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Slimming World Rogan Josh Sauce 350g - 75p at Iceland
Posted 20th AugPosted 20th Aug
Half price is usually £1.50. The Jalfrezi sauce is also half price. Great sauces for a quick meal :)

Have to say I thought Slimming World food at Iceland was going to taste terrible but I've had 2 of the 550g meals and they were very tasty. I was so surprised!


Were they hot


Lovely and healthy sauce with real ingredients.


Iceland are the only people who stock slimming world and it’s lovely and also healthier. Good price. If you spend a certain amount you can get a sauce gravy etc free not sure if this offer is still on?


Problem is Iceland Slimming world food tastes rank!!

Iceland-Slimming World Mexican Pork Fiesta 550g £1.75
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
£1.75 was £2.50
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A Mexican Ford Fiesta?! Slimming World'uns do eat some weird stuff.


The meat was awful when I had it, was like chewing a car tyre!


As with so many of these micromeals with uncooked root veg in them, it's extremely hard to ensure they are fully cooked without everything else being massively overcooked and dried out. Is it really that hard to part-cook them before freezing?


...not worth even £1.75 :o


Had it tonight, was lovely with brown rice. Bargain, Heat.

£15 off £60 3 months @ Slimming World
25° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
£15 off £60 3 months @ Slimming World
019Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
£15 off £60 3 months
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I've tried all the codes suggested and so far they don't work. Any more ideas?


This code doesnt work. It keeps saying it’s incalid


Hi, am getting a message that the code is invalid.. any ideas why?


How did you do it?


It's telling me that the code in invalid? Any reason why....

Any 2 for £5 on Slimming World meals or meats @ Iceland - (Full list included)
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Any 2 for £5 on Slimming World meals or meats @ Iceland - (Full list included)
Pick up any 2 meals/meats from slimming world online or in store via Iceland for £5 :) The deal includes fan favourites like Slimming World Beef Lasagne (£3.50, 550g), as well … Read more
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I am currently on a calorie counting session and over the past couple of days I have had the beef noodles and morrocan meatballs and they both tasted great and were filling. I am going to stock up on a few meals whilst this offer is on but only problem is the boxes are quite bulky so they take up a lot of freezer space.


And you get to cut the cardboard packaging into little squares and eat as delicious low calorie crisps while you heat it up in the microwave :3 And they are high in fibre to keep you regular too! (highfive)


Don't buy the "pork sausages" they taste horrible. There's some other things on there that are quite nice though. This is a saving - usually they are £3 each (but you get something free like a side dish, or stir fry veg if you buy over a certain number of things) Unless you really wanted that freebie though this is a better offer


I’ve not seen it before. And nope - nothing free! Just the prices have dropped :3


heat added its about time they dropped the price of these thanks

£15 off at Slimming World online
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Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
£15 off at Slimming World online
019Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
as title.. use by 22nd Jan £15 off 3 month online memberships
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gotta be the best diet ever you lose 15 pound just by signing up (lol)


Here's a tip to lose weight move more eat less ;)


eat less move more there u go just saved u moneyy


The web site don't do a lot me thinks you better off buying a digital scale least you can use it. Web site don't seam to give out offers to sliming world products would be cool.


I try the beer+pies diet and i love it !.

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Slimming World - £15 OFF
189° Expired
Posted 1st JanPosted 1st Jan
Old 2018 code wasn't that popular but hey it's January 1st :D Chanced it with WOMAN2019 and it worked; still expensive mind you but saves you £15 for anybody that was going to giv… Read more
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Well done. Good for you :/


I just went vegan like the other celebrichavs and lost 6 stone (of muscle) by eating salad


I can’t exercise at all due to my disabilities so slimming world was perfect for me as I can’t burn any calories. It’s taught me however to eat better. When you have physical & mental health disabilities sometimes the wrong food is the easiest to eat & can be cheaper! I know that the changes I’ve made will need to be life & not a quick fix. I won miss slinky & woman of the year, it’s not even a year yet & 4st lighter. I’m proud of myself for my achievements & the support you receive outweighs doing it on your own. It helped me make new friends & get out of the same four walls. This has improved my mental state of mind even if my physical side will never change. Well done to everyone on their weight loss however they achieve it. What’s right for one person maybe not right for another!! Just make the change for you & nobody else!


Yep, attending the group does help keep you focussed and I've not heard many negative stories of 'fat shaming' when gains are made, in fact quite the opposite at my partner's group, they usually discuss as to why they think a gain was made, what could be done differently, etc. I'm not entirely sure how to make weight loss appealing to men, but I do think the women-centric focus to their marketing puts most men off.


That's the upsetting part. Because these groups do have a positive influence on people. But I guess it is a business and needs to make money - so they are targeting their client base accordingly I suppose.

10% off at Iceland in Oct/Nov for Slimming World members
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Posted 20th Sep 2018Posted 20th Sep 2018LocalLocal
I have heard slimming world are doing an offer where they will give members a 10% discount card for Iceland which will be valid during Oct / Nov. Handy if your a member anyway or … Read more
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I regestered for slimming world bonus card online but still have recieved it


Does anyone know when the 10% off finishes please?!


by registering and using the iceland bonus card


How do you claim the discount?


will grab the Gregs collection on my way home. Cheers!

Trim vin  low calorie wine  5 syns on slimming world  and @ 79p from Home Bargains
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Posted 5th Jul 2018Posted 5th Jul 2018LocalLocal
Trim vin low calorie wine 5 syns on slimming world and @ 79p from Home Bargains
the deals not for everyone but if you like a glass of wine and don't want to ruin your healthy living

8% pish


Tried the white and rose, both actually quite nice


Ha I've just looked at price lol worth a bash


Anyone tasted this?

Slimming World Online - Silver Membership - £35 Discount from Full Price of £84.95
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Posted 24th Jun 2018Posted 24th Jun 2018
Slimming World Online - Silver Membership - £35 Discount from Full Price of £84.95
£49.95£84.9541%Slimming World Shop Deals
I've been searching the internet for days looking for a working voucher code to no avail. However, I found one from 2017 - "REVEAL2017" - and I thought, what if I just change it to… Read more

I'm not going to preach but share very quickly my experience. i'm a male, 40 something and since childhood i've been, well lets be honest, FAT. OH has yoyo'd a few stone over the years. we both knew what we needed to do but as with a lot never did it. OH joined SW and me being a bloke wouldn't go to classes but promised I'd help my OH by sticking to the "plan". 18 months on and OH has lost 4 stone and is in the perfect weight/BMI slot and is really happy with her body. I've lost 7 stone with less than one stone to go to be in the weight/BMI slot I want to be in. I've dropped 6 trouser sizes and can buy stuff that I like rather than looking for the items that would fit. we've never eaten so much and treats are a lot more generous than one would imagine. Saturday fry-up is amazing :) so after a lifetime of being "fat" I have found the only thing that ever worked for me - and its staying off. good luck to anyone trying it. p.s OH goes to weekly classes, its not an online thing.


IMHO, Slimming World are a pile of sh*t. Many will disagree with me, as is their right to do so. If anyone's interested then watch this guy: WARNING - SWEARING in video. I'm not connected to that group in any way except being a long term user and a big fan. Plus i've lost weight and now clean bulking and its so good/simple to do it through that group.


During the checkout process it stated Reveal2018 discount valid until 17th July. Unless they pull it I guess.




Only took £35 off for me

Splenda Sugar Alternative(500 pack) - diet - calorie control- £3.50 @Asda
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Posted 23rd Jun 2018Posted 23rd Jun 2018
Splenda Sugar Alternative(500 pack) - diet - calorie control- £3.50 @Asda
£3.50£5.5036%Asda Deals
Splenda Sugar Alternative(500 pack) - diet - £3.5 @ Asda
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Same price on Ocado at the moment


May be all the words in the post :{ 😃 (Sugar , calorie , diet is common alerts )


I'm just wondering which of my keywords was triggered in this post to alert me :D

Egg cooker , really handy gizmo  for any slimming world members @ home and bargains - £6.99
180° Expired
Posted 23rd Apr 2018Posted 23rd Apr 2018LocalLocal
Egg cooker , really handy gizmo for any slimming world members @ home and bargains - £6.99
convenient and handy gadget great preparing snacks on the go if your on slimming world

I got an egg cooker of Amazon to use after I had an operation so couldn't lift. Was great being able to make some food for myself while I was alone also great when you don't have a cooker/hob


Just use the works Kettle!


Great at work where I can’t use a pan




i thought that and then bought one so easy and no watching and guessing if hard boiled tells you when cooked

£35 off slimming world online
27° Expired
Posted 27th Feb 2018Posted 27th Feb 2018
£35 off slimming world online
018Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Enter promo code “YOURS2018” for £35 off slimming online
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Says "The discount you entered has expired" when entered on the site.


You only get to use one discount so it’s £35 of the full price which is normally £79.95 so you actually pay £44.95 not £25 unless there’s something I’m missing.

Free 7 Day Slimming World Menu
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Posted 23rd Jan 2018Posted 23rd Jan 2018
Free 7 Day Slimming World Menu
Deliciously diverse 7-day menu that's just bursting with basic Food.

Reddit has some nice forums for various needs and people help with individual queries.


Honestly, there's loads of options are out there. Google is your best friend. Or even youtube. Just search 'Healthy recipes low budget' and i guarantee you'll get thousands of results.


Anyone know a site that offers free healthy recipes for people on a serious budget? Half of these sites want you to buy £10-20 of ingredients just for a single meal...


Spot on. I am guessing by the profile name that you're Jewish right? Generally Jews are very direct as well as being careful with their money.


Yes it does work, but this is not for everyone. As a contrast to the Slimming World approach, low carb works too. Its all about controlling calories whilst keeping healthy

Weight Watchers Wraps 75p! GOLD DUST for Slimming World Members! 75p instore @ Asda
229° Expired
Posted 6th Jan 2018Posted 6th Jan 2018LocalLocal
Weight Watchers Wraps 75p! GOLD DUST for Slimming World Members! 75p instore @ Asda
Found these for 75p at Asda should be 1.40that’s IF you can grab a packet of these as our local slimming world group clears the shelves! You can freeze these too so great to stock … Read more
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Fair enough, does my nut in on things like Instagram (excited)


It's not WW it's SW.. It's all to do with the synergy.


Corn tortillas are lower calorie that flour/wheat ones. No idea how that sparkles with slimming world, but it makes more sense.


Take it you've never watched Little Britain then?


Why in God’s name do people say ‘syn’ instead of ‘sin’? Is this just a stupid word WW have made up?

2 X slimming world meals @ Iceland for £5
-52° Expired
Posted 1st Jan 2018Posted 1st Jan 2018
2 X slimming world meals @ Iceland for £5
A fair choice of frozen slimming world ready meals, buy any 2 for £5. These meals are £3 each, so buy 2 and save £1 / 16% saving. Hope it helps those out there who've made new year… Read more
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Happie noaw? Who kneeds speel chequer when we've got peopel like you. (y)


Glad you're so perfect....Get a life!


*lose. Loose is a totally different word.


I'd rather eat the box. Tried them before and you would definitely lose weight. 🤢

79° Expired
Posted 1st Jan 2018Posted 1st Jan 2018
018Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Read More

Has expired now


Just what I was looking for, thank you


One quick question re: online membership.... is it just a case of recipes and you recording weight loss? As to actually visiting a group n they do it?


You are amazing! Well done you x x


Wow that's awesome. Well done! I lost four stone with SW. Got to target beginning of last year. Restarting tomorrow again to shift the last. Massive well done to you

Slimming World Sausage Casserole (500g) was £3.00 NOW ONLY £1.50 @ Iceland
362° Expired
Posted 16th Dec 2017Posted 16th Dec 2017
Slimming World Sausage Casserole (500g) was £3.00 NOW ONLY £1.50 @ Iceland
Exclusive to Slimming World Sausage Casserole (500g) was £3.00 NOW ONLY £1.50 (Be very carefull they also have an offer for TWO costing £5.00) Ingredients Cooked slice… Read more
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If they were good not a worth a punt at any price no ?


*shudder* surprised they haven't discontinued half of their meals yet, they're pretty bad! Still, a nice find .. and I'm sure someone likes them somewhere :D !


Good deal but didn’t like the sausage casserole.


I've tried a few of their SW ready meals. they were not good, but maybe worth a punt at this price.


Got these a month back. I was given a voucher for 1 free meal. I used that on £3 meal then bought 2 sausage casserole because I bought 3 meals I got a bag of raspberries free. All in all 3 slimming world meals and a bag of frozen for £3, I was surprised it went through at till.

500g slimming world mushroom soup half price at iceland instore and online was £1.50 now 75p
267° Expired
Posted 8th Dec 2017Posted 8th Dec 2017
500g slimming world mushroom soup half price at iceland instore and online was £1.50 now 75p
£0.75£1.5050%Iceland Deals
Slimming World Mushroom Soup 500g -Mushroom soup with cauliflower. half price at iceland - instore and online Low in fat. Low in saturated fat. Reducing consumption of saturated … Read more
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Yes, but you didn't need Slimming World. All you needed was a calorie deficit... I respect the weight loss and congratulate you, that's not what I'm getting at. It's more the amount people could save by just researching basic nutrition.


me and the wife lost 16st between us in 11 months on slimming world


"Low in fat" = Weight loss. The lie that has made millions for Slimming World and Weight Watchers. Unbelievable.


No wonder it’s rotten!


Mmmmmmmm. Twice the food. :S

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