the main dealer I also went to (rrg Skoda) said their lead time is approx 20 weeks so Jan delivery and that they supply yeslease so not entirely sure how yeslease have come up with their lead time and if they're in fact misleading customers


I understand yes lease use the same supplier as 1st choice so would go with their delivery over Yes Lease unless they are building the cars themselves haha


I went to a local SKODA dealer and they told me it would take 24-28 weeks for the car to delivered from the order date. Can anyone got confirmed from yes lease or any other broker that it would be delivered in 14-16 weeks ?

SKODA OCTAVIA1.0 TSI SE Technology 5dr  Personal Lease £3953.29 /8000mpa/ 24 months @ National Vehicle Solutions
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
24 month lease @ national vehicle solutions £2400 upfront £239.99 fee 23 x £57.12 8000mpa Not bad for cheap run around for 2 yrs
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Yep. Confirmed this morning, with a requested delivery date of April next year (replacement for my current lease).


Must be clearing out this model now as the DSG version of this same car is also available for an extra £345'ish


did you order one ?


No worries at all pal, No, they both use different front sensors mate. Lane assist uses the video camera located near the rear view mirror inside the windscreen to read the road and the white lines and steer the car accordingly. Adaptive cruise uses the radar sensor located under the front bumper. I think the only shared sensor here would be the lane assist (video) sensor may use the same sensor for the auto main beam to detect oncoming cars and street lights say. Which I guess is why you get cars with adaptive cruise but no lane assist as it hasn't got the rest of the hardware installed.


Haha oh yeah heard about the original ecoboost having "overheating" problems lol

Yes-Lease - Skoda Octavia Hatch 1.0 TSi 115 SE Technology, no deposit 24 month lease 8000 miles/year @ 4188.96 @ Yes Lease
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
great deal for one of the best family cars available. £159.59 * 24 months + £358.80 = £4188.96 total based on 800 (OOPS Meant 8000 :) )miles per annum.
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haha , they cant get it any quicker as all made in the same factory as everyone else unless they are building the cars out back themselves ;-) taking orders and dealing with the problems later springs to mind , iv read this so many times about this firm sadly


I've ordered from yeslease. given a lead time of December but not confirmed until I receive the finance docs from the supplier. I've paid the documentation fee to yeslease already. first time ordering a lease car so not sure how long this usually takes. Can they push back the delivery date as the main dealer I also went to (rrg Skoda) said their lead time is approx 20 weeks so Jan delivery and that they supply yeslease so not entirely sure how yeslease have come up with their lead time and if they're in fact misleading customers


With regards to GAP insurance, I never have on PCH. The business mananger at my local Skoda dealership took me through the policy as he said he had to tick the box, but advised me not to take it. His words, the vehicle is owed by VWFS if you write it off then your insurance company will come to an agreement with VWFS and settle it for you. No need for GAP, i also believe that majority if not all insurers pay out the full OTR price of the vehicle if written off in the first year. The secret with PCH is ensure a low upfront payment, avoid big deposits, and check that if written off and settled by insurers the contract ends or replacement vehicle provided. Cant go wrong if tick all of these.............


Can anyone confirm on the delivery timelines from yes lease or a dealer or anyone else ? I went to a local dealer today and they said the delivery for 1.0 DSG hatch is about 24-28 weeks. That is too long a wait.


I've ordered through Simpson Skoda who price matched Lease Hub. I'd just prefer to go direct through a main dealer than a lease company. No real reason other than I'm more comfortable with it.

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Skoda Octavia Hatchback Lease £187.99 per month total / £4511.77 term at  Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE Technology 5dr Central vehicle Leasing £2400 initial £83.99 a month. £180 processing. 8k miles £4511.77 over the whole term £187.99 a month. If … Read more
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Thank you :) - I got lucky with my current car on the same type of deal. After this though, I won't have to pay for the wifes car and then I can start looking at VRS or Golf R's ;)


Stock seats (not heated) and headlights, don't think they're Xenons. Seats were a bit firm but have softened up a bit over time - I guess you could spec better ones if you wanted to take the monthly hit.


It's only for a short term, any further I'd stay down in the week. It was a tough decision going from a 7 Mike commute to this, but paying off already :)


If it suits you then fair play but it would be a sad world if this was considered "normal".


Those are safety recalls. But no manufacturer is liable for engine issues after six years old due to longlife oil regimes applied at the time.

Skoda Octavia 2.0TDi 2.0 DSG CR SE-L 35% off list £16360 @ Drive The Deal
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Stunning price if you don’t fancy leasing and want a new car. You probably know that it is based on the Golf and has the excellent DSG (auto) gearbox. It has also just been awarded… Read more
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How bad is their website?? It's 2018, guys.


My quote is still including the £2500 contribution. I've just had a quote from Carwow for £17200 so not a million miles away from this deal.


I think you're right as the £2.5k manufacturer deposit is no longer there



Now coming up at £19K - time to expire. Was seriously tempted but this close to the WLTP deadline / new registrations in September and the ongoing Dieselgate saga, I thought I'd hold fire and see what happens.

2 year lease Octavia 1.0TSI 115PS SE Technology  £2490 initial rental and then 23 monthly rentals of just £90 at Simpsons Skoda
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Been looking at a few lease deals I think this is a bargain £2490 initial rental and then 23 monthly rentals of just £90 including VAT. Mileage allowance is 8000 per annum. 24 Mo… Read more
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Manual or Automatic, price obviously changes accordingly.


is it automatic


Well, ordered on the 13th, received an update today that it's being built 28th Oct and delivered end of November. Perfect timing given my current lease goes back 5th December!


I'm in the MY18 SE Sport that they offered two years ago and I have been in touch to renew on this. Keen to look at what will happen with lead times and handing my car back. Hoping they'll run the lease on for a short period to cover.


And aircon on

Skoda Octavia 1.0 TSI SE Technology Personal Lease - £2,400 upfront + £83.10/month, 24 Months lease
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
8k miles with an option of 10k for £3/£4 a month more. £2400 upfront £83.10 per month for 24 months 19 week delivery £239.99 admin fee Two other models at slightly higher pric… Read more

I actually have one of these (with DSG) and the 1.0L engine is more than adequate (115ps, 200nm) for general driving i,e. mixed commute, the odd long-distance trip with 4x passengers/baggage. If you're after "spirited driving" or being "that guy" in the outside lane of the motorway, this isn't really the engine/spec for you but it's not supposed to be, that's what the vRS exists for - this (with DSG) is all about the smooth, relaxed drive, if that's your style. I test drove first on the recommendation of the dealer (I was after a 1.5 TSI, initially) and was pleasantly surprised, it really didn't hamper the larger car at all and vibration and noise is very well-controlled, you'd be hard-pushed to know it was a 3-cylinder under normal driving. It's a good spec for leasing in terms of ownership costs (low monthly, good economy, long service intervals etc), has a nice selection of toys (active cruise, half-decent satnav/entertainment, auto lights/wipers, dual air-con etc) and plenty of space. Niggles so far are the seats take a while to soften up and become comfy (although they're fine now a few months on), suspension can be a little firm sometimes and 12v/USB sockets are always-on (not tied to ignition)! I previously had an older Mondeo Zetec (130ps) diesel and the Octavia is a better all-round car in pretty much all respects.


Ah, I was wondering about GAP insurance. Never seems to get mentioned but figure it would be required in case insurance valuation and lease company valuation didn’t agree.


Your friend is stupid sorry to say but that's the facts. If you don't research what you're buying in to you'll get done over. There are many stupid people sadly, don't be one of them. If you take out a lease make sure you get GAP insurance as well as your normal car insurance!


It costs £4,600 to hire this car for 2 years, you pay an initial payment of £2,400 and the £2,200 that is left is spread over the remaining 23 months. When the 23 months are up the car goes back and you are left with nothing. You then find another car to hire that costs £4,600 and start over again, pay another initial payment of £2,400 and the £2,200 that is left is spread over the remaining 23 months.


But if I take lease deal directly from Skoda, initial upront payment will not be paid again with new deal? Thanks

4pc Tyre Dust Cap Many Styles Audi/Nissan/VW/Skoda + MORE 79p @ Aliexpress (Shop3199023) Delivered
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
4pcs Carbon black Car motorcycle bicycle Wheel Tire Valve Cap Tyre Dust Cap For VW GTI seat FR opel OPC skoda vrs Accessories Uploaded some options available for you Read more
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Why cold?


Only if the tyre pressure warning comes up hence why I had to get one tyre changed and realised they were all stuck on and coincidently all four were gone the next day.


Lol never checked your tyre pressures in years ? XD


Guess we have to many ford drivers.


You don't want to draw attention to your wheels.

seat leon, 1.6 auto diesel , 20k miles, £287 per month !!! Initial Rental £1,282.38 inc.VAT / Processing Fee £199.00 inc.VAT Total £11,740.42 @ Leasing options
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
hi, before most of you storm into "who the hell would buy a lease car" discussion, I must say, i am posting this deal as i am looking for high milage diesel auto models for lease,… Read more
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This seems quite expensive for what you're getting. Even with a 5-minute search I found the same car (I think) for £10,807.20 total. £853 for the initial payment and £284 per month. That's from Rivervale via a comparison site though so it might be even cheaper if you go direct.


Let's all just step back for a minute and realise that not everyone has the cash lying around to buy this outright. Not everyone can get a hp or PCP deal either. I'm not one of those people, but let's have a little more of an open mind


"who the hell would buy a lease car" lol


You’d have to be completely and utterly brain dead to sign-up for this ‘deal’ XD


11k over 3 years is probably cheaper than the depreciation from list, but it would be much, much cheaper in this instance to get a pre-reg & sell it for a few grand at 60k

Skoda KODIAQ2.0 TDI SE 4x4 5dr - £226.43pm rental £2037.85 initial + £300 admin = £7,772.17 at Yes Lease
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Personal contract hire £226.43 incl VAT monthly rental £2037.85 incl VAT initial rental Contract term24 months Rental profile9 + 23 Annual mileage8000 Processing fee£300.00 Fin… Read more

What you got is what I'm after. The 1.5 Karoq or 1.4 Ateca, but I'd maybe go either manual or automatic. Only seeing 1.6 TDI Atecas in that kinda price range ATM.


On what planet is the OP living on if they think this is a good deal.


Not strictly true. Whilst the Kodiaq is obvious larger than the Karoq, they both run on the same MQB platform (just as the current B8 Superb does). The Touareg/Q7 run on the larger MLBevo platform (just like the Cayenne and the Bentayga and the new Audi Q8).


Some people comparing Kodiaq to the Tiguan/Karoq/Ateca when in actuality its based on the Touareg/Q7 platform. I suggest doing some research. Simspons Skoda here have the same model for £7067 with no fees and if you go direct to a main dealer who values customers and passes on the rebates that VWFS are offering you could get this for a bit cheaper. (Email/call around the lancaster/jardine group and you will see what I mean) Yes its a lot of car for the money and the only reason I chose not to go for it was due to the fact its a manual. I went for the 1.5 DSG Karoq instead at £5250 when that deal cropped up - again direct from a dealer. I suggest anyone looking into leasing uses brokers as a benchmark and approaches main dealers to price match. That way theres no fees, you deal direct in case of any pricing errors (A6 anyone?) and you have peace of mind dealing with a dealer direct. Not to say brokers are all crap, some are good but I have been stung in the past. Anyway I'm rambling and the users of this site hate leases anyway. Happy hunting :D


£7.61/net/month or £182.56 over the total period cheaper here:

Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI CR SE £95.01 month! £2400 Down £239 admin fee - £4825.22 over 24 months @ National vehicle solutions
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
1+23 £2400 down £95.01 per month £239 admin fee £4825.22 over 24 months! 8000 miles but other mileages available

I can imagine your first memories were of people peering into your pram and saying that, perhaps it's what made you so "damaged"


SUCH a shame.


Shame you have not corrected your initial mistake, or at least acknowledged it. I've never leased, always bought used, but can see it would suit some circumstances, plus it actually helps the used car market, so I'm certainly not against it.


Corrected your mistake.


If you want a petrol he's a well cheaper option £165pm

Skoda Octavia 2.0TDI (150) CR SE Technology 2yrs 10,000mpa £99.63 per month after initial payment total £4931 @ National Vehicle Solutions
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
It's a Skoda lease deal so let's play HUKD bingo! One point for every time someone mentions rubbish Skodas from the 80's, VW diesel emissions, asks if they get the 'deposit' back,… Read more
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Only damage it is making is to the oil companies wallets.


I've sat in an Audi A3, A5 and A6 and a 2017 Golf and the interiors were lovely. I've not sat in any of the new Japanese cars but I remember a 2007 Civic type R to be full of cheap plastics


CR is the type of diesel engine inside (Common Rail). The spec is SE Technology which includes Sat Nav, parking sensors and cruise control.


Nearly all German-based cars are. Still not as bad as Japanese cars, where the plastics are made out of the stuff the Cadbury's Milk Tray comes in.


Seat interiors are extremely bland

Skoda Octavia Estate 2.0 TDI CR vRS 2yr lease (10k pa) 6455.75 all in @ NVS
Found 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
Skoda OCTAVIA ESTATE 2.0 TDI CR vRS 5dr Personal Lease 2400 down 158.99 per month 2 year lease (10k pa) 239.99 admin fee Found this whilst looking for somethign for another membe… Read more

Gone up to over £215/month now


C220d AMG Coupe here A200 Sport here


C220d AMG Coupe here A200 Sport here


Yes would be keen to know, especially if that’s net average monthly


70MPG.........who are Skoda owned by again. Hmmmmmm

Skoda Karoq 1.5 TSI SE Tech 24month Lease 10k miles £5441.76 all in
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Looks like a decent deal to me, bit new to leases but this seems far better than some of the bigger names lease options. £2400 up front £239.99 admin fee £116.74 a month (24 month… Read more

...or bait and switch


About a dozen other companies advertised a similar price and also withdrew it. Mistake by VWFS? Must have got some publicity though


How can the price be wrong is was their all singing all dancing star offer of the week lol It was advertised on every page!


They have a deal on the Seat Ateca that's similar if you are still looking


Did anyone manage to place an order? I got a quote but a few hours later was told the price was wrong and had gone up £50 per month!

Skoda Karoq 1.0 SE TECH, £186.50 1+23 8k  lease - £4476 + processing fee £298.80 - £4774.80 from Lease Shop
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Haven’t seen a better deal than this, a lot of car and a decent base spec with cruise control etc. 206pm for the 1.5l that think a 1.0l engine isn’t enough for town usage.. Jus… Read more
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Not too bad still. Might be the one I go for.


This was always 1+23 at £185 .. not 9 months?


£196 a month comes with 1 month initial payment rather than the original 9months. so overall it's actually a little cheaper.


price gone up now to £196 a month


I wish the prices on the 1.5 se l would start to drop.

Skoda OCTAVIA 2.0TDI CR VRS Personal Lease 24 months 8,000 miles per year £132.55 plus £2400 £3821.19 @ National vehicle solutions
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
BIG APOLOGIES! Never posted a car deal before, so not sure what bits you need. £2400 down £132.55 Month 24 Months 8000 Miles £239.99 fee for something or other

Mine's arriving on MONDAY! WOOP!


The deal price is for a manual car. The auto can be found here;-


Is this auto or manual


Wow that's even better than my deal! I went for the 10,000 miles too but that took it up to £138 per mth


Haha, 2 weeks delivery time is awesome!! When I signed it was 20 weeks so should be getting it end of Feb. I got the £2400 initial, £130 pm, 10k posted on here a few months back through nvs

Skoda Fabia Hatchback 36 Month Personal Lease, 8k Miles per Year, 3+35 £142.81
Found 21st Nov 2017Found 21st Nov 2017
Thought this was a reasonable deal. Includes free UK-wide delivery, road tax, warranty and breakdown. Two lease options: 36 months (3+35), Initial payment £428.43, £142.81 per… Read more

This is a 3 year lease at 8k miles p.a. so 24k miles in total. You'd have a manufacturers warranty for the entire term so that shouldn't be an issue.


Not touching. My friend had one and the gearbox 1st gear went on 35k, got quotes for 2k to fix it, apparently a common fault, but with anyone of 6 plastic part in the gear box! All has to be dismantled


Not a bad price, but for an extra £30 a month you can get a mid spec Octavia.


Q Skoda jokes. These lease deals you are not buying the Car. What this deal means is you pay for what they calculate the Car will depreciate over the lease. So in this instance the Skoda will lose 5,400 quid while you have pleasure of driving a (joke) Skoda Car!


5.5 grand for a skoda and 8000 miles a year BARGAIN NOT !!!!

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