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endothecat Hi, have a look at the review, they mention the differences on the first page. I wanted something small, so I went with the 100D and personally would choose the 200D over the 800D because for me, size and weight is the most important aspect and I'm a novice. The weight and size is important to me because it means I will be more likely to use the camera and carry it around. Whereas something bigger (more expensive) feels like more of a hassle / requires an occasion / is less "grab and go". The 100D was the "current model" for 5 years or so. If you're getting started, you could get the 200D, then if you find you're using it a lot, want more, learnt a lot, then you'll be in a better position to judge which camera you want to upgrade to and you'll likely get a decent resale value on the 200D. It's just up to you to decide which features you find important. You could try them out in a shop to get a feel for the size / weight.


Thanks again endothecat, want to go down the DSLR route as once I get going I think it's something that I will really get into. Would you recommend this 200d over the 800d?


I've had the 100D for 4 years and really like it. The question is, do you want access to the vast catalogue of lenses & accessories (new and second hand) and learn about how to use an SLR? If the answer is no, and you just want a small good quality camera, then maybe worth looking at bridge cameras or CSC which will be smaller still, probably pricier but decent picture quality as well.


Thanks endothecat, looking for my first DSLR and have been looking at the 200D (like the size), would anyone recommend it or not....


It won't qualify. When sold by Amazon with the lens it's £503.

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Great. At its cheapest £250 more. Alternatively you could buy the 80d, 15-55 and 55-250 kit for the same price. Thats not including the extra batteries the a6500 needs. Both cameras are targetted at budget conscious enthusiasts. The 80d offers substantially better value for money.




Ah of course... comparable products with better peformence. Makes sense... So which Sony body is comparible or better than the 80D and available for £580?


Never heard this before. Is this pixel peeking or more noticeable than that? I always thought the sensor was not bad on the 80D. Not quite up to Sony on DR but otherwise up to the standard of the other multitude of 24MP sensors on the market.


Yep because the public are thick enough to just keep buying a name rather than a better product for the same money as they dont know better. Im trying to help people make an informed decision rather than just listening to the Canikonista bleating out the same old rubbish for the next 10 years whilst living in the past and not accepting change or the future! Nobody rules forever

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Body £1840 @ DigitalRev Cameras
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug

If your using high iso and f2.8 zoom lenses then best stick with full frame. But if using primes only like myself then a different story.


More a zoom guy so rarely going below 2.8... occasionally put on the primes, but more 70-200 or 28-70


Im shooting on olympus using leica glass. Its micro four thirds so double crop factor. Only downside is high iso. But because i can shoot fully wide open at f1.2 i don't need to increase the iso. For years i was always full frame but could never use lenses wide open. Trying to use 1.2 canon L glass comes out soft and impossible to nail focus with to much shallow depth of field. Rule of thirds was impossible for weddings Which makes it useless for me and pointless. The pro with micro four thirds is that everything is very small from body to lenses. And because of the double crop depth of field isnt as shallow so it can focus very quickly but let in lots of light. E.g, an f1.2 lens gives depth of field of 2.4 but lets in the light of 1.2. But depends on how you shoot, your style. I only use primes.


What are you shooting on? I have so much canon kit that not sure I can make the transition... And seen some amazing shots on ridiculously high ISO on the 5d4. How does yours compare?


I have an 80d with 5 lenses, worth the upgrade.

Pentax-D FA 24-70MM F/2.8 ED SDM WR £702.92 @ Amazon
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug

dont talk daft - i am only looking for a bit of clarity didn't realise that the 'pentaxian' subrace was so touchy!


do you even own a Pentax are you remotely interested in buying the lens ?


no need to have a tantrum doesn't say that in the title which it should if its exclusive to a minority and in the first post you say its 135quid off but its not amazon are offering it at 881 - 90 = 791 if you somehow get another 88.10 (not 45) off then thats what should be written so it looks like 10% off the pre-promotional price so likely its for all camera or something (i see they have 10% off fashion atm)


its not wrong thats the price I get, Ive said you need to be a student prime member member Im not buying it I could care less if the deal goes hot Im just trying to help some fellow Pentaxians dont know why I bother


price is still wrong though

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Canon EOS 6D Mark II Body Only DSLR £919.99 @ TobyDeals UK
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
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I’ve been buying cameras from them for years and I’ve never had a problem. Should their warranty be no good I’ll just pay for a repair and I’ll still be up. I just bought a 6D mkii for £900 from eBay and UK price is double that. I’ve never known the gap be so big!


okay, by bad, I meant dual pixel autofocus that this DSLR has, not all cameras have that, the 6D doesn't.


Nope, not in video, but you didn't mention video. If video was a concern, I wouldn't buy a Canon DSLR anyway.


Not in video, don't a bunch use contest detect?


Looking at the price of a 5D IV , in the UK from Jessops its £3200, and on (Imported) its only £1800! Its crazy how much extra you pay over here.... I bought my 6D and 5DIII from Digital rev and received them within 2-3 days! and never had a problem with them.

CANON EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera with EF-M 15-45 mm & 55-200 mm Lenses £469.99 @ Currys / PC World
LocalLocalFound 24th JulFound 24th Jul
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you sound like ones of those guys that is always wrong and keeps digging but hey... you proved your points... oh wait...


You just sound like one of those guys that has to always be right and you don’t seem to have a clue. I could write you a whole essay on it but why not just watch some footage for yourself. It’s not all about features. I use canon, I use Sony and my personal camera is black magic. I don’t keep track on the Sony deals because I got an a600 3 years ago with kit lens brand new for 340, ironically to replace my canon, which has better colour rendition for the most part. But the video is still terrible except for the 5d models (and let’s face it, there are many better options for video around that price range too), ever since they updated the codec via firmware with the higher bit rate (more than twice if this canon) I don’t really care what people go for but to see this is equal to much superior cameras is a bit absurd. Especially with these lenses. But it’s a great deal for people that don’t mind being locked into EF-m and want photos and videos easily and pretty decent. This doesn’t even use proper lenses, it’s EF-m mount! You might as well compare a bridge camera to a proper mirror less.


the age of the sony is irrelevant to the point yes i'll say the single deal that you managed to produce was a misprice i assume you mean the john lewis deal where a single colour of a6000 was moved to the price of the cheaper a5100 without a price change advert before they changed it back up? misprice but ofc you can use on of the other 'lots of deals' for examples you keep rambling on about video - other than the EVF there isn't really that much difference according reviews with the touchscreen on the m100 aiding focus racking as well as general usage in short you just sound like a sony fanboy ranting about the 1st gen of canon mirrorless keep trying - you may get one thing right if you keep at it! i am also willing to hear about plenty of better options of camera+kit lens better than this for 220 1..2..3..go...


Lol, didn’t realise you were one of them. yes, you’re right, it must have been a misprice like all the other deals. Even though those sonys are over 3 years old and still outperforms this. My main point is there are plenty of better options, Sony or otherwise which are superior to this, especially for video


'there has been' is code for 'one off' or 'misprice' not 'lots of deals' a5000 is irrelevant to your previous point



ok thanks.. just couldn't see it online.. ill try my local and see if the same offers stands..


I popped into jessops in manchester and they told me that the adaptor is included


Hi I cant seem to see anything about an adaptor at jessops? does this come in the deal? Thanks..


Just an update. Wex are matching Jessops price. BUT Jessops are including the adaptor as part of the deal. Still awaiting wex response to see if they are too.


This deal just popped back up again and then disappeared from Prime day, although you can still buy it at this price through Amazon if you search for it. Its not in stock until 20th July but it can still be bought.


Deal has expired.


419.99 for me?


Ordered this myself. Can also combine with the £15 off with code student15 if you have a student account.


Now I am really tempted!


6D is still a brilliant camera, I've used mine everyday for the past 5 years and it has never failed. It's been used for personal as well as professional video/stills work. Not had any issues with focus, but I admittedly only ever use the centre point on any of my cameras and manual focus for video (of course). This is a great deal if you're moving from a crop sensor.


Fair enough. I was equally surprised by the customs label tbh. That seems legit, I did wonder if the vat on the receipt was just for show. Didn’t check their 6D price in fairness. For that camera I’m sure it’s a good deal (I didn’t vote) I was just saying just generally wouldn’t buy 6yr old tech.


I know Panamoz incredibly well - I've probably made 20+ purchases from them. Yours is a rarity if duty & VAT are correctly paid, because for 99%+ of orders, it isn't. As far as the reputation and warranty goes - if they decide to close their doors one day, buyers are shafted. The warranty isn't a "Canon Warranty" - they give you authorisation to send to Canon, ask you to pay the bill, and reimburse you - what do you think would happen if they closed? And to be clear, they have closed their doors before. Either way, it's still a substantial £750 more than this deal, and less than the 6D + 24-105 is selling for on Panamoz.


Had my 6d for about 3 years, it’s not perfect but am happy enough with it


Or "only 70% more" for a 6year newer camera. Dont find much rapidly changing tech (TV for example) which is only 70% more expensive than a 6yr old model. But yes big price jump but if you cant afford the newer one, id personally buy a lower end but newer camera. TBH the 6DMKii is a disappointment in low light (or bright light where it struggles with DR).


How does this compare to the Canon 750d does anyone know?


So gutted I missed this, the 200d body was a better offer looking at the list on the link, shame the £550 200d + lens wasn't on it. I wanted one anyway but its a bit much at full price.


Chinese version ? Most of the Nikon stuff is made in China or Thailand. Think only the realy expensive stuff is made in Japan.


Back up to full price now.


Showing as £404.98 for me


My review (having got one). It's made of quite thin plastic fabric, so it is very flexible. If your wrists are small then it would probably be difficult to get a good fit round your wrists. The main feature is a very stiff flexible ring, which has velcro around it, as you can see above, this is supposed to wrap around the lens, but underneath it is a thinner plastic fabric ring which actually approximately seals the lens barrel from moisture. I can't make it smaller than about 7cm diameter and it's about 7cm deep. So if your lens is short and you want to adjust the zoom or the aperture manually, you can't do it. I might cut the stiff ring off. (See what you think). You might then be able to adjust one or the other from outside if you don't mind exposing more of your lens. The large zip underneath extends from one wrist hole to the other but there is a gap at either side at each wrist of about one quarter of an inch where water could get in (from underneath). There are several zips on the zip, so by moving them along you can make a gap for a tripod. The zip is inverted so the metal teeth are inside. It certainly is big. I suppose it has to be so you can get your hands at the controls inside the bag. It's too big I think for anything less than a DSLR. and not really suitable for action shooting and of course you can't look through a viewfinder. The overall feel is like a changing bag with a window! If you remember those! Probably worth getting to try for only £7.49 it might be useful and your camera and lens is probably worth 100 times this :)


Yes, I can imagine. Ok, if you never get wet hands :) There used to be a cheap floppy plastic case with a surgical glove hand welded to it. The trouble was it was camera specific. Anyway I'll find out when I get it


These things are okish if you're using a tripod and don't have to touch the camera too often. If you're holding by hand you'll cause such build up of condensation inside the cover that you might as well just let the rain get at it.


Of course it's not as good as a waterproof case and the lens front and sides are exposed More details: Great for sports, landscape, nature and even festival and wedding photography. Provides a safe haven for your expensive camera equipment. Highly water-resistant construction helps protect against elements including dust and sand too.Elasticated and adjustable armbands on both sides allow quick access to your camera and its controls.Armbands pull tight to provide an excellent seal. Adjustable lens support helps keeps the front of the case moving around in the wind.Extra large and clear viewing panel / window for a clear sight of your cameras controls. Clear panel area measures approx. 35x19cm - allowing you to see and use the cameras controls, lens settings and also see the cameras LCD screen.A double zipper panel underneath allows quick and easy tripod mounting. This larger case can also accommodate medium format cameras. The distance from the front to the back of the case is approx. 30cm so will contain most camera/lens options!

klingonempire yeah some are genuine obviously, but there are a lot of people who've only done 1 review. could be spite/competitors could also be genuine too. I work in a very competitve market and we do get fake reviews left for us




Great camera but grey import if that matters to you!


cold - 1300d is cheaper and better take a look at the build of it - its the worst canon i have ever seen edit: wait a sec you've made a hash of this thread neotrix, deal price is for camera and 2 lenses but you only list one of them also the lens is obviously 18-55 not 15-88 there is also cashback available but not sure if get a proper currys receipt or not edit2: infact i still think its cold if no cashback


Sooooo tempted


Currys have made an absolute dogs dinner with this ad, the description the title etc.


why on earth is this pinned as well? its not a good deal - you can get a better 1300d for less!


is this not supposed to be a downgrade from their already entry level range?


100 pounds difference may consider travelling to get that.


it's 18-55 mm. The 35mm equivalent is 29 - 88 mm


This was (and maybe is) £329.99 at Dixon in Gatwick airport. Don't know if that's the usual price there, and not everyone can get to that shop, obviously. Worth a look if you're flying soon.

Cheese! Canon EOS 200D Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III & EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lenses, 1080p Full HD, 24.2MP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Optical Viewfinder, 3" Vari-angle Touch Screen, Double Zoom Kit, Black @JohnLewis
LocalLocalFound 1st JunFound 1st Jun

Back in stock at this price!


Now only £50 cashback and price has gone back up to almost what it was before I posted this deal, that was not a deal as the price was lower elsewhere.. not!


i wouldn't call the 75-300 a 200+ lens even if thats its rrp is it a twin kit lens abroad? as brand new grey imports are under 100quid and eg is 70quid 2nd hand (assuming i am not mixing up lenses) not a bad price though so heat added


Us too, however seems the Sony / Nikon gangs are getting the better of this deal package price, so it helps, this is not a grey import, it has the correct full 141 canon swap out, 3 year warranty and you get the £200+ lens for nowt! Lower that it was on black friday by £72 (y)


Hot I love Canonbert... 8)


its arrived just charging the battery, whats a cheap/decent longer lens around 200mm for it please?


Just received an email saying it’s been dispatched and will arrive today Sunday. Was initially Tuesday but I’m not complaining Update Mine has arrived (highfive)


True, I was slightly swayed by the better controls of the d7000, as I find the menu diving of entry level models quite frustrating. But, the camera is for my soon to be 9 year old son and the d3400 will be more than enough for him. I cancelled the D7000 :)


D7000 is only 16.2mp the D3400 is 24.7mp


Same here, got an email saying it would be here on Tue, cracking deal for £306. Was literally on the verge of paying Currys £430 yesterday for it but it was oos

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